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Oh god, I don't care if he draws everyone with the same exact face, THOSE EYES! ;_;

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Maybe three years ago I might have thought "OH FUCK SO HAWT FAPFAPFAP" but nothing really does it for me anymore. I'm envious of you.

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Best eyes.

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I like his work.

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Worst breasts.

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Feels bad.

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Is this from Fallout? If only they would make an fallout-based anime game...

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>>You need a privileged account to see this image.

Nice try, faggot.

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It's so beautiful I can't fap to it.

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If you can't see that image, you don't belong here.

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>05/07/2009: Due to recent changes to danbooru the loli/shota showing part of the script no longer works. The reason behind this is that the information they leave hidden in the HTML no longer provides IDs and other information the script uses. They now only provide tags, rating, and status. I am researching their API now and am going to start using AJAX requests to retrieve the needed information, so expect a working version soon. Hopefully it won't add too much more time to the execution time.

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ofc i see it. i was just damn lazy copying that link.

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we know the trick to seeing the image because we are not newfags
also, better_danbooru

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Time to become a contributor.