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"'Return the favor', hmm?" Patchouli levels a glance at you. "I will... Consider it. Expect a decision tomorrow. It is best to deliberate. Do you have any other queries, or are you done wasting my time?"

[ ] "Hey! I take offence to that!"

[ ] "What do you know about Flandre?"

[ ] "How do you fly?"

[ ] "What is Sakuya's problem?"

[ ] "What do you know about Sakuya?"

[ ] "Do you know Meiling?"

[ ] "What do you know about Remilia?"

[ ] "No, I am done."

[ ] "Screw you, bitch."

[ ] Silently depart

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[ ] "What do you know about Flandre?"

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[X] "What is Sakuya's problem?"

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[z] "What do you know about Flandre?"

"How do I not die?"

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[X] "What do you know about Flandre?"

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[x] "No, I am done."

Flandre is a little kid. What do little kids do when they get a new toy? THEY WAKE UP AT FUCKING 6AM AND WAKE EVERYBODY ELSE UP PLAYING WITH IT

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[X] "What do you know about Flandre?"

But info on Sakuya would be fine, too.

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[x] "What do you know about Flandre?"

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[x] "What do you know about Flandre?"

After this question I say we leave her alone and head back towards where Flandre is located.

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[ ] "What do you know about Flandre?"

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[x ] "What do you know about Remilia?"

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[X] "What do you know about Flandre?"

Patchy might know a way to subdue her, so if we get in trouble, it won't be GAME OVER.

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[x] "What do you know about Flandre?"
Its this sum fakeu thread?

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[X] Silently depart.. with a silly grin

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[X] "What do you know about Flandre?"

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Fuck, Cirno's coming back tommorrow. Will we get to see Cirno and Patch have a catfight?

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7th vote.

WINNER: [X] "What do you know about Flandre?"

(yes, vote counting guy is still here)

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[x] Genuflect

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Fuck, are you always here? Genoskyo Man and everyone involved in the project need a trip, so we can recognize them.

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It's late, but it looks so real ;_;

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"Hmm, perhaps you do have half a brain." Patchouli sets her book down. "I know what you are really get at, do not attempt to lie to me. Comply with her every wish. She sees you as a stuffed animal. Be cute and don't show any sign of a backbone unless she tells you to. And, as a human? I reccomend you avoid any food she offers you. Go to Sakuya instead. And whatever you do... Keep in mind she can atomize you in approximately 2.653 seconds. Any other questions?"

[ ] "You're very smart, Miss Patchouli."

[ ] "How do you fly?"

[ ] "What is Sakuya's problem?"

[ ] "What do you know about Sakuya?"

[ ] "Do you know Meiling?"

[ ] "What do you know about Remilia?"

[ ] "No, I am done."

[ ] "Screw you, bitch."

[ ] Silently depart

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[ ] "How do you fly?"

Save us a lot of fucking trouble.

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[x] "What is Sakuya's problem?"

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Patchouli is going to tell us to get some books back from Marisa, and we're going to get MASTER SPARKed into the lake.

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[ ] "What do you know about Sakuya?"

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[X] "What do you know about Sakuya?"
After this we should get back to Flandre real quick.

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[X] "What do you know about Sakuya?"

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[x] "No, I am done. Thank you for the advice."


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[X] "How do you fly?"

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[ ] "How do you fly?"

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She'll laugh at you.

[z] "No, I am done."

Flandre is probably gonna wake up from her nap soon.

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Link to previous thread please?

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[X] "How do you fly?"

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[x] "How do you fly?"

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We just got her to help us with magic, that's enough for now.

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[x] "No, I am done."

And throw in a thanks.

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[x] "No, I am done. Thank you for the advice."

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[ ] "You're very smart, Miss Patchouli."

>> No.264559

[X] "No, I am done. Thank you for the advice."


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[x] "No, I am done. Thank you for the advice."

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[x] "What do you know about Flandre?"

>> No.264566

[x] "No, I am done. Thanks for the advice.

