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Now that AE is over, I can finally give a report on the panel I had on Friday. It was everything Sakura-con should have been, and will be next year. It ran smoother, all the akwardness from before was gone, and I even had friends bust into the room randomly as seen by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpR7h-q3U_E

Overall, since I made sure to check to see how many people in the room didn't know about Touhou this time, only 5% of the room hadn't heard of Touhou. It should be interesting to see what that number is at Sakura-con next year. Also, has my picture shown up on /jp/ yet? Someone came up to me and asked if he could take my picture to post here, and I'm currently regretting I didn't take the time to do something special for you guys like force myself onto one of the Touhou cosplayers.

Ah well, once a proper video is out, I'll share it with all of you guys.

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It wasn't that bad. Once it broke down into the free play, everyone was just sitting around gaming, having fun, and listening to Touhou music. Then again, it was also at 9pm on the Friday so there were hardly any high school students or younger on con grounds at the time.

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There was no mentioning of any imageboards I hope..

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Get the fuck out of /jp/ and never come back

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Blah blah blah trolling blah.

Enjoy your bitches and whores.

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>Overall, since I made sure to check to see how many people in the room didn't know about Touhou this time, only 5% of the room hadn't heard of Touhou.
but I thought Touhou was a /jp/-only underground secret club!

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Fucking Americans ruining everything

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The only mentioning of imageboards was done to me, not by me.

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You'll need to get pics of yourself with some loli cosplayers to up your e-rep here.

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in during people sageing because they think touhou is some sort of secret underground game.

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Those are Canadians bro.

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List of people who need to die:

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Still sounds like nothing good.

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Well, one of the panelists was American, but yes, two of us were Canadian.

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What did exactly happen on that video...?

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Fuck Canadians too, same continent, same shit.

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Yes, anon posted a couple of pics some time ago, but I didn't bother to save any of them.

Also, THAT Suika again on one of the pictures.

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Quit ruining Touhou. Reported for faggotry.

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Why the fuck would someone do this? WHY?

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Old snake, and a few other people ran/rolled into the room with toy guns, fired them a few times, and then ran out. They had wanted to charge up front, but the middle lane was occupied by a camera so they just ran in, shouted, and ran out. All the people standing by the door were AE staff who knew it was happening and enjoying it. I enjoyed it too despite knowing nothing about it beforehand. They did it as we were calling up the two Touhou cosplayers in the room to explain who they were representing.

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For very, very high level trolling purpose, of course.

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God damn it, I can see myself in the video. Serves me right for going outside.

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That sounds pretty awful. What's the point of having a panel anyway?

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Might as well address the points brought up in that thread.

The Japanese thought we were Americans, they had mentioned it was an explanation panel, both of the cosplayers were female with the Reisen going on to also cosplay Aya the next day, and then things went a lot smoother this time. Probably because I had the presentation done before I even entered the room this time as opposed to working on it during the setup time for it.

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r u the gay looking guy?

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But trolling is bad, it's just wrong to harm your brothers.

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Hey fuck you man..

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It can't be as bad as the Brazilian Touhou Forum. Anyway, go fuck yourself, dear Bastille.

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how about photos?

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To hang out, have fun, and see who the people worth inviting to go out drinking with later are pretty much.

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I just watched that video and I didn't think it was funny at all. In fact I think the whole idea to have a Tohou panel was bad. All of you are immature little faggots. Honestly, if I ever went to one of those things or saw someone acting that dumb I'd probably kick their ass out of rage. What happened to all the mature anons that know their place and accept that by keeping are hobbies between ourselves we can enjoy it more than flopping your dicks around and prancing all over those precious cons of yours.

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Serves you right for being a faggot.
Who the fuck in his right senses would go that kind of shit? I seriously can't imagine what kind of human scum goes to those places.

