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A thread for the discussion of Dies irae, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Pantheon and other associated titles belonging to the Shinza Banshou setting, written by Takashi Masada.

>Masada's official Twitter

Dies irae Song to the Witch fully translated: https://www.stuffiliketodo.net/work/dies_irae_song_to_the_witch_2781

>Avesta of Black and White
https://enty.jp/en/avestan (JP, everything after the prologue behind paywall)
Summaries: https://pastebin.com/r8bi3mrq

>Dies irae
Getting Started: https://pastebin.com/03KfVLZZ
Official Website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_portal/
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v548
Interview with Kaziklu Bey: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_kaziklubey/
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/644540/Dies_irae_Amantes_amentes/ (>buying from steam)
Mangagamer: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=1041 (>buying from mangagamer)
Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/27WTzqYV
Random TL's and misconceptions: https://pastebin.com/9XgEAwTU

>Dies irae Pantheon
Official Website: http://dies-p.net/index.html
Website Translation: https://pastebin.com/g7rbqkTM

>Kajiri Kamui Kagura
Official website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/kajirikamuikagura/index.html
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v5844

>Other light titles
Senshinkan: https://vndb.org/v12455
Bansenjin Torrent: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/1705703
Paradise Lost: https://vndb.org/v1951
PL Torrent: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2577220

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- we start with Samrukh's condition worsening, she no longer remembers her name, her can't derive any knowledge from her thoughts so everything appears foreign to her, she's now akin to machine that can only fight, it's unknown what Melek Taus is even absorbing from her
- Samrukh uses her condition to lock Locusts in bear hug, Melek Taus is now functioning as an iron cage. It's probably due to Magsarion's own Melek Taus melding into his immutable prayer, since both armors are spiritually connected state of his armor was replicated on Samrukh's armor.
- Feldows doesn't mist this opportunity...but before he can activate his trump card he hears voice of Mitra telling him he will die the worst possible way, even now her voice is woven through contradictions, she wants to mourn and ridicule him at the same time, it makes her want to cry with sorrow and laugh with scorn...what a bitch.
She tells him he will lose his self-loathing and fall into endless spiral of emptiness and that's what it means to talk about her.
- Fel doesn't give a fuck and says end like this is suitable for trash like him. Mitra was impressed by his self-hatred and vows to make him next Nadare.
- Fel activates his ability (he's in some kind of trance state that's why this ability truly transcends realm of humanity), Nowruz Ahura Mazda - manifestation of this ability is miniature version of Houkai, Locusts are cut in half, not just their bodies, but their very existence. It doesn't mean they're separated once again. Since starting point of this technique is Feldows who can only interact with others through killing intent it means he can only kill others. Separated Locusts are reduced to very incomplete state, almost like a handicapped person with an organ defect they turn into beings that can't even sustain life by themselves. Locusts who once dreamed of being the strongest, immediately fall into the most mediocre condition.
- Samrukh uses last remaining remnants of her will to explode in a manner similiar to supernova, dyeing everything with a white prayer

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- cut to Magsarion vs Bahlavan
- Bahlavan already expanded to over 1,000,000 bodies and so long his fighting spirit continues to burn he will grow without limit, eventually destroying entire universe
- however, currently there's only about 1000 bodies because Bahlavan and Magsarion keep fighting and killing them
- all Bahlavans attack at once but immutable Magsarion is still unshaken
- Bahlavan continues with his gay babble that Magsarion should become him so they can kill each other, and the first step is to Collapse and be on the same side
- however, Magsarion says he's misunderstanding something - he's immutable, he wouldn't be affected by Tentsui and in fact, wants to overthrow this concept. For Magsarion both "good" and "evil" are equally shitty and thus, he's not bounded by them.
- this world where Tentsui does exist is merely uncertain kaleidoscope of twill pattern. As long as anyone can Collapse division on two sides is meaningless. Death of Varhram taught him what "everyone" means:
- all is the same shit, Magsarion will kill everyone and dissolve everyone in his immutability
- Bahlavan realizes that despite his vow he's still living under laws of the world and request to Collapse directed at Magsarion merely proves that and with that Bahlavan finally recognizes Magsarion as someone else, someone that's not him. He now craves for him, becoming symbol and goal of what he sought to be.
- culminatio of their fight is drawing near, black and white eyes observe them from singularity
- cut to Locusts who became half bodies in their final moments, both of them long for Bahlavan to notice and kill them, showing what it means to be the strongest, their prayers unanswered...or so it seemed, Magsarion heard their pleas and decided to kill them, chopping them into pieces, dying with no shame or regrets, in Muzanmuki
- another cut to Magsarion vs Bahlavan
- Bahlavan's swarm is gradually decreasing, only 100 bodies remain each powerful enough to destroy galaxy, however, even they're cut and swallowed by immutable muzan
- name of Magsarion is now engraved on his heart and he wants to kill each other in the future
- finally, only one Bahlavan remains and Magsarion deals final blow, destroying his existence, his physical body disappeared...only for him to create ephemeral body of Garyoku and return, no concept in the universe can define what he has become. He became incarnation of struggle beyond death, element that embodies this universe of battle, continues to chase Magsarion while being omnipresent in creation. Even if everything will be destroyed, the battle will not end. If Avesta will die they will simply move to another law and then another and another and another. All of them will be mixed with what was Bahlavan. If Magsarion is truly immutable then he will be by his side, igniting everything with flames of war.
- Magsarion dispersed his Garyoku form, unknown if he destroyed him, but in physical sense there's no doubt, Magsarion won
- Magsarion received a lot of damage and struggles to stand, but fight is still not over, his eyes are directed at Abominable Halo, Khvarenah

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>Bahlavan already expanded to over 1,000,000 bodies
Holy fuck.

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>Mags just kills him
>Nope, homolust transcends the laws of the universe

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Gay gorilla is a big guy.

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And Mags murdered the fuck out of all of them.

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>Bahlavan continues with his gay babble

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>Mags now has a gay yander ghost chasing him
No wonder his anger can damage Hajun. His commandment has him growing stronger the more killing intent is directed at him and now an almost Gudou God wanting to murderfuck him is always around him.

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>now an almost Gudou God wanting to murderfuck him is always around him
Shit that actually makes some sense. Though injuring Hajun is probably due to his second commandment inflicting weakness.

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Thanks for the summary Anon.

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Has vol 3 ended?

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Leave the LDO to me.

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To the guy asking about Marie's kamugahana and the inbred retard saying cherubs wield flaming swords:
>In the Book of Ezekiel and at least some Christian icons, the cherub is depicted as having two pairs of wings, and four faces: that of a lion (representative of all wild animals), an ox (domestic animals), a human (humanity), and an eagle (birds)

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Seems like it. We’re at the finale now.

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>inbred retard

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>Retards here still can't read Avesta

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Not everyone can be bothered to learn moonrunes.

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mags face reveal when

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I want to rape Reinhard

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Based ritualpost

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>Pantheon Scenario
>Ren reads Masada's twitter and realizes he's not getting his nichijou
>Ren snaps & develops the craving “Fuck everything, I want my goddamn Nichijou”
>the universe he writes is a SoL for everyone there
>Ren is the unfortunate harem protagonist, the harem members being the girls with routes + Rusalka
>Mercurius is the creepy NEET stalking Marie
>the LDO are some sort of occult club at school Reinhard founded at Mercurius’ advice
>Hajun is unintentionally some delinquent gang leader, his followers borderline worshiping him no matter how many times he tells them to fuck off and leave him alone
>Mithra is a slutty teacher who inexplicably still has a job after numerous allegations of molesting her students
>Muzan is the most remorseless & Judge Dredd cop in the universe who somehow hasn’t been kicked out for excessive violence
>Satanel is the perfectionist student who nearly hanged himself that one time he got 99/100 on a minor quiz
>The other gods are actually aware but most are too afraid to do anything, aware that disrupting Ren’s Nichijou will result in even deeper cravings, increasing Ren’s power even further
>Their only hope is Shirou, someone too naturally part of Ren's Nichijou for him to destroy, who has gone borderline insane from boredom
>It's up to the player to assist Shirou in destroying Ren's nichijou to restore the universe
>the bosses are the vast majority of cast members would genuinely love a peaceful life
>Trifa who peacefully operates his church/orphanage/daycare with Lisa
>Beatrice and Kai, sickeningly sweet loving couple making out in public
>Kei, who took the opportunity to learn arithmetic
>Rusalka, who has a route this time
>Machina, far less suicidal than before now that he doesn't have to deal with Reinhard
>Kasumi, who's actually relevant given her importance in Ren's nichijou
>Bonus Boss: "Der Spinne" - Friendly Neighborhood German Spider-Man

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New chapter this friday?