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I thought we hated trips.

Or was that traps?

...No, wait, I still fap to Kei and Jun. Must be trips.

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[X] "No, I am done. Thank you for the advice."
That should be enough for now.

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[x] "No, I am done."

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[X] "You're very smart, Miss Patchouli."

Let's compliment her, you never know.

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mn.. only other thing we might want to consider is the praise, but it could be seen as thinly veiled attempt to sway her choice for teaching of magic.

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[ ] "No, I am done."

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Patchy will just see it as an attempt at kissing up. No shit she's smarter than you, she isn't China.

>> No.264586


It's still up, but probably not for too much longer

I personally prefer waking up without tripcodes.

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[x] "No, I am done."

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[X] "No, I am done."

We're fucking done.

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[x] "You're very smart, Miss Patchouli."

Do it.

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Horray :D

You're the greatest, GM.

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>I know what you are really getting at

...good, could you tell me, then?

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7 votes.

WINNER: [X] "No, I am done."

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forgot politness that anon tacked on.

>> No.264612

Patchouli doesn't seem like a person to be easily flattered.

Either ask politely about Sakuya or leave.

>> No.264613

I am drooling with anticipation.

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"How does we not die?"

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[ ] "No, I am done. Thank you for the advice."

And then pretty much what >>264585 said.

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Actually, I agree with this. As much as I support Anonymous, having trips is overwhelmingly useful in these situations.

[x] "Why are you so god damn moe?"

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patchy has to be impressed. Meaning you have to suprise her with something she doesn't know, or something she hasn't seen before, something along those lines. Sucking up and kissassery need not apply, if you're not useful or interesting to her, she's not gonna bother with you. (also posting too much. shutting up nao)

tl;dr- impress, not flatter.

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[X] "What do you know about Sakuya?"


>> No.264648

[X] "How do you fly?"

maybe we could get her to teach us magic.

>> No.264653

>>As much as I support Anonymous, having trips is overwhelmingly useful in these situations.

says the tripfag to anonymous

>> No.264663

I'd say that he's earned a tripcode by far, if anyone has. hat being said, he'll probably lose a bit a respect, if not from the fans of these treads, then in the general /jp/.

>> No.264669


We don't. Our relationship with Sakuya is beyond repair. Avoid her at all costs, hopefully she won't go out of her way to kill us.

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Sure, patchouli may be smart, but we can beat her in a game of soccer!

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And she can beat you with Lake


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You completely screwed that up. Get out.

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Good lord, all we did was use a skillet. We even washed it afterwards.

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>>Comply with her every wish. She sees you as a stuffed animal. Be cute and don't show any sign of a backbone unless she tells you to. And, as a human? I reccomend you avoid any food she offers you. Go to Sakuya instead. And whatever you do... Keep in mind she can atomize you in approximately 2.653 seconds.

All very good advice that would certainly help our chance of survival.

Meaning, of course, there's no chance in hell we're going to go along with it, and our deaths will most certainly be swift and painful.

>> No.264688

He won't lose my respect. It's far better to keep track of someone through tripcode then risk having someone impersonate him just because we hate tripfags in general.

>> No.264690


This is the purpose for which tripcodes exist. The general faggotry is not. When you're doing an ongoing thing like this, you need ID.

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we need to fucking get back on her good side so she can teach us how to be archer and use unlimited dagger works

>> No.264697

Actually I only use my trip when posting something relevant. Or I forget to switch names. Most of the time I cruise as Anonymous.

And yeah, GM has earned his and it would be helpful to everyone. The only reason for him not to use one is because he prefers posting as Anon.

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You even add in a word of thanks as you respond. The librarian coughs for a few seconds into her sleeve before snapping her fingers, and Koakuma rapidly flies down. "Escort him out, if you will." She says. "Good fortune... You'll need it." She waves you off, and you leave the library, safely guided by the demon, and you leave the quiet sanctuary of knowledge.