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they call that trolling?

back to troll school please

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I think there's a level of stupidity in prancing, cosplaying a Touhou character besides Rinnosuke when you're male, etc., but quite honestly, you're not going to be able to share your interest in Touhou with that girl sitting next to you on the bus. It's fun to gather for something when people have like interests; it's just not fun when the idiots come along.

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At least they did something compared to all the times /jp/ had mentioned "Oh, we'll be there and we'll shout out memes endlessly!". 5 people in the room had no idea what Touhou was, and by the end, everyone who remained just hung around, played the games, and discussed things with each other. It went basically how a good thread about Touhou would go.

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>go out drinking
So now you're a standard normalfag scum? fuck

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>/jp/ calling someone else human scum


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Uhh, okay, whatever fag.

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I expect more maturity from the people who will attend the /jp/ Anime Expo meet up.

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What game were you showing when that happened?

Looks like Subterranean Animism.

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>Look I'm loathing myself, am I cool yet?

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touhou is for internet elitists only

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Just leave.

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Shut up ZUN ripoff

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We really appreciate bringing attention of all the youtube XDDDD immature narutards over at this anime convention to Touhou. Can't wait to see more BAKA CIRNO and Touhou guides posted on youtube.

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>Look, I'm trying to delude myself into believing I'm somehow better than the average pocky-eating narutard

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Thanks for actually reading everything I had said so far. Only 5 people hadn't heard about Touhou when I asked, and they weren't Narutards thankfully.

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they already know about touhou, it's already very popular ESPECIALLY amongst the gaiafag/narutard crowd

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Laughing so hard at this thread.

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>compared to all the times /jp/ had mentioned "Oh, we'll be there and we'll shout out memes endlessly!"
I really doubt that anyone who said anything like that was serious.

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Assuming baseless things won't get you anywhere, learn to troll.

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Yeah, it was SA. I was showing a replay of Kefit's Lunatic Reimu A Stage 5.

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I will be cosplaying as Rance, and my girlfriend will be going as Kenshin.

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meh, too obvious

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Worst thread on /jp/.

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Yes, THAT Suika. What a fox. I bet she puts out.

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Touhou better off associate to game, animeish side attract false people, should only be in shade zone mentioning.

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Bring up secondary touhou fans in your talk and tell everyone about they're gay.

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hay gusie, why aren't there subtitles for porn?

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Only for her boyfriend
We're still tweaking the balance between bringing up the doujin elements of the series and the games. The games are what are important, but Touhou's popularity would be nothing without them.

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>Only for her boyfriend
;_; goddammit

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jesus fucking christ, just drop dead.

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PS: I hate you, /jp/. Get off the internet and kill yourselves. Faggots.

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I wonder if there will be a Touhou panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles?

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Stop feeding the troll. Minimize the thread if you have to.

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I thought my other post ITT was equally obvious though.

Anyways, we all know that the /jp/ AX meet up will also have Cirno cosplayers running around while shouting baka and such. There will be no Rance and Kenshin, lolis cosplaying Saya, Tsugimi washing machine cosplay, or other fun /jp/ related things.

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>>2773672 Boyfriend? Pshwa, kid could share.

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Come over here to Toronto. I've met some other touhou fans in a shoot-em-up games hour. Most of them are from Shrinemaiden.

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Is any of those Kefit?

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Oh hey she was at AnimeBoston too. Girl gets around.

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>Most of them are from Shrinemaiden.

Is that supposed to be an incentive to come? No thanks.

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I think a lot of them are from Youtube too (not kidding).

I've never seen a trace of Touhou...ism in Ottawa I guess.

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Kefit is the one on the right.
A girl that looks like her might have been, but I don't think she's ever been to Boston before.

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I don't understand the hate for shrinemaiden at all. It has become like this because of your likes.

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What the hell are you talking about? I never forced them to roleplay or whatever else it is they do.

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Is this serious or trolling?

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I remember a time when we could just ignore obvious troll posts.