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Yep, hopefully with glossary as well.

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This is how Scrieber was made.

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This is how Wilhelm was made.

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Any theories on what’s going to happen?

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Forge Dad and Mags fight really really hard

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really really really really hard

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Will Mags ask him the hand of his cute doll-daughter?

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Doing my first playtheough of K3 on Madara/Ryuusui route and just got to the point where Morei and Akuro completely fuck them over, only to finish Sakuya's rambling and see Rindou perfectly fine. Bit confused,didn't they all just die?

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I want to bully Kei.

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dead until friday

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Vast is the sea, its waves reaching horizons far and wide;
eternal is the radiance of its azure womb.
And so let us ride this moment and dash forth, swift as light, quick as a star eternal.
Hear my plea, and grant this one wish:
the world longs for an era of peace; days that know not strife.
In a world where only peace is lord, and men join hands in liberty…
Allow me to sing but this,
Halt, O time, for thou art fair beyond measure.
I wish upon your unending star – guide me to heights unknown!
Atziluth (Emanation)
Res Novae - Also Sprach Zarathustra (A tale of transcendence to crown the new world)

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Leave Nietzsche's Ubermench to me

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To keep it as spoiler free as possible, the ones who actually did die were Habaki and Rindou. Given Habaki's distortion you can understand the mechanics behind that, though there's a bit more to that but that's spoiler territory. The same can be said for what happened with Rindou, which is more spoiler terriotry.
As for the rest of the EE, they mostly got fucked up really hard but survived the encounter. Shiori lost her arms, Soujirou is dying a slow death due to Akuro's poison, Yakou lost his eyes, and Keishirou is beginning to lose his Magatsu As you'll see soon enough, Sakuya is in a retarded state after releasing her Magatsu as well.
Also you're not on anyone's route at the moment, you're still doing the Tenma arc which only has choices that give you a different perspective from a different group with a few scenes. The actual "routes" of KKK start after the Tenma arc.

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I see, thanks.

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I'm really sad bros. Any updates on Light/Greenwood's current situation, or are they still down under? Any updates on Pantheon since Masada said he was still working on it?
I'm just desperate at this point.

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Light remains dead and hottest current shit from Masada is Kokubyaku no Avesta and no, translation never for EOPkeks

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>translation never for EOPkeks
Do summaries count?

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Light's twitter is active again tho.

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35 minutes

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How do I get J-Novel Club to translate the LN volumes?

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Ask them to translate Paradise Lost and KKK first.

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They only seem to do LNs.

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>Forge Dad is dead
So this the power of homolust, huj? Not bad at all.

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What was his true commandment?

>> No.27751205

I don't think they translate doujins

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To job (Furigana: Create a Miracle)

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The LN isn't completely self-published, isn't it?

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There is a Avesta Spanish translation, they are actually on the 8th chapter of the novel

>> No.27757264

Care to share?

>> No.27758196

It is, it's a doujin which is what lets them get away with the legal stuff initially.

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snake man take me by the hand

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>Even Khvarenah is laughing at EOPs

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>muh beauty
what a letdown

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Someone edit a toothbrush in his mouth

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Really? I searched for it but I was only able to find a Russian one. The Spanish one that I found was only at chapter 2.

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They published only 5 chapters, don't have the link actually, sorry

>> No.27807786

>don't have the link actually
How did you even read it then.

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They shared me the PDFs

>> No.27812467

That's bullshit but I believe it

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- we start with Khvarenah’s flashbacks in the previous Avesta, in that flashback Khvarenah is still just a baby without ego, and people there call him Miko (Divine Child), these people are Ranka, Madurai and some old fart. They all belong to Asura side (which is confirmed to be “evil” side) and they’re certain that once Khvarenah awakens their victory is all but certain. At this point only Nadare (of the previous generation) remains as the strong enemy among Deva and only two among Asura (Ranka and Madurai, so old man appears to be mere mook) so Ranka is certain they will soon be summoned to Singularity (in this Avesta it’s called Vahana, not Angra Mainyu) for decisive battle. Madurai corrects him and says there are 3 people among Asura, including “her” (Divine Sword). She apparently doesn’t speak too much and prefers to exist as “sword”. This “sword” is wielded by Ranka, it’s a beautiful sword of gold and black (Muzan’s sword). Khvarenah was fascinated by it and desired to create something like this.
Khvarenah is left in the hands of that old fast apparently to spare him the sight of bloodshed and preserve his purity.
Ranka and Madurai are rather convinced they will die, but are consent with this. Saying that all ties should be severed here so they won’t leave “roots of evil” for the next generation.
They hope that Khvarenah and their daughter (probably Bushyasta or current Nadare, most likely the second one) will work together to create new world (Hiranyapura) where everyone can be happy.
Khvarenah has this premonition that if they would wait for a bit he would awaken and change their destiny, begging Ranka andMadurai to step, unfortunately, this’s just a dream he’s seeing.
Because Khvarenah was born too late, Ranka and Madurai didn’t listen to words of that old fast and previous Nadare used Houkai at that moment Khvarenah became like this, changing from Savior to Forge of Ruin.
What followed was distorted wave approaching from outside of horizon turning everything over – universal Tentsui.

>> No.27821085

cut back to present, Magsarion vs Khvarenah.
- we start with truth bomb, Khvarenah says that Magsarion isn’t exactly human and there’s some kind of strange factor mixed with him since the beginning. He saw “this” somewhere before that’s why he recognizes Magsarion as a genuine threat.
Thus, he casts his Authority, Vishvakarman. Instead of producing some super weapon he creates entire separate space spanning hundreds of galaxies, a new world made from “everyone” Khvarenah has eaten so far. He and Magsarion are the only living beings in that space (which can be called Khvarenah’s laboratory). He did that for two reasons: because he doesn’t want to involve Ashavan in their fight (as per promise to Quinn) and more than that, he’s that conscious of Magsarion.
And the fight starts.
Khvarenah doesn’t go easy on Magsarion and he opens this fight by producing supergravity thousands of times more potent than Spenta Mainyu (neutron star), it’s powerful enough to shatter light itself and condenses entire star (and Magsarion with it) to a speck of dust no bigger than tip of a nail, before converging it further to the nothingness. He then reverses vector of that power producing explosion similar to Big Crunch.
In this space, Khvarenah is the only God so there’s nothing he can’t do and immediately restores replicas of Zahhak and Vahman Yasht. He’s described as omnipotent here.
…but Magsarion is fine.
Khvarenah recognizes Magsarion’s armor as his child, but says it shouldn’t be so powerful and assumes this’s effect of Commandment.
Khvarenah then accelerate star rotation to over thousand cycles per second, expelling everything from the star. He then causes rain of plasma arrows turning entire star into twister of rotating plasma and chunks of star. Magsarion is caught inside of it, but Khvarenah notices that not only his bleeding gradually slows down, but his blood, flesh, bones and organs become meaningless to him. He’s gradually removed from laws of physics and experiences form of conceptualization, if he will remain unchanging in the universe then it will hard to defeat Magsarion without the same kind of force (to put it simply, he’s gradually turning into God).

