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مناظره کروبی - میرحسین موسوی قسمت اول ? ?

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ديك مص لوطي

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I don't know what to think about this

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Elf language?

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سخيف لوطي

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She even got the nails! Very nice.
Most people leave that out.

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לעזאזל כן

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Are these.... Martian runes?

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לא, אתה

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אתה מתוסכל

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I've got to say, the purple nails are a nice touch

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Is she uhhhh...where is she from?

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I've always thought Arabic was a very elegant and beautiful looking language.
It's a shame it's so derka derka when you actually speak it.

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Let's make peace!

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It looks impossible to make out anything from the writing. It's supposed to be an alphabetic system, but it looks symbolical.

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How do you tell in Arabic when 1 character begins and ends?

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Yeah, you're right

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Think like cursive. It's just more flowing than jagged.

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Yeah, it's calligraphic. It's a real shame that it's a language of hate.
Well, the only Arabic I know is a handful of swear words, so maybe I shouldn't be talking.

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You don't, Arabic is just trolling you.

They all speak English in the middle east when there are no white people around.

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Japan's the same way.

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Its actually fairly easy if you know your characters.

Depends how they speak it. You can make it rough and nasty sounding or you can make it beautiful. Its the same with almost every language out there.

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You mast be a jew

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Yeah, I don't think you should be.

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Or someone who doesn't want to die in the near future. Modern Islam is essentially Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition, they just don't have as much crushing force.

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Guys, guys, let's just calm down talk about what matters, the girl in OP's.

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they both suck ass.

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She doesn't matter. That's why the thread instantly derailed.

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I guess I'll learn a bit of Islam

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SHE DOES, I mean, she's uhhh...cute

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Что это? Не-луна-руна нить?

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Actually, that has very little to do with Islam, and a lot more to do with the way the government and education is done so that they churn out people who don't actually understand what their own religion is about, but will fight in the name of it anyways.

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Hey whoa, no, no Russian.

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Это дискриминация!

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Reading Arabic must be really fucking slow.

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Never said it was. The concepts and teachings of Islam aren't that bad, only a few extreme interpretations about others could be seen as hateful. It's the people who make it their lives, who think this life is meaningless in the grand scheme, and the backwards theocracies that get founded on it that are dangerous.

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Are you shitting me bro? cause you better not be shitting me.

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That same backwards delusional thinking is present in all religions though. Anywhere that you get people who are either A) not able to read their own scriptures or B) too lazy to read them (or C) just dumbfucks who follow what everyone else tells them) eventually winds up straying from the original message and potentially winding up in the dangerous category. That is the danger of religion in itself. It is a necessary evil to give the people a peace of mind, but it isn't something to be taken as far as these people take it or you wind up way beyond what the teachings were intended for.

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I wouldn't be surprised, half the internet is from Ohio.

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من استخوان شمشیرم هستم
بدنم از آهن، شمشیرم آتشین
من هزاران هزار شمشیر درست کرده ام
ندانسته به مرگ
یا زندگی
درد را تحمل کردم تا اصلحه های بسیار بسازم
ولی این دستانم هرگز چیزی را نگاه نمیدارند
"پس دعا میکنم، "شمشیرکاری بی نهایت

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It's a series of tubes, remember?

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I'm totally not from Ohio.

Unless you count Columbus as part of Ohio.

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yes, and it massively clusterfucks under Ohio.

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You guys should be thanking the Arabs, without them you'd still be using roman numerals.

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Hey, that's true, those roman numbers suck.

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It's like I'm really an Elf!

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There is a lot we owe to them. I forget when it was that they stopped producing so much interesting stuff and kind of stagnated culturally. For a long time they were a more rapidly advancing culture than EU was.

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Hey, don't mock, Sindarin can actually be spoken, Tolkien based it on Welsh.

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I dunno, It's not like any culture isn't as great as it used to be.

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Because elves fuck sheep, amirite?

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capitalism, peace, freedom. take your pick. These are your culprits for a stagnation of society's progress.

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what was the name of that eleven that cosplayed a close to nude reimu and cirno

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Fuck them, fuck freedom. You just don't let humans have freedom, who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

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The HVO aka Croatian Defence Council were some of the main ones who harshed against the Muslims in that little whatever it was, I'm loathe to say Civil War...but whatever.

Anyways, LOTS of fucking dudes went to jail over some sick ass shit that nobody else even got so much as a phonecall about.

I even remember like....okay like there were these Joes and they got captured. And who did they send to go collect them?

Fucking Jesse Jackson. No shit. I mean it was no secret and we'd heard about it. I was high off my ass on some pretty wicked H and I remember giggling like it tickled my dick. I mean we were even watching TV and shit and like they had Jesse Jackson praying with people and it was like two white dudes and a spic if I remember. Fuck. I should probably google that shit. It was like "omg Clinton sent a nigger to get them back." But I remember thinking it the source of lulz. It was like in Belgrade or some shit and he went and met with fucking Milosevic over that shit. I mean they were like spics or some shit. Anyways it made me ponder...

