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This is a thread for fans of Ran Yakumo and to a lesser extent, Chen.

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god i fucking love this model it makes me coom hard

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What's a "coom"?

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Just some intentional fuck up of the word "cum" meant to sound kewl.

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I am considering making an ecchi thread instead since I have a ton of high quality images of good Ran MMD models but in far more risque poses.

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more like retarded
or so I would say since in the retardation comes validation as it is phonetically the correct way to say "cum" in the Latin Language.

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There was a thread up of Rumia getting fingered yesterday.
I'm sure this thread will be fine so long as you don't go full retard.

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yeah but where can i get these models so i can make porn

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Used to bust so many times to the Ran MMD bikini vids

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Some people on Iwara will share them with you.

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I love this model but it feels like everyone who uses it is shit at making MMD videos. They just throw in a motion and render without even checking for any kinda major bugs or if its even the right motion.

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Nice figure.

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You might like LewdFRAGGY's videos on Iwara and vrporn.

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【東方MMD】Ran Yakumo Lamb copyright blocked
RIP original upload, but I found this 720p re-upload:


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【東方MMD】Ran Yakumo Lamb copyright blocked
RIP original upload, but I found this 720p re-upload:


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【東方MMD】Ran Yakumo Lamb copyright blocked
RIP original upload, but I found this 720p re-upload:


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You know... I just noticed. Ran sometimes is drawn and/or rendered with a pretty nice chest.

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God I wish that were me.

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Be happy you were born a superior man instead and just fuck girls like that.

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Fluffier tails and quality of the models and lighting have come a long way in the last 13 years.

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Everything you just said means MMD got better. It's not some Ran exclusive thing.

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Do you collect just the pictures and not the models? Why not just make Ran OC yourself?

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You should have talked to me in the 90s and early 2000s when I use to make mods for FPS's. I was on the computer all the time doing this and that after school and in college. I have three homes and only one of them has my old i7 NVIDIA 470 rig in it. I am hardly on a computer anymore and generally just collect media. I know its sad, but I am a old fart now. Maybe if I didn't have a job and had more time id get into computer related things again.

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Ran with hat > hatless ran

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But then you cant see her pretty ears and get all that kitsune ear appreciation.

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I respect you more now man. You're okay in my book.

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File: 3.17 MB, 350x341, Ran Yakumo in Pink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I'd sure love to Ran her Yakumo.

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post the webm

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Thanks, you know... Back in the day, I use to keep everything in its respective folder and now being primarily on my cellular/sat device I gotta sync with a timeline. If I ever get the chance to sit down and do what many of you fortunate young people would do, it would take me ages.

I got something special coming and always, hope you enjoy it or fuck off :)

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Yeesh, I meant now everything is kept in a timeline approach. Even with my productions. Just know what you love, keep what you love and have don't let go of what you love even if its running biting and screaming.

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why are you so normal for a guy who dedicates way too much time to forcing his shitty fetish into ran threads, kicking everyone else out and replying to himself until the thread dies

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How is someone who attention whores on an anonymous forum and is going to end up doxxing himself one day normal?

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threads already shit time for another ran thread

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Would you do it with a Ran?
Would you do it in a van?

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You are wrong on every account except for me just being a regular guy who likes 3D rendered Ran Yakumo. It is not a ferish, I am not kicking anyone out and I am not replying to myself.

You know seriously guys, if you really wanted less media of 3D Ran, you are much better off just not saying anything. Before last thread, how many months had it been since I posted a bunch of it? Quite a few huh? You are much better off stop acting like a fucking child and learning how to ignore or hide posts you don't like because... I hate to say it and I know its sorta wrong, the more you bitch and complain, the more I am going to post it because I fucking love 3D Ran and I am not going to stop posting and most likely neither are at least two or three others.

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why is every ran thread just people fighting with each other

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Stop being a manbaby

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Kill yourself already retarded avatarfag dog, I don't even bother with these threads anymore

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>and generally just collect media
Might be useful for you.

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Lol... Yet you keep posting. What a faggot.

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Immature children who are incapable of figuring out that a fictional character can be more than just some shitty sketches.

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Will look into it. Thanks!

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