>> No.27821111

Khvarenah then provides us with his analysis of Magsarion’s abilities: (1) offense: attack power that increases in proportion to sum of killing intent (Saoshyant Aushedar) and ability to see through and create breaches (Saoshyant Mah), (2) defense: skill that evades direct attacks by perceiving breaches (Saoshyant Mah) and unbreakable body due to immutability (Melek Taus?).
That’s why Khvarenah is confused. With these abilities he shouldn’t be able to defeat Bahlavan, according to his calculations Magsarion is inferior to Bahlavan. Regardless of his immutability he shouldn’t overcome Bahlavan’s Garyoku and growth rate.
Nevertheless even when inside that cage of plasma and star debris Magsarion is still coldly observing Khvarenah.
Khvarenah then says that ultimate position (Taikyoku/Atziluth) he defines is when one awakens and emanates without end, unless killed by another “ultimate”.
btw. it seems Taikyoku/Atziluth in Avesta is called開闢/Kaibyaku (Big Bang).
He further says he once held this opportunity, but lost it and for that Magsarion calls him loser (kek).
In a single moment, Magsarion’s strength of existence increased beyond measure and with a single slash of his sword destroyed rotating star and nearly half of Saurva.
Khvarenah is astonished and guesses this’s a power he used to defeat Bahlavan.
Here we finally have more insight about Magsarion’s 3rd Commandments – upon analyzing and exposing essence of his opponent his true power activates. Most of that power is initialized every time his opponent changes, but it seems he becomes invincible once he captures truth about his opponent.
And so “Muzan Counseling” begins.

>> No.27821141

He mentions that he was in similar position with Varhram. But Magsarion didn’t stop fighting and knew that taking place of his brother isn’t enough. He isn’t dyed by anyone’s dreams so he doesn’t need friends. And because he decided he’s alone he can fulfill his wishes on his own.
He doesn’t try to build situation out of his own influence and hoping something will be born from it. Basically Magsarion is saying everyone should wipe their own asses.
This’s contrast to Varhram who left behind “inexplicable enlightenment” for people own interpretation and even calls Varhram “monster with 100 faces” and Khvarenah who is trying to regain his “ultimate position” by observing miracles of other people.
For Magsarion, his path belongs only to him. He even denies principles of Hadou Taikyoku, saying that law (Big Bang) that emanates regardless of his will is far from immutability and if Khvarenah accepts it as “uncontrollable phenomenon” then he will be eventually crushed by such a mechanism. Magsarion’s idea of killing his opponent after learning about them might seem roundabout but it contained no shame nor hesitation. Even if he will swallow world (“everyone”) he vows there will be no ambiguity to distort his way of life.
Upon hearing his determination, Khvarenah first calls it Hadou, but then quickly changes it to Madou (魔道), Magsarion’s personal way of life.
Khvarenah gradually awakens, saying that “everyone” is everything in this world transcending horizon of good and evil (duality) and only those who have Collapsed or have seen it up close can have that perspective.
Khvarenah remembers his past when he was hope of Asura and Collapsed through universal Tentsui, this’s a proof that he noticed what “everyone” is. But even that’s not enough, he must regain another truth.
He knows that to defeat Avesta he must hold smth that cannot be changed and finally pronounces full name of his Kaibyaku, Lokapala Vishvakarman Vaastu.
Immediately stars of the galaxy are filled with trails of light and billions of structure are created with hundred towers expanding to the end of Nayuta (那由他), beautiful city adorned with monuments and castles and covered by lapis lazuli. There’s no place for any impurity and violence here.
He doesn’t even want to kill or defeat Magsarion but “dye” him, because his essence is not violence. This’s still not a true emanation, because he cannot pronounce his immutability correctly, but he definitely has potential to ascend to heavens and unless Avesta isn’t at least equal to him it would be instantly wiped out.
Even Magsarion refuses to speak about this world because he knows the moment he will be dyed by it the moment he acknowledges it.
This’s true form of Khvarenah’s immutability, beauty. One of that values that transcend good and evil, present in all places and ages, possessing spirituality of comfort and purification. Those who will touch true beauty will be saved, no matter how one’s hurt it will make all suffering disappear and fill it with joy.

>> No.27821172

- cut to flashbacks of Divine Sword. She saw crying Khvarenah begging her to stay and despite the fact she wanted to stay, she left. That’s because she taught of herself as mere tool who should only listen to the will of her owner, direction of her power changing by them.
She was aware that universe is eternally changing through Tentsui so she should obey as the agent of that will (confirming she’s Sensory after all). Since this universe has two sides she was jealous of the other half (Nadare) because she changes every time one history ends (universal Tentsui) meanwhile she must remain immutable. But she accepted that as this’s the way of the world…until she ignored Khvarenah.
This was the only time she cursed herself so much, blaming her function and burning with remorse. Her decision to ignore Khvarenah caused him “die”, Savior that could save the world died because of her sin.
That’s why she decided to break this world and thus, she met with Varhram. She talked with many heroes, but he was “more than anyone” so far. He either seemed to trace conventional path of the Hero in a perfect shape or transcend it. Something that cannot be reversed once it goes too far. He felt scary even to her. So he was perfect for Divine Sword and made contract with him.
In his embrace her consciousness disappears in the flames of Muzanmuki and Divine Sword that remained immutable since the creation of the universe for the first time broke.
She will be reborn and achieve true miracle by walking on Meifu Mado (冥府魔道) together with him.

>> No.27821235

all of this was seen by Quinn who still cannot move properly after she was stabbed by Elners turned into Khvarenah’s doll.
Quinn says that it’s pointless for Frederica and Munsarath to fight against Khvarenah because he’s no longer at the level that you can defeat. He’s now genuine concept, immutable and boundless law of “beauty”.
Quinn regardless of her will apologizes to Khvarenah, saying his current state is her own fault, but she knows these are memories of Divine Sword who is a kind of Muzanmuki.
All she now wants is to hug Khvarenah and respond properly without denying her will. She still believes that Khvarenah can regain his Halo and become everyone’s light and hope. Divine Sword turning into his daughter, Quinn, was a form of atonement for her.

- cut to Khvarenah vs Frederica and Munsarath
Beauty is sympathetic magic. It has power to purify souls of those who touched it and promote them to higher levels. In other words, beauty gives birth to beauty.
In fact, the only reason these two can fight against Khvarenah is due to Munsarath’s impaired vision, without it they would turn into dolls as well.
Elners and Fara no longer have any killing intent because of that so Frederica has no problems with killing them, no longer recognizing them as Satsujinki.
Even though they turned into kenzoku of Khvarenah they aren’t manipulated by him and they devote themselves to his immutable beauty out of their own will, their souls reaching higher dimensions. Because of this they don’t even try to fight against former master and leave themselves exposed, but Frederica and Munsarath can’t cut even a single hair on their heads.
They can barely endure few words of Khvarenah without admiring his “beauty” perhaps it’s a pride of Satsujinki that protects them or the fact Khvarenah is still incomplete.
He denies calling his kenzoku “dolls”, saying that dolls abandon their natural emotions and feel nothing, state that is not different from death and not smth he desires.
But Frederica says it’s exactly what happened to Elners and Fara.
Federica admits that she once wanted to kill Khvarenah, but not now since he doesn’t even feel like a living being. Khvarenah confirms it, saying he’s now immutable phenomenon. Although he’s unable to define what kind of concept it is he’s just one step away from godhood. This imperfection is the result of his kenzoku looking like empty dolls and he apologizes for it.
And this where Frederica draws a line – she’s angry that Khvarenah apologizes for his “evil”. She admits that she doesn’t really care about struggle of Avesta, but no one should be ashamed whether they’re good or evil. She proudly commits evil, killing people and bathing in their blood, so the sight of Forge of Ruin apologizing for his deeds brings to mind only one word to her – “ugly”.

