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120 fps edition

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how exactly does the 120hz infinitas thing work?
i play on a laptop with a 90hz monitor that i had to use CRU to downclock to 60hz to get data/infinitas to work on it... so is my infinitas just gonna be fucked now?

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Why aren't Japanese devs interested in making mobile rhythm game from ground-up? They're all either arcade spinoff (Jubeat, Groove Coaster, etc), or idolshits.

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There's arcaea

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Lowiro is British

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Oh well then I dont think Japanese dev's are into the rhythm game mobile market that much. I mean how much innovation can you get with a touchscreen? I prefer physical cabinets to mobile.

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Touchscreen works for rhythm games, see maimai and WACCA.
I mean, right now mobile rhythm game market is dominated by Chinese and Korean devs, plus Arcaea, as you mentioned. It shouldn't be that hard to break through.

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Groove Coaster was on mobile first, the arcade version came later.

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Huh. I stand corrected, alright then.

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late in the new thread for mzd!

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CROSSxBEATS was also mobile first.

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i don't care if it's something as simple as a thread on a website it's outright discrimination under the guise of "no i'm just taking care of the irresponsible druggies!"

ok so i think it's bullshit to treat someone having spiro as the same sort of deal that exchanging drugs drugs is, but i digress, for the purpose of what i have to say next, i'll accept "well it's technically the same deal because it's prescription only in many places."

even then what the fuck is your problem trashing an entire thread when all you had to do was just leave it at "please don't do that here" with an edit or deleting the post.

something like "oh look at these degenerates they're bound to continue promoting dangerous illegal activities such as this" when the very fucking existence of a drug thread that is still going over 100 pages strong inherently carries a heavier risk for any of the same sort of logic? i don't buy it. it's fucking stupid.

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I miss her bros

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who is that?

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me too (っ˘̩˘̩)っ girl rock rules

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I miss museca guys
Why did konmai kill it

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ha ha ha, anon, WHAT'S THIS?

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who is this? i always see this person posted but theres never been an explanation as to who they are

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some plife tranny that the discord lifers are obsessed with

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how do you use arcana with old iidx ? i tried with empress but game cannot connect to router

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georgia round 1 is the american experience

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Who is this and why is their neck so fucked?

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It's a pic of Nyannurs I believe

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Make sure you're using the right URL, pre-tricoro games use a different one.

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osu is fun and will always have the most charts

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poor anons don't have enough of a backbone to shit talk people they don't like in the open, but will gladly ask "WhY iSnT ToKyO aTtaCk CaNcEleD?"

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People have. It doesn’t matter. They have too much power.

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actually it's discord lifer thank you very much

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why did noel songster want to rape this creature

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probably kanako hoshino, from one of her iidx song vids

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its makino you curmudgeon god my blood is boiling fuck you

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Songster is on the same level as Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy, questioning any motives is useless

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is this thread about rhythm games or shit talking people who play rhythm games

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It's about e-celebs

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My entire career is based off of one sample I use in all of my music, which Bemani artist am I?

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kys pedo

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cunny though..

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Nyannurs you fucking moron. You suddenly think you're tough shit since you're Insane Kaiden huh? You fucking shitlord. Fuck you, you transphobic, racist, homophobic loser. You will never live.

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>Fuck you, you transphobic, racist, homophobic loser.
What fucking website do you think you're on?

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all of them

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mmm lettuce

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but my main character I use in pop'n is her

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how do you let yourself look like this

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by moderating discord servers and dead boards

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Hey guys, it's me. Steven Seagal. I'm here to tell you, PLife has IIDX 27!

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i dont see it

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handrew removes posts about his secret club and pedophile friends

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i have acquired avs3 they're going to kill me

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handrew doesn't like it when people can play the same illegal games as him :(

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ema's a dumb nigger and removes new posts so this thread can die

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You're the dumb nigger
/rgg/ is dead or alive

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whats up sluts

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If you think about it, it's actually quite sad.
We're losing such a large portion of young white men to this notion of mental illness wrapped around as a beautiful and empowering thing. When these people hit 30, or even 40, they will probably commit suicide due to the long-term damage their shitty Chinese drugs have done to their body and mind and they look at themselves in the mirror and see a disgusting mess of a person staring back at them.
It is sad to see life wasted in this capacity, and the level of denial they have in themselves to mock any criticism or feedback to turn their life around while they still have a chance just shows how strongly someone can be brainwashed.
There is no cure to this problem either, it is purely societal and well beyond one man to solve it. Thus, we are left with this: Lost, hopeless men misguided to such an extreme extent as to have the rest of their lives ruined by this nonsense put into their brains by truly evil people.

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It's happening to people at VERY young ages, near their first teenage years. It's pretty sad seeing "14 | minor | she/her" in a bio with a trans flag border avatar on Twitter

>> No.25318230 [DELETED] 

Yeah. I'm not sure how these people end up led astray so badly like this, but it's painful to see.
The worst is they're targeted right around puberty now that this thing is mainstream. You hear the stories of doctors targeting young children over this stuff to ensure they make millions and nobody bats an eye and thinks the same couldn't possibly happen to adults either. I worry there's really no way for people to get the help they need when they've had this ingrained into their heads at such a young age.

>> No.25318283 [DELETED] 

because of people like TBL Kitten, stuffing it into the minds of their following of some few hundred thousand teenagers that they're trans / dating a trans person and how amazing they are, just take these magical pills 3 times a day and you'll have breasts in no time!

