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So /jp/, you get involve in the game of a psychotic old godly being but here's the thing:

The prize is anything you wish for, but..
you have to kill everyone in /jp/ will you do it and what will you wish for?, Eternal life, becoming a normalfag, forgetting about touhou, the love of everyone?

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Kill them? Absolutely. My hands would be permanently stained with the blood of /jp/edos.

My wish? To become a God.

Then I kill the being and rule over the world. Everything falls into a red nightmare of chaos as the Unending Reign of the White Princess begins.

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Dude, I'd kill everyone in /jp/ even without being given a "prize" on top of that.
I'd wish to be a mod.

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Probably this.

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I would kill everyone, but my wish would be...

To give everyone in /jp/ a nice life, a life that would make them truely happy.
No touhou, no VN, no Futa..
Just a regular and normal nice happy life.

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>Everything falls into a red nightmare of chaos as the Unending Reign of the White Princess begins.
but you're a dude

umm, I'd probably fuck everyone over by wishing for Touhou and Gensokyo to be real

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I'm not really sure why Touhou/VN/futa/etc and regular happy lives are mutually exclusive.

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Let's be honest for once, you tend to succumb to that when your life is surrounded by solitude and darkness.

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We all hate each other too much for this to be a good idea.

Instead, why not transplant all of /jp/ to a hidden island with a mansion, arm them appropiately.
The godlike being would visit each person secretly and inform them that if they kill everyone else, they will be granted a wish.

That's much more interesting.

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The godly being is lying, right?

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If I could be guaranteed my wish, and that it be any wish I want? Gladly. I'd kill everybody who'd ever been here, and wish to have God's powers with none of his responsibilities.

I would then revive all the /jp/bros I killed, and rearrange the universe to make US the ruling class. Women would stop physically aging between 12 and 14, all VNs would have their initial release in both their home language and English, and Katawa Shoujo would be released tomorrow.

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Nobody would believe that being.

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The problem is dicking around on an imageboard all day, not the actual Touhou/VNs/etc.

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Or even better yet, the godlike being ruins your wish, so even if you win...you still lose.

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That would confirm the fact that everyone in /jp/ is destined to fail.

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>Women would stop physically aging between 12 and 14
Yes yes yes yes yes. Right before they have their periods or grow pubic hair.

>VNs would have their initial release in both their home language and English
Why not just make everybody in the world speak one language?

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>normal life
>happy life

Pick one.

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Because then we wouldn't have the glory of voice acting we can't understand.

I suppose a unified written language would be all right, though. And since I'd be god, I could make it happen.

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Just make the voice actors good. Man, maybe you're not creative enough to be god.

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You guys are all greedy selfish fucks, i applaud to this guy. >>2663002

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Forcing everyone to have a normal life? Sounds like an act of cruelty.

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Trust me, an uncreative god is better than a creative one. With the former, you get the world as it is, or a simple paradise. With the latter? Lovecraft becomes reality, carebears walk the streets, Esperanto is widely used, and every anime ever made has an abridged series. And they ALL suck, instead of just most of them.

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The price should be the thing that is most precious to you.

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Eternal Life would be pretty fuckwin.
...Then I can endlessly wait for Otome Funtion.

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...so, kill the internet?

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Now THERE'S a twist.

For me it's eyesight. I wouldn't give up my goddamn eyesight for anything so I wouldn't partake in this transaction.

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i would wish to be the little albino girl forever.

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Of course I would. I'd wish for the world to become the same as mai TYPE MOON, every woman is at least somewhat good looking, all women have an agreeable personality, magic is REAL, and I can become the bone of my sword.

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I'll him to fuck off

my fate is my own, find some other puppet to play with

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I would want a power that works like this. Arrows only visible to me appear before me and always show me the way to victory out of every situation possible. NO THE ENDS ever.

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>you have to kill everyone in /jp/ will you do it and what will you wish for?
1) yes
2) Some weird guys (like Jesus , Buddha ... ) allready tried to make this world better , and im not realy the one to challenge them. So i just wish for that "psychotic old godly being" to die himself his games are bad.

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I want to be the bone of my sword.

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Kill everyone? Sure.

Wish granted no matter what?

Absolute omnipotence.

Then I'll just force my consciousness into a body (I'm omnipotent, so I can do that), and resurrect everyone because I'm not a malicious deity.

Then I'm basically going to do what everyone else is doing, because I'm omnipotent and grant my own wishes.

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The power of perfect manipulation of data and knowdledge on myself and other people. I would make it so you were never here and thus erase all your misery and then I'll rewatch S.E.L. over and over again.

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enjoy ronery and being a nobody for the rest of your life after throwing your only chance to get whatever you want away.

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>implying that is normalfaggotry

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enjoy taking the internet way too seriously

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I shall.

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but all i said is that your wish sucks and that you are a faggot.

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u mad?

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I agree but instead if arrows I'd have messages and choice options. To put it simply I'd live out my own VN.

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nope, youre too dense to see when someone makes fun of you.

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