>> No.27821300

cut to Magsarion vs Khvarenah
Here Magsarion also called him ugly. And also reveals nature of his Commandment, he must continue to produce weapons. He says that should be obvious from all the junk he did shit out.
But in this Lokapola, this Boundless Capital created by Khvarenah there are no weapons, only buildings. In other words, Khvarenah already broke his Commandment.
Wielding his sword Magsarion turned into Big Bang of death with killing intent comparable to divinity approaching Khvarenah to kill him.
In his own words, Khvarenah isn’t immutable, he’s but an ugly sham wielding Commandment with distorted essence.

- cut to Quinn and Khvarenah
He’s already defeated in her embracement. She says that he’s beautiful and that his current state is only her fault. He was born to embody supreme “beauty” and make everything “beautiful” there shouldn’t be any speck of ruin inside him. If there weren’t any impurity in his growth he would definitely build ideal utopia.
That’s why Quinn is guilty because she sullied his soul with the image of weapon, but Khvarenah says he doesn’t regret anything. He desired to create something like her and even if he became “ugly” he doesn’t mind.
Khvarenah, consent with his fate, says Quinn fulfilled her mission to bring him miracles so he should do this job too.
Quinn jumped back reflexively before everything is devoured by black light.

>> No.27821384

cut to Magsarion vs Khvarenah
Magsarion, now with the mindset to “devour” Khvarenah, slashes him embodying “miracle”.
Khvarenah’s full body is equivalent to 574 galaxies. Furthermore, even if incomplete, he reached Law of Kaibyaku so he’s estimated to be nearly 1,000,000 time stronger.
But it doesn’t matter. Magsarion saw through everything of Khvarenah and he vowed to kill “everyone” and destroy everything. If there are trillion of galaxies in the universe he cannot stop at the level of Khvarenah.
Thus, he shattered Lokapola, bisected Divine Halo and smashed Saurva into small pieces.
But he doesn’t stop. No matter how many corpses he accumulates he will just keep moving forward. He no longer relies of Star Spirit Blessing, but steps on the empty air with his own will. So long there’s prey and battlefield he will go beyond eternity.
Upon seeing him, remains of Khvarenah’s astral body called him “beautiful”. He says he was fascinated by Divine Sword that’s why he turned creation of weapons into his own Commandment. So even if it did spoil his essence and changed him into Forge of Ruin he doesn’t regret anything. Even if he lost his qualification to reach Throne, prayer of creating swords is shining forever. His path became part of a Disaster Sword (Magsarion): without Khvarenah the end of Varhram would have changed and Magsarion would be different. For the possibility of branching there was an alternative so the result could be similar, but it’s alternative so the same kind of Disaster Sword wouldn’t be born. So Khvarenah can proudly say he achieved his desire, he created “something like” Divine Sword.
He asks Magsarion for his prayer to be a part of him and he agrees, cutting him to pieces and swallowing him into Muzanmuki.
He remember his promise to Frederica. Since he killed Khvarenah and Bahlavan it’s finally time to settle score with her.

>> No.27823470

Well that explains the swords, I guess the final fight will be with Mithra?

>> No.27835841

I actually found it. AvestaESP or something, a Spaniard guy is apparently doing this in Twitter.

>> No.27837195

So uh, is Magsarion the most wanked character to date?

>> No.27837289

Makes you wonder why Mithra even needed the rest of the gods

>> No.27838367

Mags will kill the dragon cuck next after raping Fred

>> No.27838927

>raping Fred
The only thing getting shoved inside her is sharp steel.

>> No.27839097

Is Masada baiting readers into supporting Pantheon? I can almost hear him asking
“Do you want to see Gudou God Bahlavan? SUPPORT PANTHEON!”
“Do you want to see Hadou God Khvarenah? SUPPORT PANTHEON!”
It’s almost like he deliberately doesn’t show these awesome 'what ifs' even though he knows we want to see them.

>> No.27840833

Shut the fuck up Boomy

>> No.27841158

>“Do you want to see Gudou God Bahlavan? SUPPORT PANTHEON!”
>“Do you want to see Hadou God Khvarenah? SUPPORT PANTHEON!”
Except that's not how it works? They're dead in the first place and I doubt you can make up god versions of Aeons

>> No.27841196

Ren still has the best offensive capabilities.

>> No.27841234

>Ren still has the best offensive capabilities.

>> No.27844295

Ren is best defense.

>> No.27845154

I brainfarted. Ren has been defense and Hajun has the highest power-level. Also Muzan pretty much gave the Throne to Satanel. So nothing's really changed.

>> No.27846721

>So nothing's really changed.

>> No.27849389
File: 143 KB, 800x800, Spinne is superior to Hajun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hajun has the highest power-level.

>> No.27862627

Mags can kill Khvarenah but can he deal with Nahid especially since her seal has no way to be broken by any techniques in Avesta?

>> No.27863269

Yes once he finishes his counselling

>> No.27864221

You are not very smart are you?

>> No.27871264

>can't eat, drink, shit, blink, sleep, must think only about killing
Is mags the most autistic god aside from Hajun?

>> No.27871289

*laughs in anija heartbeat

>> No.27872865

And unfortunately, neither are you.

>> No.27880474

All gods are extreme autism

>> No.27882558

But some more so than others.

>> No.27884552

>loops existence an unfathomable amount of times
>expanded the cosmology to encompass an infinite multiverse
>all so that he could fulfil his ntr fetish
Yeah, Mags is lucky if he makes it into the top 3

>> No.27899753

Does he still want to do a gacha game instead of VN?

Excuses will be found easily would he want it.

>> No.27914143

Who knows.

>> No.27933942
File: 3.14 MB, 1302x2185, sam sam sam sewatir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no more Alastor

>> No.27965295


>> No.27975877

glossary when

>> No.27982212


>> No.27989643 [DELETED] 

Just got to Soujirou and Shiori's fight against Akuro and Morei. Why'd they lose their Taikyoku?

>> No.28007815

Anon? It literally tells you that they were forcefully dragged up to taikyoku by "something" and that Akuro and Morei severed their connection to "it", as well as it being something similar to pseudo divinity and that they didn't reach it on their own, hence why they returned to being humans.

>> No.28015805
File: 103 KB, 450x475, Alastor_(DA)_DMC1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss it.

>> No.28039309

You guys think Paradise Lost will get a complete remake or will Masada just address the retcons in a summary?

>> No.28067581

We will get a joke side manga where Satanel's salt is replaced with sugar and develops diabetes powers.

>> No.28074338


>> No.28078458

both the fans and masada don't want to waste time on a remake when there's a mountain of otther work to go through first

>> No.28078485

How much more is there? 3rd Throne, Marie's Throne and Pre-Throne?

>> No.28078545
File: 321 KB, 1200x1600, Shirou Superhero.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The capeshit universe from someone with the craving to transform the world into a world which superheroes are possible.

>> No.28078569

3rd throne and 5th throne are probably being shelved for Pantheon, probably went with Avesta so he could dicktease Pantheon the hardest with the first throne.
Aditya probably has the same reasoning.

>> No.28078611

I honestly don't know how any other Throne is supposed to compared to the bullshit of the 1st Throne

>> No.28078669

Well out of all the thrones, Masada's favourite chapter was the 5th throne so keep that in mind.
That and the fact that the 1st throne was the second to last chapter of Pantheon, so that shit wasn't even endgame

>> No.28087320

Second to last seems pretty endgame if the last chapter would be breaking into the Throne itself to free the Hadou Gods

>> No.28096450

I wonder how will Sirius and Aladdin simp alliance react to Mags current omnicide run.

