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A thread for the discussion of Dies irae, Kajiri Kamui Kagura, Pantheon and other associated titles belonging to the Shinza Banshou setting, written by Takashi Masada.

>Masada's official Twitter

Dies irae Song to the Witch fully translated: https://www.stuffiliketodo.net/projects/dies_irae_song_to_the_witch_2781/

>Avesta of Black and White
https://enty.jp/en/avestan (JP, everything after the prologue behind paywall)
Summaries: https://pastebin.com/r8bi3mrq

>Dies irae
Getting Started: https://pastebin.com/03KfVLZZ
Official Website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_portal/
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v548
Interview with Kaziklu Bey: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/dies_kaziklubey/
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/644540/Dies_irae_Amantes_amentes/ (>buying from steam)
Mangagamer: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=1&product_code=1041 (>buying from mangagamer)
Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/27WTzqYV
Random TL's and misconceptions: https://pastebin.com/9XgEAwTU

>Dies irae Pantheon
Official Website: http://dies-p.net/index.html
Website Translation: https://pastebin.com/g7rbqkTM

>Kajiri Kamui Kagura
Official website: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/products/kajirikamuikagura/index.html
VNDB: https://vndb.org/v5844

>Other light titles
Senshinkan DL: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Vxb68jRFW6HFAvG72u4JoKhLkM5TEQfO
Bansenjin Torrent: https://sukebei.pantsu.cat/view/1705703
PL Torrent: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2577220

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cute loli of death

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Just gonna post this as I am about to sleep. I'll check for requests when I wake up.

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Make one with Habaki, please.

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Sure. Is there any particular sprite or CG you have in mind for that?

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Here's what I got. Again, let me know if you had a different pic in mind.

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Glossary 22 by Trexalfa

Multiverse: Concept that references multiple universes existing at the same time. There are several definitions of it, however, the one this concept refers to here is that of "other worlds which might have been possible" which branch off due to the possiblities that emerge from choice. That is, what are usually called parallel universes (parallel worlds).

In order for this to appear, as a premise, it is necessary for everyone to possess a high degree of freedom and free will or, to say it in other words, the universe's way of being must be that of a liberal system. However, in the world of this story, there is a Principle which obstructs it, that is, the conflict in between Good and Evil, absolutely controlled by Avesta. Because this is a universe of puppets in which the majority of people don't even understand why they are fighting, pluralistic expanses have nothing to do with it. In short, because the degree of freedom of choice is extremely low, it perhaps could be said that this is a world in which "ifs" do not happen.

In a future era, a man who'd set out to try every single possible choice, wishing for the unknown, will give birth to the concept of the universe extending to a plurality, but that is also another story.

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Transcendence (Gudou):
Belief to keep pushing forward, staking everything that makes up one's being, while being devoted to a single desire or ideal. In the story, what Sirius and Kaikhosru extol is Hegemony (Hadou): an attitude to life that sets about to subjugate other people, and to dye them to oneself's colour, that is, a completely antithetical concept to this. That is, the essence of Transcendence is simply "In what way do I want to live?", it is not something that tries to change others or the world.

If Hegemony is said to be the disposition of kings, Transcendence could be said to be the disposition of warriors and craftsmen. An attitude which cares nothing about the course of the world, but simply sets out to carry oneself's path to its ultimate end, earnestly. Its complete/perfect form is, according to Khvarenah's hypothesis, an individual universe condensed into a human form, however, such a thing can't come into existence, unless under the aforementioned Law of parallel universes. The reasoning goes that, once countless different worlds exist, moreover, they exist at the same time, then the apex of Transcendence can too be born, as a different world of extremely small scale.

Therefore, in terms of sequence, Transcendence comes after Hegemony, however, this doesn't speak of their inferiority or superiority, of their strengths and weaknesses. It is simply that laying out the stage is the role of Hegemons.

The above mentioned reasoning acts as a binding for Bahlavan, hindering his growth, however, there yet even more Laws in this story which restrict Transcendents. What the hell those are will, maybe, become clear eventually.

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This is great, I didn't have a CG in mind so it's fine.
Thank you, anon.

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Glad you like it.

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Best dadwife

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Would you a planet?

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>Russians stopped translating the full chapters in the worst arc

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Planets are hottest.

They are just slow, there are not too much people translating.

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Anon, post latest Avesta Raws.

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Is Shirou/Sukuna the strongest Observer since he's also the Apoptosis of a Hadou god?

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Pretty much, yeah.
Judas would be stronger discounting that, though.

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Metsujin Messou.

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No content, dead thread.

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After finishing DI and Kaziklu Bey, I haven't been able to read any other VN's. How do you guys deal with this feeling.
I'm obviously a EOP

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I don't

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you watch VNW TLs of KKK clearly

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Post Avesta RAWs

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Pretty damn tall.

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Leave the LDO to me.

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Eh, I expected him to look like the 6th Ranked somehow.
Also, what's with those leg proportions.