>> No.25318332 [DELETED] 

There are different ways of dealing with hating yourself than fucking with your body chemistry.
Like, I'm cool with non-binary people or those that just don't care about gender at all. But the idea of being trans is just presented as the sole reason why you don't like yourself when it could be any number of other things.
Not saying there aren't legitimate transgender people, but I think the majority of people who decide they want to transition are probably better off just disregarding gender norms rather than seeking to completely fuck with their body in ways they might deeply regret later.

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Deranged and unhinged zoomers thread lel

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ema sure is working hard today
tblkitten is NOT a pedophile child lurer / groomer. do not say this on 4chan.org/jp/ or else ema will come to your house with his bowl of lettuce.

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This song slaps.

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At what level am I considered "good" at DDR? Im beginning to break into 15s.

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Don't support this channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cX7_pNJ9-Y

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>konekokitten is a pedo

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15s are where the game begins in terms of being hard. You're at the point where any able bodied person who is somewhat serious should be.
Going beyond 15 takes more dedication than getting there though. The jump from even 15 to 17 is pretty big in terms of how good you need to be.
Just enjoy yourself. It's not necessarily about impressing everyone else with what you're able to pass, but if pushing yourself to your limits is how you enjoy yourself then you're more than welcome to.

You're as "good" as you feel you are.
There's not really a wrong mindset when it comes to how hard of stuff you like to play. There are plenty of people out there playing easier difficulties and completely satisfied with themselves. But in terms of absolute skill you're still quite a ways off of tournament level players if that happens to be the definition of good you choose to use.

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Most people cant even play 12s anon lol

>> No.25320657 [DELETED] 

>reply with channel name
good job

>> No.25320658

Since a similar question was asked here, what level is considered "good" at PIU? I'm at the point where I can clear 9's consistently, and some 10's.

>> No.25320855

Good is subjective.

>> No.25320931

9s/10s are the point where you start having to do crossovers if you want to pass songs. I guess you can consider yourself better than casual players.

>> No.25320969

fair enough. im having fun improving for now, guess i won't concern myself with that

at least, i WAS having fun until the arcade with a custom piu cabinet fucking closed due to lack of people. im not really sure what to do now since i used the bar pretty heavily and won't really be able to have that at home

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>post channel name
>post removed
>post about the post being removed
when will u kill urself ema

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thank you for not letting this thread get overran with discord larpers jannies

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is anyone that's constantly brought up in these threads actually good at their respective games? i know nyannurs is good at bms and kitten is good at sdvx, but does ema actually do anything? or handrew? what games do these people play. why are they relevant?

>> No.25325944 [DELETED] 

no they just talk a lot in discord

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Someone's got an axe to grind and every more popular rhythm games discussion group doesn't even give them the opportunity to grind it.

Rhythm Games proper are nearly irrelevant to that end.

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have any lr2 2dix skins been made for quaver yet?
it seems really easy to transfer stuff over, I've only done it with bombs tho

>> No.25336279

What's the deal with quaver anyway? Less bloated/retarded anime garbage compared to o!m?

>> No.25336542

Do I play iidx or sdvx bros, having a hard time choosing

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play both

>> No.25338535

pretty much
there's still anime shit but much less of it (for now anyways)
gameplay wise it's a lot better than o!m, very customizable as well + it has lane cover which is nice
it's like an in-between for SM and LR2, it's not better than either one but it's serviceable for the convenience of it

>> No.25338714

I can only buy a controller for one right now

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MZD still makes me horny.

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me too!

>> No.25345003

>have any lr2 2dix skins been made for quaver yet?
this one was released shortly after the game went into open beta:
steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2161186622

it's only for the 7k mode, though. if you're looking to play charts that have the scratch lane, just play bms instead of bothering with quaver. also, individual column widths aren't supported yet, but there is a clever way to make it appear like the black keys are thinner by changing the NotePadding value to a negative number in the skin.ini

>> No.25347126

whichever one has more music that you like

>> No.25347582

There's only 4 touhou songs in iidx but sdvx has more

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>> No.25349701

this is a god tier crossover

>> No.25350130 [DELETED] 

Do not distribute this guide's contents outside of this site.
Do not distribute this guide's contents outside of this site.
Do not distribute this guide's contents outside of this site.
Do not distribute this guide's contents outside of this site.
Do not distribute this guide's contents outside of this site.

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While we're at it, how do I know I'm good at:


Bonus points if you tell me when it starts impressing normies

>> No.25354070

You can start impressing people after a couple weeks.

>> No.25355945

You sound like a complete fag if you're playing these games to impress people

>> No.25358023


then i would absolutely get an sdvx controller, and i say that as a iidx main. if you can only afford one then get the one that is much more fun and enjoyable, that way your purchase is most worth it. get the 2dx controller later when you've saved up more, if you even still want it at that point.

>> No.25358312

This. SDVX is easier to get into, controller is cheaper, and it will more than satisfy your rhythm game urges, and I say that as a DDR main ;D

>> No.25358333

never played 2dix because no arcade and no ac data
can someone explain how to set up hi-speed and green number on beatoraja relative to speed on lr2?

>> No.25359033

normalfags are impressed by literally any level of gameplay past one month of experience, that's an incredibly low bar you're shooting for
pop'n level 40 "gud" level 25 "normies"
SDVX level 15 "gud" level 13 "normies"
IIDX 7th Dan "gud" level 8 "normies"
IIDX DP literally level 3 will impress normies

>> No.25359755

can you remove bga files from bms songs without problems, this shit takes up too much space

>> No.25360418

Round1 Stratford Square Mall closes in two months. It's a bit sad to see the first location outside of California close. I spent a lot of time there back in the day before FVM opened.
It's definitely one of the smallest locations, the other stores in the area are just way better. Also SSM has just been a shitty dying mall for a pretty long time already.
Still sucks for the people who preferred going to that store.