>> No.28096567

Sirius will photobomb his KKK portrait

>> No.28096979

Based gramps getting the way of a Guduo Gods' vision

>> No.28097058

I still have no idea how Masada is going to retcon that

>> No.28097498

Well, Mags is absorbing other people's dreams in a way after killing them now. Maybe he will get too mixed with Sirius to get his Hadou potential since both of them are 'Remorseless', but Mags is not Hadou yet.
And since the cult's gudou god was basically a blind idiot, maybe it mixed the auras of the final Muzan and the image or Sirirus.

>> No.28102100


Lanka and Madurai was the leader of the Asura, which is now Yazata. Their Wahman Yast equivalent is a planet named Hiranyapura, which got devastated, then got revived by placing Lanka's and Madurai's daughter as its pillar, which was Bushyasta. This planet would later be the birth place of Varhram.

Lokapala Vishvakarman Vastu is the name of Khvarenah's Hadou/Authority. A world where "beauty", which he deems as immutable, is the absolute truth of the universe. It was followed by a quick recap of how a certain mechanism in the series pertaining to god and their Hadou works, also how in later era it's called as Atziluth and Taikyoku.

Its entry basically tells what kind of world would exist under Khvarenah's reign if he were to replace Avesta and became the new Godhead. There are numerous way to interpret what a "Beauty" is, but the Beauty that Khvarenah was supposed to embody is the artistic/cultural kind of beauty. Under the canopy of his heaven, all beings would have the capacity of an ultimate artist, so to speak.

All flora and fauna would form beautiful natures, and intellegent lifeforms inspired by them would then create a culture and beauty/art that will forever prosper in a synergistic loop. Pretty much beauty creates beauty, and it creates even more beauty. When someone sees, touches, or feel something beautiful, the reverence and peace of mind they'd feel in their heart would become the salvation that'll end the turbulent world.

Shits became funny because the basic premise of this law is built on the elimination of vulgar things like conflict, so it's utterly incompatible with a "beauty" that resides within a weapon or other form of combats stuff, which is what Khvarenah currently embodies as the Workshop of Destruction. Khvarenah cannot complete his Hadou because of this issue, and this problem stemmed from him being smitten by Shinken.

Which plays somewhat directly into his Commandment, Pushpaka Ratha. In exchange of "continuously creating weapons", Khvarenah was granted the boon of "becoming a vicious and almighty embodiment of destruction." This is why he gets to grow to the size of a hypergiant and proliferate the Star Cluster of Extinction without limit basically. A workshop of destruction soaring across the heaven. A celestial chakram of ruin that simply accelerates and promotes a never ending war through the existence of his creations. This is the existence known as the Archdemon Khvarenah.

Through his brief contact with Magsarion in chapter 12, he managed to regain his divinity and was able to somewhat negate punishment by Avesta, coz by that point he was already breaking his Commandment too. Though on the other hand, because his nature was already tainted, he could never show his full/true strength. His Hadou is ducked from the get go basically.

>> No.28109244

I won't remember these names...

>> No.28113828
File: 3.38 MB, 1920x1080, Khvarenah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lanka and Madurai:
The Hero and his wife, who acted as the leaders of the Asura, the Yazata of the old age.

The final battle against the previous Nadare ended up as a draw, which meant death for them, however, just before that, they dropped by for a short visit in Khvarenah's planet (that is, what is known as the main star of Saurva, the Star Cluster of Extinction, in the present), meeting his childish self just before his awakening.

Singularity Vahana:
Nadare's domain during the old age. That is, it is Angra Mainyu, meaning the "Chariot of God". Furthermore, in previous ages, it has been called things such as Merkabah or Amanoukifune, and this too possesses the same meaning.

Finally, all of these have been the domain of Nadare across the different generations of the position.

The headquarters of the Asura, a planet that possessed a role identical to that of Wahman Yast.

Through the use of Fractured World by the previous Nadare, a great number of powerful Deva were sent in, which resulted in the complete annihilation of the Asura, with the exception of Lanka and Madurai. The planet too suffered catastrophic damage. Later on, Lanka and Madurai restored Hiranyapura through the use of their daughter as a human sacrifice and, after a short visit to Khvarenah's origin, they headed towards the final battle.

Because this daughter was the Bushyasta of later years, the planet in which Varhram was born was Hiranyapura as well.

>> No.28113903
File: 321 KB, 800x800, クワナルフ紹介.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lokapala Vishvakarman Vastu:

Khvarenah's Hegemony (Hadou). A New World to completely cover the universe, with the "Beauty" believed by him to be Immutable as an absolute truth.

It is a kind of Big Bang, a Creation of Heaven and Earth (Tenchi Kaibyaku), the work of a God which would be called things such as Atziluth (Emanation) and Taikyoku in further eras.

The existences who reach this level become All of Creation itself, thus, the ideology and nature of he or she will become an omnipresent, universal Law regarding the current age... basically, the primordial mechanism of this work's world.

The one ruling the present universe is, obviously, Avesta, however, Khvarenah's "Beauty" was supposed to become a new Law to replace it. In spite of there being several ways to understand the very simple word "Beauty", the one which Khvarenah embodies is artistic, cultural "Beauty". That is, painting, the industrial arts of crafting, architecture, music, poetry, et all. In his world, every single lifeform would possess extreme artistic genius and sensitivity.

Thus, flowers and animals will create "beautiful" nature, and additionally, intelligent life, who have received inspiration from that, will bring a rich civilization into being, accelerating the arts even further in a process of synergy of "Beauty". The pure, devout feelings everyone would come to harbour within their hearts upon seeing, touching and feeling "Beautiful" things would become salvation that will bring an end to turbulent times.

Because it is a Law which has eliminated strife in this way as its very premise, its compatibility with the "Beauty" dwelling in weapons and in the arts of battle is bad. In spite of this, because Khvarenah was bewitched by the Divine Sword, it became impossible for this Hegemony to be made complete.

>> No.28113950
File: 428 KB, 637x800, settei27-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pushpaka Ratha:​
Khvarenah's Commandment. In exchange for the binding of "having no choice but to continue giving birth to things that will become weapons", he gets "Becoming an atrocious, mighty incarnation of destruction" as a boon. That is, his power to grow up to the size of a Hypergiant Star, as well as to keep multiplying Saurva, the Star Cluster of Extinction, without an end in sight, finds its origin in this Commandment.

A Workshop of Destruction soaring across the heavens. A Halo of War, a chakram, accelerating endless wars through its creations, unable to become a Halo of Light, a true Khvarenah (Zoroastrian concept, not his name). That phrase is quite apt to describe Archdemon Khvarenah. If we were to enumerate his tragedies, it'd be something like what's presented below.

Because he came to hold a "Yearning towards swords" through his meeting with Divine Sword before his very birth, the essence of the "Beauty" he should have embodied was distorted, and he lost his qualification to reach the level of a God. Thus, he became unable to defy the Great Tentsui that followed, being driven mad in the process.

In spite of this, his "Yearning towards swords" vaguely remained, and he established this Commandment as a memento of that. As a result, he fell into a vicious circle: the more faithful he was to his binding, the farther away he strayed from his original form, his Oblivion deepening even further. Let's assume that, as a result of remembering about his truth, he manifested his Hegemony of "Beauty", because that'd result in the breaking of his Commandment, divine punishment would fall down upon him.

However, as a matter of fact, Khvarenah was totally fine. Through his contact with Magsarion, he was able to regain just enough Divinity to oppose Avesta's divine punishment, however, if we looked at it from another perspective, due to dedicating part of his power towards this, he became unable to exhibit his power to perfection.

>> No.28119237

Then the Throne itself explodes because it can't handle that many.

>> No.28119528

*Outer Throne
The inner Throne don't seems to have much problem about containing the real resurrected Gods.

>> No.28122468

Gotta take the fight to Naraka

>> No.28145874

Wonder how strong they are.

>> No.28152448

They get stronger the more you cuck him. And everyone in existence and nonexistence has fucked Mithra before.

