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Big breasted Yukari, or flat Yukari?

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I like flat, so I'll go with that.

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Medium-breasted Yukari.

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big butt yukari

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Look like I don't need to choose.

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Op has a really bad example of healthy Yukari.

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If given no other choice, rather very flat than ridiculously huge.

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I prefer big-breasted, big-hipped, big everything Yukari...and Ran

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diaper Yukari

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Big breasted and healthy Yukari... but OP's pic is a bad example, she looks obese there.

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I'd hit them both.

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Oh, no you wouldn't idort.

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Seconded. And too large breasts can cause back pain.

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The bigger the tats the better.

Oh god why do you do this to me ;_;

Yukari is the best.

That's her sleeve, not her belly.

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A size that isn't XBOX hueg.

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I prefer 7-year-old big-breasted Yukari

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Is this a thread for Touhous with Callipygian figures?

Pic related.

China wants to know why you're staring.

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I like my touhoes to be mature and womanly

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Ran has got it going onnnnnn.....

and on and on

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Big Yukari.

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that's a huge cougar

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What am I going to have to do to get this uncensored?

I really don't feel like scouring Pixiv at the moment.

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You are now mentally hearing her stutter

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Milk comes in bags in China, too.

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Whoever keeps posting these (xbox-big) tits Yukari needs to get the fuck out. I prefer the healthy Yukari too, but giant tits are always overkill. Seriously, the only people that like giant tits are married men a.k.a normalfags.

Also, shonen Yukari is much better than harem/shoujo Yukari.

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I like my Touhous childish and girlie.

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why not both?

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>Seriously, the only people that like giant tits are married men a.k.a normalfags.

Spoken like a true virgin.

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I just want to cut off their corners and place them it a pitcher.

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u mad?

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>the only people that like giant tits are married men
oh lol

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But virgin is synonymous with /jp/ poster, so that's a compliment.

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Also, modern feminist frown on this sort of thing and call it a sick, puerile, childish fetish.

Even though it's literally as old as the dawn of time.

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you know what touhou needs?

more shota.

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Anyone who doesn't like gigantic tats is clearly a pedophile or a homosexual.

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That's what we have DFC futa for.

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A true tits lover can appreciate all forms of breasts.

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On this note, EX-Keine is large enough for self-pleasure with her own breasts.

Bide that in mind before you offer your butt up to her so quickly.

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Eirin's tits were here

Yukari's are a loser.

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Anyone who isn't a pedophile clearly is a homosexual.

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Grey haired old hag

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Yukari is sexy.

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Are you creeped out yet.

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Oh yes, the old crone does scary very well.

If you're naughty she'll appear in your room tonight and stand at the foot of your bed.

Or you'll doze off at your desk and then feel bony fingers trailing over your hand.

Or you'll be napping on the couch and wake to see her eyeless sockets staring back, inches from your face, her musty, dried hair tickling your cheeks.

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Undead or not, wild sex will ensue.

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Fat chest >>> medium chest > nuggets >>>>>>> flat chest >>> Cattleya/Eiken-proportions

This is a general standard that applies to more than just Yukari.

Tiffania from Zero no Tsukaima is a little smaller than than what you can get before it becomes pig disgusting.

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Your image of Yukarin is eerily similar to my grandfather's second wife from Austria.

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Umineko must be bringing in the MILF fans. RIP /just pedo/

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You're right, any smaller and I'd have puked.

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It's just the normal weekend normalfag rush.

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I love big tits but even CATTLEya is too much for me.

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Now those are fucking frightening
The "Cattle" in the name comes from the fullgrown steer contained within each tit.

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/jp/ has always appreciated healthy.

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Realistic breasted Yukari.
Seriously, those massive things are grotesque.

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I've always been a milf fan.

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No, not really. Just haven't been paying much attention obviously.

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That lends some credence to a certain theory that Yukari is a powerful sorceress from Europe who happened to visit Japan and decided to stay in the idyllic little village we all know and love.

Perhaps she changed her name to fit in better. When in Rome, do as the Romans...

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Yukari has always been an exception to /jp/'s love for DFC.

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Cattleya's built like a dump truck and that's why we love her.

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I've always really wondered what the appeal of a flat, washboard chest on girl brings. It isn't very feminine, sexy or convenient for breast feeding. And most of these "flat" characters do not even have an ass or hips to compensate. They're just straight up and down like boards. I'd really like an honest answer.

inb4, "She's holding you closer to her heart"

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They usually make up for it by being moe.