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What's the move when trying to improve in IIDX? I'm stuck between 8s and 9s, and here's what I've come up with:
1. Play 8s with Random
2. Try to FC/H-Clear 8s
3. Play 9s on Easy
I guess the idea is that it makes it seem more like a gradient than a harsh jump up to 9, to kind of smooth out the learning curve. Any other suggestions? Or is it just what I mentioned above + a lot of time and practice?

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>> No.25360927

I grind it out and kept playing. I wouldn't however, playing under a prolonged period I advise against that mainly because of getting burnt out and hands/arm fatigue. Played for 8 years and made it from 6dan to 7th, 8th, and 9dan. I'm getting used to playing 12s and my struggle is choking at the end of some charts like the prim ones and 雪月花 another.

>> No.25361419

>a lot of time and practice?
Yes. That's the answer to any skill.

Don't waste time with FCs. Leaving Hard clears for later is a good idea to have something to fall back on once you hit a wall with NCs. Easy is kind of whatever. If you're playing at home, you might as well just use Normal gauge. People usually only whip out Easy gauge for 12s.
Adjust as you see fit for comfort, but to get good at level 9/10/11/12 charts, you ultimately need to play them.

>> No.25361882

I appreciate the responses! Last question but do any of you have controller recommendations? I heard yuancons were great but as far as I can tell they'll be out of stock indefinitely

>> No.25362211

What makes you say that? I've mostly seen the opposite opinion from people who play both.

The other main alternative is gamo2 (SVSE5), but the knob encoders they have are quite fragile by comparison. I think Yuan announces on his Discord whenever they have a new batch available.

>> No.25364892

Thanks anon for actually answering my question

I don't give two shits bout impressing normies I was just curious at when the line was drawn where people go "woooahahaha"
Back in the day I blew my friend's mind by getting a B on an 8 in IIDX. Course I know it was hot dogshit but yknow

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why do I suck so much

>> No.25365950

try to only play songs you can get 93% or higher on, playing songs that you can barely A doesn't really improve you much since you aren't learning the patterns well

>> No.25366089

is there a list of 9s/10s/11s (iidx) etc sorted by difficulty somewhere, or at least like "these are some easy 10s, these are some hard 10s" etc

>> No.25366111

look at the clear rate %. easier ones tend to have a higher clear rate

>> No.25366374

that would work but i'm just at home with asphyxia

>> No.25366488

Back to the basics I guess. It does tend to meld all together at 13+ nps.

>> No.25367619

https://iidx.insane.pe.kr/!/SP11NW/ is decent for 11s

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daily reminder

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How do you treat sweaty hands?

>> No.25372025

jack off

>> No.25377310

looks great, thanks

>> No.25379227

What does /jp/ think about ADOFAI?


>> No.25380995

popn buttons are big so they need more resistance to give feedback, shit comparison.
t. plays on 100/50

>> No.25381447

The concept of the shape of a track determining the rhythm is solid within its own very limited scope, and the base game and original music are incredibly charming. The customs immediately devolved into unreadable memotrash 16th dumps just like every other community driven music game. They try to outdo each other by finding increasingly strange and complicated music to make high effort "aesthetic" charts that are more meant to be watched than actually played.

>> No.25382575

haven't played bms in a few months, is beatoraja better than lr2?

>> No.25387352

I don't. I just gave up and accepted the sweat. When I thumbslide S+1/3 my thumb glides over the buttons. I put skateboard tape on my turntable because my sweaty pinky just made squeaking noises over the original material without turning it. Salt deposits form on the keys unless I wipe them off after a session. At one point some sweat dripped through and got trapped between the plexi and the controller and when it finally evaporated a few weeks later there was a coffee ring stain.

>> No.25389438

wear gloves or play with cloth over buttons

>> No.25389702

What are the best springs for Sanwa buttons in a SDVX controller

>> No.25390914

It's uglier but just as easily skinnable in my estimation.
It doesn't have the crashing problem, but it's also completely in Japanese. Not sure if it has Sud+ or not, because I just play data now, but it's worth checking out.
Litone skins look like IIDX. Let me know what you discover, anon. I've been looking into getting back into BMS.

>> No.25392401

....sanwa springs?

>> No.25393189

How much caffeine do you consume?
I used to have sweaty as fuck hands but I haven't really since I more or less quit drinking soda.
It isn't the only reason as to why you might have sweaty hands but it's something to possibly look into.

>> No.25393697

100g springs

>> No.25395337

no springs pussy

>> No.25395413

yes sanwa springs

>> No.25395598


>> No.25395739

>using cheap chink buttons that stick
shiggy diggy

>> No.25399064

The "gud" bit probably depends on the average skill of the regulars too

iirc the average skill level in my area for sdvx is SL11 or so. It's way more than enough to impress normalfags anyways

>> No.25400083

About 1-2 cups of tea every morning and evening after work. No coffee, though. Does it affect sweat output?

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>> No.25406071
File: 398 KB, 780x776, g4epn1qejg351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why yes I do like my jacks on the rolls
How can you tell?

>> No.25407053 [DELETED] 

Please tell me how i'm supposed to feel about RAJ getting cancelled.

>> No.25407693 [DELETED] 

you shouldn’t support a pedophile anyway

>> No.25407977 [DELETED] 

I really hope someone else takes over Tokyo Attacl/Raj.

>> No.25408328 [DELETED] 

As long as dumb shits allow him to have a platform he’s going nowhere. He’s actively allowed in buy and sell groups and conventions still. If this was in any other community he would be exiled immediately.