[ ] Head to the guest bedrooms, and sleep

[ ] Search out Sakuya

[ ] Head to Remilia's study

[ ] Go to the basement

>> No.264703

that's sort of what I do

>> No.264708

[X] Head to Remilia's study

>> No.264709

[ ] Go to the basement

>> No.264710

[x] Go to the basement
Better not piss her off.

>> No.264712

[ ] Search out Sakuya

>> No.264713

[ ] Head to the guest bedrooms, and sleep

>> No.264714

[X] Go to the basement


>> No.264715

[ ] Search out Sakuya

>> No.264716

[x] Go to the basement

Time to go be Flandre's plaything again.

>> No.264717

[ ] Go to the basement

>> No.264719

I don't think it has been very long since Flandre left us, so...
[X] Head to the guest bedrooms, and sleep.
And when was the last time we slept?

>> No.264721

[ ] Go to the basement

>> No.264722

[x] Go to the basement

>> No.264724

[X] Search out Sakuya

>> No.264727

[X] Head to the guest bedrooms, and sleep

We'll need the sleep if we're gonna be up all night "playing" with Flandre.

>> No.264730

didn't she go to sleep at noon? It's probably night by now since at the gates it was late afternoon

>> No.264731

[X] Go to the basement


>> No.264732

[X] Go to the basement

>> No.264733

[x] Go to the basement

I know that if I sleep in a guest room, Flandre will wake up and kill me.

>> No.264734

All those in favor of surviving another day, post

[ ] Go to the basement

though I bet the guest rooms would be comfy. Too bad we cant just leave her a note without her destroying it before she can read it.

>> No.264735


Youmu! !!JxHWn3PPDw delivers new Touhou Surprises, which is good. I was starting to bore of China1.jpeg like I have of /b/.

>> No.264736

If a burglar breaks into your house, and steals your stuff, does it matter if he apologizes for tracking in some mud?

That's kinda how she feels at the moment.

>> No.264737

[x] Go to the basement

>> No.264739

[X] Go to the basement

STOP FUCKING DYING, JESUS CHRIST. This may be the safest option. Albeit a bit painful.

>> No.264742

just like darks

>> No.264744

[x] Go to the basement

If she's still sleeping, lay and rest against a wall or something

>> No.264745

[X] Search out Sakuya

>> No.264748

[x] Go to the basement

>> No.264750

[X] Go to the basement

>> No.264751

Go to the basement won by a long shot.

>> No.264760


7 votes.

WINNER: [X] Go to the basement

>> No.264761

The protagonist is Darks

>> No.264763


>> No.264765

Broke into the SDM
Evaded her wrath
Let out Flandre
Made her look bad in front of Remilia
Then invaded her kitchen


>> No.264766

[x] Go to the basement

>> No.264769

She don't want us. she's made that QUITE clear. Especially with the use of the kitchen.

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>>Comply with her every wish. She sees you as a stuffed animal. Be cute and don't show any sign of a backbone unless she tells you to.

So, wait...does this mean we're Flandre's boyfriend?

>> No.264774

See, this is why I was asking what time of day it was when we were with China. Also to know how long we left Keine alone.

>> No.264775

Flandre let herself out, we only suggested it.

>> No.264779

[x] Basement human, put the human in the basement

>> No.264786

We'll need +2 option flag to get her to like us again. Seeking her out wont grant it now.

>> No.264788

[x] Go to the basement
You don't want to keep her waitng...

>> No.264793

No, it means we're a fucking stuffed toy, idiot.

>> No.264795

Usually she's docile and remains down there quietly, however.

>> No.264798


Flandre is too immature to have an actual relationship with. It would take years (an a godly amount of luck) to make her love you like she does Marisa, short of beating her into submission and earning her respect.

>> No.264801


Anyone upload the most recent GM threads yet?

>> No.264804

Good work, anon. It really cleans up the thread.

>> No.264805

Ok, I'll do that right now, I guess.

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"Flandre, how about you give me my freedom and life in exchange for this Marissa hat?!"



Wow, that felt a bit disgusting.

