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Alright /jp/. A Japanese company finally decides to monetize Touhou popularity and make an anime of it. The thing is they want to make the cartoon enjoyable for the whole family, especially younger children. They want to make sure that it is distributed on TV in America, especially during the timeslots where young children will watch it. The show will have to be cute, educational, and tailor-made for educational blocks of TV programming (like Dora the Explorer type stuff).

So what do they decide to animate? You remember when they had that Muppet Babies cartoon and that Looney Toons Babies show where it was the normal characters just as babies so little kids could watch it? Yeah, well they decide to animate TOUHOU BABIES. That's right, the entire series is about the touhous, only as babies, doing babylike and educational things, teaching right and wrong, and about things parents would want their kids knowing about.

What characters get featured and how are they portrayed? What are some of the things that the episodes are about? Which characters will be grownup mentors to the babies and provide them with support (like a mother or big sister character).

Above all else: Would you watch Touhou Babies just because its the only touhou anime you would ever get? Be aware it will be dubbed because children can't read subtitles. Would you watch Touhou babies with a younger relative?

Pic related, it's Baby Ran.

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A Touhou anime? I don't think it would work, but I'd love to be proved wrong.

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this was in my "posts to make" list.
are you me from the future?

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You have a faulty idea of what amounts to children programming in Japan against the sort that America airs.

I could see it as sort of mystical setting to teach basic Japanese culture and history to kids. Why if the current zeitgeist is to teach them Mandarin, I don't know. Maybe in the 80's.

Something like Sesame Street. Recurring sketches with the large touhou cast. Keine does most of history, Reimu teaches about Shinto, Erin about space and Patchouli reads stories from her book.
Fuck, I would watch that.

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I think this topic is just an excuse to post Baby Ran...even though if she was really a baby she should have 1 tail not 9.

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Imagine someone giving birth to a baby Ran.

She'd be fucking ugly.

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So, basically, an anime produced by Hole of Yago?

Sadly, I'd watch.

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These threads are made all the time I think. "What would a Touhou VN / Anime / Restaurant etc. be like?"

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By the way, I just remembered I watched a Japanese children show when I was a kid. Dubbed of course, but it taught basic kana and some fun activities.
Also, songs in japanese for every action!

All I can remember now is a woman in red overalls smiling and making a papercraft crab. You put a D battery under it so it rolled sideways. Like a crab. Then it had a video of crabs in the beach and kids playing there.
Oh god, nostalgia rush. My childhood was awesome...

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> teaching
I have one word for you: Skateboard.

Enjoy your Americanized adaption.

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As long as they release the special edition DVD featuring the 'lost episode'.

"Baby" Yukari teaches you how to change a diaper.

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If they made a Touhou Lazytown that would be cool. You could have Chen as Stephanie, Ran as Sportacus (since they both spin around and do flips and shit), and Yukari as Robbie Rotten (since she's lazy).

The touhous could teach the importance of eating healthy and daily physical activity.

There could be all kinds of fun songs and dances and the merchandising possibilities would be endless.

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Hey, if it worked Rozen Maiden it can work for Touhou.

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Kind of want

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Touhou would only work as a shounen.

Right guys?

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Touhou would work as a Vissoneer's Yukarivs. Ran type shounen.

It would be like basara

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Uh, Touhou is already a shounen series. Considering that all of the official manga are serialized in shounen magazines.

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You could pretty much adapt Touhou as-is and it would make a good kids' show. Just be sure to change Suika or else you'll have children dying of alcohol poisoning all over.

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My five year-old cousin is learning Mandarin. This is something people wouldn't have even considered ten or twenty years ago, when I was around that age.