>> No.25408875 [DELETED] 

Just shoot him in the face, then.

>> No.25410403 [DELETED] 

yeah fuck that guy i better believe these random facebook posts made by the current partners of late teenager convention sluts....... wow they totally dont constantly try doing this shit and attempt blackmail on powerful figures at conventions
jesus christ you're retarded

by the way, he's not going anywhere until he retires. get fucked

>> No.25411558 [DELETED] 

>powerful figures at conventions
This kind of shit will never not make me laugh.

>> No.25414398 [DELETED] 

I don't see any reason not to believe them. Besides, what reason would they have for blackmailing powerful figures at cons?

>> No.25414402 [DELETED] 

Jeff Lloyd is innocent.

>> No.25417059 [DELETED] 

It can if you're regularly consuming large amounts throughout the day.
From what you said it doesn't seem like that would be your problem though.

>> No.25419524 [DELETED] 
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Round 1 Georgia is the prime american experience.

>> No.25419581 [DELETED] 

thanks for the obligatory 4chan retarded incel take

>> No.25419610 [DELETED] 

most U.S. malls get shit like this all the time

>> No.25419685 [DELETED] 
File: 160 KB, 919x919, 71584245_10159596987628499_2888612475769454592_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>powerful figures at conventions

>> No.25421250

fuck jannies

>> No.25421328

pinkylets btfo

>> No.25425212

more ≠ better

>> No.25426696

vvelcome is like ok i guess

>> No.25433858

It sounds like a c-show song

I'm ok with this

>> No.25441088 [DELETED] 
File: 509 KB, 1536x2048, 1577495031272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talk about a rhythm gaming event
>post removed
we get it ema you have a hate (girl)boner anthony

>> No.25441129

when is rootage getting a bms convert pack

>> No.25442076

Is it "root-idge" or "roh-oh-tah-gay"?

>> No.25442901


>> No.25444160 [DELETED] 


>> No.25446554

How do I practice scratching? I’m terrible at it. Trying to break into 11’s and it’s seemingly impossible

>> No.25447609

Play the chase sph and black by xfade
Theyre good charts to pick up on scratching for lv10s

>> No.25449856

Wow I was completely off but I guess it's closer to the first one

>> No.25453024

rootidge is fine

>> No.25462157 [DELETED] 
File: 509 KB, 1536x2048, 1574358186646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're all valid!

>> No.25466960

dont worry, im a 12 player and still dont know how to scratch.

there are kaiden players that dont know either.

>> No.25475477

dense with scratch or scratching charts explicitly? ..or both?

dr pepper shake is +1 Whataburger

>> No.25477737 [DELETED] 

lol banned from sows for being honest

>> No.25477949 [DELETED] 

banned from sows for saying im autistic. that was the last straw. alright

>> No.25486202

Taiko Player here. Can confirm thats what I look like da-don

>> No.25486742

Does anyone know a good source for pop'n buttons in north america? I've been thinking about replacing the stock buttons in my ASC but when I tried to look around I couldn't find any.

>> No.25487101

I ended up getting mine from an arcade retrofitter who operated from craiglist, but that was years ago and I can't find their card or their site.

>> No.25487688
File: 25 KB, 554x474, how to scratch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Whatever you do, don't resort to buying Happ buttons.
A set of Samducks from IST MALL is going to run you like $110 shipped via DHL. This is probably your best option at the moment unless you want to spend a few hundred more on a set of Sanwa buttons.

>> No.25502875

retard here
if I'm getting a lot of - judges on lr2, should I make the offset lower or higher?

>> No.25504324

loved museca but nosongs

>> No.25504607

they should have kept the offset lanes and got rid of the pedal

>> No.25504691

>get rid of the pedal
Absolutely not

>> No.25505584


>> No.25506794

lol no

>> No.25506908

ok they can keep the pedal too

>> No.25511890

Top 20 osu! Standard player AMA

>> No.25512810

Is >>25211086 accurate?

>> No.25513992

any djmaxers here?

>> No.25515653

are you a pedo

>> No.25517575

Sorta? Not my main, and I hope noone seriously mains that game, but I do play and enjoy it frequently.

>> No.25519100

I knew that was Makino if that makes you feel any better.
Did you hear Pink Turbo recently reformed and covered pandora for a IIDX ULTIMATE MOBILE album? That shit blows my mind

>> No.25522206
File: 306 KB, 1920x1080, 20200817121542_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's all I have at the moment.

>> No.25534765


jesus fuckin christ
i'm a ring finger on 7 kinda guy myself so this made me feel good

>> No.25535518

do 36" displays that do 120 even exist? that would be the arcade accurate display for infinitas?

>> No.25537248

how do I play anything higher than 5 stars

>> No.25538001

if they didn't exist how would they build the cab with them dumbass

>> No.25538475

The lightning model uses a 43" display. Asus and Acer sell 43" 120Hz monitors.

>> No.25538643

Any specifics you are struggling with? Is your general accuracy good? Have you tried different note speeds yet? Not to discourage you, but 5s in DJMax are still absolute babby tier in the grand scheme of things. Unless there are still some fundamentals you're struggling with, it should all come down to practice. Its maybe not easy at those levels due to limited chart selection, but when practicing make sure not to grind the same charts over and over. Try to learn actually reading the notes as patterns as they come, not memorizing charts. Also keep slightly varying the difficulties. Its fine to fail a chart thats too hard for you, you will never get better without playing stuff outside your comfort zone. Also dont get held up grinding for FCs or PPs. The way to get those is to get better at harder stuff, then come back. Mindset in general should not be to try and beat rigid goals before moving higher, but embrace any improvement anywhere and slowly but steadily moving up.

