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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

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im trying to handwrite some characters in kaku that the ocr wont pick up but the thing is too fucking fast i dont have time to draw the entire thing before it recognized whatever ive already put in, wat do

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thank god, for a second I thought /djt/ was gone for good.

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im a asymptomatic carrier of covid bitch

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im an asymptomatic carrier of ur dads jizz bitch

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was looking at this トレパネーション for like 3 minutes thinking what the fuck it could be and when i looked it up i realized i dont even know what it means in english

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imagine meditating to get into a 'flow state' instead of drilling a hole in ur fucking skull

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what vn do i need to download to get this experience?


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whats wrong with you

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罪ナル螺旋ノ檻 -Whispers of Iscariot-

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good easy hookable nukige?

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damn i got my hopes up until i saw the box art

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? its fuckin gay like ur link

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after all these years I still don't know what a nukige is

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stfu it's not gay it's a man about to reunite with his woman

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irrelevant otaku crap consumed by only the slimiest piece of shit

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at the furry con or

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that wolf guy was about to get fucking owned by cell but he saved his own ass by reminding him of his one true love

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qt white meganekko wearing a wolf tshirt

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Game made for jacking off.
Basically design some characters and draw some sex scenes, then make a story fit around those.

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now remake this meme in japanese.

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>to masturbate (of a male) to ejaculate (while masturbating)
>video game

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Space Pirate Sara

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to supplement when u want to ask ur friend how many times hes jacked off today u say 今日何回抜く ? so the nuki in nukige is 抜き which is the japanese word for jacking off

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'ate textbooks
'ate anki
'ate study
luv me a fast scroll through tae kim
luv me some incomprehensible raw anime
simple as

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ate ass

yahh oishikattaze

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how is it compared to the animation?

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more like dookie gay

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cant escape this muh 90% of ur brain shit

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nuki is a pretty epic word when u think abt it


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Yeah about the same quality

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any suggestions for a cooler looking tuhtehgucky card?

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this is the best limp dick cover

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manlet scum

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its sick they got the real wes borland to be in that vid

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feels good breezing through a page of manga almost as fast as if i were reading english

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more like limp dipshit

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Don't look at me. I didn't rape and murder Mary and dump her body in the nearby river.

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u know u made it when u understand where a japanese person is comin from in their twitter rant

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i cant decide who i hate more from this pic

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which manga reader do you guys use on android

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why not bro its fun i just read 250 pages, will probably do another 250

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tachiyomi for getting raws, perfect reader for already downloaded

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theres a guy stupider than godfather on the learn japanese r*ddit

>> No.25737642

there are hundreds of them, at least agf understands that u need to input lol

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nigga nigga nii

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what inspires someone to scan hundreds of pages of a book or manga to put it online? i had to scan like 20 pages of documents for something and i wanted to shoot myself after 10

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for the boys

>> No.25737765

fuck.. only time i feel worthy is when im balls deep in japanese content for days on in.. i dont get how it takes people less than a year to get fluent unless they come to a place like this

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you are what we call a bitch nigga, ill scan you and shoot yo ass

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pure altruism

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and ppl gave me shit when i posted >>25637389

zoomers are just doomed they dont know what it means to actually care about anything culture and society have watered down every1 is just zombies staring at the screen only able to feel what they are told to

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what inspires someone to translate japanese media for others for free?

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dont think that exists tbqh
i dont know

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technically it doesnt but there are people who try

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time to start a ptreon for translation

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because back when being a weeb wasn't mainstream people would resort to this so other could experience the same media and have somebody else to discuss it with. same would go for other subcultures.

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it actually do exist, but usually only among religious folk

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魔界天使ジブリール series is piss easy and pretty fun.

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some people are willing to exert more effort to help people not directly related to them, and with no immediate direct benefit (for themselves) except the satisfaction. this describes altruists like quiz who make their own lengthy guides, and whoever compiled the resources on itazuraneko. this might not technically be "true altruism" but who cares. we're in the business of using words as people mean them and find them useful, and not philosophical horseshit.

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more people would be altruists if they knew how satisfying it is

>> No.25738369

>do good stuff so you get into heaven
yeah real virtuous

>> No.25738377

quiz got a patreon?

>> No.25738396

someones gonna respond to you saying its not altruism if you are doing it for self satisfaction. probably robert or the IQ guy

>> No.25738427

doing something nice for someone and then immediately shooting myself in the head so i dont taint the altruistic act with feelings of self satisfaction

>> No.25738437

its more do good stuff because the world is beautiful, it just comes naturally to them, heaven is too far away in the future for most of them to be considering in every moment

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why is matt so rude, always calling people the n and f word.

>> No.25738456

nothing wrong with that

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>this describes altruists like quiz
That child is a manipulative, narcissistic sociopath. There isn't a single altruistic bone in his body, everything he does is self serving to the detriment of others.

>> No.25738495

how do i ge my faps down to under 10 a day? right now im at 15

>> No.25738496

i'm not IQ guy or pedantic guy or argue just to argue guy. these are just projections. i'm correct about everything guy, and i already weighed in here

>> No.25738505

robert is the iq guy

>> No.25738510

quiz is harmless, he is mostly just a tsundere

>> No.25738520

cool, i was the guy who told you to stfu without reading your post or knowing what you were talkingabout now stfu

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start laughing my ass off when i hear the names of djt characters

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only good post in this gay convo

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your smug self satisfaction is being felt right at this moment before you even commit the good deed. you're a fraud.

>> No.25738595

spend a day telling your irl friends about the wacko personalities on djt.

>> No.25738597

this is tough cuz what if the nice thing ur doing lasts for an extended duration so long such that in the act of doing u feel the self satisfaction which fuels ur continued desire to keep doing

then what

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how long has quizmaster been known as a tsundere? it seems so obvious now, was matt the first to characterize him in that way? matt is so cool

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look up this img in the archives thats around when i started calling him a tundere biTCh lol

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could someone post that video from that "youtuber school" for kids lol where the kid is unboxing some toy lmao i wanna show my friend thx in advance

>> No.25738699

why do you enjoy shitposting about ecelebs? it's the most boring and retarded topic i can imagine right next to religion.

>> No.25738714

humans are social creatures and are drawn to celebrities. you wouldn't get it because you're an autistic loner.

>> No.25738722

they're autistic

>> No.25738723

wheres foot up ass guy when you need him

>> No.25738727

i have more friends than you id bet my life on it lol

>> No.25738761

michael is that you lol we arent actually friends forget to tell you that haha

>> No.25738763

this post is a good reminder that jesus rules

>> No.25738774

they're all superficial. you don't get what makes humans tick. we crave celebrity worship because caring and knowing about the most respected or renowned people in your tribe essential for successful social maneuvering.

>> No.25738791

>they're all superficial.
projection, ive been friends with them since i was 15. cope harder.

>> No.25738806

if you don't understand ecelebs you don't understand humans simple as

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>> No.25738829

when i said cope harder i didnt literally mean go on to cope even harder

>> No.25738838

cope with this *shoves foot up ass*

>> No.25738844

found it myself u useless fags https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDvVwFFHVaw

>> No.25738860

this guy gets it

>> No.25738865

perhaps the best eceleb since hes everywhere which means hes on the internet

>> No.25738869

you have to be a special kind of stupid to think quiz is altruistic like goddamn lol

>> No.25738879

suraimu mitai desu ne

>> No.25738895

no doubt is crazy but he has contributed far more to learning not only japanese but languages in general (changed the game forever with his sharex technique) he just gets pissed at people thinking they are better than they are

>> No.25738898

yeah i mean i agree with their general point i just dont think it applies to quiz that much

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>> No.25738921

terrible review.

>> No.25738925

I feel like Quiz's guide is more ego driven than altruistic. Like "I'm the best, my methods are the best, you're shit"

>> No.25738937

in life theres leaders and followers

if theres 1 thing i hope i did in these threads its show u which 1 of those u are

btw this post is only able to be properly understood at a minimum of 132 iq

>> No.25738944

true, anime cards really are that good

>> No.25738956

what part of that is wrong

>> No.25738968

what if ur like me where ur clearly ego driven in a lot of things but u also sometimes give unconditionally

>> No.25738974

http://immersion.wiki/ new resource from our friends at MIA

>> No.25739011

hahahaha holy shit i'm calling the feds

>> No.25739017


is he actually understanding what he's reading here or is he just voicing sounds as indicated by the lines on the page

>> No.25739019

thankfully i didnt click that link bc i know better

>> No.25739032

115 iq here so this flew right over my head but that's why i'm a follower and i'll just take your word for it that there's something true and special being communicated in this post

>> No.25739063


>> No.25739064

ahh i see boojah guy learned a new word in taigee

so if u want my honest opinion i think he mostly gets it but also doesnt actually know a lot of those words but he knows 大事 for sure and the misread was just a product of his not knowing japanese

>> No.25739088

not sure robert

>> No.25739143

what kind of fucking boring no personality loser faggot do you have to be to sentence mine from fucking news lmao ahahhahah HOLY SHIT THIS FAGGOTS ONLY PERSONALITY TRAIT IS "”””LEARNING””” JAPANESE"

>> No.25739209

reccomended 動画 pepper pig

>> No.25739319

if u wanna improve ur nihongo u gotta be 1 of the boys its like anything in life wallflowers dont get the girl or in this case nihongo but the 積極的なboys do


>> No.25739375

lmao truu

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dang i just read possibly the most epic comment on yt of all time

smack dab in the feels dept makes me think dang i still got time

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read 2 volumes of manga gonna read another one prolly for a total of 650 pages today i reckon then im gonna watch 2 hours or so of raw anime and likely use the postone addon again on my anki deck cause its fuckin gay

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I tried

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What is the secret to understanding Japanese?
I understand words themselves, and I understand sentence fragments in isolation, but frequently when I put them together it makes little to no sense.

>> No.25739580

just gotta get used to it

>> No.25739603

It isn't a question of just getting used to it. I actually don't know what the character is trying to say no matter how hard I analyse it. Sometimes I do crack it but a lot of the time I don't.

>> No.25739605

hot take only dumb people and underages care about celebrities

>> No.25739620

it is

>> No.25739626

read more

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>> No.25739662

wtf is that real?
might have to lower my mia patreon pledge to just $100...

>> No.25739663

>It isn't a question of just getting used to it
whats the weather like on mount stupid this time of year?

>> No.25739675

seems likely given his racist tendencies

roll the map footage

>> No.25739676

Surely there's more than that.
No matter how many word definitions of grammar rules I look up, there are a lot of sentences I just can't fully crack.

>> No.25739690

give us an example

and then ill tell u why

>> No.25739700

your brain isn't capable of processing japanese intuitively or at at good rate yet, it's so fucking obvious that the only way this is remedied is by reading/listening to more japanese yet this notion is too complex for retarded uppercasers to grasp somehow.

>> No.25739703

he can't keep getting away with it

>> No.25739713

If you just had to get use to it, then it would still be understandable given a little time and analysis.
The problem is that a lot of sentences simply make no sense under the word and grammar definitions.

>> No.25739723

>no matter how many tutorial videos i watch on youtube i just can't play chopin

>> No.25739725


>> No.25739732

best of luck

>> No.25739771

uppercaser hubris never ceases to amaze

>> No.25739846

wth that's not me.

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what the fuck is wrong with chinks

>> No.25739880

its time to get this thread back on track


u will never have a day as nice as this vid ever

>> No.25739881

Example: >>77396992
What the fuck is she trying to say?