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>Imagine being a manlet trying to fight such an ABSOLUTE UNIT

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9 chapter pls

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- we start with fight of Magsarion and Bhavana and we finally have info drop on Magsarion's armor, Melek Taus. Among Khavrenah's tools it's not so special and its true identity is Garyoku generator. If Dragvant will have it will boost their power, conversely Ashavan will gain ability they shouldn't have, Garyoku.
Since it's device originally to boost the weak masses it isn't that strong. That's why it has limits. Even though Garyoku can bend reality there's structural limit to what can be achieved.
First is fuel problem. I can't produce something from nothing and it functions by eating emotions. The reason why Ashavan can't use Garoyku is due to their collective nature to live for "everyone". Individuals eroding reality for their own convenience deny this harmony.
Meanwhile, it's impossible for Dragvant to share feelings with others, collect their thoughts and work together to exceed potential of the individual. So their feelings aren't weaker than those of Dragvant and it can be said that their characteristics are similiar. Because ultimately, both factions push through reality with the power of heart and generate supernatural phenomena. Miracles of Ashavan and order disruption of Dragvant are separated by a very thin boundary.
Melek Taus removes that barrier; burns down part of the brain that makes Garyoku inaccessible for Ashavan. But this occurs under equivalent exchange. Whether it's replacement of the front and back of the coin in the case of Ashavan or simple strengthening in the case of Dragvant it has to interfere with the root of the birth.
As a result, those who wear this armor can only obtain short-term power. The central part of the emotions is overheated, causing meaning and concept of the emotions to be lost. At most they can experience one or two large-scale battles, before burning out emotions and turning into empty puppet. With this limited fuel it's impossible to obtain boundless power.
There's only one exception:
- Magsarion. In his heart there is only killing intent, hatred and grudge. Whether his heart already burned out or it was non-existent from the beginning doesn't matter. The only fact is that his anger has not disappeared. Not only that, his powerful emotions surpass standard of the armor. Since Magsarion is already heretic among Ashavan, it's possible he can use Garyoku on his own, that case a booster, Melek Taus, would amplify this power beyond limits. His wrath cannot be absorbed, on the contrary, black abyss of his soul caused armor to change.
If Maou-class Dragvant would use this armor, it would be destroyed unable to withstand super-dense Garyoku. Since it was originally crated for a purpose to support thte weak it cannot be used by powerful being. This's its second limit.
So why does it continue to exist on Magsarion who completely surpasses limits of the armor and made it his slave? Even its creator, Khvarenah, probably doesn't know the truth. Melek Taus who was robbed of its death and changed into zombie. So what is taking from Magsarion? What it uses at its fuel? It's unknown.

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- Bhavan continues to pummel Magsarion, each attack with power to shatter star, each one connecting with vital points of his body. He stomps on his spine and breaks the crust as easily as cracking an egg. Bhavan is bathed in magma but naturally this does nothing. With characteristic of Bhavan's Commandment, this stomp would wipe out entire star without trace, but Magsarion cannot be considered luckly when all of that power is concentrated on him.
- still, he's fine and launches counterattack at him. But Bhavan catches his sword with two fingers. He wonders how Magsarion could survive all six of his attacks and assumes it's Commandment.
- Bhavan clenches his fist with the power of supernova explosion. Magsarion has no way to avoid it, because Locust King is still holding his sword. The only logical course of action is to let go of his own sword and avoid it. But he doesn't let it go and at the same time he receives Bhavan's fist, he fell down utilizing its momentum to thrown Bhavan using his own sword as a fulcrum. He continues to attack Magsarion while holding his sword but he evades all attacks while still holding his sword which is assaulted by Bhavan's destructive energy. The way he avoids attacks is very similiar to fighting style of Sirius, but unlike him, Magsarion's technique is very distorted and crazy.
- Bhavan once again assumes it's the result of Commandment, power to seize specialized skills at any time. That's because Bhavan has unchanging belief in his power and is neither negligent nor overconfident.
- their tug of war continues and eventually Bhavan's attack work, he slams Magsarion into ground so hard that star rumbles, tsunami occurs and New Continent shatters into pieces. Magsarion is STILL holding his sword. And it really seems to be related to Commandment. His vow is probably to hold your weapon at all times and immediately maintain ready to kill condition.
- Bhavan continues to pummel Magsarion while wholeheartedly telling him to keep fighting, but is suddently cut off and finally let go Magsarion's sword. Even Bhavan is surprised by this, never intending to let go.
- Bhavan looks at his right hand and he's missing two fingers which were holding the sword, blood flowing without end. Bhavan thinks Magsarion used a loophole to cut him, but corrects himself saying he shoved loophole inside him instead. So he came to conclusion that Magsarion's power is to make smth that doesn't exist, see the unseen.

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- it seems Magsarion's vow is not to keep holding his sword, but to devote all of his actions to killing. If he closes his eyes he will lose sight of the scum (evil), if he will go to sleep his thoughts will pause. He has no time to stop and rest. Not letting go of his sword is just a single element of his true vow - devoting his entire life to killing evil even if it means to abandon basic human activities. If he will continue to remove everything that doesn't help him in any way he will grow faster, stronger and sharper without end.
- Magsarion attacks him again and Bhavan is unable to detect it because his attention is once again diverted and screwed into world. Bhavan barely dodges it, but his cheek is slightly torn. Magsarion can see where to attack enemy which will cause its destruction. Power of his will created 6th sense to the utmost limits. It's a result of extraordinary Commandment that no one but him can imitate - don't eat, don't blink, he doesn't eat and thus, he has no need to excrete. They're all useless. He has no need for love and friends, since he already decided to fight and kill his entire life he burned out everything else. His heart always awakens in response to dark emotions swirling inside it. Eventually, Magsarion grasped infallible breath in the process of mutual killing. The higher his killing intent increases with Saoshyant Ushedar’s conjunction, the more desparate situation he finds himself into, he, as a sword himself, is sharpened as a blade which cuts and destroys creation. Open a gap necessary to slay - embody it through visualization. To kill without being killed, light and shade in the gap of the sky– feel it through bodily sensations and slide into.
- but Bhavan is not impressed, because this way of life is a common sense for Locusts such as him, Tarvi and Zarchie, their fight continues