>> No.25539152
File: 320 KB, 1280x703, sand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What I wouldn't give for one of those...

>> No.25539648

>5s in DJMax are still absolute babby tier in the grand scheme of things
yeah, I know that, the wall I'm currently at is just reading weird/complex patterns like in Light House and Memory of Beach. I'll definitely be grinding those charts.

>> No.25539793

>just passed Light House after making this post

>> No.25540367


>> No.25541998
File: 45 KB, 600x488, 1580654966935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25542177

Just play songs you like and improve at your own pace

>> No.25542308


if i want to get better at jacks, should i just play everything on s-ran for a bit, or should i just play jacks songs on ran?

>> No.25543807

Still not sure how I’m getting 400ish FAST notes per song. Input lag? Am I just reading the notes too far in advance? No matter what I set my green/white numbers to it always seems to be consistent.

>> No.25543910

>Input lag?
Anon, you're hitting them early. How could it be input lag?

>> No.25543951

Play on S-Ran.

>> No.25544109

anyone want to play some multiplayer in DJMAX Respect V? lobby name is rhythm game thread pass is jp

>> No.25544120

idk I’ve tried everything I can think of and sorry I’m also drunk

>> No.25544175


thats a shame, the extra size isnt worth the benefit of higher framerate for me. however if there was a way to play on the standard 36" size at the higher framerate that would be ideal.

>> No.25544272

On a cab, you stand about 1m from the monitor. You can just use math to make a different size monitor look the same by moving it farther from or closer to you, there's really no good reason to buy a monitor that's the exact same size.

>> No.25545314

Keep decreasing the GN
I had to change it numerous times until i realized my monitor was sitting at 60.0021 fps. And then adjust the timing window on the 2nd option window.

>> No.25545614

Hit the notes later.

If you keep adjusting your offset to play earlier, you'll just end up like those weird corean players that hit the notes like 7 frames before it touches the line.

>> No.25545978

The size is really not a huge deal. Playing on a Lightning cab just feels a lot better.

>> No.25546233

What are some easy 16s in sdvx to break into?

>> No.25547135

how to get good at keyboard sdvx

>> No.25552135

Xepher remix EXH, it's pretty much just 4k for 95% of the song.

Panic Holic for tricky patterns, and the classics like Choux and Crack Traxxx are also excellent challenges at that skill level.

>> No.25555058


>> No.25555116

>every game eventually gonna move to 120hz
Its gonna suck having to upgrade multiple monitors. Fuck

>> No.25555165 [DELETED] 


>> No.25556948

You can play D2R, last message, and taq songs to get a feel for jacks.

>> No.25558662

Yeah except if you look at the panel specs they're not fast enough to justify the faster controller. Basically a blurry mess with slow pixel response time.
Also they're $1000. Wait for the tech to mature or enjoy being an early adopter with an expensive garbage ass TV.

>> No.25560638

take a look at this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cFltguBvPplBem-x1STHnG3k4TZzFfyNEZ-RwsQszoo/htmlview#
I would recommend Oriental Blossom, I personally found it stupidly easy when first getting into 16s. Get Back Here and Lowermost Revolt should also be easy enough.

find a decent key layout
play a lot

>> No.25560982

Damn, this ranks songs by difficulty for levels? This is really useful. Much appreciated.

>> No.25565274

>quaver is just o!m but smoother
what is their end game

>> No.25565689

to appeal to redditors

>> No.25565773

There's absolutely nothing to indicate that's the case unless Konami starts trying to push their other games as e-sports.
New model cabs are going to be a tough sell right now. Jubeat and New pop'n are probably going to be pretty delayed at this point.

>> No.25566001

>Do a floor demo of SDVX Mobile in September
>Never speak a word of it ever again
Is the project dead or are they just hella delayed due to rona?

>> No.25567344

Probably just hella delayed. It didn't show up at JAEPO like DDR Ultimate Mobile did. So there's likely some issues going on prior to whatever covid may have piled on.
I wouldn't really expect anything new from Konami this year aside from continuing to add songs to games. They've shown in the past that they have stuff they just sit on for a while like First Time.
Commissioned songs are produced like at least 4-5 months before they hit the game. Plus they can always just run crossover events or revive something.

>> No.25568766

Yep it's useful to everyone unless you're one of those people who can clear everything

>> No.25583670

me and almost everybody i know that has tried it gets stuttering so bad it's unplayable. never experienced anything like it on osu

>> No.25585159

How do I record on sdvx arcade data without losing audio? When I try to record with GeForce Experience it does record, but without audio. Help.

>> No.25587403


use OBS, never had any issues with it (if you want your keyclicks recorded, wear headphones/mic and have in-game + your mic as recorded audio)

>> No.25589336

Thanks it worked.

>> No.25595950

I've had the opposite experience desu
osu gets super choppy for me but quaver runs like butter
still shit though

>> No.25596857

butter can't run dumbass

>> No.25599216

work as a line cook for a month and you'll think different

>> No.25599280

>work as a line cook
no thanks

>> No.25599298

Fair enough

>> No.25603502

where is the new iidx loctest

>> No.25606207

i got minor ptsd from a dishwasher job at a mall cheesecake factory. everyone was on coke. gtfo'd asap. ...sorry, we were talking about butter?

>> No.25607396

Dish pits turn boys into men. No one will ever know a shithole like that.

>> No.25618853

Googling that just give me 4K 120hz monitors. Of course they're expensive as hell right now

>> No.25645801
File: 396 KB, 1015x1300, 1598042933128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25648188
File: 616 KB, 505x618, flowerhvn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No thank you.

