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You're wrong, Yuuka would make a great mother.

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about as great as a rabid badger

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I wish Yuka was my mother

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She'd make a better father figure.

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My mom's awesome, I wouldn't have any other.

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Good evening, Pygma-chan! I hope you had a nice day.

Wanna go out with me?

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If Yuka was my mom, Wriggle would be my dad.

I would be a very incestuous toho.

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Where's the british pip-pip one?

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i see her as more of an, um

old fat uncle figure

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Anyway, nice pic.

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The kind that lends you a lot of money, right?

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the kind that want you to pull his finger

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Well, that.. that's a new one. Alright.
Wait a minute, this isn't...

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on the lower half of his body

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i dont think so tim.

also, you can no longer fap to this without thinking of your uncle

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I'm still not seeing the whole "uncle" thing.

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Stop flirting in every thread, boof and pygmalion.

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Joke's on you, I don't even KNOW my uncles.

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Just report them, fag.

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Hey now, I'm just posting Yuka.

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Yuka is Genome

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Yes I can.