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Unfortunately, I don't particularly like Marisa.

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Infact, I think she is the worst 2hu. She seems like a brat you can't get along with.

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I don't think Marisa has alot going for her, appeal wise. That might be why she is annoying.

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Anon, I don't like these posts very much

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Maybe if she didn't have much a materialistic personality, Marisa would have turned out a better, more likeable person.

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Sorry man, but we have to do something about that Kirisame girl. She's an eye sore on the neighborhood. Should we just kick her out?

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still better than Reimu.

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How can one person be this wrong? Please rethink your life choices.
Marisa is the cutest girl in Gensokyo. She is cheerful, hardworking and lovely. If you dislike her, there's clearly something very wrong with you and you should seek professional help.

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It's just Alice pretending that someone has it worse than her

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There's no accounting for taste, I suppose. But if you're going to try to get friendly with that witch, you should know how improper and rude she is. Marisa is what happens when you don't teach a girl healthy manners.

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marisa is stinky and addicted to mushrooms and also thief what a terrible girl

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Really? Jeez, it's no wonder she's been brooding lately. Probably mushroom withdrawal. Do we really need this kind of girl around?

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to be fair, there is literally nothing wrong with stealing
not that marisa does that, of course, she's just borrowing

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>Do we really need this kind of girl around?
What should we do with her, then?
And the answer better not be snuff.

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Well, I think the first option should be to let Marisa know she's not wanted. Very explicitly, directly. Even a dense girl like her should be able to understand that way.

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She'll probably cry alot, but please try to put up with it. It'll take alot of effort, so just keep in mind that atleast we won't be seeing her again.

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Way faster to just throw the whole witch away, honestly.

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Remember she is one of the most smallest girl you will meet

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Is Marisa really an Inchling?

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She's half-fairy.

Think about it, she's annoying, small, disregards personal property, eats mushrooms and lives innawoods. She's got fairy ancestry *somewhere*.

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So does that mean it's legal to push Marisa down to the ground and "vent my frustration" out on her? I can see why there's doujinshi of Kosuzu and Akyuu torturing Marisa. She's really just a dumb (half-)fairy.

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wouldnt it be funny if reimu swallowed marisa whole here haha

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If Reimu would eat Shinmyoumaru, she'd eat Marisa without any hesitation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed_mV7xpfa4

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She's a crybaby

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Please do not bully.

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I hate you so much.

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put her in a rape dungeon and run a train on her, then sell the snuff films on /jp/

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She stops smiling when she's alone. What a creep. I betcha she's actually crazy and uses a creepy smile to drive people away.

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The only 2hus you're allowed to bully are the fairies, Sumireko and Alice.

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The problem with Marisa is that if you don't keep a firm hand on her, she'll start to think you're friends and end up pestering you frequently. Only someone with ulterior motives would treat aquaintances so casually. Don't let her inside, or borrow anything, no matter what she's offering!

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kill her

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When she's not driving people away, she's luring someone in. If you see this 2hu, do not attempt to engage! You'll get this vulgar look and she'll invite you to a mushroom party.

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When will marisa pay for her crimes?

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We should ask Eiki if she can expedite Marisa's sentencing.

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How can you be a main character and still be relativelyunpopular? Marisa is so bad holy shit

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>4th-most popular 2hu this year (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mThhl1cXdTA))
Marisa should just kill herself. She has no chance of recovering.

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okay cool

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>Main charcter
>4th place
The absolute state of marisafags

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I’m turning this Marisa-Bully thread into a Marisa-Hypno thread deal with it

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Adorable gremlin.

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>Koishi AND Youmu are MORE popular than Marisa! LMAO!
Imagine being fourth place in a series you’re the deuteragonist in, Marisa fans on suicide watch.

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Forgot this pic, Marisafag BTFO!

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reading all these 2hu threads as a newface and imma like, where do these people get how these girls are, behave, and etc? does touhou actually has that deep of a lore? throw me som bones people

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>throw me som bones people
The Lunar Landing is canon in Touhou lore and Neil Armstrong is unironically one of the most powerful characters in the series.

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>throw me som bones people
The Lunar Landing is canon in Touhou lore and Neil Armstrong is unironically one of the most powerful characters in the series.

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Lunarias deserved it.

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RIP all the dead Moon bunnies. Moon Rabbit emancipation when?

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lets just say it stems from long years of research and effort.

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Lunar landing is canon. The Lunarians suffered a crushing defeat.
If serious, Gensokyo would be able to defeat that so called empire the Lunarians have established.
That Lunar "empire" also happens to be the former home of Houraisan Kaguya(ancient lore Kaguya) who was exiled from the moon for becoming immortal along with the Lunarian's brightest mind Eirin leaving of her own will.

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touhou has probably the most autistic fanbase all time in fact touhou is about mean girls picking up fight for no real reason and doing stupid shit all the "lore" are fans interpretation and most of them became canon

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Release the moon bunnies! Do it now or else I will call Eiki to sort you out, Yorihime!

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the popularity poll pictures are some of the best

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I can't believe a diaper-wearing, arm-flailing retard defeated a classic gaming icon like Marisa Kirisame.

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good thing she doesn't care what you think anon.

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That diaper is Youmu's hair.

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Marisa's harem likes her

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It's too bad Marisa isn't gay.

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She doesn't like Rinnfaggor either.

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“Do you know what the M-97 Flamethrower sounds like? It roars like a dragon, a fiery god purging everything in it's path. Hold down the trigger and the "woosh" drowns out everything else, focus on the noise and you almost convince yourself you don't hear the screams. By the time the tank is empty, everything is over, even the men are quiet. There's nothing but the crackling of burning thatch. You see, it's not the noise that keeps me awake at night, it's the silence.”
- Reisen Udongein Inaba, Lunar War Veteran

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WWI was a fucking brutal time.

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Why do you hate on best girl? This is why you don’t have any friends.

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>touhou has probably the most autistic fanbase all time
No that crown goes to undertale (along with the one for most toxic), the Touhou fanbase at least in the west is pretty friendly and easy-going. The only obnoxious part of the 2hou fandom is the faryfags [spoilers] but I have a theory that’s because they’re all discord trannies

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Marisa was completely justified in publicly raping Youmu.

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Youmu seems to be enjoying it.

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before I started playing the games, Marisa was my favorite, but afterwards?

Idk Sakuya is pretty high up there, gotta love autoaim on her knifes, whereas Marisa is just to fast and I end up dying a helluva lot more

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Reimu has autoaim as well

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yeah, it's not rape if it was welcomed. that's just public sex
maybe you should learn to play well and use the high powered thief lasers

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yeah, just blot out the entire screen with master spark

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exactly, this guy gets it. danmaku is about firepower

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yeah, but her Autoaim isn't as good as sakuyas where all daggers just home in, Reimu only has 2-3 rows of cards aiming at mooks vs aiming at bosses

It's rough, even on focused mode she's still fast, and isn't using bombs a bad thing?

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For me it's the opposite. I liked Marisa even more because she's drawn do adorably, has a beautiful, bright smile and Master Spark is one of the coolest things in the game.

>isn't using bombs a bad thing?
Not if it's Master Spark.

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Exactly, dead things can't shoot danmaku at you*
*conditions may apply

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top kek

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Clownpiece dressing up the way she does is a direct result of the outcome of the Lunar-American War.

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lunarians had 50 years, and they only managed to remove one, singular flag.

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I want a pet Marisa

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Sorry, but Marisa is mine.