>> No.25648308

I miss yoshitaka songs

>> No.25648362

>not the EXH
The HVN spin is literally the easiest instance of lane gimmicks in the game.

>> No.25648471

Why are you opposed to fun?

>> No.25648476

Nevermind, I'm retarded. I was thinking of Vallis EXH. Point still stands though.

>> No.25654232

Imagine not liking JOMANDA

>> No.25659017

How do the LR2 dan courses compare to those in IIDX? I got a good deal on a used FPS, which is what I use to play LR2, but I have never played IIDX. I'm currently insane1st by the genoside 2018 courses.

>> No.25659088

IIDX crossover when

>> No.25670761

Whats the best way to practice scratching? Currently to practice I just play scratch heavy songs and only do the scratch parts and compare my score after each song.

>> No.25671617
File: 114 KB, 677x561, ichika.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope it's Ichi-go DX Pancake

>> No.25672829

give up because scratching is a gimmick and buttons are the reason to play

>> No.25673168

How do I force SM5 to run faster than 60fps? Got a 165fps monitor but no matter what I do the game runs at 60. I've run it vsync on/off, windowed, fullscreen, edited the .ini but it keeps switching back by itself to 60fps.

>> No.25673341

I'll start playing with a keyboard then

>> No.25674074

why do fat poor people like osu?

>> No.25675412
File: 81 KB, 341x275, scratch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im gonna use auto-scratch and play 12s without ever learning how to use scratch.

>> No.25677024

>Fuck load of Bemani songs removed from Youtube

>> No.25681700

maimai is only fun because of the meaty button slapping and wacca is all about using 3 dimensions for play, which wouldn't work on a normal touchscreen without dumbing it down again

>> No.25682371

does anybody know at what resolution does pop'n fantasia run?

>> No.25686348


>> No.25686768

The charting styles are much different. Players usually get iidx kaiden when around insane 5th to insane 6th

>> No.25691630

It can run at 15khz or 31khz

>> No.25693482

640x480 in SD. 1366x768 in HD.

>> No.25693716

Is there any way to get the knobs on a sdvx controller to work with the touch slider controls in project diva arcade?

>> No.25695891

Fantasia didn't run HD

>> No.25696383
File: 1.24 MB, 3103x3915, pe78ym1klt231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how long did it take all of you rhythm game gods to get from 8th dan to 9th dan
i don't think i'm gonna make it, bros...

>> No.25698791

Who even enjoys playing these custom maps? At least they are pretty to look at...

>> No.25700490

Anon literally anyone and their grandmother can get to 9th and 10th. You just have to keep playing regularly. I'll believe in you, as long as you're not an anti-random player.

>> No.25701171

got 8dan in iidx in like a year and a half. i might be on the slow side i dont know

>> No.25701194

i should also mention i got 8dan on cannon ballers. gigadelic is a million times easier than sick

>> No.25701966
File: 120 KB, 445x373, 1580619127095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>artist releases new song
>can't wait to play it on osu/robeat/beat saber

>> No.25702642
File: 81 KB, 659x510, new_pdai.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, it does. The HD cabs were released when Tune Street came out.

>> No.25705568

4 months for me between 8th and 9th

>> No.25707284

pinky nonran 10 dan chad vs the wrist ran kaiden virgin

>> No.25708042
File: 1.86 MB, 4000x3008, DSC_1139~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Went to Round1 for the first time in six months. I haven't been keeping up with game news so I didn't realize the gold cabs got all those Touhou eurobeat licenses.
Overall the trip wasn't really worth it since I only played two sets of DDR, and a set of IIDX and DRS. Also playing DDR in a mask kinda sucks, if only because of sweat. The arcade was pretty empty and there was plenty of hand sanitizer everywhere but I probably won't bother going back anytime soon.
Thanks for subscribing to my blog.

>> No.25709608

Three days

>> No.25710870

I remember skipping 7dan to 9dan because fuck gigadelic on 2P back in sinobuz or so

>> No.25711207

When you're consistently clearing hard 11s or easy 12s then you could go for 9dan

>> No.25711864

Played some SDVX last night felt good

>> No.25718044

>tfw dereusting in iidx after not playing for 8 months

>> No.25718396
File: 111 KB, 408x500, 1592648134828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can do it

>> No.25718561

Thinking about doing the same, if only to secure all the event unlocks. I've tried playing DDR in a mask and it's absolutely awful. I can't play anything above a 16 without dying for breath.

>> No.25719570

In LR2 BGAs only play when the videos are included with the BMS, but if I place them in the Movies folder they don't play anymore for songs without videos, what gives?

>> No.25719926

>I can't play anything above a 16 without dying for breath.


>> No.25719987

You can't compare me to Brosoni, dude has lungs of diamond. Have you tried playing an 18 in a mask? It's not as easy as you think, trust me.

>> No.25720572

I'm the definition of sedentary, not even a DDR main, and haven't had any trouble playing DP 17s with a mask on at ~5400' elevation.

>> No.25720662

when am I gonna get a figure of the vvelcome girl

>> No.25720713

when am I gonna get a high quality pic of the vvelcome girl

>> No.25720882

Geez these fucking difficulty ratings man. I play 11s and 12s that are as hard why can't these stupid gay dancing games come up with some standard of ratings?

>> No.25720956

There are no 11s and 12s in official DDR that are as hard as a 19.

>> No.25721001

>I play songs at a difficulty level significantly lower than this one and they're not as hard

Anon are you retarded? Are you talking about ITG 11's and 12's? IIDX 11's and 12's? You need to be more specific in your posts my dude

>> No.25721070

All my song packs are from all the games +like 1k songs made by whoever. None of them specify what rating system they're using (ITG, ddr, etc) so I literally ignore ratings and look at bpm, note count, and song length.