>> No.264828

And you know how it'd happen?

We'd have JUST enough luck to miss being incinerated by the blast, but not enough to have the shockwave blow us out a window AND INTO THE GODDAMN LAKE.

>> No.264833


You know, if you changed that trip to Aya, I wouldn't rage at the shameless whoring nearly as much.

>> No.264834

Damn it, don't give GM any ideas.

>> No.264835

*but not enough to miss the shockwave

>> No.264839

Actually, I'll upload all of today's threads at once, at the end of the day. Yesterday's onwards can be found on rapidsearch or:

>> No.264847


We already have an Aya tripfag. In fact, all major characters have been covered, some twice (China and Hong Meiling.

>> No.264858

Oh, right, GM:

Aya needs to write an article about us at some point in time!

>> No.264863

And interview us about our misadventures. And the lake.

>> No.264864
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I see what you did there.

Well someone has to promote it. Seems like I'm the only one. Though I would like to point out that we are the ones archiving the GM threads for you.

>> No.264870

I usually try to make a post about it after GM's done for the day.

>> No.264873


I'm pretty sure there's two alice tripfags too, what's the point though?

If anything, since the aya tripfag likes to RP, this would pretty effectively RP her moonlighting

>> No.264874


Why? So far we haven't done much worth mentioning, besides surviving the SDM this long (with the help of one of our continues, but whatever).

>> No.264877

[x] Search out Sakuya

>> No.264881

Yes, we're from an alternate dimension, almost froze to death, survived in the SDM (hopefully), met moon people... And befriended a (9)

The list's getting good.

>> No.264884

>>Though I would like to point out that we are the ones archiving the GM threads for you.

Eh, if you didn't, someone else would.
Like me for example. I have them all saved.

>> No.264886

Who said anything about RPing?

>> No.264890


So you admit you're a shameless whore?

>> No.264891

Aya doesn't believe that Reimu is one saving the day all the time, she has no reason to believe us.
...But she does write about meaningless shit all the time. No reason why not us.

>> No.264893

I know, Kjoery. I know. You do us well.

>> No.264895

the continue doesn't count because jump in lake was spammed and was a option

>> No.264898

I don't know, I think we should've just stayed with ⑨ instead of doing that other shit. That would've been a lot cooler.

>> No.264899

Yeah. The HTML-version was a good idea though, I think. It's too bad I couldn't find-replace bolded letters, though.

>> No.264903

>>So far we haven't done much worth mentioning, besides surviving the SDM this long (with the help of one of our continues, but whatever).

Technically, the only thing our continues have helped us survive are our own blatantly suicidal actions. Our survival at the SDM has be more due to our blind luck in escaping bad situations when we aren't making use of our even greater ability to royally fuck things up.

>> No.264904

Maybe after Day 5, assuming we make it. We'll likely be local celebrities by then (Human from beyond Gensokyo emerges from Scarlet Devil Mansion unscathed; marries guard, fairy, librarian, schoolteacher, immortal; see Page B5 for more details)

>> No.264907

>It's said that humans can only achieve immortality by obtaining godhood, but somehow she has managed to become immortal.

Guys I think we should go visit Suwako and gain immortality so we can have the best sex in the world with Mokou and Kaguya

>> No.264911

[x] Go to the basement

>> No.264917

>a lot cooler

I see what you did there.

>> No.264918


I see what you did there.

>> No.264923

Lets try to remain at least somewhat focused in our romancing endeavours. Trying for too many will surely result in an unavoidable barrage of damaku.

>> No.264926


Epic end of all Epic ends.

>> No.264927

Gensokyo Man here.
Being distracted by IRL, trying to squelch it. Five minutes more at MOST.

>> No.264929

someone post the link to archived threads pls.

hell, it needs to be reposted in every GM thread.

>> No.264933


There's a .doc form as well, but all it has is bold letters, and is twice as large.

>> No.264943


>> No.264947

Dammit, you two, I wanted to say that.