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- we cut to Quinn and Frederica inside Khvarenah. Constituents of his interior are unknown, it resembles crystal, but softness of the rubber. Gravity is a little light and there are hundreds of different components in the atmosphere. Since Quinn and Satsujinki don’t need to breath it’s unknown if it’s poisonous. The temperature reaches 40*Celsius but heat source is unknown. Star effects don’t properly work here. It has marble pattern reminiscent of kaleidoscope, with colors that Quinn doesn’t even know about. They’re constantly swelling , rolling, joining and separating. Although Quinn visited many stars, it’s first time for her to see so many unknown things in a single one. She concludes they’re in the main star of Saurva, Forge of Destruction.
- it seems Magsarion decided to separate from themselves voluntarily.
- Quinn and others travel deeper into Khvarenah until they encounter bizarre structure. It resembles cephalopod upside down, as if countless arms rushing for thread of salvation many big pillars coil and entangle it, the way it grows toward heaven is chaotic, however it has orderliness resembling gears in the watch. Quinn instinctively accepted it’s like a “temple” which symbolizes fusion and reversal of dualism, unsure whether it collapses existing concept (dualism) or plays with it.
- Quinn asks Frederica what Khvarenah’s astral body is like. She doesn’t seem recall his figure because his presence seemed too vivid. This’s related to her Commandment. Because her vow is not evade attacks, there might be some danger in the appearance of Khvarenah itself. In other words, some kind of form or figure which embodies enough information to collapse processing capacity of the receiver. Furthermore, as a phenomenon of emanating without malice, if he can forcibly invade and dye the surroundings then it could be Hadou as well.

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- Quinn then has talk with Munsarath about Varhram. She asks him why he’s subordinate to Frederica when he was so fascinated by Varhram. He tells her it’s obvious: because he’s Dragvant and seeks lord from the same darkness. But Quinn calls bullshit. Both, Sirius and Magsarion, who saw the end of hero took a part that’s outside of dualism. Current situation that can only be called chaos is derived from Varhram’s death. That’s why she comes to conclusion Munsarath should be affected by him as well.
- here we learn about Munsarath’s second Commandment…or lack thereof. Because it was take away by Varhram’s Saoshyant Desatir. Because of this Munsarath is living now in some kind of “divided state”. Quinn asks him what kind of Commandment it was and he drops the truth bomb, it’s the power to see future few seconds ahead. Quinn wonders what kind of form it would take under Varhram. If it fits new user it will undergo abnormal improvement and evolution depending on the vessel. So she concludes that he knew about his death and accepted it.
- their trip continues…until Khvarenah’s astral body appears. His presence filling everything with a single concept – color, sound, smell and time were all torn apart at the same time. Here we have more “censorship talk” so won’t bother with this for now. Their brains are on the verge of evaporation just from seeing him. He’s described as different savior, guide of foundation searching for lost prayers and forgetting about them. His dazzling appearance like a halo made of collected miracles. Quinn says he can only be described as a root of ■ they usually use. His crimson eyes confining light and darkness deeper than depths of the universe.
- he asks them who they are

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2nd novel's cover?

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Bhavan is so fucking cool.

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>don't eat, don't blink, he doesn't eat and thus, he has no need to excrete. They're all useless. He has no need for love and friends, since he already decided to fight and kill his entire life he burned out everything else.
How much more hardcore can Magsarion get? He’s literally a killing machine comparable to the Locusts at this point.

>> No.25282759

Actually, Bahlavan noted that he just made a Commandment of the Locusts everyday routine.

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>Nadere, Serious and Aladdin wanted to create a singularity by using Forge Dad
>In the end, the sheer ever-escalating battle autism of the Gorrilla King and Mags will end up collapsing the universe before they get a chance to do that

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sakurai best

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I think this is the cover of the new artbook.

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I see

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>Shirou was erased so hard from reality that he didn't made it to the group picture

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*spontaneously ceases to exist*

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>becomes the sun

>> No.25309641

Yeah, it's the new artbook.
Kinda weird to do an artbook when you are just a little more than a volume away from finishing, but whatever. More content is always welcomed.

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How would things have changed if DI was able to release on the switch in the west?

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So does Mags just really like sick suits or something? Considering his God Form wears one and PL has a bunch of characters rolling around in them

>> No.25322603

>His real hatred comes from how un/fa/ everyone is under Shinga

>> No.25335831

>Get's devoured by Rusulka. Bursts out from her stomach
>Get's devoured by Bey. Bursts out from his corpse
>Get's devoured by Reinhard. Leaves and steals a majority of his einherjar
Based Shirou dabbing on vorefags

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nothing, the west is largely irrelevant and most people who already bought dies on pc wouldnt buy it again for the switch

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Look at this duuuude

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Big boy.

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A while back there was an update to Dies Irae on Steam that fixed typos, etc. (https://twitter.com/jhooper_g_ace/status/993729499140255744)
Does anyone know if the typos were also fixed in the Mangagamer version? Specifically in Acta Est Fabula.

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>gets eaten by Ren
>cums from the fact that he's inside Ren

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Magsarion is just Bahlavan's fleshlight

>> No.25359233

Is Reinhard a blonde because that's the hair color that the Snek is more attracted to?

>> No.25359552

must be some reference to alchemy fuckery we don't know

>> No.25363867

Transmutation of base metals into gold.

