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Somewhere in the vast expanse of the universe, Gensokyo really exists. The thought that Yukari could someday gap into my room keeps me alive.

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Err, I'm fairly certain that the imaginary cannot affect the real -- that is, Yukari cannot gap herself into existence.

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But Gensokyo is just like another dimension, it's here, you just can't reach it.

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>But Gensokyo is just like another dimension
It's just ZUNs fantasy.

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What's the first thing you'd do when she gaps herself into your room? Let's say in the same way as OP's image.

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Oh god some woman just appeared in my room hanging upside-down from a portal! Quick, slam the computer shut and hide under the bed until she goes away.

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It's a Devil's proof, it would be easy to prove Gensokyo exists, but you can't prove it doesn't exist in some form somewhere. But we'll know the truth when we turn on the LHC and open up the cat box

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Well yeah, somewhere in the vast expanse of the universe, you really arent a virgin anymore. Which one is it? ZUNs wankery that you know to be so half assed it couldnt ever exist, or a reality where youd be everything you never were?

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I'd politely introduce myself and offer her some tea and snacks. I'd ask her why she came here and if there's anything I could do for her. I'd try my best to make happy, because it's all I want.

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Yukari-sama exists! Uu-!

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shed a single tear of concentrated joy

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I want to believe.

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half true. even if Gensokyo and the gang don't exist right now, Yukari can shift the border between non-existence and existence, and voila! we can has lots of win

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Maybe, but there is an infinite amount of dimensions, so by that logic Gensokyo exists somewhere as well as every other universe we could come up with.

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I'll say: "This world isn't good place for you. Go back to your own."

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Sounds like the self delusion of otakukin and so on.
It's bound to happen somewhere, right?

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why are yukari's boobs defying the laws of gravity unlike her hair?

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I love Yukari so much.

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I don't think I want Yukari to just burst into my house.. she like eats humans or something right?

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Good for you

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I would happily let her eat me. In the few moments before I die, just being in her presence would be the greatest joy I could ever hope to feel.

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Fuck that! I'd pimp slap her! I Aint going without a fight!

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Because they are firm.

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If infinite parallel worlds do indeed exist, then it is GUARANTEED that Gensokyo exists because somewhere, somehow a universe came into existence where Gensokyo formed by chance just as our world did. Monkeys on typewriters, Shakespeare etc.

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Spoken like a true yuakin fan ;_;

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Go back to digimon.

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Who the fuck is Yuakin?

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Ok, assemble the expeditionary forces.

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It's mean endless, not all-encompassing.
There are infinity numbers between 1.0 and 2.0. None of them are larger than 3. Is that really so hard to understand?

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>If infinite parallel worlds do indeed exist
That's a huge fucking if right there.

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A nickname for Yukari, search yuakin on pixiv.

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Pff, everyone know the LHC will opne the gateway to Gensokyo in the case that the Higgs Boson proves non-existent

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I think you don't understand current theories about the universe. Infinite parallel dimensions/universes encompassing all possible permutations of matter and energy.

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You learn something new every day...

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I see no reason to 'understand' something as ludicrious as that.

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Sounds like you need some proper physics.

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As a physics major, I call this pure and blatant bullshit.

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Why?, it has nothing to do with it

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Look at it this way.

On most browsers, you can bring up your browsing history by pressing Control-H. (No, this is not going to become a discussion of werecows.) On Firefox, this brings up a sidebar that shows up on the left side of the window. If you put your mouse over the edge of the sidebar, the cursor will turn into a different kind of arrow. By clicking and dragging it, you can move the edge of the sidebar back and forth. You are, to put it another way, manipulating the border between the normal window and the history window. By moving the mouse, you can increase the portion of the window devoted to either part. In a more extreme view of this situation, you're increasing or decreasing the amount of existence the sidebar has.

