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Yukari is busy eating right now. She'll play with you later.

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I brought her a hamburger.

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I want to feed Yukari my family's award winning ribs and spaghetti
I think she would like them

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>ribs and spaghetti
That's a weird combination, but I won't ask you what you put in it to make it special, but I congratulate you nonetheless. Congrats man.

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Yukari getting a job as a lunch lady! Yukari unable to stand the transition from her soft, silky gloves to sweaty foodservice plastic gloves!

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Yukari turning into a wageslave for Okina's company!

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She’s hiding her fat with corset

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>Yukari is busy
Yukari is busty

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Youmu is gonna cook up some more food for her.

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Old hag, shouldn't you be eating baby food from all your teeth falling out from old age?

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Seeing hags cry always brightens my day.

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She’s probably too fat to zip her dress

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kill all yukarifags

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You guys are ruining MY day.

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Calm down, Eirin.

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Yukarin is, and always will bem 17 years old and anyone who says otherwise will go to Hell before they die.

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Runningman 2020 new year episode. A fucking whistle arrangement of Necrofantasia played when 2 persons in a loop of ripping each other.

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Momkari is best yukari

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her children would have the best genes

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Do you have a video of it?

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Yukari's extremely smelly and cute feet!

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and how long has she been 17?

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Making them has a price though
Yukari isn't going to let you get away once she claims you

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>extremely smelly
>cute feet!

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Snoozing with Yukari, letting her use you as a cuddle pillow.

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Yukari mingling with the school children! Yukari being the best lunch lady EVER! A school child accidentally calling her 'mom'! Yukari blushing while laughing softly at the child's mistake! Yukari giving her favourite school children extra mashed potatoes!

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lazy sunday mornings with the laziest youkai

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Forever and always, except when she was 12 years old that one time

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In my professional medical opinion, you are fat wwwww

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Yukarin looks so soft and warm
outright made to be hugged

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Yukari afflicted by pregnancy hormones would be the stuff of nightmares
her gap teleportation ensures escape is futile if she turns unstable

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I completely forgot mood swings were a thing.
Impregnating a youkai is a literal death sentence.

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I'd rather she hug me.

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Poor Reimu, always the victim of the gap hag's predations.

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just keep gappy always happy and your spine wont go snappy

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File: 532 KB, 1464x2048, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_isemori__f5aa0236193a094d19d544634c357a71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

9 months of the world's most dangerous game

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Have you ever seen something and thought "wow, that looked better the last time I saw it."?
That's Yukari

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Or when she was seven years old.
God, I want to kidnap little Yukari-chan and do lots and lots of funs things to her.

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haha like get into tickle fights with her haha?

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I would like to foolishly contest your medical opinion.
Yukari could have easily removed some of her ribs. That would me the corset is necessary to keep her organs in place, although mostly being smushed. What she is eating doesn't seem light so she may have to lay down as her food digests for minimal discomfort.

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In my professional opinion, Eirin needs time off.

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Face of an angel
Mind of a demon

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You gave me an idea. Thanks dude.

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Do tell

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you'll see it soon

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So inviting, but so deadly

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What will Eirin do on her holiday?

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Yukari strikes me as the kind of hag that would get off to being abused verbally

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I hope not. I want her to be sad when I insult her, not horny.

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Yukari has been around for so long that she probably isn't even aroused through normal means anymore. Almost like how Kaguya was so bored that she almost began to torture things for fun just from the sheer lack of anything to do.

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can't believe i have to do this shit.

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Of course she's weird, she made the miko uniform in her own personal paradise have no armpits. Giver her time and she'll make the uniform a cheer leader's outfit.

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>Giver her time and she'll make the uniform a cheer leader's outfit.
Yukari isn't that juvenile. She isn't that perverted either.

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>Yukari isn't that juvenile
>She isn't that perverted either

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>Yukari isn't that juvenile. She isn't that perverted either.
Are we talking about the same Yukari?

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I don't think so

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Yukari focusing on the unimportant things as usual...

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having s*x with your sage friends is important

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>A fucking whistle arrangement of Necrofantasia played when 2 persons in a loop of ripping each other.
It's better than a guitar arrange or whatever it was in 15.5.

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I would gladly take Okina's place In that image so she wouldn't have to deal with Yukari

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yukari is currently eating cock in my room

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you shouldn't let Yukari eat fried chicken in your room, she'll get crumbs all over your bed!

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Baking is superior anyway.

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Yukari: Waiting in a Gap Near You

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I don't know why they don't just make them like they do something like vinyl gloves. Doctors gloves work too, but how many people bother to clip their dirty ass nails?

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yukari is currently busy in my room

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Wait. Is this the one with the back name tags? Haven't seen it in years

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>back name tags?
? What do you mean?

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Yukari is a deviant.

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She is a pervert.

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She's more than a pervert.

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Hold on, am I seeing double? I might be losing my mind now.
I knew all that time spent around Reisen wasn't safe.

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Yukari have two threads!

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Yukari goes to sleep in a couple months so spend some time with her now.

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Winter starts soon, what do you mean a couple months? It's already cold as balls by early November.

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So you love Yukari... tell me. What color are her eyes? That much you should know.

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She changes them at will
Shapeshifter after all

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>What color are her eyes?
My head canon is they are normally purple, and turn golden when she's using powers

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Her shiki is better

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I'd say "She wants a hug!" but I wouldn't trust her for a moment.
One moment you're getting hugged, and the next you're getting pulled into the gap.

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Whatever she wants them to be

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glittery purple
eyes you could get lost in

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that look feels lewd

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Yukari is suggestive at best.
A total tease.

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Yukari is a smughu that likes flaunting how no mortal could ever match her

>> No.28095809

Match her how? All they have to do is be young-not old as the dirt itself- and bam, they're better than Yukari

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Masturbated to Yukari three times last night, would have been four but Shikieiki got the final one.

Yukari is made for femdom.

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Gensokyo is different, but not not bad.
More Youkai-Human relations are good for everyone involved! It's certainly better a fate than being manipulated by someone with ulterior motives and an infinite span of lies within the underlying mistrust.

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I want great leader Chairwoman Yukari to detain me without trial as a polticial dissident!

>> No.28297593

Her being a girl doesn't make the punishment any less terrible anon.
Have dignity.

>> No.28298816

You don't understand, Anon. Everything is better with cute girls.

Every single thing.

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More like it's an indicator for who doesn't have a functioning brain.

>> No.28299168

don't argue with coomers
their mind is too far gone to recover

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