>> No.2773814

When was that, the early Pleistocene? /jp/ has never been able to resist even the most obvious of troll posts.
Every thread will be replied to, no exception.

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I wish I was the only one on Earth that knew about Touhou.

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Oh fuck, this thread is horrible and hilarious at the same time.

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>>I wonder if there will be a Touhou panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles?

It's called the JAST USA panel. And the Rocking Android doujin game panel.

You will find me at both.

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No, this actually did happen. jew blood

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I wish I could provide an unbiased report on this for you /jp/ but I was busy on Friday night.

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Once the video is available, I'll post it on /jp/ so you can give your opinions on it. I could upload the slideshow used, but without the presentation itself, it wouldn't be anywhere near the same.

>> No.2773922

without the video*

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>bawwwwww Jones-sama gets a racial bonus to intelligence and I don't ;_; ;_; ;_;

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Get the fuck out, we don't care about any video, stop pretending we like you, you sick fuck.

>> No.2773930

I don't need to see the video, I already know it's shit because YOU made it.

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Bastille, if you are still there. Continue what you've done. But never show your trip or your panel progress here. Never again. You've betrayed the touhou conscious here. Its best if you leave for good.

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>jew blood
>racial bonus to intelligence

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>Bastille, if you are still there. Continue what you've done.

Are you insane? No, this shouldn't happen ever again.

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Fucking retard.

>> No.2773964

It's the best way to drum up attention for it though. I'd rather advertise the panel in places where I know the people who read it have the chance of being good people rather than posting on the forums for the conventions.

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fuck off bastille

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What in the hell are you thinking.
Get the fuck out of here.

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eat shit and die

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I was pretty disappointed that I saw a grand total of 0 Touhou at AN. And I heard the doujins were stashed off somewhere, available only on request.

Please come to Toronto next year!

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you guys really shouldn't simulate the french revolution

>> No.2773999

Fuck you too.

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Next year. Find that dealer that has the Yaoi flag and sings about yaoi. The guy beside him (depends which one. usually the guy with crazed up bleach hair) has a stack of them. Ask him for touhou. He'll gladly give you a pile of them. When I was there on Friday, I saw another guy buying up most of the doujins. I curse him for getting a lot of the good ones. The dealers are said to be there at FAN EXPO. So i'm going to keep a good look.

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Hello Bastille.

>> No.2774053

I might, but AE and Sakura-con are the only cons that remain feasible for me to reach. Maybe if some of my friends also go there, I might.

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Apparently it was not Reisen, but "Reisan from Touhous" that made an appearance at AE.

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Stop talking to yourself

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oh lawd

>> No.2774119

Never in my life will I go to a con.

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Amen to that.

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>"He's a very bad-ass character", said Tyler of his motorcycle-riding character. "He duels and drives"

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This is why I read the Province, and not the Sun.

>> No.2774153


This can't be real.

>> No.2774159

This is so dad that it's funny.

>> No.2774160

>In North American animation, there isn't the sophisticated storytelling that some readers are looking for, and they can only find it by watching Japanese anime.

>> No.2774166

>Pop culture.

>> No.2774172

Meant 'bad'. Sage for my stupidity.

And Bastille still sucks.

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I am filled with a rage that I can't express through an image thumbnail.

>> No.2774184

Holy shit, what the hell, seriously.

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>> No.2774188

Then you're a twit, the Province is even more of a rag than the Sun.

Sadly it is.

>> No.2774189


I think that guy you saw was my friend, who was telling me how he managed to get a hold of a whole bunch.

I only ran into him on Sunday, and by then it was too late ;_;

>> No.2774193

Touhou is only famous because of its legions of porn.

Do a panel on the porn.

>> No.2774194

>"I like to walk down the halls and see how many people recognize me," said Lai...

>> No.2774210

everybody relax.
deep breaths.
think of your waifu's smiling face.
just let it go.
let it go.