>intuitively or at at good rate
Not the issue here. I can't understand it no matter how much time or effort I put into it.
That's a whole lot different to simply not understanding it intuitively and quickly

>> No.25739942

filtering capital letters

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File: 475 KB, 1920x1080, 白い粉.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone know what they are referring to here

>> No.25739984

what do u think is being communicated here and what is the trouble spots

u cant honestly say u dont understand any of it right

>> No.25740028

dont ever post y*zusoft shit ever again

>> No.25740033

It's literally just some n4 dunning kruger weeaboo who thinks their nip is good enough that they can pretend to be nip on twitter despite the fact theyre just typing gibberish
they probably didn't even know themselves what they were trying to say

>> No.25740153

ok dude im gonna be fucking so honest right now

where do you get the idea that you are somehow supposed to understand a sentence even if u know all the pieces? thats not how language works

seriously, before you CAN understand intuitively or at a good rate, you can only understand bits and pieces, and thats where you are at with a lot it seems. you have to accept this and read more and slowly build up your intuitive understanding.

some sentences no matter how hard you try you will never understand them by brute force, u have to give up and come back later and then they will be piss easy

but for this case that guy is some viet retard trying to type nip so dont worry about that

>> No.25740156

>isn't there a cake that can make you forget your troubles when you eat it
>how about mixing in a white powder that isn't flour?
cocaine, obviously what do you think

>> No.25740160

I understand the first part, and I understand the second part. But put them together and I don't get it. I don't see how the two parts relate to each other.
>Asians and Japanese aren't European
>Do you know that Japanese anime character/s will worsen?
>Asians and Japanese aren't European, but do you know that Japanese anime character/s will worsen?
Incorporating the context of the rest of the sentence doesn't help my understanding.

>> No.25740219

well im gonna blow ur mind

u shouldnt think too hard about what jsls who barely know japanese write on twitter

thats the big reveal here hopefully this saves u from wasting more time on it have a nice day

>> No.25740229

>where do you get the idea that you are somehow supposed to understand a sentence even if u know all the pieces?
Usually, people don't type gibberish. And I find it hard to believe that 90% of lines in manga are actually just nonsensical gibberish.

>> No.25740240

gtfo twitter using normalfags read actual things made by natives like books or vinnies or some shit

>> No.25740277

Ok, so this time it actually was just gibberish, but I still come across this problem frequently in manga and I don't think mangaka are just typing gibberish.

>> No.25740315

ok dude are you an ankidrone or what, because yes i run into this problem occasionally but the obvious answer is to ignore those sentences and move on

>> No.25740378

100 new RTK cards and 100 new 6k cards

>> No.25740407

I do use Anki but only lightly since I dislike it, and only doing grammar patterns in it currently. I read more than I do Anki since I enjoy it more.

>> No.25740427

worst part was when all the matt dick suckers said "no" in response to this

>> No.25740451

matt is a race realist

>> No.25740467


>> No.25740523

not gonna mine until i figure out why the back of cards using my note type don't reveal pitch accent colors, but matt's deluxe note and the default mia japanese note do. also i checked the mia code added to the front, styling, and back portions of my note and the deluxe note and they are identical.

>> No.25740544

he probably is based on that "redpill" streamable. or could be easily nudged there.

>> No.25740551

god i hate you faggots so much you wouldnt say a word to matt irl

>> No.25740553

gonna need a link

>> No.25740579

ill beat your ass if you dont stfu

>> No.25740589

i'd be excited to talk to him and i could tell him i think meditation is bs and he can argue why it's not and i'd ask him how he's changed in how he deals with internet hate over the years and if he's developed coping mechanisms for it.

>> No.25740664

>when you have learned Japanese for 6 years only with MIA and then realize that you got scammed and you should have learned with textbooks from the start

>> No.25740720

you're trying to crack google translate generated japanese bro lmao

>> No.25740726


>> No.25740752

stop making excuses

>> No.25740764

heh jamal knew it was nonsense but he's kinda like a scientist and wondered what aspect of the translation was confusing to this guy.

>> No.25740784
File: 357 KB, 700x990, 1305710793234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y-yeah lets go with that(笑)

>> No.25740794

you're right. i could easily adjust the styling of the deluxe card and just use that.

>> No.25740795
File: 829 KB, 1687x675, 1500128193470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this one should be right up your alley.

>> No.25740856

i didnt really wonder i just decided to float him for a post since he was clearly trying to "get" me

>> No.25740863

the real reason why /djt/ never actually discusses japanese is because japanese grammar is stupidly simple and once you've been watching/reading for a few months you've basically seen everything that gets commonly used and all that's left is speed and obscure shit like classical japanese

>> No.25740870

does the guy who said he can understand this still come here

>> No.25740892

ill blow ur mind on this 2

the reason we dont discuss it is bc 90% of japanese is left unsaid and thats the joke

its always been the joke


>> No.25740893

i mean there really is nothing useful to talk about, anyone smart just trusts the process. only thing i can do is shill sentence cards

>> No.25740953

that's what i'm saying if we actually tried to discuss japanese we'd be like /m/ discussing the nuances of ように eternally like they puzzle over every little mobile armor that was launched in the one year war.

>> No.25740967

reminds me of homunculus

>> No.25741002

djt inner circle theme song


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File: 39 KB, 657x527, R14kkDj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come almost all new words are written in katakana and almost no new Kanji words are made anymore? It seems really gay and pathetic that the Japanese have to use English loan words for words as common as "computer" and "apartment"

>> No.25741044

"bla bla kanji is borrowed bla bla"

if any of u reply like that i swear

>> No.25741065

kanji is dumb. it only exists because they had a pathetic underdeveloped phonetic system and elites controlled literacy to foster the development of such an academic focused writing style

>> No.25741069

bc 电脑s arent japanese

>> No.25741078


>> No.25741080

the word for computer is borrowed in every language possible, dumb frogposter.

>> No.25741089

funny how its backfiring as japanese use romaji input and chinese use pinyin lol

give it another 200 years and if humans are still alive there wont be no more ching chongs bet

>> No.25741248

thats right esls. we invented the computer

>> No.25741255

you didn't do anything

>> No.25741257
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>> No.25741287


>> No.25741299

fuck is wrong with those nails

>> No.25741314

i suppose i also didn't help invent the computer

>> No.25741316

woudl rip them off 1 at a time while scolding her for being a slut

>> No.25741328

you have an insufficient number of iq points

>> No.25741340

u dont know japanese

>> No.25741357

cuz he doesnt worship washed up pussy yeah lmfao

>> No.25741405

does this bitch do jav if so name please

>> No.25741408

do these women feel no shame staring into the camera like that

>> No.25741416

she understands her responsibility as a pro

>> No.25741423
File: 87 KB, 1280x720, 1582169914002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

intoxicated by the attention. they can't think straight anymore

>> No.25741493

gatekeeping is extremely important
most people shouldn't succeed at japanese

>> No.25741529

most people won't succeed no matter how much you hand hold them

>> No.25741561

all djt posters are virgins simple as

>> No.25741562

all true

>> No.25741591

But what if we gatekeep the wrong things and the spoofed retards end up with the right methods??

>> No.25741604

when has that ever happened

>> No.25741653

not true ciaran has both sucked dick and taken it up the ass

>> No.25741687

whos this midget ciara chick wanna fuck her brains out

>> No.25741755

mia guys recently discovered anime cards, which, no matter how you hate qm, are the best way to learn vocab

>> No.25741777

that's a failure of gatekeeping, qms a sellout

>> No.25741857


>> No.25741878


>> No.25742017

she's qt but whats with the fuckin weird ass contact lenses lol. on top of the retarded eye editing thats so ubiquitous with jp girls these days makes her look weird as shit.

>> No.25742062

shes gotta play up the only thing she has going for her in her pathetic life

>> No.25742077

i wonder if matt is back from his camping trip yet

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>> No.25742116

it's been a while
been reading another mind on the ps1 and the atmosphere is really cool

>> No.25742129

>watching some random video in brazilian with subtitles
>instinctively ignore subtitles as to not ruin my immersion
>realize halfway through the video I don't even know brazilian

>> No.25742134
File: 632 KB, 1261x720, Screenshot_20200823-135605~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot the really important picture

>> No.25742144
File: 700 KB, 930x597, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

humanity makes me sick

>> No.25742171

love me some sickos

>> No.25742184

being cruel to someone else might feel immediately gratifying to your ego, but ultimately it just keeps you in a much lower state than you could potentially be experiencing. the only reason it would ever feel good to treat someone badly (especially if they did nothing to harm you first), is if you already feel so low as your norm, that projecting even a little bit of that onto someone else feels like a relief relative to your typical state.

>> No.25742212

nah its just fun watching people squirm

>> No.25742218

i remember when i used to be a punk kid who never cared about treating ppl bad but now all i ever wanna do is make ppl better and motivate them to actually do something or alternatively just have fun 2gether and make some いい思い出s

>> No.25742235

did u drop out of school in the 3rd grade?

>> No.25742255

give us ur diagnosis of whats going on in the mind of armchair psychologists such as urself or would that require too much self reflection haha

>> No.25742256

why is /qa/ in the OP image?

>> No.25742263
File: 728 KB, 813x597, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

btw this 1 makes me maddest of all

>> No.25742327

have to immerse but fall guys too good

>> No.25742335

I'm american

>> No.25742345

oh ok makes sense then carry on

>> No.25742349


>> No.25742374

more like r9gay

>> No.25742384

of course, the majority of people are in a constant uninterrupted state of identification with their egos and have been almost all their lives, so they don't even realize there's a better way to feel. in fact their ego sees the mere possibility of a different way to be, as some kind of threat. so they become hostile even at the suggestion. they take it as a personal attack when in fact it's an invitation.

>> No.25742396

lol stfu

>> No.25742399



>> No.25742401


>> No.25742422 [DELETED] 
File: 1.72 MB, 768x1256, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2 nukes wasnt enough

>> No.25742431


>> No.25742433

*shoves meisou bitch into the abyss of her obliterated ego*

>> No.25742445

getting worked up over some bitch posing in front of a pool...

>> No.25742446

want to fuck her so baaad god i would KILL for a pussy like that

>> No.25742470

its the pro pool

>> No.25742483


lmfao wait, you guys are anime fans?

>> No.25742487


>> No.25742497

closed it immediately cuz ne1 that plays any remade version of seacats can b safely disregarded

>> No.25742514

who is this and why should I care

>> No.25742520

matt seems so butthurt about his weeb past its kind of funny

>> No.25742531 [DELETED] 
File: 1.86 MB, 1080x1350, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry dude im extremely pissed

>> No.25742535


>> No.25742558

i wish i could push her into the pull haha

>> No.25742575 [DELETED] 
File: 1.69 MB, 1080x1350, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

girls come to this pool all with 1 goal in mind

to take their career to the next level

>> No.25742584

>not having your brain immediately stop you when you're listening to incomprehensible input
this place has memed you too hard

>> No.25742595
File: 40 KB, 320x304, 1566279755436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25742601



>> No.25742604
File: 94 KB, 825x559, 1579631867560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>constant uninterrupted state of identification with their egos
what the fuck does that mean homie

>> No.25742611

I would kill you jamal just to eat her pussy god i'm so horny rn

>> No.25742649 [DELETED] 
File: 581 KB, 427x640, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this girls here to advance her career and those guys in the back are gonna be happy to help her out

>> No.25742653

id kill him just for nothing lol

>> No.25742659

mindblowing how some german nigga made up the idea of the ego and everyone ate it up and still use it to this day when it doesn't even exists

>> No.25742673

freud more like fraud

he was the original mattvsjapan

>> No.25742679

when you feel better, you do better :)

>> No.25742707

lol u sick fuck

>> No.25742710

I like it

>> No.25742712

shutup pigdog

>> No.25742749


>> No.25742766

imagine you learn japanese for 10 years and finally get good but then realise u hate japan and japanese people that is who matt is

>> No.25742779

i hate japan and japanese ppl but then theres also some things from japan and some japanese ppl that are cool and dope

>> No.25742878


>> No.25742897

matt isnt even that good to be honest

>> No.25742900
File: 48 KB, 586x493, firefox_b0QT4LoOb2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

german autism strikes again

>> No.25742904
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, 1583478507091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25742914

my dickkkkk

>> No.25742926


>> No.25742937

wish i could enjoy trash as much as this guy does

>> No.25742945

stfu ciaran

>> No.25742958

>looking at the floor so i can concentrate
I fucking lost it right there

>> No.25742960

post your vocaroo if ur gonna talk shit about matt

>> No.25742963

that's honestly not that bad lol

>> No.25742966

wtf ciarans based??