>> No.25363925

who's this cutie?

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Can Machina end his own existence by punching himself?

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Why was he such a fun character?

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Do i need to know something before i start?

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Sure, anything else?

>> No.25366851

route order is akira, ayumi, rinko and sera
make sure to have read dies irae and kkk since references

>> No.25366958

Got you.

>> No.25371304

He makes me want to rape.

>> No.25372090

Acta Est Fabula > Amantes Amentes
Other Stories suck, censored H-scenes and their replacements suck
This is the truth

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Best boy

>> No.25379306

As you say.

>> No.25379598

You need to read the novel satomi and the eight dogs. (Nansō Satomi Hakkenden) Yes, all 106 volumes. Preferably in the original.
You also need to study the Japanese history of the Taise era.
It is also necessary to study the religious movement in Japan at that time, as well as the influence of Christianity on the Buddhists of that time. In particular, 26 martyrs from Nagasaki.

And of course you need to go through all the previous Masada-sensei novels in order to understand all the references and jokes.

>> No.25381017 [DELETED] 

Tried reading Library at Mount Char but I just can't do it. All western urban fantasy is terrible and just makes me cringe.

>> No.25381186

Ain't gonna read all this crap, sorry.

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How long until a decent machine learning program saves us EOPs?

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I wanted more of him.

>> No.25395706

Literally just Ren.

>> No.25415011

And? It's Nazi Ren.

>> No.25415080

nooo this Ren didn't participate in the holocaust

>> No.25415725

At least 50% of it comes from Suwabe's glorious performance.

>> No.25421722

Nah, 30% at best. 70% of these are masterpiece dialogues and fantastic drawing.

>> No.25421884
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>> No.25422762


>> No.25429082

He looks like an old man in there

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Finally Masada's dick inside me
Didn't read his works for ages.

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Your face when

>> No.25433903

All that means is he's superior rape material.

>> No.25433913

He is 2000 years old, anon.

>> No.25438650

So younger than Narede or Forge Dad.

>> No.25439649

He's only 1800 years old

>> No.25441456


>> No.25451803

Magsarion's 2nd Commandment. In exchange for the binding of "Maintaining a condition in which rapid response to battle is possible at all times", he gets "Sharpening of his 6th sense when it comes to battle" as a boon.

That is, being ready for combat at all times, conducting himself like he's always on the battlefield. This is an ability that, in exchange for not showing absolutely any gaps, allows to see through the enemy's gaps and, if they don't exist, it allows even to forcibly create and shove them in.

If we were to run through all things he's forbidden to do they'd be: sleeping, blinking, eating and drinking, excretion, being unnarmed, and having any thoughts not related to killing.

>> No.25451818

Indeed, through this Commandment, which works to change oneself into an individual lethal weapon, into an infallible fighting machine, one can't even be called "human" anymore. If a common living being would perform this, it is needless to say that they'd experience death from breakdown, however, Magsarion, through his armor's Power of the Ego, is able to preserve himself in a condition in which he's able to keep the above mentioned prohibitions, as well as making his stamina not to deteriorate. However, the pain itself that one ought to bear still exists with no change whatsoever, so this Commandment's wonderful compensation involves going through terrific hardship.

The concept of "shoving gaps into". From the offensive side, eyes which allow to see and materialize moments in which his opponent drops his caution, or perhaps things like points in which his opponent's physique becomes relaxed and flacid, so to speak, to see and materialize points in which killing becomes easier. From the defensive side, being able to detect openings in the enemy's offense, and avoiding direct hits via slipping into them. This too is akin to a natural function of a fighting machine as, for the sake of killing, it mustn't be broken.

All in all, this power to forcibly create "tears" sees its effect increased the more killing intent exists in the area. If lethal weapons show their true worth while in a situation of fighting to the death, then we have no choice but to call it reasonable that it works linked to his first Commandment.

>> No.25475840

anon pls write summary for us eops

>> No.25482199

How can you trust me? What if i'm gonna write fake summary and you won't be even check for yourself?
Why not just make it your goal for learning japanese?
I stand here today just because i kept Masada as a goal all this time.
If i read someone else spoilers for it, i wouldn't be here today.
I read countless moege and nukige just to be here today.
I didn't actually started reading it yet, just checked very beginning, because need to finish other vn real quick.

>> No.25485400

Why bother when Machine Learning will just get it done in a few more years.

>> No.25486160

Mtl sucks even while translating between less complicated languages and you expecting it to ever be good for actual prose?
Even properly translated vn is entirely different experience from original shit.

>> No.25487676

>you expecting it to ever be good
Why wouldn't it? Human language is not some sort of magic that cannot be deciphered unless you have a native teaching you.
Obviously some stuff may be lost in translation, but spending so much time over two years just to read LNs is not a priority.

>> No.25487983

> but spending so much time over two years just to read LNs is not a priority
Why not? It's your hobby and you can read a lot of good stuff while learning, making it actually fun.
Of course it's your choice and no one can stop you.

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What are your thoughts on the 2nd ending of Rea's Route? I heard people saying it's nothing more than "fanservice" and that Reinhard vs Mercurius is the most fitting end. I personally don't agree with that, Reinhard vs Mercurius may be the better fight but Three Colors serves as the perfect conclusion to Ren's character arc, him getting rid of Mercury in the most badass way imaginable.

>> No.25489406

This is the only correct ending for this particular game. Not for the entire franchise, but for an independent work. Not to mention the fact that only in this case Mercurius will not allow Hajun to be born.