>> No.28152911

They aren't real

>> No.28153271

Sure they are.

>> No.28157219

He already did, he said those portraits where made by the Samsara organization and that they're not very knowledgeable

>> No.28189421

we ded again

>> No.28192642

>Got Mithra wrong
>Got Mags wrong
At least they nailed the others

>> No.28194981

What did you expect from filthy eops?

>> No.28201567

more discussion at least

>> No.28204006

so did Lanka belong to Evil of the previous cycle or was he Good??

>> No.28213288

He was an asura, which was the evil side.

>> No.28233205

How did he maintained all his power as Star Spirit after the change from breaking the Avesta? He should be like Incest.

>> No.28234875

His Hadou negated punishment from Avesta

>> No.28238307

He was still enough of a hadou god to say fuck it.

>> No.28243887

I hope these two questions are unrelated because Lanka is not Khvarenah.

I can't blame them for getting things wrong, Saltman probably did an amazing job of sterilizing the entire mess that came before him.

>> No.28249958

>The world that follows the Marie route of the fourth Throne’s “Dies irae”. Those who have remained since previous age fight a new menace to protect her law, but utterly fail to do so.
So what's Rea's route now?

>> No.28250003


>> No.28250425

It's the alternate happy ending where Ren achieves his nichijou.

>> No.28250674

Can you call it a Nichijou when your grandma is Rusalka and you're married to a gangly pale german hafu?

>> No.28252389

except for the fact that masada mentions that marie's reign is still doomed and this time marie potentially developed an apoptosis, as well
so back to square one for ren

>> No.28269451


>> No.28269939

There has only been a truly self-destructive Apoptosis and that was for the guy whose entire Atziluth was based on dying. Reinhard was just helping his best buddy.

>> No.28274011

>There has only been a truly self-destructive Apoptosis and that was for the guy whose entire Atziluth was based on dying. Reinhard was just helping his best buddy.
>what is shirou
>what is rindou

>> No.28276895

How many times did Shirou attempt to seriously kill Ren instead of helping him?

>> No.28277467

KKK, specifically tries to off him because he loves him.

>> No.28291134

>this time marie potentially developed an apoptosis
I can't even call it NTR for Marie to develop her own lover now that she can't get Ren.

>> No.28291267

He was suicidal by that point. Same as Reinhard not going after the Snek anymore after Marie takes the Throne or Rindou getting in love and giving birth to her own parent god.
Unless the god is really that low emotionally, they don't go for full self-destruction. Do you really think that Rindou will try to destroy the Sixth Heaven?

>> No.28292140

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Rindou was born specifically because of the tumour's wish to go outside and experience light, but because the tumour can't live without Hajun, it's synonymous with death. That's why Tumour was able to produce an apoptosis despite its entire craving being "I want to live". It's not about being "emotionally low".

>> No.28295662 [DELETED] 

So, as I it, it's only truly suicidal when the god actually has a desire for it.

>> No.28295719

So, as I said, they are only truly self-destructive when the god wishes for self-destruction.

>> No.28300804

What? Apoptosis arises from self destructive impulses in the first place. There's no "Apoptosis while God is not feeling suicidal".

>> No.28315142

And those impulses may disappear without the Apoptosis doing the same.

>> No.28320697


>> No.28360199

Frederica and Munsarat vs Magasarion this week?

>> No.28362989

>Mags rapes Moonsalad and makes FarudoRika watch

>> No.28389966
File: 453 KB, 800x600, noodlerius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

slice of life in dies irae is boring as fuck so i'm norreally sure if i want to learn moon just to be disappointed.

>> No.28404564
File: 202 KB, 600x654, nichijou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slice of life in dies irae is boring as fuck

>> No.28419145
File: 73 KB, 598x439, wide jew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28428195

How did Mags become immutable? Trex stopped posting summaries so everything is far behind.

>> No.28447212
File: 454 KB, 537x707, Vahram_Render (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me the lore on picrelated

>> No.28452763

Summaries: https://www.narutoforums.org/threads/masadaverse-silverio-verse.1150068/page-19

>> No.28459597

>magsarion's older brother
>killed three maous, died 20 years ago after being lynched by a mob of ashavans who fell to the evil side
>his commandment is that he must always be victorious over his opponents, in return the more that he wins the stronger he gets, he can also pillage the commandments of those he's defeated, though they're typically altered from its original state to fit into his arrange
>his commandment has the same name as the pantheon prequel, saoshyant desatir
>because of his physical similarities to the pantheon protagonist, and him seemingly playing 24-dimensional chess (i.e going as far as to see the naraka and see through their plan), people think that there's a link between the two
>magsarion was creeped out and scared of him, whilst simultaneously being drawn to him and thought of him as being immutable when he was a kid, since no matter what he'd always come back
>most likely fucked his sword
>nips memed him as nyarlathotep and put him on the same league as snek, in the sense that with each update, you're left with more questions and no answers and seemingly no one has a proper read on him, not even mithra

>> No.28465196

Couldn't the Narakas have given Khvarenah a fake throne too if he reached Hadou level?

>> No.28468258

>if he reached Hadou level?
What does that even mean?

>> No.28470609

He was never a complete god with a full BIG BANG. He was basically post-Brellin Reinhard.

>> No.28479025
File: 61 KB, 337x326, P2 Hitler Wunderbar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nips memed him as nyarlathotep

>> No.28479313

Avesta is boring as fuck. Masada obviously can't into ultra large settings/casts.

>> No.28480535

t. EOP

>> No.28485387

I want to rape

>> No.28511386

you can't fuck a sword

>> No.28511398

Does he not age or something?

>> No.28525782
File: 749 KB, 566x800, 201030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.28535179
File: 3.78 MB, 1419x3234, Emiya_shiro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can't fuck a sword
You've lost me.

>> No.28539926

>Habaki gets held down while Rindou says she doesn't know him and will follow Nakanoin
Masada is a cuck!

>> No.28542560

it's not cuckoldry if reizen wouldn't fuck her!

>> No.28560783
File: 35 KB, 300x450, 1591869717968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A man of culture

>> No.28593935

Anon here, here is the link of 5 chapters of Avesta in Spanish


>> No.28617738

And done. Certainly enjoyed it more than DI, Shiori and Soujirou route best route.
Also reading the Throne inscriptions, how the fuck is Masada going to handle Satanael's world when we clearly see Lyle and Lilliel get together and Judas meeting up with Lilith? How will he handle the promise Nerose made to Astaroth if the world really does become the "electric mechanism" it's described as?

>> No.28620759

Retcons, retcons everywhere

>> No.28621552

Anon, that shouldn't be your first thought when comparing paralost to the current shinza shenanigans.
You should be asking yourself "How come Satanael erasing himself allows him to become god when Satanael wasn't the one who released sin onto the world and it all comes from Muzan.
To be fair Desatir and Avesta entries still make it clear he used time travel shenanigans to retcon Muzan out of existence somehow, just doesn't make much sense with how it went down in Paralost specifically,

>> No.28621597

To be fair after Avesta I wouldn't want to fight Muzan headon

>> No.28622510

>Russians and Spaniards are beyond any English translation
How is this possible

>> No.28632557
File: 270 KB, 1201x2048, EddDjP5WsAEBJrE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.28633692


>> No.28654242


>> No.28665821

You didn't play Saoshyant Desatir right?

>> No.28665929

Satanel WAS the reason Sin in such fuckhuge quantities was a thing down in Malkuth. All that Sin, aside from the bit of MUZANMUKI in each human soul, should have remained within the Abyss.

It all comes from Muzan of course, and his schtick of "World where the "human" Nerose Satanel wasn't a thing=World devoid of Sin where Satanel is God" still makes shit for sense, but I still thought I should point that out.