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>I've always been a milf fan

Same here. It amuses me somewhat that in 4chan culture to "fit in" and be a true Anonymous you've got to be a pedophile. If you lack these qualities you are a normalfag. I see no problem to liking flat chests as I have no right to judge but the old "shove it down your throat" thing gets tiring.

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Alright, maybe these are a LITTLE too big.

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It's not an old woman smell.

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Also Arcueid.

There's always a few Rider and Sakura fans in F/SN thread and Mizuki fans in YMK threads, too.

Its just that the DFC fans are noisier and more anti-healthy so it fools them into thinking that they're the mass majority.

This is how it always has been in both /jp/ and /a/.

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You forgot the lactating ones.

>> No.2763947

Basically, it goes like this: big breasts are certainly acceptable, but anyone who has complaints against DFC belongs somewhere else. It's the norm.

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Come now, stop trying to wish us away. There's no reason for our 'factions' to fight. Besides, many of us like both.

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Breasts are fat, and the larger they are the more they slump. The only real appeal because it resembles an ass, which is just grotesque when you think about it. Lastly, I hate adults in general.

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And that's it. The only thing going for them. Wow. What's better than having two warm, soft breasts pressing against your bare chest as Yukari, Ran, China, Keine or Komachi snuggles up to you?

Not that any of us would know of course.

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>I've always really wondered what the appeal of a flat, washboard chest on girl brings. It isn't very feminine, sexy or convenient for breast feeding. And most of these "flat" characters do not even have an ass or hips to compensate. They're just straight up and down like boards. I'd really like an honest answer.

The short answer is that they beat off to the idea of control, which is why the physical qualities most associated with innocence and youth turn them on or in some cases, they're closet homosexuals.

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/r/ uncensored

>> No.2763973

No one was bitching about DFC, brah.

>> No.2763975


You're forgetting that the anti-DFC stuff usually pops up as a result of some faggot going on about CHEST TUMORS, PIG DISGUSTING, etc.

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Your post is a psychiatric field day.

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Well, if somebody starts posting a fetish I don't like, like healthy, 3D or furry, it's only natural for me to complain.

>> No.2763982

Anyone who takes those seriously should also lurk moar.

>> No.2763989

Calling a 20-year old a granny, Marked for Deletion (old) etc.

>> No.2763990

But I want a rich tsundere loli in a frilly dress with a parasol to dominate me and treat me like her servant/pet/furniture.

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I'd take Suika's DFC over any other Touhou and that's coming from a guy who loves tits.

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>healthy ... fetish
oh lol

>> No.2763996


notice how there are two black boxes on Chen's groin? There's a dick there, I reckon.

>> No.2764003

Healthy is fine. It's HUEGER THAN XBOX breasts that are outright disgusting.

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Wrinkled grannies whom Anonymous would shun

>> No.2764005


And its only natural that they stop tolerating your tasteless faggotry once you start bitching about women having bust and curves as compared to the physique of 8 year old boys.

>> No.2764006

Laugh all you want, it doesn't change the truth.

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Yukari is old as hell. Literally. She's been around since before Gensokyo.

Hence, old hag.

>> No.2764014

You're probably right, but note also the arbitrary extra black box on Chen's right ear.

>> No.2764018

I don't think you know what 8-year old boys look like. They're ugly.

>> No.2764025


I've come to the conclusion that the entity known as "anonymous" is a faggot, thus why it feels the need to keep calling itself one.

>> No.2764029

That you're retarded? Yeah.

>> No.2764030

Get out of /jp/.

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Full bodied women just seem so much more feminine and beautiful.

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Pic related, it's an old crone.

She's older than I am by centuries.

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No, that healthy is a fetish as nauseating as furry.

>> No.2764041

>titty monsters.

>> No.2764042

See, that's why you're retarded. You have my sympathy, it's a hard thing to deal with.

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You got a problem with Ran? You hate snuggling tails or something?

>> No.2764046

I wasn't talking about her specifically.

>> No.2764049

Since when was liking healthy a fetish? Oh this is 4chan. Carry on then.

>> No.2764052

>this thread

lol the internet

>> No.2764054


This is the key word. She might the one on top, but in a way, you control her since she's cold or unpleasant to everyone except you. You're her world.

>> No.2764061

Ran snuggling up to you, her warm, soft breasts pressing into your bare chest, her tails lightly tickling and warming your legs as she rests her head in the crook of your neck....


A bony, flat chested, no hips nor ass Louise snuggling up to you.

>> No.2764063

Ran is only 10% (1% for each tail, plus another 1% for ears).

>> No.2764066

Nice comparison, bro.

