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sup /jp/, what is your favorite beer?

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I like to drink, coz when i drunk i feel cool, even better when you getting drunk with some random gurlz who you raep afterwards.

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magnum dry

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you're mom.

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beer is for faggots

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What next? Going to take a pic of a fig next to your dick and claim it makes it /jp/ related? ಠ_ಠ

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penis penis face in the anus bonch hair lactation.

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I don't think because I am not a faggot.

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I only drink liquor.

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I make my own beer and sell it for cash. Make beings a hikkomori so much easier.

Enjoy paying for your beer faggots.

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For lager it's Pilsner or Bernard, for dark it's Leffe.

Czech beers ftw btw. My brother who was in US of A for 1 year laughed at the shit those guys drink.

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I don't drink beer. I drink whiskey.

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fuck yeah ahmed nejad and casual saber

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>Hay guys I drink am I cool yet?

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I hate beer.

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Why does this thread appear on a monday afternoon, through it up in prime drinking hours

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I'm drinking iced coffee I just made, hell yeah.

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I don't drink for inebriation.

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That thing tastes like water, like all Chinese beer

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Maybe OP is a pathetic drunk, or perhaps in a different timezone?

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Beer is icky.
But I can't say I'm that familiar, as I don't drink.

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It's fucking fantastic.

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no, fruit-flavored sugary vodka drinks are for faggots.
beer is just for losers and pussies with no class.
spirits and wine, that's where it's at.

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nice saber fig btw

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Yuengling. Probably the only decent American beer. For lagers, I also buy St. Pauli Girl, and I've had some really good Danish stuff.

I can't recall the name of the one Japanese beer I've had, but it was piss-poor. Real men drink straight vodka, anyway.

How is this /jp/-related, again?

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I love it how you stupid underaged Americans always think when someone loves some beer he is immediatly a drunk. "oh hey he drinks he probably thinks he is cool XDD". Is that all you have to say? Pathetic lowlife pieces of shit.

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Shut up drunken bastard, I'm not even American nor underage.

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u mad

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I like wine because I'm a huge fucking French faggot.

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You bet your ass I am.

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I never noticed how that Saber only has one shoe on.

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Good man.

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Beer is for faggots. Liquor is for men.