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How does this image make you feel?

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It makes me feel like wishing I had a Ran to tenderly love too. ;_;

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looks to me more like she's being tenderly loved against her will

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the expression on Ran's face is hysterical

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So, not very tenderly at all...
Poor Ran looks so traumatized.

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Domestic Abuse: Now with 20% more mental scarring.

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Poor young Ran is confused. She had never done anything like that before but all of a sudden she's learning what it's like to fulfill the responisbilities of being Yukari's servant.

Why aren't there more Yakumo fanfics/doujins? They seem like they would be the more popular family to write or draw about.

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Imagine she's going through this every few nights.
I want to punch Yukari in the face.

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It looks to me like Yukari is changing Ran's soiled bloomers. Consequently, Ran is blushing.

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Motherfucking CHADO did a series of 5 doujins about ran and yukari

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Yukari is just teaching Ran the difference between their power.


What are you talking about, there are tons of Yakumo doujins, several porn and several non-porn.

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She's showing Ran how to change diapers since Ran is going to have to change hers multiple times during her hibernation.

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Yukari cares about Ran just as much as she cares about "that crow".

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Which race do you think is more ignorant?

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reimu needs a servant like yukari has.

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Makes me wish I was a kid and had a motherly Yukari gently cooing to me as she slipped off my whitey tighties to change them.

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She made Suika her slave.

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Why doesn't Ran just stab Yukari or throw her into the ocean while she's sleeping and take over as the new most powerful being in Gensokyo? She would get to wear Yukari's sweet dresses and carry a big umbrella.

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Hmm. The pic reminds me of an artist that I hate. I hope I am mistaken.

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Not sure, but despite the occasional abuse, Ran is probably quite happy to have Yukari around. She protects the poor little kitsune from larger predators, so to speak.

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Like Clint Eastwood

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Ran is loyal to Yukari. Yukari doesn't harass her as much as laze around the house not doing any chores.

Plus she gets most of her power from the Shikigami bond. If she tries to go against Yukari's wishes, let alone kill her, she'll lose all that power.

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Ran gets daily head pats and scratched behind her ears for being a good girl for Yukari.

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Sort of.
If you want to go with the theory Ran is Tamamo no Mae (which doesn't quite check out, but not a whole lot of fandom does anyway), she probably prefers anything Yukari could do to going back in the stone.

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Who is this artist? Pretty awesome, does he have more?

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Ran's motherly nature comes into question as Tamamo no Mae was evil. Bringing down empires and killing people and whatnot.

She's a youkai after all I guess...

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Thanks bros.

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Again, as much as I want to believe it the theory doesn't quite check out. A couple of centuries are missing, unless we assume she didn't age while in the stone as she was technically dead.

Also, In Her Sauna At Mayohiga Great Yukari Sits Sweating. Ïa, ïa, and so forth.

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Yukari and her furry...

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You just worry about your Mountain Queen.

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Yukari starts them young.

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"Worry"? Oh, she can take perfectly good care of herself, no need to worry there.
Whereas kitsune - who are supposedly infinitely more powerful than any oni - get killed off and put in stones all the time. She needs her big, scary cosmic horror to keep her safe.

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"I found this picture on pixiv, here's a shitty thread so I can feel cool about being the first one to post it."

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>Someone has pissed me off either on 4chan or in IRL and I have to vent and take it out here.


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>Whereas kitsune - who are supposedly infinitely more powerful than any oni

NO, theres only one, the rest are simple weak spirits

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Ran just needs a good husbando to take care of her.

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>in IRL

I'll brb back, need to put in my PIN number to get some money from the ATM machine

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Squishy breast on breast action.

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What a ghastly face. Also hi Xonpool~

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What kind of bedtime stories would Yukari read?
And how often would she fall asleep before you?

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PINATM. Pinatom. You sly dog you.

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Ran is crying so it must be a sad story.

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Much better.

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Yukari waiting in the eaves for the next generation to be broken in.

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>>Ran is crying so it must be a sad story.
>>Ran is crying so Yukari must have just finished giving her "special lessons" of the day..

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Might be true. Can't recall reading about any others on her level.

In either case, judging from the legends the kitsune isn't as high up the food chain as one would expect. If the most powerful among them preferred fleeing rather than facing off against two human hunters, the rest got to be pretty bad off.

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So Ran, without Yukari, would not fare well against two well trained youkai hunters?

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Also superior.

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I'm not good with Japanese folklore, but why would she need Yukari when she has Inari?

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no, Tamamo no Mae had two tails, not exactly quite powerful

the most powerful youkai in Japan was a nine-tailed kitsune or so I read (not touhou obviously), or atleast it claimed to be

dragons are still far stronger than any youkai though

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What if a human is born under the dragon sign?

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Then he is stronger than the aver-age hu-man

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Really? In the western zodiac I'm an Aries. In the Eastern (Chinese) I'm a dragon.


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...And I actually AM stronger than the average nerd.

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Ran probably has Inari's blessing as his/her sacred animal, but blessing doesn't equal protection. Inari sure wasn't there when the hunters came down on Tamamo no Mae.

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An Aries Dragon?

You should be successful and very lucky according to your signs.

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MInd sharing this one's source?

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Ran vs Yukari
Yukari vs Ran

by Chado

I think it's part 4 or 5, but if you're intrested in the source, you should start with 1. (source at gensokyo.org and wikia)

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Kami doesn't have all destorying powers like the christian God

they can't do anything if their subjects are being killed by humans, they only take action when the action taken by people are unjust, and even then they can only wield their powers on their domains like rain, harvest etc.

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Pretty much that.
Inari = rice and ritual purity. Gap youkai = actual backup.

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