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If you look at her official art, the S looks like a 5.

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If you look at her official art, the "S" looks like a "5".

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What a slut.

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The music that plays during Nazrin's opening danmaku is the best in UFO, in my humble opinion.

I'm not really into mice or smegma, though, so whatever.

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If you look at her official art, the "S" looks like a "5"

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Nobody mentioned smegma.

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Who cares if it resembles a 5 faggot. They do that all the time.

It's called a fancy S.

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If you look at her S, it looks like a 5.

Also ITT, butthurt janitor can't accept the truth and doesn't want his precious Nazrin criticized.

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Have you had a nice day today, aoc?

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Like I said, that's just a fancy S. Some fancy Ss look like 5s and vice versa.

It means nothing.

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Look at easymodo, he already got a 5 but janitors keep deleting it.

I hate KoG as much as the next guy, but he's right. The S looks like a 5.

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The janitor sure thinks it's something if he keeps deleting the post.

Just stop talking about it and let it pass. The more you bring it up and delete the posts talking about it, the more it will keep being posted.

I call it the "ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH" effect.

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That's like saying l looks like I. It's stupid.

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l does look like I in certain fonts, but like >>2705977 said, ZUN's S is just fancy.

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>The S looks like a 5.

Stroke of brilliance right there!

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Because the janitor deletes something doesn't mean 'he thinks its something' or cares, he simly knows its faggotry so he removes it. Go back to skissa and your crap flash games you fat fag, before I post that picture of you.

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Good man that janitor.

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Now if only pay some attention to some of the other boards...
Fuck it, it's (looking like) summer. I'll just back to my IRC/TF2.

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>before I post that picture of you

Why do some of you guys share pictures with each other?

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Some sort of homosexual hookup service called Skissa.

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>post is still there

Fine janitors, doing a fine job.

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nonoba.com/skissa, chatroom nonob/a/

It's where KoG and CurryButt go out to discuss who has a bigger e-penis

Don't try to go there though or you'll be kicked out of the room. I find it ironic somebody who spends all his time on /jp/ would go to a chatroom with /a/ in it.

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Ok, this is getting deleted