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Modernization had a delerious effect on many inhabitants of Gensokyo...

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Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, it far from modern.

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There's nothing new about prostitution, but the transition to a market economy forced many previously successful 2hus into it.

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anon, please.

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Kuso normalfag fetish.

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Who are the whores of Gensokyo and how expensive are they?

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The Scarlet Devil Mansion's failure to modernise led to money woes and has forced its residents to find new jobs within today's economy.

Remilia was hit hardest by this as she doesn't have many marketable skills...

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And it has been ridiculed in all ages. 400bc, or 2020ad

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You have made this exact same thread with this exact same image for the last decade.

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Shion < Reimu < Hecatia < Jo'on < Aya < Tewi < Yukari

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Luckily Remi has a very marketable body! Her social standing might have collapsed, but she'll never go hungry with her perfectly tiny assets.

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She can be someone's little sis.

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Prostitutes shouldn't be ridiculed, they should be cherished.

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Why would anyone buy a whore when fairies are free?

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TRANSLATION: Every1 n everyth1ng shuld b degenerate. Degeneracy xdddddddd

You people have no standards.
No standards

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As it should be.

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In a world of flat chests, the big boobs are king. Remillia's assets are dime a dozen.

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The modern world isn't a world of flat chests, though. I'd pay a lot for someone with Remilia's assets.

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South America or Southeast Asia has what you need, I'd imagine.

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They aren't real either.

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How is Aya more expensive than Jo'on?

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Microtransactions. Jo'on's baseline missionary-without-kissing only has a modest price, but she really makes you bleed with cheap-sounding extra charges for everything else, and in the end you pay much more than you thought you had.

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I can't believe Jo'on is literally Thenardier.

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My wife Jo'on is not a prostitute!
I paid a lot of money for her to stop that!

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Cumming inside Reimu's pussy while she just stares off to the side, not making a sound!

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industrial society and its consequences have been a disaster for the youkai race

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artist name please? links?

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futatsuki hisame