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I am probably massively slowpoking on this but


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No, it was a huge turd.

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It was great until /jp/ realized that /a/ and /v/ like it.

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Nice to see you had fun, anon. I haven't finished all the routes out of laziness, but I can't wait to see them all. Who did you end up with first?

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Please report all spam threads.
Let's cooperate with Janitor-kun, for a better /jp/.

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It was a mediocre game. However spammers think it is one of the best VN ever and proceed to spam them on /jp/.


I always think you are a dumb troll but I gotta agree with you. Reported

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I think this honest anon just wants to discuss the game. Way to be spoilsports you guys. The posting of this game has slowed down a lot, yet every new thread is saged to death like it IS spam.

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rofl omg Jones said something smart for a change, let's party xDDDDDDDD

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roflmaod at lelouch in the classroom

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It was good for an amateur game, the writing sucked and the humor was bad, sure, but it's probably one of the best OELVNs available. It doesn't deserve all the attention it gets though and it's annoying how /a/ and /v/ think its THE BEST VN EVER even though a lot of VNs are popular there (YMK, Saya no Uta, F/SN, etc.)

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I won't mind KS threads if I can have a full single day where it doesn't get posted.

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Probably the best discussion for this game happens on /v/.

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Tsk, high expectations, anon?

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I think that the spammers think "man, this is a fucking easy board to troll. Just post an image and watch them go bonkers over it".
It's hiroshima.jpg, only slightly more subtle. Maybe if you idiots stopped overreacting over everything you dislike and simply ignored it, like we've done for months now, we wouldn't get kids here giggling at the sight of us not tolerating a fucking visual novel.

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Go away, satan.

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>Maybe if you idiots stopped overreacting over everything you dislike and simply ignored it,


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it pwnt everything recommended by /jp/, KS deserves all the praise it gets. gg 4channers beating japs at their own game

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Let's do an experiment. I will post a highly offensive KS fanart done by an equally shitty but more awesome drawfag. And if my calculations were correct, Devs (you know who you are) who always pretend to be anon or their minions who are browsing this thread will report the image which in turn will be deleted.

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See the link above?

>If it's Green, it means experiment is successful

>If it's Red, experiment failed and thinking too much

And in case the experiment is successfull, here's what's written previously.

>Let's do an experiment. I will post a highly offensive KS fanart done by an equally shitty but more awesome drawfag. And if my calculations were correct, Devs (you know who you are) who always pretend to be anon or their minions who are browsing this thread will report the image which in turn will be deleted.

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This is what trolls would like us to believe idiots from /a/ believe, when they probably do.

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Woah there, let's not go saying things that may be misconstrued as trolling.

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Experiment successful!

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Yes, OP, you are the slowest poke. But still, I'm going to bump this thread just to protest at the irritation all this sagefaggotry invokes in me.

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You lost me.

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Interesting. But wouldn't that imply lighting fast janitor that still won't delete this shitty thread?
Besides, it counts as guro. It is against the rules and janitor has a good reason to delete it, KS devs or not.

As I said, interesting experiment, but the conclusions are flawed.

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Way to bump this thread Devs.

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Oh wow I just remembered I haven't played it yet.
Maybe I'll uninstall it and wait for the full version, only to not play it too?

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Don't do that either. Troll, anti-troll, or anti-anti-troll, just hide the fucking thread if you don't want to discuss the topic at hand.

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It was in two minutes for a picture that's passed across /jp/ multiple times without even being deleted.

He either deleted it himself or they're actually paying attention to reports from /jp/ now.

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Sup samefag KSfan bumping his own thread when no one wanna discuss his favourite game.
Just let it die already.

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Ati has dropped driver supports for Linux operating systems. Every Ati card your purchase is one step towards slavery. ATI IS THE ENEMY OF YOUR FREEDOM. DO NOT BUY FROM ATI

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Nope. I didn't delete the image.

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I find your claims just as believable as the people who claim to be posting these threads and not trolling at this point.

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I am a KS dev and I am bumping this thread to get my game some more attention.

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Faggot, deleting your own posts.

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No I didn't delete it Mr Obvious KS dev.

Also, the original thread made by the original artist lasted nearly 15 hours.

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>Mr Obvious KS dev
>Bumping the thread

No such thing as bad publicity, huh?

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KS dev detected

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The sage was for agreement, Mr. KSDev.

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Both KS developers

I too am a KS developer

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Nice game of pretend guys. You guys are funnier than the game itself.

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Carlos Mencia is funnier than the game itself

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You really think I am a KS dev? Why was I saging the thread then? Jesus Christ, it was at least funny when ZUN!bar was playing the tinfoil paranoid, but you are a either a bad troll or a shitposter, and I'm leaning towards the latter. Now get a fucking life.

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And I suppose you're one of the script guy from KS

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Bump for KS dev's arguing amongst themselves.

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ITT: Katawa Shoujo devs pretending to be anon pissed at KS just to create publicity for their shitty game.

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Fixed for accuracy.