>> No.25489461

By the way, Masada can continue this particular storyline, because despite the fact that Hajun does not appear, it is still impossible to agree with Naraka and a new Hadou will definitely be born.

>> No.25490509

Based snek

>> No.25499253

>Merc's perfect ending that fulfilled his carving was both him getting cucked, while his waifu got cucked as well

>> No.25499397

I don't really think that anyone but Hajun could deal with the Three Guardians at the same time. Specially since the power-levels of KKK were already scrapped.
The three combine the perfect defense, perfect offense and perfect knowledge.

>> No.25499644
File: 76 KB, 357x512, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is DI manga still being done?

>> No.25500104

Got canned along with light's death.

>> No.25500809

Before Hajun came the same could be said.
Even now Hajun's abilities are no longer absolute. What will be revealed in the future, well, I can't even imagine.
In fact we know very little about the "meta-mechanics" of this universe. It may seem like a lot of information but actually the story has gone about half the way. And if we consider that ParaLost is not complete at the moment, then even less then half.

>> No.25501161

As a guy who studied Machine Learning, it's not that easy. There's always these small corner cases that no native speaker would fuck up on.

>> No.25501469

He doesn't really get cuked in this ending tho

>> No.25501569
File: 209 KB, 1280x720, Spinne defeats Reinhard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Canonically Reinhard never used Spinne because Spinne was too strong. After faking his death twice by releasing some souls so even Trifa thought he was gone, the souls Spinne released went into Reinhard and fooled him into believing he had Spinne as an Einherjar. But Reinhard knew Rot Spinne, AKA "All and Everything" whom he loves, is too strong for his usage and knew he could never control that power.

>> No.25501821

But he is in his Atziluth pic

>> No.25507207

Spinne only won because Ayumi played for him.

>> No.25507439

Reinhard is in a weird position. He's not the perfect offense (Muzan and Hajun), not the perfect defense (Ren) and not the perfect knowledge (Merc).
He's more like a commander that brings both defense and offense to the table plus tactical support.

>> No.25515570

The powers of the Three Commanders through his Law seem to be just that. If Ren didn't had Shirou in the three colors or Rea in the Marie Route to wreck his Valhalla from the inside, he would be dust.

>> No.25525191
File: 467 KB, 1064x600, Spider_Ren.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly. Spinne's power is so strong that he leaves a permanent mark on whatever he's involved in. Even the souls he absorbs takes his form. Remember that both Rusulka and Wilheim taking Shirou's soul still had Shirou intact enough to eventually come out. For Spinne, that's impossible unless Spinne wanted it. So powerful is Spinne that even Ren's power clearly came from Spinne. Look at this image and tell me it looks like a guillotine or a snake, not a spider.

>> No.25529135

Yato doesn't need any of this though.

>> No.25529173

Holy cringe.

>> No.25534151

This. Ren in that pic looks like a snek. >>25525191 is blind not to see the fact than ren has no arms and slithers on the ground.

>> No.25538861
File: 70 KB, 500x200, yahagi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>His evil group is named after a spider yokai
>The illustration is a spider
>His final form has the scythes being basically spider legs
>Not a spider

>> No.25541980
File: 58 KB, 625x468, Explain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Satanel AKA Morningstar
Why do all the throne holders before tumor all have a name or title starting with M?

>> No.25542120

>evil group

>> No.25542243

>Reinhard aka ÕgoN
Holy shit?

>> No.25542752
File: 84 KB, 600x598, nichijou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pantheon Scenario
>Ren reads Masada's twitter and realizes he's not getting his nichijou
>Ren snaps & develops the craving “Fuck everything, I want my goddamn Nichijou”
>the universe he writes is a SoL for everyone there
>Ren is the unfortunate harem protagonist, the harem members being the girls with routes + Rusalka
>Mercurius is the creepy NEET stalking Marie
>the LDO are some sort of occult club at school Reinhard founded at Mercurius’ advice
>Hajun is unintentionally some delinquent gang leader, his followers borderline worshiping him no matter how many times he tells them to fuck off and leave him alone
>Mithra is a slutty teacher who inexplicably still has a job after numerous allegations of molesting her students
>Muzan is the most remorseless & Judge Dredd cop in the universe who somehow hasn’t been kicked out for excessive violence
>Satanel is the perfectionist student who nearly hanged himself that one time he got 99/100 on a minor quiz
>The other gods are actually aware but most are too afraid to do anything, aware that disrupting Ren’s Nichijou will result in even deeper cravings, increasing Ren’s power even further
>Their only hope is Shirou, someone too naturally part of Ren's Nichijou for him to destroy, who has gone borderline insane from boredom
>It's up to the player to assist Shirou in destroying Ren's nichijou to restore the universe
>the bosses are the vast majority of cast members would genuinely love a peaceful life
>Trifa who peacefully operates his church/orphanage/daycare with Lisa
>Beatrice and Kai, sickeningly sweet loving couple making out in public
>Kei, who took the opportunity to learn arithmetic
>Rusalka, who has a route this time
>Machina, far less suicidal than before now that he doesn't have to deal with Reinhard
>Kasumi, who's actually relevant given her importance in Ren's nichijou
>Bonus Boss: "Der Spinne" - Friendly Neighborhood German Spider-Man

>> No.25551728

you are so funny. You should perform in a circus.

