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>First public alpha patch http://www.tsukuru.info/th2alpha1a.zip

>Ok, I've put together a readable version of the Konomi route. However it includes *just* the Konomi parts, and very little of the shared scenes.

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thanks anon

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Why is this game so popular in japan together with shuffle?

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i don't care, its more to play for me!

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doesn't she kill Tama in one of the endings and bring you her head?

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Because they are a bunch of moefags.

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This isnt Saya or School Days.

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This loli looks hot!

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I'm well aware it isn't. I do remember seeing a an ending gif with a girl like her leaving a bloody hand print on a glass door that looked like that. She then looked inside and there was a wall of text talking about her bringing you someone's head because she saw you having sex with her.

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But she is really, really boring.
Her route is really dull.
Well maybe you guys will enjoy it more than I did.

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Bu-but how could i do that???

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File: 297 KB, 784x784, 「T-iHN」のイラスト - 「このみに死ぬほど愛されて眠れないなんちゃら」 - このみ ヤンデレ 女の子 ToHeart2 _2844408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I'll wait for you anon...

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Looking at To Heart 2 only Karin and Ruuuu seem good. Also HMX-17 series robots but i dont think they have routes. Sasara seems okay too.

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The game should have been about the robot maids.

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Why hello there.

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Still haven't translated it?

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Why, a game about Konomi's dark side would be far more interesting.

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fuck you anon, spoiled me one of the endings!

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Spoiler as old as the game itself. Also, its a bad end (unless, you are on gurochan, in which case its the only good end the game has). I'm sure you've missed this spoiler each and every other time I've said it or its been mentioned in /a/ or wherever.

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The Dark Side of an unattractive loli is well unattractive and thus uninteresting. Android Maids are far more interesting.

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It's just a shoop.
There's no bad end like this in this game, it's a moe galge throughout.

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Shush you. You take the fun out of it.

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Konomi is adorable.

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No shes ugly and uninteresting.

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The ending was removed in later releases because people complained about how it was too disturbing.

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Ohh, don't mind me, just eating breakfast whit Konomi, btw it's Cornflakes!

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