>> No.264958

Cirno is the strongest, and the strongest girls will always make the strongest coolest.

>> No.264959

(Egg Sign) Scrambled Gensokyo

>> No.264964


Your yokes are pretty punny.

>> No.264967


Spring is here...?

>> No.264972

We can distort space and time with our egg-scrambling skills

>> No.264973

Reality marble: Unlimited egg woks?

>> No.264980

No Lily, go back to bothering the people trying to PoFV.

>> No.264982

I don't know if this was intentional or not, but that sounds pretty good.

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>> No.264984


I dunno, they seem kinda salty to me.

He should use more pepper.

>> No.264985

Unlimited Meal Works

>> No.264990

[x] Flirt with Koakuma

>> No.264994

Is there anyway for Lily white and Letty to co-exist?

>> No.264995

>Lets try to remain at least somewhat focused in our romancing endeavours. Trying for too many will surely result in an unavoidable barrage of damaku.

>> No.265002


>> No.265005

If you think we, as a human, can dodge a guard, fairy, librarian, schoolteacher, and immortal all at once, then sure.

>> No.265009


>> No.265012

-->SLOT 2.

>> No.265013
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Deciding it best, you proceed quietly down into the basement. The lights are off, and you cannot see a thing. You kind of remember where things are, though.
You don't know if Flandre is awake or not.

[ ] "Hello? Flandre?"

[ ] Escape upstairs

[ ] Find the bed, sleep

[ ] Wait patiently

>> No.265014
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Something like this?

>> No.265016

[ ] Wait patiently

>> No.265017
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>> No.265019


[x] Genuflect

>> No.265020

[ ] Wait patiently

preferably somewhere where we can rest.

>> No.265023

[X] “Sorry! I had to talk to such a pretty fairy! Uh, uh...”

>> No.265024

[ ] Wait patiently

she said to wait for her

>> No.265025

find the bed, sleep

>> No.265026

[X] Wait patiently

>> No.265028

[x] Find the bed, sleep
I don't care if she crushes me to death in her sleep.

>> No.265029

[X] "Hello? Flandre?"

>> No.265032

Holy shit.

>> No.265033

[x] Wait patiently

>> No.265034

[x] Wait patiently

>> No.265035

[x] Wait patiently

>> No.265037

[ ] Wait patiently

>> No.265038

-->SLOT 2.

>> No.265039

[X] Wait patiently

Maybe try to rest a bit before she starts having us play with her.

>> No.265040

[ ] Find the bed, sleep

>> No.265041

[X] Wait patiently

>> No.265043

[X] Wait patiently

>> No.265046

[X] Wait patiently

>> No.265049

[X] Wait patiently

As tempting as the bed might be, I'm afraid the best that would happen is Flan would be in it and crush us in her sleep. Worst case scenario: Flan is in the bed, wakes up to find us in her bed, and then BAD END.

>> No.265050

[x] Wait patiently

>> No.265052

Wait patiently

>> No.265053

[x] Wait patiently.
That's the thing... you don't know if she's asleep or watching you.

>> No.265054

[ ] Wait patiently

>> No.265056

[X] Wait patiently, and lean against a wall or something to take a quick nap

>> No.265060

We're supposed to be a stuffed animal. So be a stuffed animal and don't be stupid, Anon.

>> No.265061

[x] Wait patiently

>> No.265068

>As tempting as the bed might be, I'm afraid the best that would happen is Flan would be in it and crush us in her sleep. Worst case scenario: Flan is in the bed, wakes up to find us in her bed, awesome loli sex, Remilia finds out, and then CAKE END.
[X] Wait patiently

>> No.265069

[x] Make loud noises and jump on the bed.

I miss the lake. She calls to me...

>> No.265073

[x] Wait patiently

>> No.265075
File: 58 KB, 432x500, 1206067109826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder, when our bodies have been torn and rent asunder, when we have breathed our last breath and all that remains are a few unidentifiable bits and pieces floating in the murky deep of the lake...will she remember us?