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Silly tripfriend, Ran isn't furry~

>> No.2764068

"lol internet", damn it. Learn your 4chan history.

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I want Louise to hit me with her riding crop! Plus, I can feel her bony ribs.

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Molly Haskell, a feminist from the USA, goes as far as to say that: "The mammary fixation is the most infantile, and the most American, of the sex fetishes".

>> No.2764078

Some characters look better as DFC and some characters look better healthy.

Ran, Yukari, Komachi, Yuka, China etc look better and more natural as healthy full figured women.

Suika, Cirno, Reimu, Marisa, Wriggle etc look more natural as small chested girls.

>> No.2764079

Lousie. That description alone is turning me on.

>> No.2764080

Healthy is better for snuggling.

DFC is better for hard fucking. No bouncing to get in the way of your rhythm.

>> No.2764081

Psst, 5% for tail(s), 5% for ears

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File: 5 KB, 228x236, doug says fuck yo shit nigger.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not your fucking bro.

>> No.2764087


You -almost- turned me into a furry.

>> No.2764089

>citing a feminist for something dealing with male sexuality.

Also, a fox Ran is fine too.

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doesn't exist

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Delicious Kemono

>> No.2764102


All female DFC characters that are meant to look attractive would look better with a large or medium chest.

No exceptions.

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File: 103 KB, 530x600, 2ed0bcce4b8bef5e55be0ea56165a53a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 785 KB, 800x985, 1234634161496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thinly veiled /r/

>> No.2764106

All female characters with a large or medium chest would look more attractive with DFC.

No exceptions.

>> No.2764109

Wrong. Not better, they'd just have a different appeal then.

>> No.2764114

ITT - OPINIONS, desperately trying to be truths.

>> No.2764115


A breast reduction will never make a female character more attractive.

The only exceptions are with characters that have breasts of Eiken proportions, in which case, they should be reduced from HUGE to merely large.

>> No.2764116

>Molly Haskell, a feminist from the USA, goes as far as to say that: "The mammary fixation is the most infantile, and the most American, of the sex fetishes".

Feminists basically want men to not find them (women) attractive in any way shape or form. Eventually we won't anymore.

>> No.2764117

I for one prefer flat chests over cowtits.

>> No.2764118

I miss diaper anon.

>> No.2764120 [DELETED] 

More attractive, maybe, but it would ruin their image for me. I prefer Cirno as the beloved tomboy daughter, Remilia as the impetuous child-queen, etc.

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File: 1.02 MB, 2577x977, 1618339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2764128

Breasts will never make a female character more attractive.

The only exceptions are characters that have an exposed ribcage, at which point they should be given enough fat that they don't look like they are starving to death.

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>big butt Yukari

>> No.2764132

And this could get ugly, too.

Without lust, most men would find women insipid. And if there is no real reason to even get to know each other, mankind would get wiped out.

>> No.2764140

And then everyone wins!

>> No.2764141


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File: 796 KB, 150x120, 7incheshitler.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh shit, it's already happening.

>> No.2764144

cool story bro

>> No.2764165


Feminists are reverse anons that want men to stick with one woman, obey her every wish, and basically be her bitch forever. If a man ends the relationship after having sex with her, then rather than being a slut, he's a rapist. A large percentage of them are also eternal virgins, just like anon.

The only difference is that they're laughing when they say it.

>> No.2764175


>not laughing

>> No.2764179

>mankind would get wiped out.
Not exactly. German scientists have found a way to coax bone marrow into becoming artificial sperm. This can be done with both men and women.

Example: A woman can go into the clinic/hospital etc and get marrow taken from her bones and have it coaxed into becoming sperm. She can then turn around and be impregnated by it, her own artificially made sperm. Just think, no more need for sex. No more need for men in the fertilization part of intercourse. A woman can now get pregnant even if she has NEVER had sex once in her life. There have been a number of feminists whom have rejoiced at this discovery as they believe they have now dealt the final blow to men and now truly believe they are useless.

>> No.2764180


>> No.2764187

Wouldn't that be cloning? Humanity still gets wiped out.

>> No.2764197

I remember reading that this is something that should not be done. Something about cell age?

Telomerase something something.

>> No.2764198
File: 950 KB, 1050x1500, louise04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Can't you just imagine holding Louise's fragile body in your arms and feeling every breath expand in her bony chest? There's nothing that I wouldn't do to be with Louise.

>> No.2764205

Genetics don't cause the same problem with this method of reproduction because the artificial sperm can be transferred and still mix genes

>> No.2764208

Evolutionary deadend?