>> No.25742972

it's fun. i think the only cliche that i've actually gotten tired of is the fucking fall into her boobs shit

>> No.25742974

how do u fuck up this bad queeran watches one piece ffs

>> No.25742978

hope he sees this bro

>> No.25742992

remember bros 未来は僕らの手の中

>> No.25742995


>> No.25742997

and now mary does too smfh

>> No.25743011
File: 16 KB, 586x171, firefox_4eP53t5hF2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gary is getting kinda cocky lately

>> No.25743017
File: 196 KB, 1600x1200, 18081505196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love this game

>> No.25743031


>> No.25743037


>> No.25743044

i dont get the point of this tweet guy seems legit retahhded

>> No.25743059

playing it on my crt so i couldn't even i wanted to

>> No.25743065

>もう少し待ってくれ? お前らは生まれてから何度 そのセリフを吐いた? 世間はお前らの母親ではない. クズの決心をいつまでも待ったりはせん .一生 迷ってろそして失い続けるんだ貴重なチャンスを.

damn kaiji is very based

>> No.25743068

rut roh thats 1 i have not heard of i might have to play that

>> No.25743073


it's to prove how far deep he is in the nihongo hole

>> No.25743090

he's saying most language learners forget the most basic words in the language they're learning. but he's immersed his nappy head into so much japanese that japanese words pop into his head when he's trying to write in english.

>> No.25743099
File: 12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you would really like it

>> No.25743152

if this hasn't happened to you ur ngmi

>> No.25743283


>> No.25743358

happens to me all the time both with english and japanese

>> No.25743360


>> No.25743373

didnt know you need to be a german autist to make it

>> No.25743451

gary isnt german but wtf is this lmfao

>> No.25743456

prolly gonna take a 3 day break here in a sec just wanted 2 let my posse know so they dont have to deal with the next 6000 shitty posts wondering where i am

>> No.25743488
File: 758 KB, 980x730, info01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can you text my ガラ携

>> No.25743489

old man needs a break huh

>> No.25743501

when u get backって

>> No.25743502


>> No.25743511

i dont need a break but i dont think its gonna be up to me

>> No.25743524

link the post before going out

>> No.25743531

damn mozart was fuckin based

>> No.25743542

>prolly gonna take a 3 day break

>> No.25743562

idk what ur so excited for its not like u or anyone else is gonna post about anything good

>> No.25743594


>> No.25743601
File: 135 KB, 800x600, 4f759cac6f10743cf7d93d195f597c34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>traditional Japanese-style cell phone (in contrast to smart phones)
traditional? makes it sound like a cell phone for motherfucking samurai

>> No.25743603

this post definitely gave me aids.

>> No.25743613

first joyce now mozart, whats with geniuses and farts/shit lol

>> No.25743719

mozfart lmao

>> No.25743794
File: 24 KB, 300x300, seiko021201-300x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

honestly so excited to see what kind of autists show up at the jlpt n1 in december
wonder how many there are gonna be 2

>> No.25743799

I was watching hōkago teibō nisshi and the mc has a flip phone, do they still use flip phones in japan i miss them

>> No.25743805

the flip phone is mostly dead only a few ppl like me still own 1

>> No.25743806



>> No.25743818

i thought jlpt was canceled

>> No.25743865

i used to pretty all the way through 高校 but it was really annoying having to load podcasts on to my mp3 player every time
people always wanted to play snake on it

>> No.25743880

its not cancelled here in denmark at least

>> No.25743889

jamal more like jafaggot

>> No.25743905

nah more like jamaggot

>> No.25743922


>> No.25743942


>> No.25743985

theres not a good way to delete the kanji you've already done in core 6k in the new 3k deck is there?

>> No.25744004

Just suspend the cards as they pop up with the hotkey

>> No.25744014


>> No.25744015
File: 53 KB, 719x601, jamaggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25744038

clenching sessions haha

>> No.25744061
File: 190 KB, 500x234, 1598386584742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are there any djt recced non vn japanese games on ps1/ps2
fuck jrpgs

>> No.25744064

do most people here change the anki intervals at all or leave em default?

>> No.25744066

only thing i clench is ur head in my palm as i toss u into the bin

>> No.25744106
File: 53 KB, 649x244, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why am i spending years trying to understand japanese when there are languages like this that i could instantly comprehend without any work
japanese is bullshit

>> No.25744115

I have 3 15 60 for my new cards and 15 45 for lapses but I toggle the box that quizler recommends so you see cards before the time or something

>> No.25744154

is that ciarans reddit account

>> No.25744313


>> No.25744314

Don't know why yomichan is so beloved here. On /int/ we recommend rikaikun

>> No.25744341

don't know why vinnies are so beloved here
on /int/ we recommed tobira

>> No.25744343

mousing over is peak zoomer

>> No.25744345

matt recs yomi so... fuck off??

>> No.25744346

took me 20 minutes to read and mull over 4000 characters in an english article

>> No.25744357

i know like 80% of the cards so far

>> No.25744366


>> No.25744377

Is Tobira written for natives? If not, that's why

>> No.25744379

i mean shouldnt take that long, but u can also look ahead and just mass delete

also stop doing that shit and start mining anyways

>> No.25744394

if you know 80% of core 6k why the fuck are you doing core 3k?

>> No.25744402

wotd 麦芽

>> No.25744405

stop trying to be the voice for this djt while posting uppercase and making retarded posts

>> No.25744431

jamal is going to spend the next three days with his rental kanojo

>> No.25744468

wtf thought the first kanji was 妻 for a sec

>> No.25744479

man fuck that show and fuck japan fuck compensated daters fuck it all dude

fuck dude finna ragebuy another guitar today

>> No.25744482

gotta love djpt

>> No.25744484

did he withdraw his life savings to rent that gyaru bitch from earlier?

>> No.25744503

wtf why isnt there a word with the same nuance as 秀才 in english

>> No.25744509

do yall do you clenching sessions before or after your reps

>> No.25744535

do you like offset guitars

>> No.25744574
File: 366 KB, 571x443, Screen shot 2010-05-10 at 10.21.49 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25744580

my reading speed for lns is getting very close to my english reading speed feels good

>> No.25744613

i dont own any actually

>> No.25744659


ちっぽけラルフの大冒険 for ps1

>> No.25744676
File: 49 KB, 439x1024, $_86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

huh that's unexpected
my dream guit is a made in japan matching headstock offset

>> No.25744701

i have a few mij guitars but idk was never a fan of the jazzmaster/jag

>> No.25744713

jmal cant fucken read sheets for shit and prolly doesnt have any chops or know the t of theory yet brags about haven popshit guiturd covers on yt with mil+ views that he wont link lol

>> No.25744757

yea he's all talk

>> No.25744763

he did?
bro you need close this thread and watch some anime

>> No.25744772

imagine being that jealous or threatened or w.e

btw if ur gonna try to gatekeep by sayin i cant read a score its just indicative of ur overall level quite frankly thats shit kids do my friend

btw any1 can learn to read music spend a week on this site and make some flashcards (haha) and ull be on ur way dude https://www.teoria.com/en/tutorials/

u cant tell him that lol

>> No.25744800

he did when he was trying to shit on that animenz cover

>> No.25744805

btw i remember 1 time i got a comment from very likely a japanese high school girl and she said i was a tensai so suck it lmao

>> No.25744823

animation from the jojo 1993 ova is way better than from the 2014 anime

>> No.25744844

Previous threads
>>25687342 #2501
>>25626195 #2500
>>25591424 #2499

>> No.25744846

ya i get real jealous of the nooblets playing sweet child o mine and butchering even that at guitar center lmfao

>> No.25744866

i can tell cuz u goin off lol

btw i wouldnt play that id play stairway haha

>> No.25744867

reminds me of my 不登校気味な skype gf
im lonely

>> No.25744868

damn bragging on the internet about your supposed guitar skills is pretty dasai

>> No.25744883

where did i brag link 1 post where i did that

>> No.25744885

ex gf i guess lmao

>> No.25744886

i used to be able to shred on the guitar a few years ago
then i stopped playing

>> No.25744903

stfu ur going senile

>> No.25744907

sry there sonny boy cant hear u say again ? lol

>> No.25744916

yeah eceleb haters were right

>> No.25744919

i'm gonna shred on a 61 key keyboard

>> No.25744921
File: 7 KB, 254x198, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25744933

more like this


>> No.25744956
File: 30 KB, 1198x172, stfu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25744957



>> No.25744969

oh so u mean som1 was tryin to talk shit and so i just decided to flex on them ? thats different then just bragging 4 no reason

>> No.25744975

u fucked up post the link

>> No.25744983

you lost just from the fact you're frantically going through the archives

>> No.25745002

>frantically going through the archives
lol that shit is the easiest thing to use

>> No.25745006

problem is you act like a high critic when you're really just a loser

>> No.25745029

just filtered jamal

>> No.25745033

projecting and post signing isnt going to get u anywhere here

>> No.25745040
File: 81 KB, 1080x1309, 1583628900387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25745048

that's a lot of word mush for a cope
you won't step into the arena because you know you're full of shit

>> No.25745082

todays nihongo word of the day is 独壇場

check back tomorrow for the next nihongo word of the day lmao

>> No.25745144

u know who knows how to do a good rendition of a song bc he has actual talent and groove


this guy

so wild that i went from like listening to megadeth in the 80s to watchin epic marty play anison on yt in 2020 what a weird ass fuckin world

>> No.25745158

i challenge you to write a good anime cover, pick whatever anime song and instruments you want, you don't even have to play the cover
but you won't, you're a talentless trash talker who tries to be a contrarian faggot and pretend he know what he's talking, just gtfo

>> No.25745166

is this the guy who had an article in rolling stone? he was talking about how musically complex jpop is lul

>> No.25745169

are we both gonna do 1 and if so how much money is on the line for when mine smokes urs

>> No.25745185

lmao give me a fucking break this guy crams his song with ten gazillion notes you're not even consistent with your position you hypocrite

>> No.25745214

he was just saying that your average jpop song is more complex than your average western pop song which is 100% true

>> No.25745242

you're just outing yourself as an entry level noob by singing praising about that guy lol
doesn't really help your case either way

>> No.25745250

that's true i'm rereading the article now, this guy is based. i wonder what his pitch accent is like

>> No.25745255

martys a god dude he just understands that 90s/2000s jpop was the literal truth

stay salty that martys got soul

but ok i tell u what ill link 1 of my special guys that i actually regard very highly


u have no idea abt anything if u dont think marty is an absolute legend

>> No.25745283

the only good stuff marty ever wrote was for rust in peace and during his time in cacophony with becker

your criticism of animenz really makes no sense

>> No.25745295

idk that its criticism for the person but rather just the 1 vid ? im sure hes got plenty of good stuff hes very popular after all

the 1 that got linked was just an absolute dud

>> No.25745312


>> No.25745346

btw im only ironically callin marty a god i dont think hes shit but if i had to list 10 musicians that i respect the most marty doesnt crack that list by a long shot

>> No.25745386
File: 91 KB, 937x511, mattai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the mia discord is catching on to us, this needs to stop

>> No.25745421

ok now you're just changing your statements because that's not what you said back then
that cover was one of what 10-15 "showy" pieces on his channel of 150 vids and advertised as such, it sounded fantastic to me and i'm not even a piano dude

even marty has those kind of songs which sound like sweep picked wank fests and overdone shred now imagine someone shitting on him with dishonest criticism and going
>this is just a case of a good player with horrible musicality
>do u know how easy it is to just pick a chord and play it 1 note at a time
>i doubt he thought very hard about it thats why it sounds like shit
to shit on him judging from that one song

>> No.25745431

so i was unfair to the guy and judged him on 1 song deal with it its the internet get thicker skin that i shit on ur hero

btw if u wanna see som1 with actual skills check this out


>> No.25745459

goddamn youre a real fucking faggot

>> No.25745461


>> No.25745466

why listen to mens music when you can listen to womens

>> No.25745490

sry dude im like kenshin in 追憶編 i only have 1 mode and its fucken slay noobs nothin personnel

>> No.25745493

vids horribly out of sync
she prolly did that jap thing where they have the look kul fakeplay placed over the recorded audio lol

>> No.25745498


>> No.25745503

get a room

>> No.25745513

she's based

>> No.25745532

yea but i mean the cover wasnt even unmusical or anything
bet you shit on jazz too cuz 2 many notes 2 much tempo and ur puny brain gets overwhelmed lmao

>> No.25745540

careful dude i just said i only have 1 mode and that is to leave noobs bloody and disfigured on the ground before me


>> No.25745546

wanna marry a girl like that and listen to her sing just for me

>> No.25745551


>> No.25745555

oh so ur 1 of those guys who enjoys things like math rock thats cool dude i just like shit that bangs

btw jazz can bang too in fact a lot of modern rock and metal and pop have jazz elements now

>> No.25745558
File: 13 KB, 440x334, CSD5ohEVEAAel4n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25745605


>> No.25745606

4 example heres some shit that bangs while having some very nice jazz elements


>> No.25745607

sowanwan hearted my comment

>> No.25745616

i enjoy everything from math rock to metal to classical to jazz (just no country and rap) and yes anime songs too, thought that colors cover was sick but w/e floats ur boat ig

>> No.25745621

SLUT !!!!!