>> No.265076

Remember to make Flandre call us Nii-chan

>> No.265077

Being made into a cake is a normal end, It means you helped Remilia and Flandre and China stay alive.

>> No.265083

We aren't going to make Flan do anything. She's going to tell US what to do.

>> No.265086
File: 9 KB, 400x400, 1206067182240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably not.

>> No.265088
File: 25 KB, 704x396, 1206067188288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't you heard? the lake can fly now. it comes for us...

>> No.265089

she will if we can save our game.

>> No.265090

If you'll remember, she called the bed her trampoline.
She probably sleeps in a coffin.

>> No.265094


Since none of us are doing anything but F5ing anyway.

>> No.265095

Guys...I think Flandre is part of the UBW installer, just being fucked to death by her,uploading all the scenes,bgm,cg will make us realize, nothing in the entire world would be greater than the moment you are living right now as UBW is being fucked inside you.

>> No.265096

Ending-wise, I could see Patchy being politely uninterested and staying in the SDM; and Keine and Mokou remaining Anon's good friends/allies but staying together since they've got each other.

Anon has very good chances with China, and maaaaaaybe Cirno, if anything like a romantic thought ever flitted through her ⑨-y head and stayed there for more than a few seconds.

I'm not sure how China would take that, though; but who knows, she might be a surprise bisexual like Rin.

And then after they've been in a warm, cozy menage a trois for a few months, the three of them are walking over a small bridge in one of the human villages when suddenly THE GODDAMN LAKE WALKS UP AND CHOPS ANON'S THROAT OUT WITH A SAW


>> No.265104

Oh sweet jumping wonderfuck, yes

>> No.265107
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>> No.265111

You know, I bet GM reads these posts just to figure out what to use against us. and how to best inflict MASSIVE DAMAEG.

>> No.265113


>> No.265117

No, very no! We want to LIVE, Anon! LIVE!

>> No.265123
File: 42 KB, 582x596, 1206067470482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.265125

Did someone say Lake path?

[As you drift into sleep there is a strange sense of dread. A faint voice calls out. It’s such a familiar voice, but it sends a chill down your spine.

“Come to me, Anon. I am your fate. I am the only one who truly loves you. The other girls push you away, but I am always here for you. You mean nothing to them, and each will reject you one by one. You will only hurt them and yourself. But I will always accept you for who you are.

Now come to me, dear Anon. Embrace me. Sate my hunger…”

You wake up in a cold sweat. No, you can’t be this wet from just sweat. A horrible sense of deju-vu washes over you like the waves of a deathly cold lake.]

>> No.265128

you guys remember when you promised Cirno that you would do something fun tomorrow? something fun like fighting a big scary monster or getting into Danmaku combat?

yeah, have fun with that. if you survive tonight that is.

>> No.265130


Makes for a better explanation of his slowness than him typing this story out in slowpoke.exe

>> No.265136

holy shit what is this?

>> No.265137

If we were to learn magic, mayhaps we could help Keine. Mokou's seemed to be somewhat interested, based uppon keine's early comments, plus, I doubt that they'd mind another ally, given that there's 3 in the moon people's camp. (4 if you count twei, but you count her like you'd count cirno in a battle. random win potentially, but random none the less)

>> No.265138


It would be Alice, because we didnt visit her way back in the first few threads.

>> No.265140

We need to find something in the Mansion to impress her with.

>> No.265149

He thinks about what the characters would do, and takes time to write. It's note like he's MIRROR MOON QUALITY IS FIRST, FAGGOTS, speed.

>> No.265154

yes, once. We abandoned her, she'll learn of our fate through the normal pipelines ("Hey, did you hear about that human from the outside?" "No, what happened." "Well, you know that mansion over there?" "The one with the people who claim to be from the moon?" "No, the one with the vampires." "Oh, that one, yes." "Well, that one's gate guard, nice girl, a bit slow on the up take though, was telling me about this guy who happened to survive for about a week in there, says that's quite an achievement." "Well, what happened to him?" "Oh, the bits that could be accounted for were turned into a cake." "Horrible way to got, that." etc.)
And the she'll think, "Good, bastard dashed my last hopes at love."

