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>Because Alice, unlike Marisa, is much more interested in strategy and hates having to win a fight from sheer overwhelming power, she always holds back even if it means losing.

Just how strong is she, then?

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You would know that if you played Mystic Square.

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Not that strong at all I bet..

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Open Grimoire, Receive Apocalypse

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Yeah the "Ultimate Magic" must be pretty weak, right?

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I don't believe in magic! WHAT NOW ALICE!?

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As strong as Shinki

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Gensokyo must be a very boring place for you.

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Since your beliefs don't change the effectiveness of her magic I guess you just die.

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Yes.. I refuse to believe in magic even though I see it every day!

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You see, the thing is...

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... magic believes in YOU.


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Even the constant fireworks displays get dull after seeing one for the millionth time.
What's up with those anyway?

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Bah! I still not fear Alice! I'd LOVE to have her come over right now and make a believer out of me.

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In soviet Gensokyo, magic casts you!

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But if even one person doesn't believe, the miracle won't happen!

See, now look what you did.

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That's her mom fault not mine!

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Alice is about as strong as Yuugi.

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With the grimoire open, Yuugi wouldn't stand a chance.
With the grimoire closed, Yuugi can safely grin and pat her on the head. Although Alice would likely consider this grounds for unleashing ragnarök.

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>With the grimoire closed, Yuugi can safely grin and pat her on the head.
>Although Alice would likely consider this grounds for unleashing ragnarök.

Why? She likes it.

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If it functions, it functions without the consent of everyone involved.

Otherwise, it's group delusion.

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That depends if we are talking about Alice, or about Alice.

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Not believing in magic makes it not work?

It's like I'm really in Final Fantasy Tactics!

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They don't call her MAlice for nothing

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A nice Alice is fine too. As long as we stop short of stuttering tsundere or spineless moeblob.

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>stuttering tsundere or spineless moeblob
That's funny, though.

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Also, DC universe in comics. Dr. Thirteen's whole schtick is that.

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Her grimoire's power is maximum.

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I guess she can be pretty strong.

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A thousand times this, god damn why did such a malevolent character get reduced to moe~

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I'm not sure where the comparison between Yuugi and Alice comes from.

Sure, they are both highly dextrous, but there is a world between them. Yuugi "only" wields the danmaku, where Alice also controls her dolls - all with one hand.

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She does show some signs of being tsundere in IN.
Granted, it's nowhere near the stuttering moe, and it seems more like the kind of jealousy that can turn violent.

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Because she isn't really that malevolent.

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If they're comparing Pam Anderson Lookalike Yuugi(the one that speaks with a valley gurl accent)and Malice then I can see why they're doing it.

The terrifying Titaness of the Mountain that you portray? Alice is no match for her.

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bump so that Helen can confirm or deny

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I upgraded to the superior version.

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I could easily defeat Alice.

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And by "defeat" I mean KAPPA KAPPA NITORI

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dont call her malice, malice is the name for the coupling of marisa and [email protected]!!

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>Human friendship level: High

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>You must ignore the dolls.
>You must ignore the dolls.
>You must ignore the dolls.

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Because they turned a moe character malevolent.

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Speaking of which, how are powerlevels rated in Touhou? If there is any sort of rating, it should be based on the games I would guess. But wouldn't that make Flandre the strongest? Or at least better than Alice, Flandre is way harder then Grimoire Alice.

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inb4 over 9000

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From what I have seen, a lot of the fan works base their powers on how late in a game they appear, and whether or not they are end-level bosses, or minibosses.

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What spellcards do you think those two are using?

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>But wouldn't that make Flandre the strongest?
Nope. Lunatic is way harder than any of the extras.

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PC98 Alice > PC98 Marisa > Windows Marisa > Windows Alice

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Inb4 SAKE NOT EVEN DROP, the only real thing to go on is in-universe conversations.

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And words uttered by ZUN himself

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Marvel buys Alice as a character for Marvel Universe.
makes a movie like Wolverine Origins

Casts include once Hermione as Alice when younger.
An older Alice is played by a Blond Scarlett Johannsen.

We all lost.

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PC98 games are not canon

Let it go already

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Aww. This going to be the new smirks?

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Put Shinki and Ex-Alice somewhere between ex-yuka, shiki and yukari

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