>> No.25745642

dno guys this sounds really great

>> No.25745650

im sry if i knew me shitting on some cover of the jubun wooooo song was gonna affect u for like literal days i wouldnt have done it so carelessly

neway just cuz som1 has the chops and can compose reasonably well doesnt mean they dont sometimes just make somethin that sux thats just how it goes but the great thing abt music is just cuz i think it sux doesnt mean u cant still like it and neither of us are objectively right or wrong even tho cuz its me im just a little bit righter haha

>> No.25745666

i think theres more than 1 animenz fanboi itt

>> No.25745706

nice dude

>> No.25745731
File: 50 KB, 270x199, tutun-dopamine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25745741

i miss him bros

>> No.25745763

does jamal remember any of the ecelebs from back when djt was on /a/

>> No.25745764

yeah thats how love goes
first you get pulled in, then you hate person and once they are gone you miss them

>> No.25745773

fuck this is japan condensed down in to one cm

>> No.25745794

besides steve and namasensei no idea but u have to remember like 3 months after i showed up djt got deleted from /a/ forever

life is such a fucken joke

>> No.25745887

chairman mao wanted to get rid of the hanzi and replace them with some form of romanized alternative
really makes me think what people would have thought of kanji if he did

>> No.25745889

yeah fuckin right lol

>> No.25745910

its not hard the vids are from about 10 years ago now

>> No.25745919

the irony of jamal scolding someone for talking about something they're not qualified to when he's been doing that in regards to japanese 18 hours per day for the past 5 years

>> No.25745928


>> No.25745955

hes stil better than you

>> No.25745975

before id concede that but after his reading stream im not even sure about that which is quite the indictment lol

>> No.25745984

if u wrote ur post in japanese it wouldve been frankly epic but since u only know english u just had to go and take ur good idea and absolutely ruin it

>> No.25745989

doubt we will ever get to see jamals real japanese level

>> No.25745998

>btw if ur gonna try to gatekeep by sayin i cant read a score its just indicative of ur overall level quite frankly thats shit kids do my friend
no wonder this guy defends georges illiteracy

>> No.25746005

its better this way

>> No.25746015

the redemption stream is comin i swear dude i just have to get thru 50000 flashcards so i have every word in japanese completely memorized frontwards and backwards and then its on

nah i showed it right here


>> No.25746045

how do i defend it when i literally shined the biggest light on it with the dq11 clip where he couldnt even understand how they wrote the instructions lmao

>> No.25746070

yeah i know that vocaroo is a carefully crafted act to make yourself sound bad
i like the project you have going on

>> No.25746082

george doesn't know japanese

>> No.25746091

no i said like 1 sentence of japanese dude like seriously that vocaroo was actually 0 jokes and 100% serious

>> No.25746097

jamal only started to learn japanese 4 years ago and hes already chou umai

>> No.25746106

damn i just looked up #visualnovel on twitter to reference for an epic tweet and it's full of westernshit, who knew there was such a big indie industry of english language vns. pretty cringe

>> No.25746117

ok bro ;)

>> No.25746125

fastest success story in djt history

>> No.25746134

so that's what jamal's doing for the next three days
武者修行 for the redemption stream

>> No.25746137

ddlc is unironically better than the vast majority of japanese vns

>> No.25746147

i still have 6 months to change that

>> No.25746158 [DELETED] 
File: 370 KB, 739x640, 1587200350145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

another day another dab set forth upon djt

>> No.25746170

oh yah i thought i was gonna get cancelled by now i wonder what happened i guess the vay cay is off lol

>> No.25746212

just imagine if instead of that picture of the mind illuminated karubin had been holding up a key masterpiece or famous nukige, he'd be fluent by now

>> No.25746257
File: 1.47 MB, 1460x1068, rip carbin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

instead this was his end

>> No.25746266

key games are shit though
soulless boring self insert 6流young adult level writing padded out "games" with the most generic emotion fishing and themes
but the music is always crazy good

>> No.25746270

wish i could ping the local celebrities here like i can with jamal

>> No.25746309

what key games are u eve ntalkin about

kanon was original af air was so original literally nobody understood it and maeda got hella pissed and shoveled out the crap that is clannad for his low iq bottom denominator fan base and then after that big time gap then epic litbus which was about the power of friendship and community

>> No.25746316

if you want to make it you have to play at 0 bgm like quiz

>> No.25746346

i want to kill jamal just gonna say it outright

>> No.25746350


>> No.25746360

*unsheathes dai katana* kakattekoy!!!

>> No.25746373

*jumps in front of jamal and defends him from anon's final blow in heroic display* go on my son, accomplish great things, things i never could....

>> No.25746388

how old would you have to be to call jamal son

>> No.25746405

pretty rude

>> No.25746441

im not that crazy but i do want to beat him up bad

>> No.25746479
File: 62 KB, 379x584, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25746499

your shit site has already been posted shill also

>condensed audio
the epitome of ngmi

>> No.25746500
File: 436 KB, 1920x816, 1580484877291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25746515

how about you immerse yourself in a tank of sarin

>> No.25746518

that frame w. those tittys is givin me mixed messages

i think thats a boy

>> No.25746550

>wasting precious passive immersion time with empty space

>> No.25746569

id say squint harder but then ur eyes would be closed hahaha

>> No.25746583

paused my immersion to lol at this post

>> No.25746585

don't care for most of this but they've got some overlord audiobooks pretty neat

>> No.25746602

>running at full speed trying to get between jamal and the bullet
>even then its too late
>start crying clenching my fists

>> No.25746607

literally who gives a fuck about that chuuni shit

>> No.25746619
File: 87 KB, 300x200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25746622

i do haha

>> No.25746624

anon does

>> No.25746628


>> No.25746632

overlord is based as fuck.

>> No.25746641

but isn't mia against piracy?

>> No.25746657


>> No.25746674

wtf they have the mushoku tensei audiobooks i was asking for the other day i just finished reading volume 9

>> No.25746675

mass immersion approach more like minimal improvement approach haha

>> No.25746696

i know quizzys getting all hot and uncomfortable from the overlord bashing but sometimes you just have to accept you have shit taste to declench

>> No.25746705

reading is good for you

>> No.25746707

overlord blows but that 1 part where the dude buffs like 50 times is epic and very spot on

>> No.25746728

already notified japan hope youre using a proxy :)

>> No.25746742

its a pathetic powertrip fantasy with horrible cg and a predictable, tired plot

>> No.25746750

I've always been an overlord fan but I never thought it would go anywhere, but then volume 14 came out and blew my mind. I can't wait to get my Japanese up to par for day one reading of the last 3-4 volumes.

>> No.25746757

bro ur toxic af i hope a bird shits on you

>> No.25746761
File: 51 KB, 499x500, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25746771

pretty sure medieval alchemists expressed the idea of the ego symbolically and they called consciousness the "spirit" or the "sun" or personified it as the "king" and that was the ego, the director of consciousness

>> No.25746778

no one with good taste and that's for damn sure

>> No.25746783

This is such a brainlet discussion, normies really live like this?

>> No.25746792

watched 5 episodes of anime today and i dont feel like watching anymore but i read 500 pages of manga so its fine

>> No.25746806


>> No.25746818

i knew i was gmi when i started choosing raw doujins over porn for all my faps

>> No.25746828

built in OCR and dictionary

>> No.25746850


>> No.25746852

i tried using it but the ocr is really fucking bad, i found it almost never works even for scans that are perfectly fine. ive been using the kaku app which is better in that regard plus you dont have to stretch the ocr box every time u want to scan something

>> No.25746863


>> No.25746872

if you have a good scanner it only takes a few minutes to do an entire book

>> No.25746887

you can really see his brain pulsating in this one

>> No.25746897

that looks awesome ngl

>> No.25746945

this guy is astoundingly stupid

>> No.25746964

that makes sense lol. the people on dlraw host their shit on sites that pay per 1000 downloads. im sure theyre making decent money, i used to upload porn to those sites and was making like 1000 bucks a month back in high school. knew people that were making a lot more than that too.

>> No.25746969

holy moly every1s done this song


well it is a banger even if the show is trash

>> No.25747004

its pretty overrated

>> No.25747019

yah i mean idk i hate the word overrated but its like just more of what i would expect

i think what happened was like most shit is just actually terrible atm so like a track like that which is not unlike a lot of shit from around 8-10 years ago pops up and every1s like o man this bangs but its really just more of the same before things got worse idk

>> No.25747050

i think anime died in the 2010s

>> No.25747138

yotd: 尊皇攘夷

>> No.25747148

mined that from a history book

>> No.25747152

>Since the killings, locals have called the cave "Kuronbō Gama",[4] which translates to the "Cave of The Dark-Skinned Boys"
how the fuck does "gama" mean cave? also why can i find nothing about this incident written in japanese? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1945_Katsuyama_killing_incident

>> No.25747193

back then was probably easier because there werent adblockers or few people used

>> No.25747204
File: 85 KB, 433x404, 1590078469611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25747247

it's okinawan duh

>> No.25747268

"Reportedly, three African-American soldiers of the United States Marines Corps began to repeatedly visit the village of Katsuyama, northwest of the city of Nago, and every time they violently took the village women into the nearby hills and raped them. The Marines became so confident that the villagers of Katsuyama were powerless to stop them, they came to the village without their weapons.[2] "
fucking lol

>> No.25747324

wonder if the women had any half niglets and what they did to them
well as they were american soldiers they probably raped children

>> No.25747354

Once the bodies were recovered by the United States Army, the three Marines were identified using dental records as Private First Class James D. Robinson of Savannah, Private First Class John M. Smith of Cincinnati, and Private Isaac Stokes of Chicago, all aged 19 years-old.[1]

>> No.25747368


>> No.25747401

they were kids not real soldiers

>> No.25747428

t. knows nothing about the military

at 19 you can have more responsibility than the average person will ever experience especially in wartime. you're definitely an adult. plus at that age you ought to know that raping isn't ok.

