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/jp/ it's been almost 10 years and I wanted to tell you I miss you.
I'm married now and live in a house, life has had its ups and downs I'll admit but I can say I'm pretty happy now. Part of me can never forget the time we shared, calling sanny a jew, posting flan at 1AM every day, and spamming shitposts until janny swept the board.
I just hope you're well.

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it's been ten years for me and i'm not married and i don't live in a house

nothing i do matters, and every day is the same

but i guess it could always be worse

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>but i guess it could always be worse
True, you could be OP..

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It's okay friend, I never thought my life would improve and I was giving up, I still don't have a good job or a college education and I still rely on my sister to pay most of the mortgage but I'm doing my best, so I know you can do yours too someday.

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Nobody cares, normalfag.

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thanks friend I needed that

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3D = PD

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This. Gonna marry my waifu instead.

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I miss 10 years ago's /jp/...

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It ok anon, other anon will miss this year, enjoy your time here and love life before it all rot away.

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congrats anon

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You're lucky, most old /jp/ users killed themselves or became trannies

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trannies dont post here besides the s*llyfag

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Haven't seen him lately.

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he probably got a month ban probably. mods hate the shit its been doing the past few months, especially on other boards

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>especially on other boards
I didn't know it's been happening to other boards as well.

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i saw it happening to /vr/ and /qa/ also

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anyone have sudo?

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I'm honestly glad you are doing well. I'm not well myself but I will manage. Life has different things in store for all of us.

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congrats on your marriage. it's good you made something of yourself and found happiness

i don't really miss it at all though. was fun, but life always has better. no reason to pretend that was the best it can offer. a lot of people definitely aren't alive who posted then but that's life i suppose.

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Just remember to name your daughter Marisa so she can be friends with pic related's daughter or something.

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Oh yeah, here's the better quality one. Thought I lost it in the big laptop.

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>but i guess it could always be worse
True, you could be pic related and have had a downie with your blood-related sister.

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lmao this is priceless
we need a mangaka to make a comfy adaptation of this!

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This. Gay shit.

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Congrats, I guess.

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Best mangaka for that should be the anon who drew hentai of his mom.

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Hey anon. I started popping back by here, too, after frequenting this place regularly in the past. I may not be married (or dating) but I have a career I love, great friends, and a house. Let's keep making it!

Damn, you serious? That's horrible. Then again, I can't say I'm surprised. Pulling myself away from that 4chan mentality was a big step in improving myself.

Y'all /jp/sies know y'all'd be great at library work, right? Y'all'd fit right in, too.

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Why is this normalfag attentionwhoring thread still up?

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Because it's got a 2hu in the OP and that means it's on topic.

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Faked though

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Please don't use Alice as an OP picture in your shit thred kudasai.

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this is why life deserve to be lived

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jesus christ that's some impressive editing, based schizo

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Post the ntr follow up

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Same plus I'm ill

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Here you go.

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Dude's a bona-fide Internet martyr. Respect.

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I'd say he needs Jesus but I don't want him anywhere near my boy JC

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Or just stopped posting. I've been doing this more and more, though /jp/ today is better than a lot of things right now, which is depressing.

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I'm very happy for you, anon

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>I'm married
I don't think we can be friends anymore, anon.

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No matter how many times I see this I'm always speechless

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Do you remember the iconic Cirno Day?

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that's sad. i watch this guy's streams. i knew something was off but had no idea he was this far gone

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That day that comes once a century