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Either you just heard about this on FAKKU (fail) or you are a KS dev (fail). Either way you failed.

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Does that work? Hmm, I should try going on tv and screaming about how much I hate Subway to improve their sales.

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Is that true?... Maybe I should try and do the same for my creation...

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Negative publicity is better than no publicity.
How do you think Paris Hilton get so famous from her sextape.

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Shit like that works only with anon and obviously KSDevs know it.

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For people who believe trolls: The devs don't care to take time out of their day to troll /jp/.

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You know I wasn't actually too impressed with KS originally but considering how butthurt the rest of /jp/ is over it, I KNOW it's a good VN now.


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Do realize that we're butthurt because it's a meh game getting all these undeserved attention. This is as close to the Toradora and Geass of VNs as you can get. If KS fags learn to keep their shit in a single thread no one would be complaining from the very beginning now would we?

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Obvious KS developer

Sup Delta, Sup A22

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Hello, KS developer.

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The flood of threads that came around as the result of the release have stopped.

People keep having to make new ones nowadays because you fags keep shitting them up.

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Lets see. There is zero reply here by anyone that want to discuss the game.
More like nobody wanna discuss this game. If people want to discuss the game they can just ignore the anti KS spammer. Seem like you guys cant do it, so I will just have ask you guys to take your discussions to /a/ where the majority of the discussion happen.

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Nobody is posting here because the topic changed from KS to SHITSTORM.

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I tried to discuss. third post.

Just came back to this thread now. god damn.

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People here are smart enough not to post seriously in a LOL I TROL U thread.

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Pretty funny how you japanophiles shit yourselves in rage over someone having an opinion about enjoying KS. OOPS GUESS I'M A DEVELOPER TOO, LOL.

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newfag here, a lot of people seem pissed off by people idolising this game. I enjoyed it, only other game I've played was Kana little sister, what would /jp suggest I should try?

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>the anti KS spammer

Sorry bro, not samefag at work here.

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I hate these damned developers, coming to our /jp/, poisoning our board and our precious bodily fluids.

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I've never "played" a VN before but all the KS threads on /v/ intrigued me. I was surprised at how well-written it was.

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Heh, you think this is bad, just wait for the full release. There will be KS threads everywhere. I look forward to that day.

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It happen to every VN bro. Ever17 not so good, fate stay nite overrated and etc.

Anyway >>2626291 got it right.
I like all the sarcasm about the KS dev posting in this thread. If anyone think that we are serious when we post that, you need to get out of /jp/.

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>surprised at how well-written it was

I believe your problem is
>I've never "played" a VN before
because KS is shit among most VNs.

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Fate/Stay Night. Thats like your /jp/ baptism.

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>Implying VN are actual works of good literature.

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I really liked Katawa Shoujo, you guys always gotta hate something. What's the point?

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Look, it's fine that you enjoy the game, just don't expect the all of /jp/ to agree with you. You're the minority here and if you faggots didn't ruin your chance to have a proper discussion by cluttering our board with multiple threads of this shit in the first place I'm very sure our attitudes towards KS would be very different right now.

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I see KS devs are still bumping this thread.

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>Thats like your /jp/ baptism.


I don't care if it's shit. It's proving that you have the tenacity and proper attention span to follow through with really long boring parts to get to furiously awesome parts, which is 92% of the Visual Novel experience.
Also being able to take in the Nasubabble is a good exercise.

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KS got popular on /a/ so /jp/ isn't allowed to like it anymore.

>> No.2626378

too many threads
/a/ and /v/ like it
it's not made by glorious nippon

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Every new release dominates /jp/ for a few days. Remember HF? Stop being such a faggot.

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I don't mind the game itself, I just hate its fanbase.

>> No.2626386

HF was actually good and the attention received was well deserved.

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>You're the minority here
>a proper discussion
>cluttering our board with multiple threads

AHAHAHAHAHA! Are you new to /jp/ or something? No, wait, you ARE trolling, right? Damn, you are a good one.

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>/a/ and /v/ like it
/a/ like Saya no Uta
/v/ like YMK
We still like SnU and YMK. Stop using this argument.

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Heaven's Feel actually had a lot of shit to discuss, faggot.

KS has absolute shit.

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>Hi! I'm a typemoon fanboy and I like to hate things!

>> No.2626406

Man this thread is hell of confusing with my sagefag filter turned on.

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>too many threads
So I should hate Touhou?

>> No.2626409

>I don't mind the game or the fanbase, I just hate the devs fro pretending to be anon and posting similar threads to whore about their crappy game.

Fixed for truth.

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In your opinion. Others might say HF is shit and only UBW deserved the attention it got.

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You don't hate me? I'm touched.

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The worst part about KS threads (besides the game being shit) are people making shitty threads such as "X IS MY WAIFU", "FUNNYSHOOP.jpg", "LOL KENJI IS A BRO SO FUNNY HE = ATHENS LOL LOL LOL", "WAT IS MISHA DISABILITY IT'S NOT LIKE WE HAD THIS SAME THREAD 500 TIMES BEFORE", etc.