>> No.25555764
File: 192 KB, 1496x841, malie_17 16-23-08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Senshikan prologue was so fucking good and epic and had such a great prose, but now i know i'm not ready yet to actually read it, nor do i know a way to prepare myself for Masada prose.
Maybe i just need to brute force my way through it, but for now i give up. Gonna give it another try in a few months.
Back to learning from nukiges for now.

>> No.25558056

Isn't it better to learn from something difficult? Wouldn't progress be faster?

>> No.25558574

I'm just memeing about nukige, desu.
But i'm serious about having no idea on how should i prepare myself for Masada.

>> No.25559669

If DI were a nukige then every fight scene would be a sex scene.

>> No.25559744

Except i don't read 100% of h scenes in nukige but i read 100% of DI fighting scenes without skipping or skimming anything.

>> No.25559843

Yes you do

>> No.25560074

Why would i do such thing?
Why even bother with chuunige then?

>> No.25561894

Yes you do

>> No.25562134

>Once again, however, he was teased. Heydrich was by now over six feet tall, a gangly, awkward young man who still had the high, almost falsetto voice. Naval cadets took delight in calling him "Billy Goat" because of his bleating laugh and taunted with "Moses Handel" because of rumored Jewish ancestry and his unusual passion for classical music.
>He had a high voice and a bleating laugh, on account of which he was called the Ziege - nanny-goat.
>Heydrich was in his youth known to be athletic, and especially enjoyed swimming and fencing. He was also notably shy, and held in at least some degree of contempt by his peers, who where known to mock him behind his back for his lanky build, his slight tendency towards being cross-eyed, and, not least, his notably high-pitched voice and rather unusual laugh which was described as sounding like "braying", which earned him the not very flattering nickname "Die Ziege" (the Goat). Heydrich was so ashamed of these traits that he for his entire life refused to hold public speeches, fearing that his voice would reduce him to a laughingstock. His youth was also marked by recurring rumours that suggested that he had some Jewish ancestry; something that resulted in yet another rather unflattering nickname: "Moses Handel".
Why are LDO members so bullyable?

>> No.25562310

Wow i feel so attacked now.

>> No.25562759

Yes you do

>> No.25562883

s-stop bullying me ;____;

>> No.25565012
File: 1.28 MB, 1280x720, Kei getting bullied.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No Kei. We will continue.

>> No.25573064

you should continue reading it. the prologue is just difficult because of the info dump. the read gradually gets easier as you start to learn about the universe

>> No.25573667

Gotcha, gonna try reading past prologue later.

>> No.25592448
File: 140 KB, 800x600, Sakurai-kai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it ethical for a 70+ year old woman to raise her ally's child and fuck him?

>> No.25595808
File: 1.26 MB, 1280x3601, 1508004684533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post screencaps

>> No.25596776

The art was really inconsitent in DI, you get CGs like that are really detailled and really well drawn but then you get goofy Rusalka

>> No.25598396

Rusalka is for having her ahoge removed.

>> No.25615779
File: 704 KB, 938x1849, 1506684025123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25615795
File: 2.38 MB, 1257x6905, 1512780068945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25616492
File: 655 KB, 1364x768, 1512234084660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25627230

Did Muzan kept his commandments when he overthrow Shinga? Some people now theorize that cutting Hajun was a result of Sayoshyant Aushedar.

>> No.25628465

Mithra in Pantheon admits to having a Commandment so I don't see why Muzan can't

>> No.25628733

>Some people now theorize that cutting Hajun was a result of Sayoshyant Aushedar
This is the most obvious thing to assume. And I hope this is not true.

>> No.25628828
File: 1.96 MB, 1191x5514, 1535997272847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25628844
File: 1020 KB, 2176x2520, DI sex scenes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25628855
File: 2.38 MB, 1364x5484, WATASHI WA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25631026

Shut up already.

>> No.25638310

Marie is so fucking cute AND beautiful holy shit

>> No.25638766
File: 81 KB, 1024x576, Ef79Y7zUwAAf8sf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get the whole Observer thing.
>They are the not!Avatar of Naraka
>Also they look just like one member of the group
>And also they were punished in the first heaven to eternally reincarnate
>But they also just appear the end of the different Thrones

>> No.25640066

Zurvan is Varuna's meat puppet
Zurvan looks like Varuna since he's his Sensory
Yes for constantly breaking his Commandment through a loophole he couldn't know
Yes, reincarnating at the end of an era to record it
What can you not understand?

>> No.25640172

I’m a dumbass and never actually caught how he actually broke his commandment. What did he even do?

>> No.25640485

If I had to guess, since his Commandment was "not having a Commandment", he automatically breaks it because it still counts as a Commandment

>> No.25640754
File: 494 KB, 800x800, キャラ紹介インセスト.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, it's not being bound by the rule: avesta, good, evil, black and white.
Excepted that he is constantly breaking it JUST BECAUSE he's the Sensory of Varuna, his life never belonged to him.
Shinga just took her sweet time to punish him and she did it at his best moment, when he could have been reunited with Mashyana(Inceste), instead she went full "lolnope" on him.

>> No.25641645
File: 207 KB, 1050x720, The_Conceptual_Choke_on_Hajun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cutting Hajun isn't as hard as anon thinks.

>> No.25644457

They were first described as reincarnating into the eras due to the observer role. Then the whole reincarnation thing was a curse placed by Shinga. If they were part of the same group, why would Shinga punish or curse the avatar on her colleges?
Although then again, Masada said that the crazy cult didn't know everything and got a lot of things wrong. Like thinking that Sirius was actually Muzan instead of Mags.