>> No.2764209

Kind of I guess. They have noted, of course, that marrow coaxed into sperm from a woman will ALWAYS result in a female baby. From a man you will get that 50/50 chance still. But think about this then. Women take over and only breed females. They can now without ever getting near a man's disgusting penis and having him shoot his nasty semen inside her. Feminists are ecstatic over this shit. And what of the guys? I guess we would make babies from tubes and tanks where the environment is VERY similar to that in a woman's womb when pregnant.

Vandread might become a reality.

>> No.2764211

No, they can just stick it in each other.
That's how it is in Vandread too. One female (the 'Fahma') provides the sperm, the other (the 'Ohma') carries it to term.
Meanwhile the men live on a separate world and are grown as test-tube babies.
Not surprisingly the women retain the basic family structure while the men operate as in a military regime.

>> No.2764216

Louise needs to eat some fucking pies.

>> No.2764219

Some have called it "playing God" and fucking with shit we should not be fucking with.

>> No.2764222

Not a problem with reproductive cells.

>> No.2764224
File: 47 KB, 250x264, Lloyd-Bridges-3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.

>> No.2764227

Whoa whoa. Wait for a second.

So we have that women can get impregnated by this sperm that carries her own dna.

But where did that sperm come from?

>> No.2764237


>> No.2764238

Bone marrow stem cell.

>> No.2764241

Her bone marrow. I do not know the full details as to HOW they do it. They first tried it on mice and successfully breed baby mice this way and they had no birth defects. They are 100% certain it will work with humans.

>> No.2764250

Next thing you know women will flee to the moon or Venus or some shit and take this technology with them and start an all female society.

>> No.2764252

Sorry, didn't write this correctly.

If in a society that does not need men. we have women that can get impregnated with this. However, you still need the sperm (human male cells) to carry that dna, correct? Or can other animal's sperm be used?

>> No.2764257

Women have a bitter cold war amongst themselves all the time. I doubt this could be successful.

>> No.2764258
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And I would bake them with love, just for her! Assuming Kirche doesn't eat them all beforehand.

>> No.2764259

end of genetic variety, more recessive genes will surface

they can enjoy their slow death and diseases

>> No.2764267

Genetic variety is much more than just difference between X and Y chromosomes.

>> No.2764269

No. You'd just end up with female babies all the time. XX all the time.

>> No.2764270

It doesn't have to be male. Just that the only way of having a boy is to have that missing chromosome.

>> No.2764274


Trap's disease

>> No.2764284

retard spotted

do you know how the genetic code of the offspring is made?

>> No.2764289
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<--- One of them. Posed for playboy. Got found out and wrote this book.

>> No.2764305
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hai guiz!!!

>> No.2764318

No I don't. Explain in detail, please.

>> No.2764332

>how does babby formed?

>> No.2764362
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>> No.2764382

Holy fuck I would boink Yukari~n as hard as I could

>> No.2764402
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>> No.2764424


>> No.2764476

We aren't talking about cloning here. The DNA granted by one women could be used to impregnate another. Genetic variety remains.

>> No.2764498


I know that this artist has been linked to in another thread but I forgot to bookmark their pixiv. Would someone provide a link?

>> No.2764505

So, female-only reproduction for humans starting when?

>> No.2764530

I went through all 20 pages of Yukari's r-18 and all 7 of Ran's and didn't see it :|

>> No.2764531
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Give it ten years.

>> No.2764546

enjoy your girls

>> No.2764549

We have the technology right now to do it. Actually, we've had the technology for a long time. We aren't allowed to play with it. Making an egg into a sperm is actually trivial. injecting it into an egg is a bit harder. You could, if you wanted to and could find someone to do it for you (and were female), clone yourself in your own womb.

>> No.2764553


Well, would you link to the artist anyway? I'd like to peruse that person's stuff.

>> No.2764574

You guys better leave Chen alone. I'm dead serious.

>> No.2764585
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I like my Touhous nice as in boat.

>> No.2764593

I'd fuck that gap.

>> No.2764660

I wasn't able to find the artist

She's young looking but not TOO young...Yukari and Ran are just that much better.

>> No.2764840

If people start doing that whole women cloning thing, i'll start killing scientists.

>> No.2764857

But Anon, you are the scientists.

>> No.2764860

No male scientist is going to be ok with it. And women capable of doing science? Yeah right.

>> No.2765097

But why are male scientists working on it then? And there are women scientists these days, it isn't year 1889 anymore.

>> No.2765127
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Dat ass Yukari. With flat chest.

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