Did I mention it's shit?

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In my opinion Mind of Steel is the true HF end.
Probably the only route where Ilya is not dead yet.

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Katawa Shoujo has absolutely nothing to discuss other than "who is your favorite character".

Heaven's Feel had a massive and confusing plotline, therefore discussion is merited.

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You're not that nazi faggot good for nothing Delta or that equally retard A22 are you?

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It matters little if people hate Touhou or not. The fanbase is so huge that whatever attempt to bring a thread down will merely spawn a couple dozen more.

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You know what, you are right. You are absolutely right. We should only discuss things you like. I'm man enough to admit I have been wrong to think that people could have different tastes.

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You know, somehow being talked down to by somebody who has clearly played a shitload of VNs doesn't bother me in the least.

I'm sure that in the grand scheme of things the differences in writing quality between Katawa Shoujo and Fate/Stay Night (with a title like that how could I possibly think it's anything but fucking Shakespeare) really aren't all that great.

>> No.2626429

As much as I agree, don't we do the exact same thing with Touhou and no one cares?

>> No.2626435


You do realize Shirou kills Ilya in Mind of Steel, right?

>> No.2626437

You are right bro. What other VN has hijack pics, advice dog shop, GARshop and shit like that?
They are basically the same type of people that meme spam and thus explain the thread spamming.

>> No.2626444

How would you know? Killing Sakura is the same thing as killing the dark blob of holy grail.

Ilya is just the vessel, what is the use of a vessel if there is nothing to fill it with.

>> No.2626448

Not considering, of course, that KS demo was only a demo (Read: Nothing too deep), and that shounen stuff like FSN gives a lot of people here boners.

It's like saying the food in a restaurant is garbage when you barely are browsing the menu.

Sage because this troll thread isn't worth bumping.

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>I'm sure that in the grand scheme of things the differences in writing quality between Katawa Shoujo and Fate/Stay Night really aren't all that great.

1. You realize when you say "in the grand scheme of things" you're supposed to put it into a cosmological perspective, right? In the grand scheme of things, VNs don't mean shit.
2. The quality of writing is severely different.

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>this thread

>> No.2626457

KS is spawning too many newfriend "What should I play? KS is my first VN" threads.

>> No.2626462

Bump because I'm a KS developer and we crave for attention.

>> No.2626466

>2. The quality of writing is severely different.
True. Not enough molluscs.

>> No.2626472

I played F/SN. Not so great as everyone makes it out to be.

>> No.2626475


Ilya is a Master, derp.

>> No.2626478

Anything. And I do mean anything, will bring newfriends over. Remember Saya? Remember Melty Blood? How about when the Tsukihime translation came out?

There is a permanent entry of new people to /jp/, and even if KS has brought more than usual, it won't stop.

Protip: Board elitism is fucktarded,

>> No.2626496

/jp/ has a bigger SEKRET KLUB complex than /b/. This is supposed to be the ultimate sanctuary for Touhou and Type-moon or something.

>> No.2626503

Bump again.

>> No.2626506

Bump again because I'm a KS developer and we crave for attention.

>> No.2626507

I just finish reading KS and I didn't end up with any girl. I was getting the impression that I was on Emi's route.

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The whole "ZOMG WAT A NUB LOLOLOL" thing /jp/ has going is perhaps the worst part of it. The thread spam and memes are unavoidable, since this is common on ALL boards, but the elitism is something that not only is irrational, it is stupid.

All of us were "newfags" at some point.

And by the way my elitist newfriends, I was playing VN before you were even browsing /jp/.

Picture related.

>> No.2626517

Insufficient lurking and think that all we talk about is secret club, touhou and typemoon.

>> No.2626520

I don't think that's the point, it's not because it brought in new users, it's because it brought in idiots. Idiots who don't lurk before posting.

>> No.2626536

Pretending it is not true, are we?

Whatever. Your denial is cute though.

>> No.2626549

Welcome to 4chan/2chan/2ch. Nothing new here.

>> No.2626558

I got into VNs in Fall 2008 and came here two months ago and I troll people with elitism to compensate for my small powerlevel and penis.

>> No.2626562

Stop acting like your sacred ground has been violated. Wherever there are people on 4chan, there are idiots as well as people who don't give a shit what your specific imageboard's customs are.

>> No.2626567

Current on front page.
1sealion thread
1umineko thread
1zun copy touhou thread
1japanese bird
1meta thread
1japan rape rate thread
and this thread

Where is the typemoon ?

>> No.2626571

Really? Me too! God, I hate KS. Such newfags.

>> No.2626578

Sup guys! What about us KS devs! We need attention too tou know.

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Currently bitching at this thread instead of making their own, of course.

There are nothing new being released by Typemoon, so there is nothing to discuss, thus the lack of threads. Not surprising.

>> No.2626598

Stop posting these threads. I mean, you may knock a Touhou thread or two off the board, and that's unforgivable!

>> No.2626651

No! We Devs are hell bent on attention whoring our game!