>> No.25747438

from what ive read, okinawan women just had abortions or killed the baby after birth

>> No.25747444

they were marines sent to other side of the world
to be fair i would probably have raped women too if i were a soldier in enemy territory. those guys just had bad luck, raping was probably something they all did back then

>> No.25747455

people who say that its overrated don't have anything negative to say about it

>> No.25747472

bc that entire thing is just fake and propaganda

>> No.25747476

it's a mediocre song

>> No.25747488

>About 8 p.m., the men saw a Japanese girl wearing a school uniform and carrying a bag of books walking along the street, the attorney said. They stopped the car, and Ledet pulled her inside, putting her into the back seat while Harp taped her mouth and eyes and hit her once. Matsunaga said Gill bound her hands and legs.
god damn it these guys are living the dream... i should join the army

>> No.25747493

>well as they were american soldiers
yea plus they were black which increases the chances by what, 500-1000%?

>> No.25747497


>> No.25747506

was this propaganda too?
The 1995 Okinawa rape incident took place on September 4, 1995, when three African-American U.S. servicemen, U.S. Navy Seaman Marcus Gill and U.S. Marines Rodrico Harp and Kendrick Ledet, who were all serving at Camp Hansen on Okinawa, rented a van and kidnapped a 12-year-old Okinawan girl. They beat her, duct-taped her eyes and mouth shut, and bound her hands. Gill and Harp then raped her, while Ledet claimed he only pretended to do so out of fear of Gill.

>> No.25747510


>> No.25747514

no bc that has verifiable sources

>> No.25747515

sounds so fucking hot
imagine getting to pick anyone and just dragging them by the hair shit makes me diamonds

>> No.25747521

>3 black men rape a 12 year old jap
ur in denial

>> No.25747535

no im just sayin some things are properly documented and verifiable other things are just written to add to the narrative as per some agenda

>> No.25747538

they literally found the skeletons and brought them back to the US to be buried after matching the dental records

>> No.25747541

>while Ledet claimed he only pretended to do so out of fear of Gill.
lmfao he was just pretending to rape her it was just a prank bros

>> No.25747542

ive noticed that a lot of erogamers like me dont stop at nothin to get whats in our sights. thats the ultimate power

>> No.25747550


>> No.25747551

according to what

>> No.25747563

nothing wrong with wartime rape
murders bad tho

>> No.25747566

those guys lived the dream
they probably were sent back to the us and released to live their lives while the military pretended they cared and were making them suffer the consequences or some shit lol

>> No.25747584


>> No.25747601

djt full of complete garbage people whats new

>> No.25747626

cause of death couldnt be verified and neither can the rape story its unfortunately rubbish

not saying bad shit didnt happen but i wont just give the ok and fuel a false narrative when theres no proof of anything

>> No.25747642





>> No.25747651

there's literally a whole town of eye witnesses that corroborated the story lmfao why u so upset by this white boy?

>> No.25747660

jamal is yellow

>> No.25747662

less garbage than some hypocrite who likes taking the moral high ground

>> No.25747667

and wheres the proof that this happened and isnt just written in an article

>> No.25747669

shut the fuck up apologist
you are a disgrace to the asian race you american bootlicker subhuman

>> No.25747686

ah seems very reasonable ur either with us or against us haha very intelligent response in this very intelligent arena of discussion i should expect no less

>> No.25747695

whats there to apologize about lmao

>> No.25747712

im not a hypocrite cause i wouldnt rape women and saying that you're garbage for saying otherwise isn't taking the moral high ground to anyone but the worst scum imaginable

>> No.25747717

still don't get why you think jamal is a chink. he just sounds like a californian.

>> No.25747725

>the article is fake xD
youre not very good this are you

>> No.25747727

fuck yourself with a shotgun and pull the trigger when you orgasm

>> No.25747746

calm down quizler

>> No.25747749

ill wait for u to pull up japanese sources to back up the witness corroboration

if so many ppl corroborated the story there should be some record in japanese right ? haha

yah i watched bible black too

>> No.25747754

but the nigga aint a californian

>> No.25747757

should i even bother trying to learn pitch accent if i completely and utterly failed to differentiate the different tones on that tone test someone posted here the other day?

>> No.25747771

>should i even bother trying to learn pitch accent

didnt read the rest dont need to

>> No.25747787

yeah if you don't want to sound like this https://streamable.com/f8zz2r

>> No.25747789

jamal has spoken
pack it up its fake
they dindu nuffin

>> No.25747791

no i don't see why there would be any article written about it in japanese, the villagers reported it to the Americans

>> No.25747794

jesus calm down putting a dick in a pussy isnt going to kill anyone lol

>> No.25747796
File: 3.16 MB, 1920x1017, 1578088345401.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does jamal hate pitch accent because he feels 99.99% of would-be learners would never successfully incorporate it so they're just wasting their time with irrelevant bullshit like rtk users and spreadsheet guys and all that?

>> No.25747804

you must be a feminist retard that thinks sticking penis in vagina is worse than murder lol

>> No.25747807

>it isnt taking the moral high ground, its just taking the moral high ground

>> No.25747809

what are the wrong pitch accents in this? would like to know for reference

>> No.25747819

so japanese would just never tell the story amongst themselves ? haha right im sure

its not somethnig u learn and then incorporate its something u acquire as u acquire the language and yes u can even acquire "incorrect" pronunciation from natives ! what a concept

>> No.25747827

>pitch accent
You get a feeling for it if you just learn grammar and vocab. The only reason so many loser think it's necessary is because no Japanese person wants to talk to them and they think it's because of their accent (it's because they look ugly and creepy).

Most retards who try to meme this shit don't even know that Japan has not "one" accent and that the accent is VERY unimportant. If you understand Japanese you will know if you sound good or not.

>> No.25747842

god i love uppercasers

>> No.25747844

matt says you can acquire some pitch accent with no deliberate study, but you'll still make a ton of mistakes and japs will find it a bit uncomfortable.

>> No.25747846

we dont even have feminism where im from
>to anyone but the worst scum imaginable
that'd be you, you illiterate retard

>> No.25747854

jamal hates pitch accent cuz he can't do it
sour grapes haha

>> No.25747858

i laughed

>> No.25747860

there might be multiple accents but at least they're consistent, you're going to sound horrible if you just try to wing things which is ok if you don't plan on speaking ever ig

>> No.25747874

it doesnt mean anything when someone with double digit iq calls you a retard

>> No.25747875

>Most retards who try to meme this shit don't even know that Japan has not "one" accent
i cannot tell if people who make this argument are trolling or not. does the fact southern american accents exist mean that thick chinese accents aren't annoying and difficult to understand? if you mix and match various US accents you'll be annoying to listen to. are you people fucking retarded?

>> No.25747880

matt says the 3 kuronbou did the raping

>> No.25747887

what's so bad about rape that make it different from getting beat up let's say

>> No.25747894

bro you can't even comprehend a basic sentence in english, the retard moniker fits you like a glove

>> No.25747921

theres probably thousands of research papers at this point and millions of anecdotes about the lasting psychological effects of it and how negatively it impacts ur life afterward but it's obvious you're acting retarded on purpose and dont care about reality so whatever

>> No.25747925

>no im not doing x im only doing x

>> No.25747939


>> No.25747942

read it 1 more time maybe you'll manage to get it

>> No.25747970

you have double digit iq or you are pretending to not know what i mean because you know its objectively wrong to feel superior like that

>> No.25747974



>> No.25747997

maybe there are "lasting psychological effects" because the ones getting raped have some sort of mental issues that makes them overly sensitive
it's like someone telling me how i've scarred them for life cuz i called them a retard or something lmao get a fucking grip

>> No.25747999

stfu retarded uppercaser

>> No.25748011



>> No.25748026

your original assertion that i was claiming not to be taking the high ground is obviously incorrect since i never said that, retard. im obviously taking the moral high ground toward people who think rape is ok and if you think thats wrong you need to vacate ur existence asap.
if the premise of ur trolling is absurd and nonsensical the troll itself isnt amusing. refine ur shit.

>> No.25748039

thx for proving my point

>> No.25748053

what point i aint mad abt anything and instead i just noogie ur lil scrub ass every time u make the mistake of tryna post @ me

>> No.25748056

there is only '"lasting psychological effects" beause women have been brainwashed into believing rape is bad thanks to feminim, so they end up enjoying it (look up women orgasming in rape) but feel horrible about it afterwards wen in fact its something natural, sa natural as consensual sex and they should understand that. its like constantly telling yur kids masturbation is satanic, that the devil is trying to make them do it. ofc they will feel guilty about it if they masturbate.

>> No.25748078

negative iq

>> No.25748082

yeah ur really bad at this, it's not even fun

>> No.25748095

well u couldnt have been talking about my pitch bc it was actually perfect but go ahead and blow urself out again like u did when the guy brought out the soundwave and objectively proved u dont know shit !! lmao

>> No.25748101

clench jamutt

>> No.25748103

yea good point actually, rape victims probably fit a certain psychological profile and they may be prone to neuroticism and overreact to stuff

>> No.25748109

ill take that as ur concession

>> No.25748120

take my fat cock in your anus

>> No.25748140

cant too many hemmys i cant even squeeze a loaf out without losin a pint

>> No.25748143

>if the premise of ur trolling is absurd and nonsensical the troll itself isnt amusing. refine ur shit.
being all hysterical about it isn't going to get you anywhere, you're just coming across as obnoxious if you think a view is so sacred that merely questioning it is offensive and taboo

>> No.25748161

i still bleed every time i poop because of hemorrhoids

>> No.25748188

ok so what about when the women is knocked out and then raped and never finds out

>> No.25748202

stfu retard

>> No.25748212

thats so fukcing metal bro

>> No.25748230

sex is more fundamental to humans than ego that's why it can really shake a person's sense of self

>> No.25748238

rape is good

>> No.25748239

how do you rape an ego

>> No.25748241

id rape ur mum and make u watch all tied up

>> No.25748243

dang i used to link that in here


>> No.25748258

give me quizler and give me 5 mins and ill show u again


>> No.25748260

didnt even click ur link lmfao, u fucken loser

>> No.25748263

stfu faggot your sense of "humor" is horrible you're the worst type of person to be around

>> No.25748269

they unironically rock hard

>> No.25748274

why do these kinds of people come here bro go to twitter most of them are just joking idiot

>> No.25748298

u wish i were joking u fucken sissy

>> No.25748299

i wasnt joking

>> No.25748301

yah *lowers megane and checks ur signature* loserさん、i sure am fucken

ur ass LOL

>> No.25748303

精液で瀕死の胎児が塗りたい \m/

>> No.25748307

>The soldiers then raped the other women and forced mothers to have sexual intercourse with their sons, and fathers with their daughters, for the soldiers' entertainment.
Yeah, actually fuck Japan. Don't care what happens to them

>> No.25748320

take your meds morbido guy

>> No.25748324

thats based as fuck you homo retard

>> No.25748333


>> No.25748335

hitler literally wanted to genocide slavs though. some races are more predisposed to evil than others, but we're still all capable of it.

shut up tobira guy

>> No.25748341

that doesnt even make sense, how u gonna dig up a long dead joke from its grave like that just to misuse it?

>> No.25748353


>> No.25748368


>> No.25748413

now we're taking

>> No.25748415

can you reply to this?

>> No.25748421

why dont japs make good death metal like this

>> No.25748428

can't, it'd break the character limit

>> No.25748435

pitch copers < white noise copers

>> No.25748468

only americans can write good death metal lol

>> No.25748497


>> No.25748513

retard there's only one good death metal band and they're brittish

>> No.25748519

metal sounds like shit

>> No.25748520

japan makes the 2nd best music of any country based on the numbers

>> No.25748538

not as bad as your posts

>> No.25748541

ah yes the band which plays medical dictionary scrabble lol

>> No.25748542

jap brains are number 1 most nuked based on the numbers

>> No.25748570
File: 69 KB, 200x165, 1574394648972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25748577

japanese metal just ends up sounding like rehashed jrock and thrash metal most of the time

>> No.25748606

all metal sounds like white noise

>> No.25748608

the answer to this is on my patreon

>> No.25748617

sounds like a u problem

>> No.25748624

i dont listen to music but i know metal is the best genre and its a sign of low iq to dislike it

>> No.25748636

metal sounds dumb and noisy

>> No.25748653

i feel like i could knock down a building when im listening to good metal

>> No.25748662

if only y'aIl knew what high iq music is

>> No.25748664

ROOOOAAGHGHG- shut up. just shut up. fuck metal.