>> No.25646566

>If they were part of the same group, why would Shinga punish or curse the avatar on her colleges?
Who said they are still her friends after Aditiya?

>> No.25647334

Looks like the locusts got fucked up pretty hard by Nadare.

>> No.25647356

Tenma Sukuna did it first.

>> No.25653267

Avesta's boring

>> No.25653523

Cause you can't read it for shit

>> No.25655506

Like three tenmas are fusions

>> No.25656491

So, Nadere/Shinga got them for breaking their commandments due to the Power of Ego? Is she also going to fuck over the red gorilla?

>> No.25656720


 固体を打ったという感じがまったくしない。液体? 気体? いいや違う。これはもっと茫漠とした、しかし決して揺るがぬ“概念”のような――





>> No.25657796

What could be cooler than one Bahravan? More than one Bahravan!

>> No.25658002

Are there really though, Ive read through most of it and remember even that in the beginning he wrote that you don't need to know the shits lol (could just be that I've missed them though, although at least senshinkan made me interested in DI so I guess I could read that at the same time)

>> No.25658066 [DELETED] 

It's mainly that out of the three non-mizuki routes, the most action happens in Rinko's and sets up for Mizuki/the grand route the most.
Doing Rinko's first and then the other two is just setting yourself up for a shitty experience, like doing Marie's route, then Kasumi > Kei and then Rea

>> No.25658106

Just read normal Japanese novels or chuuni LNs, most novels are roughly on par with the difficulty of Masada's prose, his prose isn't that crazy difficult if you are used to reading literary prose. Imo playing other VNs is just a shitty way to prep for his writing since his writing feels more like it's out of a novel than out of a VN, since a lot of the "difficult" words and expressions he tends to throw around aren't that difficult if you've read a lot of literary jp already.

>> No.25658112
File: 991 KB, 1920x1080, 相州戦神館學園_八命陣 (17).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are there really though, Ive read through most of it and remember even that in the beginning
Yes, there were tons of famous shinza quotes, sometimes jokes being made with characters from Shinza etc.
It's not like it's the end of the world if you didnt read DI and KKK before Senshinkan, but it's still nice to have.

>> No.25658299

Yeah well I guess it can't be helped, since senshinkan is what made me get interested in Masada in the first place. But that's unfortunate I guess lol, maybe Ill reread it in the future after having read those two.

>> No.25659384

Actually sounds like a good advice, but i'm not that interested into novels, desu.
I thought about going into mahoyo first, maybe.

>> No.25659704


>> No.25659775

Yeah I can see that a lot of people probably aren't that interested, though if you find yourself having a lot of trouble I'd recommend reconsidering it, since it is definitely the easiest way to prepare since the gap between chuuni games and other vns can be pretty wide....

>> No.25660183

Thanks anyway.

>> No.25674234


>> No.25677846

Are there any differences between the all-ages version of Senshinkan and the 18+ one besides the lack of H-scenes?

>> No.25678046

None at all

>> No.25678110
File: 50 KB, 219x696, Heydrich's hips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to rape Reinhard.
He makes Mein hard.
I want to stick my finger tips.
Deep into his womanly wide hips.
I want to violate the Butcher of Prague.
I will do it in the style of a dog.
I want to rape Reinhard Heydrich.
With German Sausage, Snake and Dick.

>> No.25682657

It's all in keikaku. Zurvan was likely created in such a way so that Shinga would/must hit him with that specific punishment to keep the ball rolling into other eras.

Think of it as an exact loophole procedure they go through to get something past a bureaucratic system(Shinga's Law and the Throne) and have it work for them instead of against them.

Even if they're opposing each other they can still work towards similar goals that don't diverge until much later.

>> No.25683120

- we start with short and cryptic flashback of Munsarath where he did meet with...someone, a woman. Whoever she is Quinn synchronized with her and learned that she's very familiar to her and in fact might be her origin. It seems this woman has some form of Hadou. Munsarath threw them (I imagine Quinn and "Woman") into abyss, saying he will retire for a time being and speaks about rebuke. Also, keep in mind that this “woman” might be sword.
- we cut to another flashback. Here someone (another woman) apologizes to Sirius (at least 20 years younger) for not being able to stop "her" and thinks she will be killed, but Sirius says death of his companions is pointless in his pefect victory and tells her to think what she can do if she's seeking punishment. He then tells her she will marry him (what a swagger). Overall, he appears to be much nicer person than his current version (although he himself noted that this marriage is only for the sake of his ideals, that's, making everyone happy, and he can't love someone as an individual) and Quinn wonders if he was already holding darkness back then. Also, it seems this woman is disapproving of relationship between Varhram and Nahid, but we have no idea what happened between them. Sirius says that "all victory is for the sake of hero" and them (Sirius and his future wife) being swayed by Varhram was just destiny. He speaks her name, but Quinn (and thus, us) couldn't hear it.

>> No.25683148

- we cut back to current events and Quinn wakes up. Munsarath saved everyone from Khvarenah by putting them to sleep. Frederica wonders why Khvarenah's astral body is so devastating now when she was him at Gathas without any problems. It seems that's because there's some sort of deterrence at Gathas where Maou can't kill each other and the same force causes discrepancy of impressions. Second explanation is that Khvarenah himself changed since the battle with Bhavan. For the record, only Frederica, Munsarath and Quinn remain conscious. The rest of Satsujinki are in some kind of vegetative state. But yeah, Khvarenah’s astral body can turn characters such as Frederica and Quinn into cripples just by visual recognition.
- Quinn recalls appearance of Khvarenah and wonders if he's ONLY 1st rank Maou or something more and his astral form gave her strong discomfort.
- Quinn and Frederica wonder how Munsarath was able to move back then. He says that since he's almost blind he isn't distracted by Khvarenah and since his Commandment only partially remains he can see (previously he was totally blind). Based on that, she thinks the easiest way to resist it is to antagonize it with equal power. But since even Frederica was affected at that time, Munsarath shouldn’t be able to resist it. She thinks he’s perhaps still under influence of Varhram and that’s why he could resist it. She refuses to believe it because Varhram is dead…then questions why they can still feel his heartbeat.

