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fuck you

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posting in a duckroll thread without being duckrolled

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Fapping in a duckroll thread.

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Wait... what...
oh fuck

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Duckrolling in a Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti thread.

>> No.2663246

what does that duck mean

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Fuck off.

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I got duckrolled! It's like I'm in 2005 again!

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lurk more

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please explain this to me i'm new in this forum

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I just saw this at the bottom of the front page. Then I f5 to see it at the top with like 10 posts. Jesus /jp/.

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Why is this coming back though.
It sucks even more than a rickroll...

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Glad I left /b/ before this silly thing appeared. Same with that goofy "Epic Failing Man" meme.

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Needs more Grin Man.

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duckroll was made before rickroll.

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You weren't here in 2005. Stop lying GAY!bar.

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I don't know ,the EFG comics were entertaining, i guess ... the rolling shit was boring as hell though. It certainly has has only been getting worse since then (not that it hadn't been doing that since about the 500k post mark).

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/b/ was fine in 2004-2005. Went to shit in summer 06 with the LOL XD RAIDZ XD

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cross board duckroll'd ;_;

>> No.2663319

got you good

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Every day they're out there making duckrolls!

>> No.2663329

Holy shit, this brings back memories.

>> No.2663335

Oh my god


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I got duckrolled all the way from /v/ . goddamn.

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It will never leave, IT WILL NEVER LEAVE!

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Somebody made a thread in /tg/ leading here.

>> No.2663343

Now we have the walk of shame all the way back...

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Well, my 4chan journey was:

2004-2005: /b/ posting 12 hours a day.
Early 2006-2008: /a/ posting 12 hours a day.
2008 to now: Sup.

Not like I'm bragging though. Only an incredible failure could post that much.

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Got duckrolled from /co/. Fuck you.

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Stop this shit.

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/mu/ here by the way.

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what is it? no one suspects /jp/ of containing a duckroll? actually, that sounds tasty.

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Why did I get duckrolled from /tg/ ?

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Why do you want to tell the troll its /mu/ bait worked?

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5th Report filled.

They're piling, don't worry.

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I feel so smart after reading this thread.

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/mu/ here.

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Cross-board duckrolling, fuck you.

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Taibro why are you so obsessed with that picture of that one girl with the funny hair?

Apparently you have been posting it for years.

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Dammit, can't you virgin japanophiles do something better than this?

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/c/ here through /tg/

so is that like a two hit combo?

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/v/ reporting in duckrolled

>> No.2663395

every fucking time

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You know, as stupid and /b/-esque as this thread gets, I didn't feel the urge to report it. It must be the fact that after all this meta-thread-drama onslaught the past few weeks, it seems like a breath of fresh air.

...More like a breath of rotten egg scent after smelling a toilet used by a sick person. Fuck this, 6th report filled.

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sup /g/uise :(

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/o/ here

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/g/ here. fuck you faggots.

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You think we want you here?

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I'm disappointed in you, /jp/. Duckroll? Shouldn't it be Cirnoroll or something instead?

Going back to /c/ now.

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Gentleman here. I was busy bawwwing in my relationshit threads when I saw a failed link to here, decided to check it out and saw this.

Self-duckrolled, I guess.

So, who's up for some baww?

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/glau/ here

>> No.2663426

are you saying i look like a girl because that's yurusanai

>> No.2663427

This is just taiko drum fag. He posted a taiko roll yesterday, and failed horribly. I guess he's trying the regular duck roll now to get attention. Seems he succeeded. Fuck you /jp/

>> No.2663429

OP is Taiko

>> No.2663430

got you good

>> No.2663431

go back to /r9k/ and take your cancer with you

>> No.2663434

i just got got

>> No.2663435

I got duckrolled all the way from /tv/.

>> No.2663439

Never. Not until you talk about your feelings.

>> No.2663442

I hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhate you.
k, we good now?

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/v/ here

>> No.2663447

I got duckrolled all the way from gaia >:(

>> No.2663448

/jp/, /jp/! Look how many visitors we have! ;_;

I'm scared...

