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So, what is it this time? I'm hoping for Brass Restoration, myself.

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Melty Blood Act cadenza ver B

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Don't even joke about that shit.

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Act Cadenza is next

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Heaven's Feel, it was all a troll and they had already completed the entire fate sty night game months ago.

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oh please, do heaven's feel !

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God I hope its HF

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It's gonna be some of the other ones no one on 4chan cares about.

Heaven's Feel will come out in December because Message will make the installer again.

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At most they're at 75-80% translation.

And then they need to proofread it, because it's impossible to proofread it while Taka's translating, for some weird reason.

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> because it's impossible to proofread it while Taka's translating


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They only start proofing once the translation is 100%

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I will personally kidnap and brainwash imouto for takajun if we get heaven's feel.

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i say it's Melty Blood act cadenza. translation was finished months ago.

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Whatever it is, I hope Message didn't have a hand in it.

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hay guise that voice patch at megaupload is down.

can anyone share another one pl0x? lol kthx

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August 20th 2007.

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there is a torrent now.

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This is certainly one of those things that ends up being unique to Mirrormoon.

They finish tons of translations, and often get quite far in the implementations, but they leave a bunch of projects hanging so everyone can keep guessing as to what's coming out next.

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W-what? It was finished back then? What have they been doing all this time?

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Jerking themselves off to the 4chan RAGE threads.

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They have to edit pictures for some of the translations.

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Probably your mom.

>> No.260311

Over 1400 pictures.

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thanks for the info, but slow torrent is fucking slow. :(

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>Message - Release Engineer Extraordinaire

This would explain it.

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i can give you the patch in 7 parts in rapidshare if you want.

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DO IT FA-- Fa.. Fine fellow.

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Here , mongrel

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Aboveage not B&.

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Under 90 IQ b&

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I doubt the torrent is going to be slower than seven rapidshares and their respective waiting times.

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so does the patch add voices to all the routes?

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fate and ubw.

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he sucks cocks.

Yes it adds voices to all the routes.

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ah right thanks!

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no it doesn't faggot, play HF and see for yourself.

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