Again, some of them are babby easy at 11 or 17, some of them are turbo hard at 12, no rhyme or reason.

>> No.25721578

This is what you get with community built rhythm games

>> No.25721956

The old DDR scale and ITG scale are roughly in alignment. The DDR X scale is really the only thing that really fucked it all up. It would be nice if everyone moved to it, but there wasn't enough incentive to overcome the amount of history of the old scale.

>> No.25722654
File: 1.80 MB, 4000x3008, DSC_1138~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't normally have any issues with breathing in a mask. I'm in pretty okay shape and have been cycling regularly for the past few months instead of playing DDR. I'm just really really sweaty. I had a polyester mask on that got pretty fucking miserable to wear when it got wet.
I have a decent setup at home that I can be playing on, I just wanted to get out of the house and see how things were at the arcade.

>> No.25723354

>ghost family
>erm temporal shockwave
>call of the world
I definitely dumped too many credits on this game

>> No.25729540

yo guys does anybody here have a pop'n music 20 dump?

>> No.25730097
File: 944 KB, 2000x1500, let's go wonderland.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but you can't have it.

>> No.25731215

what's the default switch/spring setup on the lightning cab?

>> No.25737520 [DELETED] 

Can we not forget how Nyannurs is a horrible person who has doxxed and hacked a large handful of our community and continues to be openly transphobic and harasses users on Twitter? Can we eradicate him from everywhere?

>> No.25737599 [DELETED] 

go complain to him about it instead of posting anonymously on 4chan

>> No.25737674

50g for both.

>> No.25739106

You'll feel like complete trash when you see your old scores. But after around 2 weeks of daily play you'll be back to where you were or even surpass it.

t. done it many times over the years

>> No.25739364

Sometimes not playing for a week or so, and/or playing other rhythm games during that time will give your brain time to catch up on what it's learned. My timing in IIDX skyrocketed after I spent a week trying to PFC some 10s in DDR. It's counter-intuitive, but cycling out rhythm games and sometimes doing something completely unrelated can be beneficial. Also, if you are having a bad session, just stop playing and try again later.

>> No.25739872 [DELETED] 

Shut The Fuck Up Nyannurs

>> No.25739948 [DELETED] 

>being openly transphobic
>this is a bad thing
Sounds like a sane person compared to the numerous mental illnesses the LGBT+ crowd harbors.
Maybe try killing yourselves less because you'll never look like a real girl.

>> No.25744478

Remember to follow the Rhythm Game Community Code of Conduct, /jp/!


>> No.25745016

It's pretty reasonable to expect people to not act like an aggressive shithead or be a rapist.
The nine pages of HR speak are a bit much but I guess they just need to cover all their bases.

>> No.25745987

>Hate speech, offensive behavior, or verbal abuse related to sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, religion, or skill level.
>skill level
sounds like this was just written by a bunch of salty fags that need to GIT GUD

>> No.25746096

If anthony isn't held accountable, making a document talking about what one should and shouldn't do means virtually nothing.

>> No.25746980

You're complaining in the wrong place. Bring it up with convention organizers if you're truly upset and actually want something to happen.
Not that it really matters right now since there aren't really going to be conventions for a while anyway.

>> No.25747588

I dunno how you guys can call anything the easiest 16 when #fairy_dancing_in_lake exists

>> No.25748593

Thats a 17 in disguise.

>> No.25750798

Easiest to do what exactly? Bad Apple is like a 14 to pass and like an 18 to PUC

>> No.25753580

lmao imagine thinking u need longer than 10 minutes to learn how to play valis exh

>> No.25755190

Imagine replying to a 4 day old post only to completely miss the point.

>> No.25755569

>if you are having a bad session, just stop playing and try again later
This definitely helps too. After around 2-3 hours of play in the arcade my performance usually drops hard and that's when I just go home or get some food

>> No.25756156

Please andastd im absolute dogshit at knobs, I just wiggle them and hope for the best.

>> No.25763159

>due tomorrow 2020 rebuild

>> No.25764265
File: 5 KB, 211x239, 92d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


i swear to god i hate myself for sharing a hobby with such pathetic faggots.

every rhythm game player should be subjected to the boats

>> No.25764581

Just learn how to use filters, this thread improves dramatically. The whole site does, really.

>> No.25767062

>plays deadly dolly dance
maybe touhou music isnt so bad after all

>> No.25767103

>orca without the stops and bpm changes

>> No.25767773

2hu remixes have some gems. My favorite and a babby tier level 18


>> No.25768391

Good taste. One of the best 18s for sure.

>> No.25768436

For me, if it's SDVX, it's gotta be Silver Impact
Touhou has a ton of great remixes, though. Just play Stepmania or something else that's community driven.

>> No.25768525

I used to play this a lot when I was playing level 14 stuff in SDVX3


>> No.25769490

I really like 鼓動、零れぬ酒

>> No.25770197

Give me some lvl 15 I should play in vivid wave

>> No.25770468

For me its ゼンマイ恋時計(T.E.B Summer Mix), the best touhou remix

>> No.25770531


it's a 15 in the new scale

>> No.25770754

Send help both songs bodied me

>> No.25771139


ケムマキ underground, 666, New Leaf, Nexta, Lunatic Sprinter, Mind Mapping hard liquid remix

>> No.25771353

If you're looking for a more basic 15 I find the freeway shuffle remix works well

>> No.25771608

>forced gimmicks for difficulty

>> No.25771707

I take umbrage with this depiction of Sound Voltex players!

