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I have since long wondered what semen tastes like, but I'm afraid to try it myself.
Anyone who can tell me?

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It depends on what's the last thing you ate in a considerable amount.

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Salty coins and milk.

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Tastes good. I always cum into my hand and lick it afterwards.

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It tastes like sugary milk

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mushrooms and cheese

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Where's that creepy guy with the flute picture

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Salty coins and mucus

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It's tick and smelly, it almost have a shape ahhhh~~

since I read Discipline, I don't wanna try anymore.

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It's bitter

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Interesting, as it looks I suppose it varies from person to person.
I'm still doubting to try though.

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It varies, with some combination of salt, eggs, milk, mayonnaise, sugar, and bitter herbs.

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strawberry, that's what my girl tells me anyway XD

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This better be one of the supposed femanons lurking /jp/ at the moment.
but it probably is one of usual faggots

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It depends on what you eat.

But even when it's bitter, it's still eatable. Just try it.

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Everyone's tastes different. If you're afraid to taste your own, then sniff it and get an idea at least.

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It doesn't taste bad or anything. Not like candy either though. Just try it and tell us what yours tastes like.

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usually pretty sugary for me

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it's just great with tea

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Depends on your diet, but it's often salty. And why are you afraid of tasting you own fluids anyway?

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what the matter? never gotten a blowjob from a touhou??

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Why is it gay to taste your own, you insecure little boys? You have no problem with the idea of having some girl drink your disgusting shit, but god forbid you taste what she's choking down.

Sexually-confused virgins: tastes very similar to less salty pussy juice, if you ever get to taste that.

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Search /rs/ for swallow.mp3 and listen to it. If you play along by the end you'll feel much more inclined to taste your own semen.

That said, I've actually come to like the taste. It does indeed vary with your diet, though, so eat sweet and you're set.

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Kind of slimy with a salt taste.

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It's not like we care even if someone had given you a bj, its prolly a man anyways, but we care that you used "XD"

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Sounds tastier than what I had for lunch...

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Masturbate. Cum on your hand. Lick it.
It's better if you fap to futa, though. And be careful, since it (at least mine) has a horrible aftertaste.

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>Why is it gay to taste your own, you insecure little boys?

Who said anything about it being gay, you stupid girl? Just look, most /jp/edos are brave enough to eat their own cum.

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It doesn't always taste the same. Not even from the same person.

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Apparently it varies depending on your diet (like a lot of people have said).

I heard one person describe it as "salty pineapples". That's awesome.

Apparently the average is like salty warm congealed yogurt.

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So, let's continue.

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I'll be trying myself soon, today probably

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The smell alone is enough to convince me not to taste it.

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Just do it guys.

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>Why is it gay to taste your own, you insecure little boys?

Same reason it's gay to have sex with men, genius.

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Jones-kun, hey Jones-kun~!

Do you eat your cum?

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No, because I'm not a faggot.

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I eat my cum every time I masturbate. I still don't like the smell, but I think I'm just addicted to it so I keep doing it. Also, cum works as an antidepressant and I won't lose my mana if I keep it inside me.

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Under that logic, it's gay to masturbate.

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It's gay to pleasure yourself anally, yes. Jerking off, not so much (unless you're talking about a circlejerk, in which case you're as gay as it gets).

Think of it this way:
Straight men do straight men things.
Straight women do straight women things.
Gay men do straight women things.
Gay women do straight men things.


Oversimplification, of course, but it works for things like eating cum.

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It's simpler just to define homosexuality as having sex with other guys and autoerotism as having sex with yourself. Autoerotism is not gay.

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It is if you do gay acts, like eating cum.
There's probably no simple way to define faggotry at all.

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Gay is a state of mind.
The same as being Anonymous yet having a name, lets for example say there was some anonymous that was named oh I don't know, lets say Jones just to choose a random name. Why would anonymous use a nick like "Anonymous Jones" instead of just "Anonymous" or "Jones". Sounds like a very insecure tripfag to me, but things like that don't happen, right? RIGHT?!
<3 Remi

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One question, what does sperm taste like?

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Depends on your diet, vaguely like mucus.

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So, Jones is a manly man who is too straight for his own cum? That's new.

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Since when is tasting your own cum considered gay? We need some manliness experts to evaluate this situation.

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Except having sex with other guys isn't intrinsically gay.

Gayness is just finding other guys, or things that look like guys, attractive.

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I'm hardly "manly", but I'm not a cum drinking faggot.

>Except having sex with other guys isn't intrinsically gay.
Suuuure. Come up with a single situation in which a man has sex with another man and it's not gay.
And none of this "balls aren't touching" bullshit, either.

At least I don't fail bbcode left and right, huh?

<3 Pygma
semper ubi sub ubi

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Having sex with a member of your same sex is homosexual. Even if it's a feminine guy. If only being attracted to manly men made you gay then a lot of gay guys wouldn't be gay at all.

But it's not like sexual orientation is a big deal if you're only attracted to 2D. I'll fap to anything if it's aesthetically pleasing.

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My posts are VIP QUALITY

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>>2570470,21 is DQN

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by your logic i could fuck a child and not be a pedophile

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Actually yes. This is true in many cases.

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That's a horrible example, because it's true. Someone who fucks a kid is a child molester. He may or may not be a pedophile.

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Please explain, I'm not familiar with the use of those letters in that order.

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Your honor, the defense rests.

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I don't get it.

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C'mon Jones!
Or do you yourself don't know either?

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Don't make me carry any more ws, I'm tired and my back hurts.

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Oh yeah, well オマエモナー 夏厨 Jones!

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I don't do moon runes, bro.
Deciphering Dutch was hard enough, and it at least uses a proper alphabet and sounds like bastardized English.

Be a man and say it to my face.

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>Be a man and say it to my face.
If I could I would, but me writting and you reading it will have to suffice for nowat least until I learn where you live and gather enough for a plane ticket.

# omae mo nā オマエモナー — Generally either "you too" or "screw you too" depending on context.
# natsuchū 夏厨 — Idiots who appear over summer break. From 夏 and 厨房. See also fuyuchū

I thank anonymous for such an insightful link.

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That hurts, it really doesI'm scared, stay away from me

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Want a hug?

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>Come up with a single situation in which a man has sex with another man and it's not gay
When you don't care what the asshole/mouth is attached to, you just want some sex. Having sex with a fat ugly chick doesn't make you attracted to ugly chicks, it just means you're desperate. Also, if the guy your fucking is genetically male but looks like a normal girl. (very good shemales)
You can, and many do. Not all child molesters are pedophiles, they're called"situational offenders". It's like fucking your dog because you're so desperate, you don't have to like bestiality to do it if you're desperate enough.

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So obviously a girl, women are schizophrenic in this aspect. They desire to be dominated sexually yet get butthurt whenever anyone points out that the things a lot of girls do in the bedroom are pretty fucking humiliating by any objective standard.

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