>> No.28675924

His world receives updates regularly so at some point everyone becomes satanael

>> No.28686782

- we start with Sirius flasbacks, 2 months before Day of Collapse and the end of Varhram.
There he’s talking with his wife, who is (Mama) Quinn after all, at this point they’ve been “married” for 7 years. Sirius calls her Miko (巫女, literally Shrine Maiden) and says she’s already part of Varhram’s legend and since marriage of Varhram and Nahid has been postponed they’re thinking to announce their relationship to the public.
At the same time Shinken’s existence is gradually revealed to common folk. Mama Quinn is part of the Shrine Maiden of the Sword’s clan, it’s either pure coincidence or machinations of the fate that Sirius discovered them on Vahman Yasht. When Varhram was chosen as the “user” of the current generation there should be huge proclamation about it, but due to various circumstances it turned out to be impossible so they had to hide body of Shinken for the past 8 years.
Mama Quinn asks Sirius if that’s what he really wants, but he doesn’t have regrets about anything and that his only form of happiness is the victory of Varhram and thus, Ashavan. Mama Quinn doesn’t buy it though and says Sirius is trying to give up on something. However, he assures her nothing is wrong and instead asks her what he can do for her as a husband.
She asks for his seed, to give birth to his child.
Sirius agrees, but it’s hard to tell what is he feeling, he’s laughing and crying at the same time.
They have agreement that if Mama Quinn will get pregnant they will announce their relationship, if she won’t they will continue as normal.

- back to the present
12 Lords of Vahman Yasht and Princesses of Zahhak, as well as Roshan and Alma observe destruction of Khvarenah by the sword of Magsarion and as if ignoring Avesta they’re holding hands together delighted. This’s the result of their kings, Sirius and Kaikhosru’s Hadou, repainting their souls.
Kaikhosru in particular is very impressed by Magsarion and wants to make him his possession. Even now he sees Magsarion as a pawn in order to turn him into more reliable sword. He declares that all things in creation belong to him and that insatiable desire prove he’s also transcendent with perspective of “everyone”.
Meanwhile Sirius says Magsarion and his own interests are for the most part in agreement so they don’t get in each other way and after everything he won’t have problems in killing Magsarion.
Kaikhosru says he won’t lose to someone who doesn’t know “greed” and he’s not chasing such a shallow dream to kill and learn about someone. He further adds that if he were to splurge he’ll definitely get it back. His wealth is inexhaustible and not only it will not decrease if he were to spend it, on the contrary, it would increase. Those who were swallowed by that sword (I imagine he’s still talking about Magsarion here, but it’s a bit confusing) will eventually change shape and become his property.
Also, it seems that Frederica is really Sirius and Mama Quinn’ daughter (called it). Sirius recalls her (Mama Quinn). It seems he wants to wash away law of Avesta with his Hadou, turning their “shameful act” into mere illusion. Sirius vows to Mama Quinn she will open her eyes in the pure world and even if he wouldn’t be there he will fulfill his promise to not cry anymore.

>> No.28686824

- cut to Quinn just after destruction of Khvarenah
She recognizes this power as the divine prayer she felt from Magsarion of Druj Nasu, implying this’s related to his divinity after all. Having defeated 3 Demon Lords, 2 of which were the strongest, this feat technically surpassed that of Varhram, yet Quinn can’t feel happy about it, all she can do is to mourn her father, Khvarenah. At the same time she’s confused about these feelings due to Avesta and now that her reason for existence (collection of miracles) is finished she doesn’t know how to proceed.
Suddenly she’s hugged by Munsarath who asks her if she’s okay, he’s the one who saved her from Magsarion attack in the previous chapter. Munsarath can teleport, he doesn’t have to rely on the properties of Baliga but do this on his own. It’s an ability he was hiding until now and it’s pretty high-level, teleporting outside of Magsarion’s attack range and even without touching her. They were separated from Frederica because of Avesta’s division which fucked-up coordinates.
Quinn is naturally suspicious of Munsarath.
He’s treating her with utmost respect and care, something she finds disgusting because of Avesta. Feeling like she’s losing her sanity she challenges him to battle, but he refuses. He calls himself mere tool, fulfilling someone else wishes, but Quinn notices there’s unwavering pride in his words, in contrast to her who has no longer any purpose.
But Munsarath says she’s in position to embody duality of the world. As a Shinken, she was immutable tool, but she questioned it and took another path. Munsarath knew it and thus, he submitted to Varhram. People who keep pushing forward in unified manner without any change and immutable, but also dangerous, because once set on the path they can’t change directions. Shinken probably took it into consideration. Currently Shinken’s real body became Muzanmuki which governs hundred faces (百貌) and she left Quinn behind to create possibilities. In that case, she doesn’t need to consider duality of black and white and can have doubts, because she’s “Ayafuya” (literally “uncertain”). Quinn is literally symbol of remorse. And it’s her duty to convey that weight to the user of Shinken and continue to be difficult sword to use. She’s an anchor that prevents runaway of Muzanmuki through ambiguity (Ayafuya).
Here it’s confirmed that Munsarath is still devoted to Shinken, his true master. Moreover, Shinken is still around, observing from area that no one can see, crying.
They’re interrupted by Frederica with her maids behind her and no longer painted by Khvarenah’s Hadou.
Quinn thinks it’s only natural they have to fight, but Munsarath defends Quinn and officially betrays Frederica. So do other Satsujinki as it was revealed they’re loyal to him, not Frederica.
Suddenly, star is rumbling and Munsarath guesses it’s Magsarion and his expression is that of expectation, almost as if praying. He called him the “end of ■■■ …yeah, another censorship.
Magsarion appears and along with Frederica they start final dance.

>> No.28686975

- Magsarion vs Frederica
They have pretty standard fight with the only thing to note is that Frederica is a bit too happy getting hacked into pieces by her man. If you remember fight of Soujiro and Shiori this’s pretty much it.
Because of her immortality, she never knew pain, but now she does and she rejoices every second of it, declaring her love towards Magsarion.
Meanwhile, Magsarion is trying to learn everything about Frederica to activate his ability and kill her. So long he knows truth about his opponent he can kill anyone. It can be said he’s constructing special ability tailored to specific opponent, but even now he’s unable to read Frederica’s core. And combination of his two Commandments, Aushedar and Mah, is unable to do anything to her.
Since the only thing Frederica fears is her unfulfilled love, but is the type that will never accept reality no matter how hard it might be, Magsarion knows he must sever root of her love for him.
But he cannot do that, because he doesn’t understand why would she fall in love with in the first place, in fact, neither does she. People don’t need a reason to love someone.
Frederica cut Magsarion’s immutable body with her scythe that even Khvarenah and Bahlavan failed to do so. He doesn’t care and just slahes her head into pieces…all while she’s describing how hot he is.
In terms of pure combat Frederica is a very weak Maou, not only in the current generation but all Maou in general. That’s because she’s fundamentally human, while most Maou are powerful star spirits or transcendental species close to them. Furthermore, she’s inexperienced and her technique as Satsujinki is mediocre.
However, her immortality is unrivaled by anyone in the history. So long she will accept all attacks directed at her she can’t die. Even when Magsarion vaporized her body she still didn’t die.
Unconsciously, Frederica is singing. She heard this song when she was still in her mother’s womb, before she was assigned by Avesta. Magsarion knows this song and reacts strongly to it, yelling to shut her up. Also, Nahid in Avesta gaiden sing the same song :thonk
Magsarion is hearing Anija’s Heartbeat once again and we learn that he isn’t too happy about that, in fact, it’s unbearable to him. He devoted his existence to expose and destroy all ambiguity, but Varhram is the only one whom he couldn’t understand.
Magsarion and Frederica stab each other in a manner similar to hug and Magsarion’s immutable body is starting to crack. Probably because he’s unable to understand Frederica and on the contrary, she’s close to understand him.
Suddenly, Frederica has some sort of dream/vision that she normally shouldn’t possess.
She sees Shinken and Varhram’s flashbacks when they made contract with each other, in some different space/time. She describes Shinken as a woman of different dimension with divine pressure and Varhram as a man shining with no less intensity than her.
This scene has atmosphere of cutting out one-act of epic tale and sacredness used to decorate cathedrals.
However, the next scene she saw was different.
It’s a flashback of Sirius and Mama Quinn and her request to him. They’re hugging in the same manner as Varhram and Shinken, but there’s no divinity in them and they appear to be completely mediocre. It’s a choice of 2 foolish, weak and sad people.
Frederica is confused by this, because despite two different scenes the woman is the same person and only men are different.
In epic tale (with Varhram) woman is divine princess.
In tragic love tale (with Sirius) woman is modest wife.
Only the role is changed in response to man’s vessel and story.