>> No.265165
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Save slot 4 and come back 10:30 AM EST?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

>> No.265169

[X] Yes
Time for sleep...

>> No.265170

[X] Yes

>> No.265171

[X] Yes

>> No.265172

[ ] Yes

>> No.265173

[X] Yes

>> No.265174

[X] No

We are doing this right now

>> No.265175
File: 637 KB, 1186x1768, 1206067749462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's going to take us to fight Reimu.

Start praying.

>> No.265176

Oh god, this is totally worth 1 continue

>> No.265177

10:30 am?

>> No.265180

[XXX] we are about to face beamspam death incarnate as her stuffed bunny. For god sakes, YES.

>> No.265182


I think Keine will learn of us staying at SDM alot faster.

Cirno said Keine was her new friend, so that's probably who she went to bother after we bored her.

>> No.265186

He writes them on the spot, taking into account realistic character interactions, how to not fuck up the path, and what might happen if Anon makes any of the choices.

Thats pretty damn impressive. Everyone should quit whining about something they get for free. If anything, Anon is to blame for choosing fucked up paths.

>> No.265189

PS: Before I leave...
Stop figuring me out. It is creepy.

>> No.265190

damn, is slot 4 the dedicated slot for leaving?

[X] Yes


>> No.265192

>should quit whining about something they get for free


>> No.265196

>>Everyone should quit whining about something they get for free.

Christ, it's anon's right to bitch about anything and everything.

>> No.265197

what the song at 6:07?

>> No.265199
File: 83 KB, 1024x768, 1206067913081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By the time Cirno comes back, we will have completely befriended Flandre. Realizing that "her human" has replaced her, she will be heartbroken and run away sobbing. With your friend and only means of escaping the mansion gone, you dash any hopes of ever seeing Keine or Mokou again, and are forced to live out the rest of your days in the mansion.
Sure, China is there to lend some moral support, and Patchy might even lend some advice now and then, but it won't be long before Flandre tires of you like all of her toys before, and you too shall be broken and left to rot in the basement. Alone. Forgotten.

Of course, there is always a way to prevent that fate from occurring. You know what it is, don't you, Anon?

>> No.265200

since this is finished, everyone go to
>>264120 for some delicious mokou and kaguya copypasta

>> No.265201

Eh, it's what I'm good at, to a degree. plus, directions the paths have been taking lately, with the conversation inbetween taken into account... just makes sense.

>> No.265203

Cirnoooooooooooo ;_;

>> No.265209

Catch a ride out the next time the Black-White shows up to steal books, then walk next door and romance Alice.

>> No.265213

Oh, right. I keep forgetting we are the scum of the earth. For some reason I have this fantasy that Anon is not a bunch of obsessive, selfish pricks. Silly me.

>> No.265214

fuck yes!, you better not be joking

>> No.265215

We will NEVER let the lake kill us again.

>> No.265218


Take Laevetinn while Flan sleeps and lance her through the heart.

>> No.265222

Sneak out while Lily flies by destroying everything in her path while she says spring has come?

>> No.265228

We have a member who plants on starting on the development of a (linear) VN script tomorrow, and some people have started contributing stuff to the story-wiki thing:

>> No.265233

>>I have this fantasy that Anon is not a bunch of obsessive, selfish pricks. Silly me.

Fantasies are fine, but you've gotta remember the difference between it and reality.

>> No.265236

Thats a bizarre fantasy.

>> No.265239


Wow. I never fail to amaze myself.

>> No.265243
File: 101 KB, 700x700, 91dbbd65119e91463d32579f8c7ee855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.265246


>>lance her

>>lanc er



>> No.265248
File: 137 KB, 733x1200, 1206030504346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont even try to get away in a Nice Boat, Anonymous.

