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What do Japanese think about redheads? They seem to like blondes more. Why are the Japanese such Aryan-lovers? Is it because they were once Nazis? Nazis hated non-blondes. That means they hated red-haired women.

Sakuya is a Nazi.

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Even though she ISN'T JAPANESE.

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It's like you read my mind.

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> Is it because they were once Nazis?

The Japs were allied with the Nazis, as of the Tripartite Pact of 9/27/40. They were never Nazis themselves.

>Nazis hated non-blondes.

No, they didn't.

Fuck, why am I even bothering to reply to such a clueless idiot?

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It might have something to do with you being even more clueless.

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"No, they didn't".

Yes they did, in a sense - they were aiming toward a master race based on the selective breeding of blond haired, blue eyed Germans, taking cues from occultism, natural selection and eugenics.

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You mean occultism, occultism, and occultism.

Nazis weren't anywhere near real evolutionists or even eugenicists.

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Hey now, occultism is a better thing to base a political stance off of than money or less free-thought religions. At least reliable occultism teaches the need for wisdom, self development, and inner peace.

It just didn't work well here. Mainly because it wasn't occultism, but eugenics and belief in genetic progress of mankind.

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ALL religious ceremonies are occult. If it isn't your religion it is an occult ceremony.

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Some Japanese have red hair. It's a very dark red/brown, but it exists.
It's considered a rare hair color anywhere in the world.

Now, on gaijin it's just like anything else on gaijin.

Sakuya is a lot more like Germany, but only if you consider Meiling as Italy. Which makes sense since she's red, white and green.

However, she's Chinese. I can resolve this: noodles = China = Italy. Bam. We're done.

Hong Meiling is a Chinese Italian. Red hair included.
Sakuya is always beating her up because she's a German vampire hunter (or at least was probably kinda).

Problem solved forever!

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Why are anime Chinagirls redheads in Japan?

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No, it wasn't eugenics. That's like saying you're a dog breeder when you mouth off about how dogs with floppy ears are better at watching TV and wag their tails only when the commercials advertise good products.

Sounds like total bullshit without any basis in any science or even pseudoscience? Exactly.

Calling the Nazis eugenicists is just a way to defame a good idea you don't like.

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natural red hair is rare in the world period. ~9% of the population has it.

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Redheads are reserved for the tsundere loli Blondes represent the 害人

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\( °∀°)ノ

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Ever been to /m/? Just about ALL the best female pilots are redheads, Japan loves them!

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Oh my.

Look at her pointy nipples.

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The better to suckle on, my dear

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red equals slut

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Cracky isn't a slut. She's pure, even if she smeared period on her face. It's OK because it's not semen. It's just her blood.

Redheads are not sluts.

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Only two of the actual pilots (not cyborgs or anything) have red hair.

Renais only really was in J-der in one point, and wasn't really a pilot there.

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