>> No.25748691

imagine disliking metal but liking hip hop

>> No.25748694

alright enough metal, good music time

>> No.25748699

thats why i feel like when im doing anything since im a based otaku chuuni

>> No.25748713

well theres not a lot of good stuff in either genre but theres more good hiphop

>> No.25748714

i recommend looking up some lyrics and making sentence cards

>> No.25748724

shut up john

>> No.25748725


>> No.25748730

yeah its got really sick rhythms which fly over the heads of retards

>> No.25748756


i like this way more than the best metal ever produced whether it be musical or an alloy

>> No.25748766

i don't

>> No.25748778

im just spittin facts but ok

>> No.25748779

Yomichan suddenly stopped working on all my windows devices,something happened? like a stealth update or something? It shows the red !! all the times even when I restart it.

>> No.25748792

i'm 63 seconds in and i wanna fly it over my head and straight into the garbage bin but i'll just close the tab instead

>> No.25748801

no one who thinks hiphop is better than metal is worth listening to

>> No.25748817

i wish metal got popular instead of rap so whitoids could ruin your favorite genre instead

>> No.25748831

dude that transition at 0:33 is just fuken sick idk how you can call yourself human if you dont feel anything there

>> No.25748848

im not concerned with that im just over here spittin facts like always

>> No.25748849

alright let me go back and listen again

yea nothing felt absolutely nothing gonna click that x again

>> No.25748864

you're going to be spitting blood after i shove my foot up your ass retard

>> No.25748872

guess ur emotions are all flattened lol

>> No.25748889

anyone got a timestamp for the good part of this? i'm pausing at 30 seconds.

>> No.25748903

after watching this I think I hate metal now

>> No.25748917

oyasumo all 1 final link for the road


>> No.25748941

holy fuck didn't know jamals this based

>> No.25748952


>> No.25748955

oyasumi chuu

>> No.25748959

ROOOAHDLKJDFKH holy fuck someone tell this idiot vocalist to stfu

>> No.25748972

you sound more annoying than him lol

>> No.25748984

difference is i'm not making posts that are meant to sound pleasant

>> No.25748985

this is some chuunibyou ass shit lol

>> No.25748993

low test

>> No.25748996

last i checked metal isnt supposed to sound pleasant

>> No.25749013


>> No.25749020

then it must be anti-otaku media and thus cringe media and you should stop posting about it

>> No.25749038

otaku media isnt supposed to be all pleasant either

>> No.25749053

metal is just chuunibyou shit but for man child whitoids

>> No.25749058

everyone itt right now needs to stfu

>> No.25749096

even the saddest otaku media is pleasant because you're experiencing beautiful art. some guy gurgling into a mic cannot be pleasant

>> No.25749098

want to punch all of you in the fucking face

>> No.25749111

want to kill all the japs for inventing such a retarded language

>> No.25749119

but 90% of metal value comes from the instruments you blithering retard go listen to adele or some other garbage if you need vocal centric music

>> No.25749138

>from the instruments
and they sound like shit in metal. adele's music is better even if you remove her vocals

>> No.25749159

how do you think your peasant opinions can be taken seriously no wonder you're an otaku retard

>> No.25749161

you don't know what groove is

>> No.25749176

yeah hip hop can have great production too but with lyrics you can understand on top of that

>> No.25749206

hip hop is the simplest lowest iq genre. and most metal has clean vocals.

>> No.25749220

>hip hop is the simplest lowest iq genre

>> No.25749221

the vocals are really just treated as an abrasive instrument in metal especially the heavier genres, it's just for adding intensity not so much being comprehensible or being soothing

>> No.25749232

what you're doing is the equivalent of prattling on about the taste and texture of a turd. it's disgusting and absurd on the face of it. i'm ok with someone with a scat fetish calling me a peasant

>> No.25749243

yeah theres hip hop that does this too

>> No.25749244

you haters don't even know what you're hating on

>> No.25749277

doesn't matter because metal is objectively better

>> No.25749281


>> No.25749290

love material girl way more than any metal

>> No.25749292

lol 1:50 comes out of nowhere

>> No.25749297

he says while slurping down diarrhea otaku media

>> No.25749301

you dont have a soul if you are looking for iq in your music instead of feel

>> No.25749310

name 1 bad piece of otaku media i like

>> No.25749331

is cure dolly a tranny or an old woman

>> No.25749345

love me some 90s death metal dont care what anyone says

>> No.25749376

uh well metal feels the best so checkmate nigger.

>> No.25749384

aal's amazing, really like this one

>> No.25749403

why did you bring up iq than in the first place soulless goblin

>> No.25749474

but otaku media is amazing. its literally the only modern art movement comparable to the renaissance, but its impact gets suppressed because of racism

>> No.25749477

name 1 metal song better than this

>> No.25749479

all of them

>> No.25749497

what the fuck is this garbage

>> No.25749537

me when i hear those vocals

>> No.25749577

40mph bike gang where we at https://youtu.be/9Ywi3LfJnSs

lets goooooo

>> No.25749598

whats wrong with the right ones face

>> No.25749620


>> No.25749686

you can sort of combine hip hop with rock/metal

>> No.25749697

goofy lookin fuck lol

>> No.25749753

yea hes also a real arrogant asshole but thats whats cool about him
gonna ping jamal on this one want to hear what he thinks about it when he wakes up

>> No.25749798

keep in in the irc fag

>> No.25749808

>goofy lookin
presenting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VBdAY8eA9w

>> No.25749848

just peaked at his old videos when he had no tattoos and it made me sad

>> No.25749874

for each tattoo i see on someone i subtract 10 points from my mental perception of their iq

>> No.25749898

nothing surpasses impaled northern moonforest

>> No.25749944


>> No.25749995

i'm trying to read some anime
anyone got quintessential quintuplets jp subs?

stupid ass greasyfork script wont rip them from netflix for some reason

>> No.25750014

stfu ranka is beautiful

>> No.25750029
File: 31 KB, 663x429, nino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

srry idont help ppl with trash taste

>> No.25750067

lmfao wall e on steroids in the back

>> No.25750107
File: 203 KB, 1440x1080, bruh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25750115

they're on kitsunekko

>> No.25750116

did you forget to search for the japanese title of the show on kitsuneko

>> No.25750126

fucken clamp

>> No.25750135

i didn't even know the english title it sounds retarded as hell but points for creativity i guess

>> No.25750149


watch and learn bros. input is important

>> No.25750155

im in a funk bros. and its a bad one

>> No.25750157

wtf fuck romaji!
they should put titles in 日本語 so i can search easier

>> No.25750160

wats a funk tf

>> No.25750173

japs do make good metal. they make all kinds of music.
as for me it's zeuhl and this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbJCTxHrJww

>> No.25750176

didnt learn anything

>> No.25750186

stfu moe even you can learn something from a veteran like britvsjapan

>> No.25750203

I don't trust racemixers

>> No.25750217

everyones a mix of something

>> No.25750219

>1992 bm
wtf japs beating norwegian bros??

>> No.25750234

yeah you are a mix of my sperm and your moms egg

>> No.25750244

i'm american and both my parents are overwhelmingly of british ancestry and i hope 23andme and other services will get more granular and tell me if i'm more english or scottish or welsh but i'm hoping for english since they're higher class

>> No.25750253

sounds like first wave, prolly inspired by venom or hellhammer
bathory had already gone further 7 years prior, and mayhem and and darkthrone had setup the 2nd wave by 1991
still good metal though

>> No.25750270


for me its this

>> No.25750281

>hoping for english since they're higher class
jigsaw teeth don't even swipe their asses properly real classy they are lmfao

>> No.25750294

*wipe lol

>> No.25750300

i could read a single news article or episode of anime and probably find 100+ i+1 sentences and it's overwhelming.

>> No.25750310
File: 48 KB, 286x241, mongrelrican future.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25750314

sounds pretty funny when its in jp ngl
also u should do pitch colored cards

>> No.25750342

>mongrelrican future
is this not depressing to anyone else? china is probably gonna be a superpower. imagine if over the next century they just opened their borders and swamped t heir country with 90 iq south asians and eastern steppe peoples.

>> No.25750343

more than ever i need a good anime...

>> No.25750349

watch re:zero

>> No.25750353

fuck japanese actually

>> No.25750361

>632 reviews
yep bros it's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyYnstGB3rM

>> No.25750363

western steppe*

>> No.25750376

at home = cosy
1200 reviews here. only did like 130 today fuck it

>> No.25750383

>my deck of pitch colored sentence card reached 5000
music for this feel?

>> No.25750388


>> No.25750403

not good

>> No.25750413

at least your distraction is japanese related. i've got like 5 wiki articles and 7 blogs open about shit like china's military standing and the gospel of matthew and i've got a 1000 word essay due next week. i just wanna immerse in japanese ffs

>> No.25750415

bruh you think i would be asking for anime in desperation if i hadnt seen it already

>> No.25750429

>Burzum's early work was influenced by Tolkien; for example, Vikernes' early moniker "Count Grishnackh" is taken from an orc character called Grishnákh in Tolkien's works. Burzum is a word of the Black Speech of Mordor meaning "darkness" (though Vikernes views what Christians consider "darkness" as "light")
lmfao chuuni as fuck
white boys sure love autistic roleplay

>> No.25750433

Sometimes I'll stumble upon a person that started MIA a few months ago, but their posts are in perfect Japanese and I'll freak out only to realise their doing it to learn English. Times have changed.

>> No.25750443

not an argument

>> No.25750461
File: 33 KB, 500x568, kawaiivarg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25750472

tsukuyomi moon phase
kokoro toshokan
both got great ops

>> No.25750479

one piece

>> No.25750493

ayo he looks like a bitch
sissy white bois insecure af so dey roleplay as vikingz and shiet

>> No.25750506

he has like 10 kids incel

>> No.25750515

hes more alpha than youll ever be

>> No.25750541

whats the character on the left from

>> No.25750563

"In May 1994, Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison (Norway's maximum penalty) for the murder of Euronymous, the arson of four churches, and for possession of 150 kg of explosives. Two churches were burnt the day he was sentenced, "presumably as a statement of symbolic support"."
lmfao the black metal scene in norway was fucked up

>> No.25750621
File: 21 KB, 600x340, keh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watch more anime

>> No.25750642


>> No.25750654

he gave you the source btw

>> No.25750665

ah yes, another moe-approved anime

>> No.25750676


>> No.25750689


>> No.25750697


japan finally let this on youtube bros

>> No.25750726

those acquirers who only care about having fun and none of that extra unnecessary shit are top tier

>> No.25750742


>> No.25750745

it's more fun when it's theatrical and over the top

>> No.25750747

cope dekinai

>> No.25750761

it’s like that for everyone in the beginning. it gets better dw. just don’t burn yourself out too soon. be selective about what you mine vs what you just look up and move on. some words will just stick that way anyway

>> No.25750762

good stuff

>> No.25750773

why? they're so fucking boring and this thread wouldn't be a tenth of what it is today if it only consisted of those assholes.

>> No.25750783

nope just a reader with a dictionary

>> No.25750797


>> No.25750800

there's a desperate lack of trash talkers in this thread

>> No.25750807

i always thought she was a slightly deranged old esl woman

>> No.25750823


>> No.25750825

her cadence does sound like an old timer lady at times, I could believe that

>> No.25750839

why esl

>> No.25750845

just sitting here waiting for this torrent to download like the king i am

>> No.25750857

>176 due cards

>> No.25750869
File: 116 KB, 1024x576, 1572620080979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25750875

yea the seat for the djt throne is up for the taking, a king with skill in both jp and talking shit needs to arawareru

>> No.25750896

i can talk shit but i cant talk japanese

>> No.25750906

most people who don't go through the unfun study during the first 6 months are ngmi
you need a strong base
9/10 miafags can watch anime for 25 years without getting anywhere

>> No.25750928

umm old quiz??