>> No.265250



>> No.265252

Touhou vampires still regenerate if you destroy the body. You need to kill the brain.

>> No.265265
File: 95 KB, 640x480, fdbf5533fc2d258f3391c39398f6b5eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.265299

See, Reimu had the right idea...

>> No.265334

Has anyone considered how we're going to tell Flandre that we are here only for one night?

I'm having Morrowind flashbacks.

...and now I'm having Layer Cake flashbacks.

Oh, good point... I'd forgotten about this.

Stop taunting us, you whore!
>we will have completely befriended Flandre
More like she'll have befriended us.
But like Nanoha-befriendings.

Remilia would be a tad upset.

>> No.265353

Human, what's sex?

>> No.265368


We won't. We'll just run after we've fulfilled our one day requirement.

>> No.265374


Archives updated.

>> No.265385

No archives of today's threads? Fucking fail.

>> No.265397



>> No.265401

Well, given that the vernal equinox was just today, this is a fabulous idea for escaping the mansion once she passes by; hopefully distracting everyone's attention so we can book it out of there.

>> No.265412

If someone asks us why the hell we went the the mansion, it was to learn magic so that we could be less of a burden, okay?

>> No.265475

Haha oh wow. Well, thanks for the updated archive.

>> No.265524
File: 72 KB, 800x533, Misty Lake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would be easier to figure out what we need to do if we had any clue what the fuck we wanted.

Keine and/or Mokou? Best chance we have is to either somehow survive long enough to convince Flandre to let us go without killing us by the time Cirno comes back, or hope and pray that Keine has been alerted to your dire situation and that she and Mokou come to your rescue.

...not that we deserve that, since we're the ones who ditched her in the first place. Bastards.

China? Well, so long as we don't die inside the mansion, and be sure to visit her often and pay her the respect and attention she deserves, this could actually work out.

Patchoulli? Not likely, as we're clearly too stupid for her tastes. Just be glad she thinks enough of you to even talk to you, nevermind give you good advice to survive against Flandre.

Sakuya? Ha ha. Yeah, right. She hates our guts with a passion, and short of risking a fuck-ton of stabbings and BAD ENDS at her hands to try to crack her, there is no chance of hell in winning her over now. If only we had some way to CONTINUE after making a bad choice.

Flandre: Probably not gonna happen. We're her toy. Nothing more. She's played with and broken many others like us before, and will do the same to many others after us. You cannot win with her. You cannot stop her. You can only hope to survive.

Remilia: Also, not likely. Not that we've been around her long enough to actually know much else about our chances, but I somehow get the feeling she would just as soon let Sakuya drain us dry of use our blood for pie filling.

The Lake: It is always there. Always waiting. And whenever we want, we can go to it. It will not judge us. It will not reject us. It will not ignore us. It will hold and embrace us. While we run away from the likes of Keine and Meiling, who only want the very same thing from us, the Lake will always offer that which we refuse to give.

>> No.265542

Keine: "I could have taught you, too, you know..."

Great job fucking up our harem, Anon.

>> No.265566

Sounds good.

And it'll be something to tell the little China Jrs and the ⑨-lets, years down the road, about how Papa Anonymous went on an epic training journey that lasted but a day, yet taught him all he needed to know about danmaku survival.

>> No.265597

I doubt she could've.

>> No.265643

We all agreed to China


>> No.265668

Cirno is the strongest. Therefore she will make for the strongest choices.

>> No.265715

We agreed to go harem.

She's a goddamn professional teacher.

>> No.265726

I think even if we don't score with Cirno, she'll still be our coolest friend ever, always willing to help as long as we're willing to play.

>> No.265732

A professional HUMAN-teacher yes.

>> No.265792
File: 244 KB, 1061x1500, 1201921344270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What she could teach us might not be magic, but it would sure as hell feel like it.

>> No.265875
File: 173 KB, 640x368, shirou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spell like abilities? But this isn't D&D!

>> No.265897

And Anon is a human, so we can be taught.

I don't see what the problem is, here.

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