>> No.2774218

That guy showed up at AE last year as well. Some guy was asking him for recommendations. It was an amusing conversation to eavesdrop upon.

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>> No.2774225

I'm pretty sure most of us can appreciate the humour in this rather than "raging."

>> No.2774233


No one here "rages", dearest Anon.

>> No.2774236

I've just never been fond of the style the Sun is laid out compared to the Province.
She made a great Aya. It's a shame she won't be around next year since she's going back to Taiwan.

Also, better video of my friends busting in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQOTjODNQac

You can really hear the IRON HEART SURGE battle charge in that one.

>> No.2774243


Yeah.....no one.....

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Oh, those are your friends? I was wondering why they ran into the panel in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkhz1fuQ7qY&fmt=22

>> No.2774269

Wow, reading this reminds me how much /jp/ is filled with hate.

>> No.2774270

Seriously I don't rage at this stuff. I just laugh the hell out of it.

Stupidity and no good research don't have to be the reason for someone to be anger at. Just fools do that.

>> No.2774274

Never a thread without that video

>> No.2774276


I feel so sad.

>> No.2774291

You smiled admit it.

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Bastile be useful for once in your life and give me the link to the Kefit's replay that you showed in the panel.

>> No.2774300

Stop this.

>> No.2774305

Oh of course. I always feel like something is missing in any topic I make until that video is linked to.

>> No.2774315


There you go.

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hay guise, original article here:

also this:


>>from a game called Touhous

>> No.2774321

Motherfucking ISO plays touhou. Fuck Kefit.

>> No.2774324

What the fuck this they said at the end of the video?

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I can't rage at Touhou panels. Honestly. Youtube and Deviant Art will do more damage then any convention could hope to achieve. With Deviant Art it's just a small set of fans (well, compared to other fan art) but the Youtube following is pretty unstoppable at this point. You've already got 13 year old girls reading out the wiki of each character's information along with power level arguments over the comments.

Touhou is still a niche crowd and it'll probably cap, but it's sure as hell no elite secret club (if it ever really was) so expect to see much worse in the future.

>> No.2774344

>from a game called Touhous
Journalists are awfully good at their jobs, eh?

>> No.2774346

Something inside just broke

>> No.2774362

They charge in, yell out "IRON HEART SURGE" and "DEATH TO TOUHOU", followed by "RETREAT!", a random guy asking "What panel is this?" with a response of "Touhou, man" and finally "That was totally worth it."

>> No.2774365

I played you're Touhous

>> No.2774366

Fuck you humanity....fuck you

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He didn't shoot to avoid getting killed.

>> No.2774381

Why did they do that? I can't picture someone more stupid than you so it causes me interest.

>> No.2774385

i am feeding off the rage/tears in this thread, keep it up guys

>> No.2774402

They were bored so they decided to charge into my panel as a joke

>> No.2774422

I would too, but to punch you in the face that is.

>> No.2774434


Judging the phrases he used, it sounds like he was some /tg/ fag, which would give him some reason for doing that. IRON HEART SURGE is something of a 3.5 DnD meme sometimes coming up in /tg/ for it's ability to end any change in status, plus /tg/ gets fagged up by /tg/ Touhou fans.

Could be wrong, but seems about right.

>> No.2774435

I would fucking kill you instead.

>> No.2774446

I fucking love you, guys.

>> No.2774447

Jesus fuck that's pathetic.

>> No.2774454

Talk is cheap, fellas.

>> No.2774466

Close. That is true, but for this, Iron Heart Surge is somewhat of a joke between my friends and I because I play a warblade and in the early levels I would keep going on about how Iron Heart Surge would have been awesome to have at that point in time and eventually they started bringing it up at random times.

>> No.2774468

are you saying the province had a better article?

>> No.2774473

>lol so randum xD

>> No.2774475

That old white supremacist shot at the wrong thing.

>> No.2774486

You know, in all seriousness, I would actually think about it. Not killing obviously, the consequences are too big.