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/tg/ here. Kinda suspected something like this.

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You best be trolling now.

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Great. Now these guys are gonna hang around for the idol stuff and ronery threads.

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/b/ here. Cross-board linking is broken on /b/ you stupid faggots.

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ololololol duckroll is funneh xD

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/fa/ here.

nice duck rollin bro.

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Hail Satan, our dark lord and master.

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/yg/ here.

fuck you /jp/.

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Hi from /mu/

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Touhou dumps are the best people-repellent.

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ronery threads? Oh no, we got those covered.

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M/o/ran here. Didn't click the link on /o/ because I already had a /jp/ tab open (post as anon here) and this thread was at the top of the page, but yeah.

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he's serious, i linked him

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Oh boy.

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>>are you saying i look like a girl because that's yurusanai

So it really is a two year old picture of yourself that you keep posting over and over?

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I was told there was going to be CP, where is the CP, ebaums???

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oh, wait... you probably have done. And never wanted to come here in the first place...

Still... Gaia... lolfaget.

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i got here from gameFAQs

anyways 4chan is pretty gay so whatever

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SUP, BR/O/ here.

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that much is true, i would never post a picture of my current self, it would break your monitor

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>80 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
Where are our janitors?

>> No.2663492

It's 4:17 AM, bro.

I don't know any mods or janitors up this late.

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Goddamn are you still here?

Shit man.

>> No.2663498

k, who's coming here next? MySpace?

>> No.2663499

Everyone in this thread should hang out and have a discussion about something, it'd be interesting.

>> No.2663500

fuck you OP.

>> No.2663502

Oh yeah, makes sense.
Either way, someone would probably remake the thread so... whatever. Enjoy your fun.

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Ok, let's discuss about Touhou. Which one of the games do you guys like most?
I like Perfect Cherry Blossom because it's balanced and has a Phantasm stage.

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So, let's talk about something with our guests here. Uh... So, how is everyone?

>> No.2663510

Hi there, Bumstead.

>> No.2663512

Yes. Yes I am.

>> No.2663514

I don't really know what Touhou is. I only know that /jp/ likes it.

>> No.2663515

imdb Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927) board here: What the fuck is this shit? Where the hell am I and why is there a mallard with wheels trolling me?

>> No.2663516

What is this touhou and can I fap to it?

>> No.2663518


This is Touhou.
Now you know.

>> No.2663519

Fuck, duckrolled on /x/.

>> No.2663526


All the way from /r9k/

>> No.2663527

/jp/ - Old School /b/

>> No.2663530

/v/ here, I fap to Touhou fanart sometimes

>> No.2663532

Wait, so touhou is like those old arcade games that were awesome plus anime womens?

i guess i could fap to it.

>> No.2663537

Everyone posting in this thread is just pretending to be from another board.


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where's the art


>> No.2663547

Nah, the tripfags aren't ours.

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I got duckrolled with a touhou pic from /tg/! Curse my weakness!

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Oh Duckroll, how I missed you.

>> No.2663575

/ic/ here. Anime isn't art!

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I want this as pillow!

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Oh you.

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Post moar feet please

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Fuck you to death.
I was down for some informative JRock.
Back to the Ludacris.

>> No.2663626

what the fuck is this, it's like rickroll but not funny

>> No.2663627

I fucking love Alice!

>> No.2663632


Oh, if only you knew what is normally up with Utsuho's feet.

That damned Right Foot of Meltdown.
That. Damned. Right. Foot.

>> No.2663637

hola, someone posted this link on newgrounds. What tha fuck is this?

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File: 300 KB, 590x814, toho_008520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Rickroll isnt funny either.

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So are we having a picnic or what? I brought this gigantic ham for everyone.

>> No.2663642,1 [INTERNAL] 

Damn you, janitor, we were just having a 4chan meetup on /jp/

>> No.2663642,2 [INTERNAL] 

Which is not /jp/ related, go to /b/ if you are so fond of shit threads.

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