Now, let's apply this idea to something more abstract. Look out your window. If you don't live in a highly urbanized area, you should be able to see the horizon. Think of this as the border between the land and the sky. The land and sky are obviously distinguishable thanks to this boundary. Now, if you were to "drag" the sash between the sky and the land, or to manipulate the border between land and sky, you would end up causing the sky to become larger and the land to become smaller, or vice versa. An effect of this might be to cause something that was just on the ground to suddenly be hundreds of feet in the air. Truly a frightening situation to be in. So, look at it this way - manipulating the border between two physical things shifts whatever balance there is in the interaction between those things. Alternatively, by manipulating the border between two things, you can change the manner in which they exist.

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Still, this isn't *that* abstract, since it's still dealing with real things in the real world. Many believe that in this world, there are those things that are true, and those that obviously aren't. This divides reality into two extremes: truth and falsehood. But, since we have two extremes, logically one can imagine a boundary between those two extremes - the border between truth and lies. If one were to manipulate this border, suddenly things that were pure fantasy (flying pigs, for the sake of argument) have become reality - or things from reality have ceased to exist. This is how Yukari is said to have invaded the moon - by manipulating the border between truth and lies, as applied to the reflection of the moon on a pond, she was able to make the reflection of the moon into a manifestation of the actual moon, and so send her youkai army onto it. This is what's truly amazing about Yukari's power - the ability to manipulate the border between completely abstract concepts allows her to fundamentally change reality as we know it (at least in terms of two abstract concepts).

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That is SO stupid.

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Okay, if there were infinite parallel universes, it would be statistically impossible for them not to contain every possible permutation of matter and energy.

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Granted, that would also mean that there are an infinite number of universes precisely like our own with absolutely nothing different.

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And the 11th dimension already contains every permutation in the universe.

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It's statistically impossible for every number between 1.0 and 2.0 to NOT be greater than 3! Surely there has to be at least ONE number in there larger than 3-- no! LARGER THAN A MILLION!

How far do I have to move the history window to the right to open the favorites bar? I'm using Opera, not Firefox, by the way

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>linear mathematics = quantum physics in badly understood dimensions

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You got to be careful with the concept of infinity.
You could talk about sets of probabilities using quantum concepts.

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>It's statistically impossible for every number between 1.0 and 2.0 to NOT be greater than 3! Surely there has to be at least ONE number in there larger than 3-- no! LARGER THAN A MILLION!

Hey whoa whoa, you got a lot of things wrong.
Remember there are various kinds of infinity and that R is a dense set.

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What's up with the cheap math and physics?
This almost calls for a proper math/physics thread.

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I'm aware it's wrong. I'm saying that his statement about every single possible event occuring somewhere in his theory of parallel universes is as ridiculous as the claim that there's a number larger than 3 between 1 and 2.

Even if there are an infinite number of universes, why are they necessarily all-encompassing? Is there ANY basis for this claim? And even then, if they are all encompassing, is a "universe" such as gensokyo even POSSIBLE?

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Well yeah, that guy's statement was really stupid.
We got to remember that the set of all permutations of events and time is still bounded, that is, we got a finite constant that limits everything, that's the speed of light. So if a universe like Gensokyo is impossible.
Also, let me restate this later, I'm eating.

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Infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters, man.
Just like Pi contains all digital works on it if you calculate it binary. Eventually, it is there.

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You're confusing the concept of infinity. Read >>2694431

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I see.
That's cool, I'm in a post-lunch daze

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>speed of light
Outdated info, bro. c is relative, too.

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uhhh, no.

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Propagation speed of light≠speed of light

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So, what you're trying to tell me, is that if I kill myself, I might end up being reborn in touhouland, to grow up to be the perfect danmaku loli, and make it just in time to appear in touhou 22, three months before ZUN dies?!

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I love my Yukari~

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You really think his liver is gonna last another 10 years?

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No, we're saying you better pray for the Higgs theory to be bullshit, and most not likely.

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Guys, he did say POSSIBLE permutations. Not Gensokyo.

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That's what I said, asshole, that there's no way you could think of a Gensokyo.

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No, you said that guy didn't know what he was talking about when he specifically said all POSSIBLE permutations.

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No, she doesn't.

Could you GRIMDARK fags at least *try* to read PMiSS?

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We're talking about >>2694314

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/jp/ - Advanced Physics

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OP here. Bookmark the best board, far superior to Retardchan in every single way:

www. ANON TALK .com


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Oh. Sorry, my misunderstanding. Yeah, that guy has no idea what he's talking about.