>> No.28687015

he flow of information doesn’t stop and Frederica saw something which caused her to back off from Magsarion and return to reality.
Furious at Munsarath who was responsible for showing this to her by using link he established with her in their fight against Khvarenah she directed all of her bloodlust at him. But he doesn’t care and in fact has sick satisfaction as if that anger is what he was expecting.
She’s angry because he knew her relationship with Magsarion and kept silent about this.
But Munsarath says it’s misunderstanding this’s merely the result of her own actions due to Munsarath’s Zamyad Yasht – which causes Rebounding Gale (backlash) by the weight of order his current master gives him.
He himself doesn’t know timing and form of the Rebounding Gale, but even if Frederica was his temporary master, they’ve been together for a long time and thus, he can measure backlash on her existence or smth (desu I’m not entirely sure what is he talking about).
What I know is that Munsarath is convinced Frederica falling in love with Magsarion is the result of that backlash, in other words, it’s fabricated.
Magsarion keeps on hacking Frederica into pieces, while Munsarath goes all “u mad bro?” at her.
To prove her love is genuine Frederica does the only thing that would make Munsarath shut up, she hesitates to receive Magsarion’s attacks, that means only one thing – her Commandment is broken.
This time Tentsui really works like a blessing and Federica changes into pure white maiden in love.
She tries to embrace Magsarion, but he’s confused and on the reflex stabs Frederica with his sword. This’s a fatal wound, because she’s now mediocre Ashavan and doesn’t have her Commandment.
She did that because she desires to remain his one and only immutable person, as someone who he wasn’t able to understand her. But Magsarion says he know another person he doesn’t understand (Varhram), to which Frederica replies she will remain unique, because Magsarion will meet him in the future.
Declaring her immutable love for her beloved hero, Frederica dies without regrets.

- just after their battle, Magsarion and Quinn are approached by Munsarath who congratulates him on his victory.
Magsarion is ready to fight, but Munsarath declines. In fact, he now pledge his loyalty, recognizing him as a new master, he and all Satsujinki kneel before Magsarion.
However, Magsarion recognizes him as a running dog of his brother and simply orders him to die :lmao
Without hesitation and smile on their faces, Munsarath and Satsujinki commit suicide by cutting their throats.
Magsarion doesn’t stop and proceeds further, leaving Quinn behind.

- cut to “perspective” of Samrukh, who due to effects of Melek Taus lost her sense of self and simply wanders in a vague white scenery, unable to remember or recognize anything.
She then hears voice of Magsarion who, like usual, is very insulting towards her…but this’s clearly tsundere moment for him and wants to help her.
And it’s working, because she’s gradually regaining her sense of self, telling him to shut up.
Magsarion reminds her of her Commandment – the more she’s lacking the more she will burn with power, so if she lost everything it will produce the highest power ever.
And so she keeps on running in that white scenery, seeing some figures around her that are crying. With all her power she’s chasing Magsarion, trying to punch him and carve her into his memory.
Samrukh vows she will keep watching him and will never let him escape.

>> No.28687052

- we cut to…somewhere.
Here narrative tells us that another story is over, or rather, that it was swallowed by larger story. Regardless, it has ended as an individual.
“It” enjoyed that fact and was sitting in a light sleep.
This territory is abyss of darkness that no one can touch, where even time loses its meaning. Embraced by that closes cradle “it” did not cut off perception to the outside world even for a moment, but never looked carefully to avoid knowing too much.
Everything is an imaginary pipe dream – this’s the first thing “it” realized about the world. There’s no sincerity at all and no one confirms it whereabouts.
“It” have been praying to build the future that "everyone" wants by playing the personality that "everyone" wants.
“It” wasn’t dissatisfied with that, rather it was fun. “It” loves playing with puppets and “everyone” loves it as well that’s why it was repeating for a long time now. In that case, the rest is just a matter of aiming towards perfection in their roles.
If everything is a farce anyway, at least make it look gorgeous and outstanding.
It is very serious about it, with extraordinary talent. It became known as “legend” and even penetrates roots of this world.
But that became problem, if one goes beyond prepared stage then you don’t know how to play. “It” cannot decide its role without script. Those who are aware of living in fiction don’t know how to think on their own.
While fully meeting the expectation of “everyone”, “it” has trembled like a puppy wandering in a wasteland. “It” was allowed to take break once in the flow, but since the essence approaches oblivion it cannot be saved. Death sentence is approaching.
At that time “it” receives blessing from someone (Sirius), who “it” recognizes as a true legend and savior.
He promised “it” that he will prepare new stage (world) even if the current one is over and give “it” a new role.
In a darkness, “it” laughed holding a “sword”. Preying and swelling on prayers, it’s almost time to drop a curtain.
What kind of “sword” did that child become? What miracle she found? Does he still can’t give up?
“It” wants to play with all of that, cut it open and dedicate everything to death throes of twill pattern.
Horrifying wave of malice fluttered in the shape of wings or rather, it’s colorless.
For “everyone”. For justice. For him, her and that child.
It's just a matter of devoting yourself to the required role. “It” who is more serious than anyone else, will dance according to the script with the best talent.
Therefore, it was decided that hell would materialize. All “it” has to do is wait for the opening.
The Wing of Darkness, Aka Manah, are sleeping in the darkness of ignorance while dreaming of awakening.

>> No.28697278

>In a darkness, “it” laughed holding a “sword”. Preying and swelling on prayers, it’s almost time to drop a curtain.
>What kind of “sword” did that child become? What miracle she found? Does he still can’t give up?
Unfortunately playing too much Destiny immediately makes me think of Hive/Taken grimoires when I read this.

>> No.28697842

most likely Aka Manah is Maou Varhram dreaming about Magsarion (sword), either Nahid or Divine Sword (miracle), Sirius (can't give up)

>> No.28698035

Varhram was supposed to have a bigger role in Shinza for that.

>> No.28700235


>> No.28700857

Pan-Kun theory

>> No.28703333

Or it's Nahid
Or it's the divine sword after collapsing
It's not clear at all who Aka Manah is

>> No.28737818

>“it” laughed holding a “sword”. Preying and swelling on prayers
definitely varhram

>> No.28739596

Definitely Shinken

>> No.28762478


>> No.28777007
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No, this is clearly Varhram. He has a sword and he is evil. It can't be anyone else.

>> No.28811921

>no glossary
I hope we're getting one next week.

>> No.28817867

I want to rape Reinhard.

>> No.28845808

isn't Quinn the Divine Sword?

>> No.28847919

uncertainty of the divine sword

>> No.28869261

Ayafuya of Shinken

>> No.28915770


>> No.28968123
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Reminder that Mercurius is a queen.

>> No.28986311

kinda surprised dies-p.net is still alive

>> No.28986395

nothing is better then DI

>> No.29007877

I hope we get a preview of how Kaikhosru's world would look like. He is a Hadou but he is also completely self-centered and only interested in others as his possessions. I guess people would be greedier but also subservient to him like his brides? Probably everything would be ranked according to how much he values them.

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