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I'm having the hardest time choosing my team for Tower Defence mode lunatic. Marisa has the highest attack power but she's afraid to shoot so a lot gets passed. Nitori and Ran can't hit the side of a goddamn barn. Even with only 5 members Eirin is too expensive to upgrade to lvl 6. Yuyoko is a monster but she often stacks her shots on one group of enemies and lets things get passed her. Also if I make more than 15 she's too expensive to upgrade and once too much get passed her I'm screwed since all my resources go to upgrading her.

Medicine makes a great inexpensive swarm of bullets but I can't use her on the front lines since that's where I put my Yuyukos while Reisen is great at confusing enemies but I can't rely on massing Reisens for funding. My main problems come with bosses which take up resources and bullets while smaller enemies sneak passed and fucking Suika who keeps stealing my books.

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1. Eientei crew
2. Pour everything into Mokous
3. WIN

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Mokou's a melee which is absolutely worthless in Tower Defence mode

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I like churning out Cirnos because they are cheap and the strongest.
That'll work.

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I don't think you've quite thought this all the way through.

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Reisen owns in tower defense.

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Spam Kaguya and Reisen. Sakuya doesn't hurt.

TD mode is the easiest. I can clear it without using a single card and staying at x16 scoring. It's not even hard.

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Yay, look at them just standing there while they steal my books.

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Reisen and Aya are all you need in TD mode. Aya can push enemies back. Reisen does insane damage and confuses.

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seriously, they cost about a fifth of a normal touhou.

just fill the screen with them and sit back.

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You are a GENIUS.

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Maybe a lvl 1 Tewi or two for her luck ability.

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Not enough Cirnos

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guys, i accidentally the entire cirno, is this bad?

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Kaguya. I'd never thought to use lobbing bullets. What tactics do you use? I may just be a poor player of TD mode, I've lost so many times on lunatic it hurts.

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What is this and where can I get it? It looks awesome.

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I usually start something like this. Remember, always buy units at level 2, they're the cheapest. Level 2 kaguya is also usually enough to wipe out any unit from a single blast.
I'll buy about 5 more kaguya total and that's enough. Maybe 20-30 Reisen and Sakuya. Kanako I buy once I have the others and stick her in the center.

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We don't even view the images before asking eh?

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I usually put it on infinite and spam space until it crashes

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Sakuya and Reisen are all you really need. I kind of like putting a few Cannonkos near the middle because of the range.

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90% of them won't even survive past the edges.

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I tried, but I can't really tell...

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I also wanna make sure I get the name right.

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Can't read English or something?

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Fucking boss tewi! Didn't move enough shooters down there and I lost 2 books.

Anyways, using these units is MORE than enough to clear lunatic. I'm trying to beat my high score though. Anyone know if there's any way to have stronger units spawn as your enemy?

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So how do I play this game?
I only have arcade mode and even on easy whenever theres a bunch of patchy's I always die.
How do I unlock other game modes?

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Automatically win.

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I downloaded this, but it won't work, saying that some .dll file is missing when I try to run the .exe. Can anyone help with this?

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That's happening to me as well.

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google the dll
woks everytime

unless its a dx*.dll
then you need to update your directx

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update directx

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thanks for the help, will do that.

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Reisen and Sakuya kicks ass on bosses. Bombers like Yuyuko and Aya for the mob. Sometimes Tewi to buff the special effects probability

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Tewi + Komachi for bosses

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