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Don't mind, happens to everyone.

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/jp/ - Advanced Physics (New Scientist edition)

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And this is how you participate in civil discourse on 4chan. It's probably a first.

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It's not that rare actually, happens only in these kinds of discussion though.

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It's perfectly arguable to assume that an alternate universe might have differing laws and physical constants. There has still never been a satisfactory answer to the question of "Why is the universe like this rather than something else?".

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Anyone else notice how the discussions involving people with some education are marked by at least a pretense of courtesy, while all of the ronery and JP R NEET ONLY threads inevitable lapse into indecipherable flames?

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I was thinking about that, now that we got extra tools for that reason, that is, the interaction with the Higgs field.
I mean, those boson, as with any particle, could perfectly be different and have different properties (not that it's entire the truth), but the photon is the only thing that doesn't interact with the Higgs field, but instead it has a limit speed. It could be that this limit is constant to any possible universe, we got no tools to state that it could be different. Then again, we know so little.

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gaps break causality, sorry. maybe if you can find a universe with different basic rules you can have your purple wife

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And to answer your question, no, not only we don't why it is like, but also we don't know if it's the only possible outcome when a universe is created.

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At least we know all quantum universes have the same properties as ours.

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Is there anyone else here who read the first line of OP's post and thought of that Pendulum song, Slam?

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I don't think I know what you're referring to.

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Why's this pseudointellectual discussion ridden with normals in my jp? Get out.

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Gensokyo is a land populated by things that people believe don't exist. It's not enough to simply not believe in something, but people have to actively disbelieve it. Hence youkai, fairies, witches, and other things people disbelieve in find their way to Gensokyo.

If you want to get to Gensokyo, then all you have to do is (1) become famous and (2) convince people that you never existed, were a myth or a legend. If you can manage to make people actively deny your existence then you, like oni, tengu, the moon landings, the holocaust, Springheel Jack and the Mad Gasser of Mattoon, will find yourself a new home in Gensokyo.

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The opening speaking lines. The song popped into my head when I read the first line.

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You're the one who's normal by being ignorant.

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And Atlantis!

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Most people from the outside that stumble upon gensokyo are said to have been spirited-away. It has nothing to do with people denying your existence, at least not with humans.


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So THAT'S where Tupac is

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Fuck, where are my mermaid Touhou's?


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Iku isn't enough for you?

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This has music now?

Also, SanaeA is overpowered.

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Original characters?
Aw hell naw.

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[citation needed]

Quantum Theory atm is half-assed attempt at using linear math to explain physical property of subatomic particles, wait until a better theory comes, then it'll be displaced as quickly as it was born

There exist no physical proof a parallel universe exist

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I'll start signing ZUN up for periodicals about marine biology and scuba diving. Plan cannot fail.

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While we're all here, it's about time Zun came up with some sand Touhoes.

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slam is pretty much Yukari's theme song

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Guys, why wait for Yukari to gap to you when you can gap to Yukari? Maribel Han has gone to gensokyo before. Magick can take you the same route. It's probably not the route you were expecting, though.

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So, every religion's God(s) exist in Gensokyo?

So, love exists in Gensokyo?

Funky place, gotta make people believe I don't exist. I really wanna go there.

Plus - Underwater Touhous next, HEAVEN Touhous after that, then sand touhous, followed by african american touhous.

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If there was an infinite number of universes encompassing all possibiities, then our universe would be destroyed. There'd be an infinite amount of Yukari's out there who want to gap into our world, and they'd do so at every point in space and time.

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So, Yukari is everywhere and anywhere all the time?

Always on my mind~

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you forgot the rest of your copypasta

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I fucking knew it.

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I fucking love Yukari.

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what the fuck is going on here

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[X] Yukari is fooling around again.

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See how when you said that the thread went downhill?

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Has someone written a physical treatise on the concept of gaps yet?
Unfortunately I haven't heard the graduate courses on the topic yet but I'd figure with all the physicists here we should be able to come up with something.

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Sounds interesting, I might do it.