>> No.25750931

souce: your ass

>> No.25750941

i dont like 作品 older than 10 years old

>> No.25750947

i have very chuuni paranoias about the world

>> No.25750952

permanently retired

>> No.25750956

you are so dumb you should be killed

>> No.25750971

her english/accent is weird and she talks about it on her blog i think

>> No.25750974

its a very good show though

>> No.25750982

that's gonna be a yikes from me dawg

>> No.25750986

uh he asked for anime less than 10 years old though not good anime

>> No.25750995

link to blog?

>> No.25751001
File: 19 KB, 700x393, img_f14fba4a71aa25d75d0899650891587f40237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.25751011


>> No.25751012
File: 1.82 MB, 987x731, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anime has not progressed at all

>> No.25751028

neither has your japanese lmao

>> No.25751030

sure but lets see what its like a couple hundred years from now

>> No.25751034

youre pissing me off you fucking pleb
why would you tell him to watch the anime adaptation before reading the vn?

>> No.25751050


>> No.25751058

どうぞ http://learnjapaneseonline.info/2019/01/12/speaking-japanese-without-an-accent-vital-skill-or-party-trick/

>> No.25751065

if he didnt know where that pic is from hes prolly a yomenai

>> No.25751080

thanks whore <3

>> No.25751098

whore huh

>> No.25751109

yes slut

>> No.25751112


>> No.25751118


>> No.25751133


>> No.25751150

well no matter how much you study pitch accent you will never sound truly japanese

not even dogen has accomplished this

so shinpai shinaide

>> No.25751153

fuk off makopi

>> No.25751170


>> No.25751183

>if you can't go 100% stay at 0%
amazing reasoning im floored by your sheer genius

>> No.25751188

alright took me an hour to read the first episode of 五等分の花嫁
mined 13 cards
thanks for reading my blog

>> No.25751205

lmk when you reach this part >>25750029

>> No.25751206

retards what I'm saying is don't worry about being perfect, that's literally impossible. it's nice to try and be as good as you can be, but don't sweat the small stuff, you know

>> No.25751208

cummed to this uncensored jav https://xfantazy.com/video/5c7f7142ca038643f741ef06

>> No.25751218

yea im not clicking on that virus

>> No.25751234

im not the guy that asked where its from i just said i don’t like sakuhin older than 10 years old

>> No.25751242
File: 60 KB, 1280x720, 1556057519401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>took me an hour to read the first episode

>> No.25751262

ok? that has nothing to do with the post you quoted

>> No.25751274


[Heyzo-0856] 縦線クッキリ!やっぱりロリはパイパンに限る!! / 大家あみ

>> No.25751287

they dont put soul in the ops anymore

>> No.25751295

how do you choose what to mine and what to leave

>> No.25751322

if you need to choose you should pick something easier

>> No.25751330



>> No.25751335

i ask 2 questions
do i understand sentence?
is this word pretty common? (under 7000 in vn frequency list cus im new)

>> No.25751348

>mining from jav

>> No.25751358

i was asking the guy who took an hour to get through one episode of anime

>> No.25751377

lmao i fucked up

>> No.25751378

doesn't matter

>> No.25751383

Anyone have the guide for a ShareX Linux alternative?

>> No.25751392

i think you fucked up again lol

>> No.25751430


>> No.25751446

what doesn’t

>> No.25751471

the post in >>25751322 stands regardless
you don't 'choose' while mining, you change what you input

>> No.25751487

>Convert half width characters to full width (ヨミチャン ヨミチャン)

yo this setting saved my ass because of these gay subs

>> No.25751522

according to you beginners can’t watch anything then lol even easy anime like mitsuboshi can have 100 or more new words for them

>> No.25751603

beginners should finish a good deck before even thinking of watching raw anime

>> No.25751644

i never completed any premade deck
i did read a lot though

it comes down to whether you want to brute force reading in the first weeks or spend weeks on grinding a core deck. i chose the former tbqh

>> No.25751649

which is why you crippled yourself and took way longer than you shouldve

>> No.25751712

jesus nigga, don't know why people get so butthurt when they see people not doing what they did, as long as you don't use textbook u fine

>> No.25751734


>> No.25751767

yup, this guy needs rtk

>> No.25751769


>> No.25752021

How do you combine grammar theory and deck grinding into something useful? Do you just read manga until you get it? I'm really struggling to really learn by consuming stuff. Is there any kind of guided grammar course (or at least some exercises) that isn't targeted towards complete beginners?

>> No.25752048


>> No.25752111

tf is this

>> No.25752160

honestly the sooner i admit to myself i need something like this, the better

>> No.25752175

you wont find it out there with the pitches like in the image

>> No.25752267

maybe it's supposed to be like 度々, but implying a repeated 旅?

>> No.25752393

i get the reading but im not sure on the meaning

>> No.25752449

just read bro
look up the stuff you dont know
make sentence cards

>> No.25752600

basically its plural

>> No.25752611



>> No.25752998

エデュケーション: About 4,530,000 results
エジュケーション: About 181,000 results

>> No.25753107

I was drinking a hot beverage earlier when I burned my tongue I subconsciously thought "man I have a nekojita" omg I'm getting good at japaense let's gooooo

>> No.25753176




>> No.25753225


>> No.25753227

if anyone is doing the core 2k/6k, you can press edit then click on cards... then on back template change in the line

<span style="font-size: 40px; ">{{furigana:Reading}}</span>

the Reading to Expression, it gets rid of those furigana on the sentences

>> No.25753267


>> No.25753535

crippled before you can even crawl

>> No.25753581
File: 23 KB, 443x332, F74910FA-D18C-4688-88F0-4C19FC85E527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>core 2k/6k

>> No.25754253

>An n1 certified foreigner has the Japanese ability of the average learned Japanese adult
wtf is this true

>> No.25754438

dgaf about ret/a/rds

>> No.25754583

I graduated university with a major in Japanese. Where to now?
Good afternoon!
I was wondering if I could get some advice on where to continue my studies from here. I am comfortable teaching high school Japanese but would say I am about N3 (although my listening is bad and needs work). I want to continue and improve as it is my dream to have a career using Japanese and I am nowhere near there.

The issue is I studied in high school and through university and I really do well having that established routine. Doing it by myself seems overwhelming as there's just too much. I have tried to just go out and read material but it is still mostly above me and I don't feel like I am gaining from it. I have no one to practice with either.

Is there a text or something I should still be using at N3 or what would you recommend? I want to study daily but I just don't know how to go about it or what to do. I feel like I am in a rut ever since I graduated.

>> No.25754614

just why

>> No.25754615

where can i find yotsuba raws online? site i was reading on only had up to ch32
i know i can just torrent but that's a hassle

>> No.25754633

100% true
n5 - 1st grader
n4 - 3rd grader
n3 - middle schooler
n2 - high schooler
n1 - college graduate

>> No.25754643

what a dumbass fucking thread full of smug shitbags and crippling advice
its cathartic knowing that none of these retards are gmi, /a/ is truly a failed board now

>> No.25754669


a one time download is a hassle but searching for raws on some jank website is easier?

>> No.25754696

i read on my phone so yeah

>> No.25754715

>I am comfortable teaching high school Japanese but would say I am about N3

>> No.25754747


>> No.25754761

die a painful death

>> No.25754771

I don't know why you felt like it was worth the trouble to post this. This is the standard for about every language teacher out there, academics are a fucking joke.

>> No.25754789

next time post the link to the reddit post too

>> No.25754790


>Even on easiest reading materials there are dozens of new words an kanji per page. You have to spend hours finding what it even means. And I know around 2500 words and few hundred kanji already but it's absolute bullshit. Many of the words I learned are rarely used and I keep forgetting them, meanwhile new words come all the time. I still can't read shit. What a shitfest this language is.

>> No.25754823

>You forgot all the shitposting and "e-celeb" drama. Some guy misreads a word on stream and that's all they can talk about for a week.

>> No.25754844

quiz always has to make everything about himself doesnt he

>> No.25754848


>> No.25754851


>> No.25754857

cope retard crab

>> No.25754884

im really tempted to go to that thread and tear them a new hole but i swore off that shithole after i once got banned 8 times in a month and ragequit a few years ago

>> No.25754895

about jp/djt
>They could be surrounded by wildfires and slowing becoming medium-rare and they would still laugh at someone who is drenched in water.

>> No.25754914


>> No.25754931

glad my post inspired u but it was 40 kmph id be one some tour de france shit if i could do 40 mph

>> No.25754953

love getting woken up by my neighbor drilling the wall my bed is next to feels great

>> No.25754971
File: 78 KB, 1447x280, 1598432223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25755001

Im trying tp practise katakana so Im translating this https://www.youtube.com/post/UgxofaYapRsXvie9_Qx4AaABCQ

Is it de yu shi tsu? what dAt mean

>> No.25755002


>> No.25755018

why is 20 years old "hatachi"? is there some cultural reason?

>> No.25755020

a preschooler is better than n3, probably n2 too

>> No.25755044




>> No.25755055

did u try the googles first

>> No.25755081

I like having multiple explanations. Best I can surmise is that 20 years is when you become an adult in japan?

>> No.25755092

why are uppercasers so fucking retarded, just read this fuckin post and weep lol

>> No.25755113

all right relax cool guy

>> No.25755134 [SPOILER] 
File: 127 KB, 1280x720, 1598433159937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

man bnha is so great

>> No.25755146

unless u are some other guy this is like the 10th post uve made about clenching about this episode lol

>> No.25755151

I'm someone else and I wasn't being ironic

>> No.25755274

jamal is the only constant in my life

>> No.25755291

and youre one of many variables hahaha

>> No.25755326

first time ive heard someone say this

>> No.25755345

apparently I have 野郎 casual speech. wtf does that even mean. I sound like an asshole?

>> No.25755369

first day of japanese?

>> No.25755440




>> No.25755536


>> No.25755716

yeah... you're gonna have to post the convo.

>> No.25755741


>> No.25755800
File: 1.61 MB, 711x870, 1578796140684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do people do this to themselves

>> No.25755814


>> No.25755824


>> No.25755831

The coworker I was referring to is an absolute fucking moron.

>> No.25755841

that wasnt an actual convo right, i just assumed it was a joke post

>> No.25755848

what about the specific line where they tell you you've got "yarou speech?"

>> No.25755849

I amped up the 野郎・男らしい bit but yeah most of it did.

>> No.25755859

after the last line

>> No.25755861

feels good putting retards in their place

>> No.25755899

well did u actually say コラand バカやねえ?

>> No.25755910

weird way to describe how you sat down on the couch

>> No.25755933

I use ねぇinstead of ない and コラ when I'm annoyed. I don't like using 敬語 when I can avoid it.

>> No.25755968

forced and flat just like your pitch

>> No.25755989

theres ur answer lol dont think its normal to say コラ like that in that context

>> No.25755990

insufficient context.

>> No.25756015

hate dishonest questions

>> No.25756078

the real problem with the jap learning community is ignorance coupled with arrogance
basically everything an uppercaser embodies

>> No.25756085

the real problem is that learning communities exist

>> No.25756108

shut up bitch

>> No.25756122

i meant in the sense of the collective whole, its mind blowing how accurate the caricature is

>> No.25756235

Weird way to remember the days of the week

I just thought of this while studying and think it may help others trying to find some concept/word association for these terms:

げつようび -> "げつ" = "Get" back to work.

かようび -> "か" = "Kay..."

すいようび -> "すい" = "So" close.