>> No.2774487

They had a picture in the Sunday edition with a caption underneath it, but don't know if they had anything more than that. I can post what the caption was if people want. It's nowhere near as bad as what the Sun had though, but the Sun had an entire article to make as many screw ups as possible.

>> No.2774500

>Kilgamayan !2BklmILFiE
this is what you aimed, didn't you? fucking fat bastard.

>> No.2774502

I suggest you read both papers with a more critical eye in the future then.

As a start, the Province's headlines are an eyesore; the way they are phrased tends to tread much further into sensationalist territory than those of the Sun.

The articles themselves tend to read more like a collection of gossip than a piece meant to inform or prove a point. Even I were to set my objection to tone and sources aside, I frequently encountered inconsistencies within an article.

The Sun isn't a particularly fantastic paper and to a lesser degree it suffers from a lot of the same faults, but it is still superior to the Province.

The Sun published two articles; the first was slightly less wince-worthy, but it was not particularly stellar either.

>> No.2774503

Nobody fucking cares about your life, go fall in a pit full of spikes.

>> No.2774545



>> No.2774579

I still think the Province would have done a better job reporting on the convention, but it is true I haven't ever read the Sun enough to form an objective opinion on where the two newspapers stand with their reporting abilities.

>> No.2774592

both reporters were equally clueless. the first reporter spoke with the con chair, the second one with a bunch of random con goers. a random bunch of cosplayers can't relay info properly anyway

so the province didn't even have an article? at least the sun is giving them 'proper' coverage

>> No.2774596

Stop bumping this you piece of shit.

>> No.2774611

why all the hate ;_; ?

>> No.2774612

Fucking stop bumping. Don't you get NO ONE gives a fuck?

>> No.2774632

Fuck off.

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>this thread

>> No.2774636

They probably didn't think it was worth their time to send any of their competent reporters to the convention.

>> No.2774645

That's it, you're going to my black list.

>> No.2774669


Whoa, you're hardcore! Look out, this guy is taking it to the next level!

>> No.2774672

>the first reporter spoke with the con chair
Indeed, the bit at the end of the article left me wondering whether the con chair had ever been to Akihabara. Hmph.

I understand that it was probably a difficult assignment for the second reporter, but a bit of googling after the fact would have at least allowed them to avoid glaring errors. Mind you, if they had done so, I would have been deprived of a fit of laughter.

>> No.2774681


>> No.2774689

Oh right. Was that first article before AE had occured? I remember seeing an article for the Sun comparing AE to Akihabara and burst out laughing.

>> No.2774694

Thank god this shit is in the west part of Canada.

>> No.2774711

someone has to know his name.

>> No.2774716


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Looks like a whole shit load of butthurt in this thread.

Can't handle Touhou becoming mainstream?

>> No.2774733

Yes, that is the article in question.

Enjoy your one reason to be proud that you live in the East then.

>> No.2774735

Bastille ->

how do we find the name of the person that registered this domain?

>> No.2774741

I don't own the website though, nor is my name connected to it in any way.

>> No.2774769


That's his name?

>> No.2774785

he can post without the tripcode you know. Jones does it all the time.

>> No.2774793

I haven't though, in this thread at least. That wouldn't be any fun if I did.

>> No.2774795

I believe you.

>> No.2774797

It's registered under Dreamhost.

>> No.2774798

( ◎〉ω〈◎)

>> No.2774807

Bastardille confirmed for biggest /jp/ troll ever. Even bigger than ZUN!gaybar

>> No.2774829

Hi Bastille :)

>> No.2774836

Hello Bastille

>> No.2774953

Hello Jones.

>> No.2774967


Hello Anonymous

>> No.2774983

Hello Anonymous.

>> No.2775020

Hello Bastille

>> No.2775035

In before Bastille bumps his thread.

>> No.2775043


>> No.2775055


>> No.2775980

hai guyz