"If some nigger tried to free me from some shit, would I take it?" and....hmm...

I still don't have the answer to that. But man....good times.

And the women. HOLY SHIT. Everyone dogs on slavic girls but mother mary holy hannah they had some nice looking women.

Nope, no slanty eyed bitches. No nagging nor whining nor anything. I mean they had a few blondes and they had like black haireded girls..and it was pretty all right.

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Hell I even ran across some, like, U.N. dudes from like Germany like army guys. And you know they knew I was with contractor and I mean I struck up a conversation and I mean it was fucked up because some of them had even been Ossies and some of them had even been near some of my old neighborhood. Lotta younger guys though. Like...they'd just gotten in Army and were pretty cherry. It was kind of a big deal because that was the first time really that Germany since the War had gotten involved militarily in another country.
What a lot of people DON'T realize that weren't there was that you had a lot of people change their alliances pretty quickly. I mean, unless you were just a hardcore Muslim...I mean it didn't really mean a fuck who you rolled with really. I mean there really was no real "nation" to speak of. Just you know...people.

Realistically there were guys who just showed the fuck up from Europe just wanting an excuse to break shit. I mean like...no experience, no anything. Just wanting to shoot somebody. Lot of them didn't last too long though. And then you had the ghouls...and the gorehounds. Then you had like religious whackos on both ends.

But like...it wasn't so bad. I mean...like, I met a few pretty cool people. It's been YEARS now, but sometimes I wish I could see how they are doing.

Part of me wants to go visit again actually. I mean, not like ..you know other places. FUCK those places.

But like the Balkans, part of me wants to go visit. Just to see what's around.

Does that sound weird?

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This why you don't post on 4chan tripping balls.

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Because people will copy and paste it?

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While tripping balls, yes.

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Freedom is not free, it comes with a price. I never said it wasn't a good idea. Two of those three are good ideas and one not so much (all economic concepts are fail on their own, you need to combine them with others to not fail), however they come with a heavy price. If you aren't willing to pay the price you do not deserve to have them.

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Hey, imagedumper-san, post some new ones instead of the same images from that rar that we've all seen already.

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Goddammit, what about OP's image for fucks sake

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is there a place to get all of lenfrieds naughty cosplay

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No, leave her alone.

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Don't you mean freedom isn't free, it costs a hefty fucking fee?

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That is in there, yes. However, I also said that if you aren't willing to pay that fee you don't deserve it. ie. Someone else shouldn't be paying for your freedom so you can sit around on your ass reaping the benefits.

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Sure, but is freedom really what we need? I mean, humans are pretty stupid on their own.

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That is correct, they are. Like most things, a moderation of freedom is what is needed. Some freedoms must be given up for the greater good to protect them from their own stupidity, and while not perfect, it does shelter them somewhat from being able to be worse off due to a small amount of the population.

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Ok, but I still want to know who that is in OP's image.

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Wow, that was a very insightful post.

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Glad you got it

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Arabic sounds beautiful. Just listen to this:


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Yeah but why the fucking Quran?

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Because all Arabs pretty much know it by heart?

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The Quran is the greatest Arabic literary masterpiece.

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Muhammad was far more badass than Jesus, the man had an empire and conquered the shit out of the Middle-east. What did Jesus do except bitch at the police and get nailed to a cross?

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He went to Hell, kicked Satan's ass, and brought to heaven all the people who couldn't go there yet because Jesus hasn't died for their sins yet.

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Dunno, man, seems kinda passe.
Did he even have a harem?

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That sounds badass

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the catholic church

shitting on mankind since almost 2000 years

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Is this a Hassan thread?

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Ok, so how is it in OP's?

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Married a 4 year old. And one of his miracles was having a cloud following above his head at all times (Arabian summers are quite murderous, and he essentially had divine air conditioning. )

Also wrestled with Gabriel, on their very first encounter. Though that didn't go very well and was mostly the angel turning him into prophet paste. Worse than Moses' prowess, who actually kicked the shit out of the heavens until the angels agreed to let him in.

An interesting note is that Qur'an claims men and women are equal save one difference, which I'm quite sure is the ability to pee while standing. Men are still allowed to take 4 wives.

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Σταματήστε τις μουντζούρες και μιλήστε καμιά σοβαρή γλώσσα, λέω εγώ.

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Moar from the girl of the OP-pic!!!

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Awesome Mystia cosplay! Moar!

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Anon R LEGIUN XD, right faggot? Go back to /b/.

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Ίσως και να έχεις δίκιο 日本 ばんざい

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Hey, don't mind him, he wasn't the one who was initially asking, he's just some moron.

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מה קורה אחים

what happens anikim

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bump for answers

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