もくようび -> "もく" = One "more".

きんようび -> "きん" = "King"! (Becuse Fridays are the king of all weekdays)

I couldn't think of anything for the weekends, but hopefully this helps someone!

>> No.25756286

kyoh wah soiyoobi des!

>> No.25756396

watashee no namaee wah yuuuukeeeeyy

>> No.25756419
File: 44 KB, 361x436, dekinai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw still a beginner

>> No.25756445

just the right time to ditch anki and start acquiring the language.

>> No.25756459


>> No.25756500

it'd be retarded to ditch anki considering it takes 20 minutes to do all my reviews
but i'm not retarded enough to download core 6k either

>> No.25756526

well, it's all diminishing returns from here on out.

>> No.25756553

you can finish core 6k in under a month if you arent a lazy bum

>> No.25756582

yeah u suck go mine from jp subbed anime

>> No.25756601

you can fill your closet with piss bottles in under a month, what's your point?

>> No.25756613

that you arent trying

>> No.25756622

it was diminishing returns since like 1k
i know, already did nnb
might go back to eroge for mining, the dialogues are easy but the monologues use a lot of retarded prose

>> No.25756710

idk i dont think that vid was my cup of tea personally i dont think that made for a good beat

when it comes 2 beats with guitar groove really is everything and when u do too much the i think the idea gets lost

that and i just didnt think it sounded good in the 1st place

>> No.25756761

yah hxh fags are mentally ill

>> No.25756822

anyone with a tattoo basically is lol

>> No.25756837

for the most part yah

>> No.25756876

seeing the te form of the copula always confuses me. every single time i read it as the particle で until i get to the end of the sentence and realise it didn't make any sense. just happened with「お母さんが医者で凄いですね」
please tell me i'm not the only one that does this.

>> No.25756885

try harder next time

>> No.25757087

what can i say besides read more

>> No.25757214 [DELETED] 
File: 108 KB, 236x236, 1586524498072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a dab before bed lets the reader get ahead

>> No.25757351

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

>> No.25757371

got a special immersion link for my friends


>> No.25757393


>> No.25757430

どんなにいっぱいself ownしてもわたしはあなたの友達ですよ

>> No.25757471

that's the wrong blue bird, idiot

>> No.25757481


>> No.25757497

prolly the third time we've had this exchange

>> No.25757511

i aint goin in on this 1

>> No.25757515

every days more or less the same here

>> No.25757531
File: 2.38 MB, 1828x1050, shindjt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25757550


>> No.25757574

it ain't 'daily' for no reason.

>> No.25757677
File: 1.10 MB, 916x614, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25757735

its like the walls bending away
spooky shit

>> No.25757825
File: 273 KB, 1031x630, 154186969144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25757889

do these people not realize how wannabe and bitchmade they look?

>> No.25757891


>> No.25757912
File: 174 KB, 1092x612, 1541869691447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25757922

its not wannabe when ur in japan dude movin weight like they do

>> No.25758008

its like a gyaru phase except its much worse

>> No.25758024

swear to god im gonna kms if i dont get to fuck gyaru at least once

>> No.25758093

dont care

>> No.25758095

its not hard to fuck a slut just be in proximity of them and u should be able to get it done

>> No.25758109

the 1st part is the hardest

>> No.25758121

sounds like a personal problem

>> No.25758192

i mean you can always sample with $ to see if its worth the effort

>> No.25758228

いっぱいself ownして~の響きが好きlol

>> No.25758262
File: 9 KB, 400x311, 1490049556735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25758300

jamal outputへのepicな変身をなんとなく促そうとしてるところだよ

>> No.25758343

>things that never happened

>> No.25758355

if i was shinzo abe i would make it illegal to write 事 as こと.

>> No.25758374

Why does immersion make /djt/ seethe with rage?

>> No.25758388

yea dont care *turns the volume on the jam project song playing to max*

>> No.25758394

what are you talking about uppercaser retard

>> No.25758397

i immerse in the hyperoptimized japanese learning atmosphere of djt in order to hyperlearn japanese ですが何か?lol

>> No.25758417


>> No.25758437
File: 529 KB, 720x726, Screenshot_20200826-144535~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25758452


>> No.25758488

i agree
it's amazing how your perception of kanji shifts from "lmao this shit is retarded" to "fuck people who use kana instead of kanji" the more you learn

>> No.25758498

which songs have you saikin hamru'd in?

>> No.25758517

and then back again to liking all kana when you get good

>> No.25758533


>> No.25758629

its a lot harder to understand what im reading if i read it out loud

>> No.25758806
File: 91 KB, 447x597, 1529949669438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yah dude very おもろい that

>> No.25758889

you wouldnt know

>> No.25758904

some guy on reddit said he wanted to become more fluent and some guy said to get tobira and do some grammar exercises lol

>> No.25758964

I started 3K Core Deck and what the heck man.. How do you people memorize shit? I forget everything, am I retarded? I had no trouble memorizing RRTK kanji. But when I do these vocab decks. I have to remember the word, it's meaning and Kanji (I feel overwhelmed halp)

>> No.25759009

about to input a japanese made dildo into my anus right now

>> No.25759016

ぽst ur gape

>> No.25759027

But why? Are you retarded?
Anuses are made for shitting.

>> No.25759052

sorry ,my anal gape is for ladies eyes only

>> No.25759099

Wasn't he just bullshitting?

>> No.25759108

that's the peak of mount stupid

>> No.25759137

idk im only on volume 3 dont spoil it

>> No.25759168

you can't just treat mount stupid like a ゴミ屋敷 and throw everything you don't like there.

>> No.25759264

im a retard i guesS oh well might as well give up early

>> No.25759281

i thought rtk made memorizing vocab easy haha

>> No.25759294

exactly it does
but not rrtk

>> No.25759301

I stopped RRTK 10% through since a lot of people here were saying it's a waste of time..
And when I see Kanji from RRTK I remember clearly.

>> No.25759304

is there any game like honey select but where you can make lolis (without mods)

>> No.25759307

why is the kanjitomo ocr so much more accurate than anything on android? at this point i just keep a comic reader open on both my desktop and tablet and when i need to look up a word i do it on my desktop cause its so much more accurate plus i dont have to fiddle with that fucking ocr box

>> No.25759316


>> No.25759356

idk garbage doesnt go on top of mt stupid but it goes in the ravine between mt stupid 1 and mt stupid 2

>> No.25759369

i just want to get good damn

>> No.25759393

ur posting here so i dont think ur really committed to whatever u do and whatever ur goals r

its not ur fault the internet has ruined every1s brain and caused the entire world to become codependent

>> No.25759451

not sure

>> No.25759585

heavily modded tk17 I guess

>> No.25759848
File: 34 KB, 1093x658, firefox_62r1G1UprM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25759852
File: 372 KB, 952x924, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

peak learning

>> No.25759921
File: 84 KB, 800x800, 1593982047780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hes gonna learn the hard way that u cant just use copyrighted material w.o consent this is only the beginning

>> No.25759963

i mean i had this site blocked for like a week but its impossible to make it un-unblockable on android so i keep coming back
when i get back home i will block it again and listen to a 朗読 of some 林真理子

>> No.25760048


>> No.25760172

so basically if i listen to incomprehensible gibberish for 10,000 hours I'll become fluent in japanese?

>> No.25760186
File: 93 KB, 182x207, 1592603451846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25760269


>> No.25760289

no but if you listen to japanese maybe.

>> No.25760334

2 months in and i feel like i'm making really quick progress. is this the same as the "beginner gainz" talked about by weightlifters? is it going to slow down dramatically soon?

>> No.25760403

itll slow down when you understand 98% of anime

>> No.25760410

I studied KKLC all the way through and learned all 2,300 kanji and 7000+ vocabulary words, while simultaneously studying the DoJG cover to cover. This is the optimal method.

>> No.25760422

if you got it done in less than 6 months. maybe

>> No.25760449

yeah but having to look up a word every 2 minutes for two years isn’t that bad a deal for finalizing your skills

>> No.25760491

It took eight months at 10 kanji (plus 30 or so vocab) every day. Trying to cram too much hurt my retention.

>> No.25760612

the probably not entirely worth it but at least your consumption will now be like 3 times as efficient

>> No.25760666

I unfortunately found it to be necessary since kanji and vocab were incredibly difficult for me otherwise (just learning vocab alone was impossible). I also had to have a large amount of reinforcement to get it to stick.

>> No.25760703


>> No.25760718

if u afraid to drop a few stacks for ur education ur a punk bitch and ur not gonna make it


>> No.25760720
File: 15 KB, 541x266, 1587235907480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25760818

Well at least you made it over the hard part

>> No.25760856

>What next for me?
Am I finished learning after spending this amount?
>Not by a long shot!
>Over a duration of 7 years, I have been spending, learning, and doing my best to improve. I still have a long way to go to reach where I want to be. But compared to where I was last year or the year before that, I can confidently say I wouldn't lose to that guy!

>> No.25760913

anime never prepared me for this

>> No.25761084

if u just remember that its just primitive cave ppl grunting at e.o it becomes a lot more manageable

>> No.25761128

>studied 462 cards today
>29 consecutive days

>> No.25761350

i just want a busu ryuugakusei gf when i go to university that i can go to nice cafes with

>> No.25761414


>> No.25761441

keep it up and i'll come to denmark and u probably wont be going to uni after that haha

>> No.25761535

you would come over all mad but then we would start talking about something we both like and go get some beers

>> No.25761611

>Studied 0 cards in 0 seconds today (0s/card)
the only way to win the game is to not play it

>> No.25761664
File: 50 KB, 546x265, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am improving

>> No.25761688

imagine spending 35 minutes on 189 cards, fucking sentence tards

>> No.25761849

yeah well imagine spending any time on dumbo cards

>> No.25761864
File: 46 KB, 1023x492, 7653342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she knows me so well bros

>> No.25761900

imagine doing this shit instead of just watching anime and reading vinnies for three years

>> No.25761917

her chin would also make lacerations in your shoulder

>> No.25761948

Rofl the cucks from an*meman's discord raided it with reports

not surprised this is the outcome lmao

>> No.25761978

Does anyone know how to contact the owner of that neocities site? The feedback page reads:
>There is no such guestbook account.
>You can get your full account information sent to your email here.
I had a look at the discord link on the feedback page but it won't let me send a message to the user with an admin icon and the server itself looks to be full of clueless redditors talking about dumb shit, the admin or mod not even present. The neocities site in the op has a lot of dead links, has everything related to it become abandoned? Can we get someone else to take it over or replace the op with something maintained? A wiki sounds like a good idea.

>> No.25761979

my chinchin would make lacerations in her manko

>> No.25761997

drop the anime and you have the ultimate way to go from zero to hero
imagine not being on the vinnietrain
just imagine

>> No.25762049

the owner/maintainer frequents /int/ last I heard.

>> No.25762069

i'm shocked this djt has contributed jack fucking shit

>> No.25762105

the old site was 十分 and looked way better.

>> No.25762212

can even Japanese people understand this shit

>> No.25762227

that clips really not that bad

>> No.25762249

this djt serves a useful purpose

>> No.25762297

>daily e-celeb thread that consists of 24/7 falseflagging and shitposting
>serving a purpose in the context of learning japanese
lmao nope

>> No.25762331

omg i got the joke lets gooooo

>> No.25762332

how can a thread conducted entirely in english ever be conducive to helping ppl improve with japanese

seems kinda retarded to also whine about that in english as well

>> No.25762343

What is the difference between itai 遺体 and shitai 死体?

>> No.25762357

how did i never notice this

>> No.25762362

ok, discard the "whine" then
>daily e-celeb thread that consists of 24/7 falseflagging and shitposting
that's what this is

>> No.25762392

paste 遺体と死体の違い into google and use this format for future idiot questions u may have also put this in the op thx

>> No.25762401

wonder why my focus lasts so much longer when reading than when watching anime

>> No.25762420