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Wait, what?

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The strongest?

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You mean you didn't know?

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No, Tewi being older then Reisen. I mean, Reisen came from the moon with the others didn't she? That would make her over a thousand years old. I wouldn't think Tewi to be this old, specially since she looks like a kid.

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She's over a thousand years old.

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Other way around, genius. Reisen is likely around 40. Tewi is at least 1000

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Tewi can remain young in your mind, worry not!

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Remilia and Flan are 500 years old and they look like kids
Tewi is old as heck (2000+ I think?)
Reisen came to earth like 50 years ago

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Reisen arrived at the Earth a thousand years later. She came about 50 years ago.

= she is at least ~50 years old.

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Ah OK then, I was under the impression that only recently Tewi joined Kaguya and the others.


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You are now imagining Reisen during menopause, like the middle aged woman she is, manually.

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Tewi is like one of the oldest Touhous around. The only ones that are confirmed older than her are Eirin, Kaguya, and Mokou.

Yukari may be older, or the same age, or even younger than Tewi.

Reisen on the other hand only came to Earth in the 1960's, and probably isn't all that old (i.e. less that 100)

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Not middle aged for youkai, and they don't age the same as humans anyhow.

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Imagine if you will, to everyone in Gensokyo, Reisen in fact looks like (an attractive) person in their late thirties.

Go ahead, imagine it. It's hot.

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A thread about it is not necessary.

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>Reisen on the other hand only came to Earth in the 1960's,

So it's true that Eirin actually THE Boss. Since Gensokyo environment almost similar with Tselinoyarsk.

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Reisen is technically the youngest non-human touhou if we consider that most youkai are just extremely old animals; and she must has a limited lifespan since she doesn't look like a little girl but somewhere between 14 and 20 years old.

I for one am glad there's a touhou for the demographic between perfering loli or milf.

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Well, she sure acts like a middle aged woman for all I care. A middle aged servant who has to put up with three old ladies' gimmicks.
You know what, just go to any retirement house, put bunny ears on one of the nurses and, there you go, welcome to Eientei.

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Aside from their appearances and Tewi's energy... yeah, that's spot on.

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Reisen is not the only touhou applying to your demographic.

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She applies to the gmilf demographic.

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>A middle aged servant who has to put up with three old ladies' gimmicks.
Reisen is Cinderella. Eirin, Kaguya, and Tewi are her three horrible relatives. Mokou is the prince.


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Seems pretty fit to me.

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Why is Reisen so stacked?

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Reisen x Mokou? I approve.

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It's very unclear how it works for the youkai anyway. Tewi might be a very old animal turned youkai, but it's unclear on how long she's been like she is now or how age even works for them.

Disregarding that, practically all the characters in the Touhou series are adults. If they weren't at the start, they are by now. The earliest games present Reimu & Marisa as 14 or 15, but years and years have passed since them, even in the offical literature / comics they're presented as young adults.

They just look like it, but technically there's no loli in Touhou.

However, it's just a goddamn shmup series. Every fan artist reimagines it in part anyhow, no need to take it seriously, for practical purposes, the ages of all characters can be taken at face value.

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Reisen is not a youkai.

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Because she's Reisen.

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>most youkai are just extremely old animals

And when does a firefly, spider, or even a sparrow become "extremely old"? They can still be no more than few years old, for all we know.

>somewhere between 14 and 20 years old

I'm pretty sure she arrived on the Earth in 1969.

>demographic between perfering loli or milf

...could you rephrase that? Seriously.

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Secondary ignorant fan

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You mean primary "I play Touhou for the games durr hurr" fan. No self-respecting secondary fan would be so ignorant in such matters.

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Well in Chen's case, she's at least 10 years old since according to ZUN, that's when a cat's tail splits into two and they gain powers to become a nekomata.

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Youkai is a catchall term. it includes moon rabbits.

For objects to become Youkai is 100 years, IIRC. It's probably "long time" from a human standpoint rather than the animal's standpoint, i.e. still in the neighborhood of 100 years, no matter how short lived the animal in question is.
Regardless, tewi is canonically 1,300 or older.

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>>somewhere between 14 and 20 years old

>I'm pretty sure she arrived on the Earth in 1969.

>she doesn't look like a little girl but somewhere between 14 and 20 years old.

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Uh, the timespan of the Windows games is only about a year or so

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>>And when does a firefly, spider, or even a sparrow become "extremely old"? They can still be no more than few years old, for all we know.

This is a good point, in a thread filled with stupid and troll. However I prefer to just think "It's magic bitch, I don't got to explain shit."

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PCB and PoFV are both set during spring, depending on when the later games are set you could be right or it could be that more time has passed.

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Do you mean the timespan between the games? I hope so.

Nearly 6 years have passed since EoSD (Summer 2003/year 118)

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>In Japanese folklore, any cat that lives over thirteen years old, reaches one kan (eight pounds) in weight or is allowed to keep a long tail can become a bake-neko ( 化け猫 ) or Ghost Cat (Addis 2001). A bake-neko is a cat that gains paranormal powers after certain circumstances.

13. Even Chen could still be a loli.

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There are some spiders that can live for 25 years. It's not close to 100 years, but still pretty good.

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Yeah, I fail at reading comprehension.

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Actually, it's probably closer to 2-3 years.

EoSD - Summer
PCB - Winter/Spring
IN - Summer
PoFV - Spring
MoF - Fall
SA - Winter
UFO - Spring

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Hi there Akyuu. Technically moon rabbits aren't youkai but no one outside of Eintei knows that Reisen isn't from Earth so they just figure she's a youkai rabbit too.

And youkai isn't really a catch all term because gods aren't considered youkai.

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Hmmm. Assuming that the events of the games are chronological then....
EoSD: Summer
--Autumn, Winter
PCB: Spring
---Summer, at least one year since EoSD
IN: Autumn
PoFV: Spring
--Summer, at least two years since EoSD
MoF: Autumn
--Winter, Spring
SWR: Summer, at least three years since EoSD

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Ah, right, IN would be summer, not autumn. And SA and UFO are winter and spring? That makes it nearly four years then.

They're aging so quickly.

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Funy thing is, a proper translation of this line would have been "you're older than everyone here".

Tewi is older than time itself.
But still younger than that old hag Yukari.

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Touhou characters don't get older.
It always the same.

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Both are stated as being "at least 1200 years old"

Eirin is the only "old hag" in the series.

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Wrong continuity.

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>"you're older than everyone here"
Tewi is supposed to be older than Eirin?

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Plot twist! Alice is human, Reimu and Marisa are the youkai.

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That's an exception.

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It could happen.

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Yukari is 16 you idiot, why would she lie?

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Lots of things have happened since the red mist.

I like how ZUN make the characters don't know each other all unlikely the fandom. I mean, normally in Doujinshis they know the names of all the other characters, while in canon they keep forgetting them.

Take for example Shoot the Bullet, Aya seems to be not aware of the existance (or maybe she didn't care about meeting them before) of the other characters in the spell card notes.

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makes sense.
after all, Alice grew up, whereas marisa and reimu didn't get any older in that time

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That's nothing. No one ever knows who Reimu is unless they're a reappearing character, but they all follow her spell card rules.

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"Wait, you mean you are THE Reimu Hakurei? Can I come visit later and we could have some tea after this whole mess is over?"

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Fanon shit:Alice's grimoire has a "Stairway to Heaven" effect. In MS extra Alice beat all the heroines except Mima who beat Alice after the universe ended and started all over again.

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Useless bunny

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1. We have a timeline

2. Gensokyo runs in realtime.