>> No.25772328 [DELETED] 

When I download the new HDD data

I see a number always


It speaks to me

>> No.25772473 [DELETED] 

Why does some faggot have N-0 and uses it to call kitten a pedophile yet I can’t have HV? Who does N-0 providers prioritize?

>> No.25772706

>haha i recognize the jackets of these super popular songs i dont have a life lol

>> No.25776808

Is wacca becoming a decently difficult game now?
Maps like this look somewhat difficult to read at first glance and I can't find an accurate list of tracks for the game. Are there a lot of inferno charts? or only 1-2

>> No.25782004

>master2unknown is kill

>> No.25787154

>can't play new arcade rips because I use an audio interface

What kind of dumb ass shit

>> No.25790863 [DELETED] 

The word "nyannurs" is actively being censored on this thread. You guys have given him what he wants. We lose.

>> No.25792987

At least vw lets you do shared mode wasapi. Wish you could do the same for iidx

>> No.25793366

>USB audio
nice meme

>> No.25794708

>New Decade coming to SDVX


>> No.25795995
File: 262 KB, 659x578, 739CD595-545A-4EA3-B247-ACFA991DE148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25797154

what are you getting at?

>> No.25797332
File: 30 KB, 200x200, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even play SDVX and I recognized 3 of them.

>> No.25799682

>these unlocks
what do I need to do to get them?

>> No.25801633

either play the game the song comes from once, or play the game it's being added to 10 times

>> No.25801692
File: 77 KB, 1280x720, 1549150288805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw still stuck overseas waiting for my diploma

>> No.25806669

I waited two years to get my diploma after finishing uni, because the final semester was abroad and I forgot to return my metro pass.
At least Taiwan had rhythm games.

>> No.25808114

What’s the verdict on project diva arcade is it good or gay

>> No.25808160

I think it is in between personally

>> No.25808216
File: 380 KB, 869x800, youmu_myon_smugface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, "good gay"?

>> No.25808261

Nah. If you give me like an hour I can digest my thoughts and write up an ice cold take that tries to preemptively consider every low effort response beyond the one word catchphrases, and consequently is ignored.

>> No.25808504

Please do, I’m actually legitimately curious on what other rhythm gaymers think of the series. I’ve been playing it quite a bit on Switch recently and it’s been surprisingly fun.

>> No.25809342
File: 981 KB, 528x935, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25810336

nice feet

>> No.25814681
File: 43 KB, 637x900, eb8f7b0e63863c7f287e7dc8dffac18e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feat. ななひら

>> No.25815019

I wish for nothing but her happiness

>> No.25815847

does rootage require a good pc to run fine?

>> No.25816184


i play it on a t530

>> No.25821066

Playing on a mid-tier pc from 2012 just fine.

>> No.25834023


>> No.25847465
File: 3.04 MB, 1210x1628, 1573291160993.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yearly reminder

>> No.25852765
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>> No.25854517

At what point did you give up and start wrist scratching?

>> No.25854683

I still wrist scratch with two 12s cleared under my belt
And there's nothing you can fucking do about it

>> No.25854794

>tried DRS in a mask
>almost collapsed

>> No.25855703

Never. Stay strong and don't be a sissy.

>> No.25855996

is there a way to change the resolution for windowed mode on rootage data?

>> No.25876585
File: 12 KB, 250x139, Error.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Different anon but would you happen to know how to fix this issue? Cant get fantasia to launch.

>> No.25877670

Try downloading and installing the June 2010 DirectX end-user runtimes.

>> No.25877788

Alternatively if you're trying to launch it in HD your monitor might not support the exact resolution it wants, which I believe is 1360x768.
If not you'll have to run it in SD, You can go into your prop folder, open app-config with an XML editor and in pcb_type change it from 1 to 0.

>> No.25891403

Huh neither worked. I don't understand how I got pop'n peace to work just fine but fantasia's the one giving me trouble. fantasia's download was labeled as "ready to play" not sure it that has something to do with it. Also there wasn't a prop folder but i found app-config in a folder named "conf", it was already set to 0.

>> No.25893892

I'm at a loss then. I haven't really messed with fantasia since like 2013 or even data in general lately.

>> No.25894004

Thanks anyway, i'm more than happy enough with pop'n peace. I just wanted fantasia for 5 button mode but eh i'll learn 9 button. Time to build a controller!

>> No.25895197

gimme the quick rundown

>> No.25895224

Just take every kaneko chiharu song and put it in every game

>> No.25896251

just ordered my samducks for my diy pop'n controller. any reccomended pcb i should get?

>> No.25896336

I think peace should still have EASY mode which has charts anywhere from 3 to 9 buttons. I'm not entirely sure since I've only ever played peace once and haven't bothered with anything less than 9 button since Sengoku Retsuden came out.
5 button isn't really necessary anymore though. You can get used to 9 button quick enough and the lower level charts are pretty easy.

>> No.25896393

Arcin is nice if you have the money and want all the fancy shit like game controlled lights. You can also use an arduino if you feel like getting a bit more diy.

>> No.25896826

True, i was able to get to to 17s back when arcades were open.
I definitely want something on the cheaper side since i splurged on the samducks (they were like $115 total). I'm fine with any pcb as long it doesn't add any lag and functions correctly.

>> No.25905421

is this a decent pick for a pop'n pcb? think its arduino clone. amazon.com/dp/B01H4ZDYCE/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_JUHtFbJ4GFQ83

>> No.25912524

guys look how quirky I am making "predictions" with info I datamined from the latest n-0 data ecks dee please give me attention

>> No.25912654

nyannurs moment

>> No.25912730

nyannurs is a cis white male he would never

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