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I wanna hug Miss Reisen. That's all. Nothing more to be said.
I want to hug Reisen! I want to make her smile even once!

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Disregard the first part. I'm not a Lunar spy or anything heh

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God I want to mate with a cute Lunarian girl.

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Reisen is an earth bunny though

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>tfw you will never pollute pure Lunarian genetics

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Who are you quoting

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Raisin probably wouldn't like humans.
Though you might be able to leverage that, as sex with you would be a taboo, a dirty little secret.

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I want to trigger Reisen's PTSD

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you monster

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Reisen has one day off this month. You have a single chance to convince her to spend it with you. What do you say

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I want to give Reisen a baby and give her a new reason to live.

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Sorry but I'm using that day off to go and fuck her sensei's P cup saggers.

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Don't we all.

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More like a new REISEN to live, GET IT? Cause it's like a mini-reisen.

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I love reisen. I want to write stories about her life as a drug peddler

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Anyone know where this is from?

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Getting married to Reisen!

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I want to throw fireworks close to Reisen, watch her have PTSD episodes and go crazy on T*wi!

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I don't think it would be beneficial in the long run. The kid might become a pacifist or anti-lunarian though.

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I want to live a quiet comfy life with Reisen.

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Thankfully Udongein is not a L*narian

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I bet Reisen would look cute when she waddles

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Reisen deserves hugs for this

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Fact: The last thing Reisen is going ot do after you hug her is smile.

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Enjoying a blissful honeymoon with Reisen!

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I want to protect her smile forever.

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Good luck in your journey anon, may Reisen smile forever!
I thought I already made this post

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Fact: Reisen would not enjoy a hug from a human, and, in fact, will run away the moment you even touch her.

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Don't play with firecrackers near Reisen

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You can't be hitting a man up with hard facts like that anon.

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It's disrespectful, but don't look into her eyes.
She may be an earth bunny, but she still has Lunarian blood.
Look anywhere else other than her eyes, even though she can use her ability regardless of where you look.

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alright we get it champ you read the wikipage too

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The see-through shirt of this pic is a very nice detail.

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I noticed it the first time, but it's been a while since I last posted it, so I forgot about that detail.

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Bunny looks very soft

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Reisen is soft, but not on the inside.

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I want to soften her insides so that they may better grow my children

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It’s the lunarians fault for sucking at waging war, imagine getting your entire armed forces btfo’ed by a couple of air force pogs, lmao!

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The untold faggotry of the rest of this board outside the live cams thread has to be seen to be believed.

SHE'S NOT FUCKING REAL DAVIDO-KUN why don't you lose some weight and get a job so one day you may go to a Maid cafe.

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u mad m8

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>400,000 moon rabbits dead
don't you think the humans went a little too far?

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More like they didn't go far enough, they'll have replaced their losses within a week. Damn rabbits, they breed like... rabbits.

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I was just following orders...

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Reisen's bra is my property.

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Reisen sells her body!

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Don't. Trust. Moon. People.

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Nutritious prostitute milk.

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Youmu's gotta do an extra job to cover her master's food expenses..

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File: 1.93 MB, 1446x1518, __konpaku_youmu_konpaku_youmu_and_saigyouji_yuyuko_touhou_drawn_by_hater_hatater__6c3b381607423b95950d59c34c8ffaea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She was a cute little girl with two swords.
>But her lady wanted eat more and more.
>She sold her swords.
>She began to sell her body.