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Touhou 12 predictions?

- Since there have been no mid-boss in any of the earlier stages, Stage 4 is going to have one for sure.
- ZUN will stay with the same formula. Stage 6, not loli. Extra Stage boss, a loli.
- Like it have been said before, Nazrin as the extra stage mid-boss. The theory is because all bosses of every stage have been extra stage mid-bosses by now. EoSD - Patchouli (4), PCB - Chen (2), IN - Keine (3), MoF - Kanako (6), SA - Sanae (5). Leaving only Stage 1.

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Logically guessing anything in the next Touhou game is like predicting the moves of a drunken boxer.

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That's a mighty tight dress you got there Nazrin.

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>Stage 6, not loli

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She doesn't act it. At least compared to Flan.

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Moe alien blob for final boss ... that or Yumemi.

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ZUN will retcon yet another old PC-98 character and introduce them as new.

He's long overdue since Yuka.

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Ichirin's sister is stage 6 or extra boss. I doubt she's a loli even though her sister is already the non-loli.

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How's it going?

Seriously, though, I'd like to see Mima again.

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Are you saying Remilia doesn't act like a spoiled brat?

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I meant the formula of the last few games. Even Imperishable Night have it since Mokou is described as having the body of a 16 years old.

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>retconned Mima

I'm not sure how to feel about this. Alice aged at 5x the speed of everyone else and lost her loli. Yuka lost her mansion and purpose. I dread to think of what happens to Mima.

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It will become the easiest standard danmaku game to 1CC by far, leading to an influx of secondary fags finally attempting to become primary fags.

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Have it been stated that Ichirin is the younger sister?

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ZUN said it will be a little easier than Subterranean Animism, but harder than Mountain of Faith.

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ZUN wouldn't do that to Mima. She was his waifu before Aya and Sanae.

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>Yuka lost her mansion and purpose.
Not seeing her mansion in PoFV is not proove of its inexistence.

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What's with all these lives I can accumulate by stage 3?

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then there will the another stigma.

"Red-UFO fags" or some other variant.

"you noob, play by getting only Blue-UFOs!"

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She uses the kanji for elder sister.

However, when I first played through the game, I didn't even assume she was referring to her actual sister.

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Except that it is.

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Old, homeless Mima who's just some random Evil Spirit?

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That means low score for you. Still, if you only collect extra lifes you will die like crazy, see some UFO replays, they farm only green aliens since they use it pretty often.

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Oh, Ok thanks. So, if she is the elder sister, stage 6 may be a loli.

That's a hard one, since they keep getting in the way.

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Or the elder sister could be a stage 4 boss.

With 3 cloud familiars.

Sounds about right.

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"What's with all these lives I can accumulate in any Touhou game?" is more like it. You start out with 3 lives and there's like 4 extends and a few 1ups. What the fuck?

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Her mansion wasn't even in Gensokyo to begin with. It's behind the shrine at a mountain like.

PS.: Mima is Unzan's wife.

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Goddamn! That would be a pretty awesome fight.

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The more lives you accumulate early, the less you have to worry later on. You shouldn't be dying much, if at all, before Stage 4.

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Well normally Stage 3 mid-boss and Stage 5 mid-boss are the ones that drop 1ups. Ichirin didn't drop one at mid-boss part. So, I guess there will be no more 1up and bombs to pick up from the bosses.

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You remember when people thought the palace of the earth spirits would be SA's stage 6?
Well, it was just right after stage 3.

Stage 3 in UFO is the ship's deck. Stage 4 must be inside and I doubt the ship is as big as the Scarlet Devil Mansion in extended time space whatever I'm just talking about.
Stage 5 will be ?

Also, she talked abotu reviving (?) her "sister", so I doubt that she's revived before stage 6 / or revived at all.
Yuko wasn't revived in PCB either.

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Even with a fleshed out cast, Kogasa will remain the most popular character.

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Who cares who will be the most popular character. I just want more awesome danmaku fights.

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Kanoko fight took place next to the shrine? The setting doesn't look like a shrine at all when you fight her.

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Stage 2 bosses are always popular.

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Because she's the perfect embodiment of ZUN's Gensokyo.


Faster bullets would be nice, too.

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Typo. Sorry.

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stage 4 : Orin HIJACK.

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extra boss

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Too bad I have to start using continues on stage 5

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Eh, she's the only good character so far.

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ok which one of you drew this?

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>Like it have been said before, Nazrin as the extra stage mid-boss. The theory is because all bosses of every stage have been extra stage mid-bosses by now. EoSD - Patchouli (4), PCB - Chen (2), IN - Keine (3), MoF - Kanako (6), SA - Sanae (5). Leaving only Stage 1.

I thought I was the only one that noticed that. I don't feel as special anymore...

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I don't get it.

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Yukari as Extra boss.
The heroine learns that Yukari was the one levitated the ship by inverting the border between the sea and the sky

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Stop predicting, download the release candidate and try it out for yourself.

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Nazrin as extra mid-boss? Great!
Nazrin is best in Touhou 12!

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Mima, bones, etc.

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Boring gameplay and slow bullet mazes as always. Prove me wrong, ZUN.

My only wish is faster bullets and maybe some slowdown programmed in, typical to CAVE's titles. I love how the games slow down in certain parts and suddenly speed up.

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Fast bullet would be great, too bad we both know they won't be there.

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ZUN should just steal Accel mode from x.x's games and replace it with the useless hard mode that noone even bothers playing.

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