>> No.25683166

Frederica orders Munsarath to synchronize his senses with her and Quinn, that way they can potentially endure Khvarenah’s appearance.
- Quinn braces for impact because as an Ashavan, synchronizing with Daeva is dangerous. And she relieves his life. She sees scenery of the past, specifically the day he was defeated by Varhram…at least it should be him “someone” says Munsarath is unable to see their future. Because they don’t have one, whether it’s past, present or future they do the same thing again and again. Munsarath who arrogantly branded himself as shinigami who governs the fate of humans, meet with “absolute existence”. That person is most likely that woman who made contract with Varhram. She tells Munsarath that she’s tired of giving birth to heroes and that if he (Munsarath) wants to kill her he should help her. Munsarath kneels in awe and it was back then when he established Zamyad Yasht. She speaks about someone who goes along with her self-destruction and about “unrewarded dream” . Whoever she is, she’s another character with heterochromia, having eyes of gold and silver (same color as Nadare) that embody dual nature of the universe. For some reason, this scene feels very nostalgic to Quinn, but before she could see more she wakes up after she was stabbed by Elners, one of Satsujinki maids. Munsarath synchronization was interrupted, but it still had some effect, because Quinn can now see from his point of view. His eyesight is really bad like he said, but among shadows Quinn sees one figure that stand out clearly, concept that she couldn’t understand before (from her fight with Mashyana) because she has not reached that stage yet, Khvarenah called her once as if cursing – Divine Sword (神剣) .

>> No.25683181

we cut to Bhavan vs Magsarion. They continue to exchange mortal blows, grinding flesh, bones and internal organs. We see this fight from the point of view of…Melek Taus, Magsarion’s armor…who is a girl. She wants to disappear but Magsarion doesn’t allow her and forces to endure Bhavan’s attacks, even though she should be unable to withstand them. Magsarion’s killing intent literally tortures her without end and slowly makes her forget her own existence. For her, this oblivion is salvation and all of her pain will mix with Magsarion hatred. And she begs him to eat her. She knows his prayer is immutable ■ so she knows to become part of it is her purpose. Sexual innuendo aside, I wonder if it’s a hint at Muzan not having armor. Crisis in fighting against Bhavan causes her to evolve even futher. Bhavan no longer feels like he’s hitting something solid, or even liquid and gas, but something vague, like “concept”. Magsarion stabs him in the heart and Bhavan still hits him, but this strange response from armor continues – he instinctively understands that’s not smth he can break with physical force, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. Bhavan doesn’t even regenerate, but forcibly closes his wounds by muscle contraction (lmao).

>> No.25683205

- and then we have glimpse of Bhavan’s 2nd Commandment – on rare situations such as now, the only people who saw it beside Magsarion are locusts, Khvarenah and Nadare. In other words, it activates only when he fights against someone close him or his own nature. Even Bhavan himself doesn’t know about that. Magsarion is attacked with one attack, but he’s hit twice or trice and even Bhavan is harmed by this. It doesn’t always occur and it’s a form of “mutation” that activates only under special conditions. This’s unconscious Commandment that even he isn’t aware off. Normally, you must pledge to Shinga in order to establish Commandment, but in some cases deep belief causes self-imposing of restrictions/vows. In the case of Bhavan, he unconsciously established it ever since he was a baby – that the last one to fight him will be…him. So whenever he fights the enemy acknowledged by him, clones with polyphenic trait will appear and fight against his enemy and against himself, creating battle royale. Every single clone is genuine Bhavan, with the same kind of power and stats and by mutual killing they grow stronger. Even Khvarenah and Nadare were unable to grasp this Commandment – when he fought against them clones weren’t materialized enough to recognize bodies, but now they’ve obtained full physical forms. So Magsarion is surrounded by Bhavan x4. And they start to mercilessly pummel him (and themselves).
- …but then, Magsarion hears heartbeat of Anija

>> No.25683228

we cut to Sirius and Kaikhosru. Dragonboy asks Sirius was kind of person Varhram was. He answers that he couldn’t grasp his essence even for a moment and even though his martial arts and manpower were unmatched, his point of view was the most outstanding property. In a world where people fight for the sake of fighting, only he was looking beyond postwar future. Varhram’s Commandment helped him to find what this “true victory” looks like. Also, it seems Roshan has some plans with Alma.
- we cut to Feldows and Samrukh. She no longer even remembers his name or her own name for that matter. Meanwhile Feldows doesn’t even bother to teach her his own name, because he feels unworthy. Anyway, it’s sad to see what happened to these two.
- they’re interrupted by Tarvid and Zarchiede…or maybe I should call them Tarchiede because it appears Nadare somehow (probably effect of Houkai) fused their bodies in misshapen way, embodying collapse. They should be unable to fight like that, but they’re brimming with power and they attack with spiral and straight line at the same time.

>> No.25684429

Few more things to note:

Munsarath meet with Divine Sword before his fight with Varhram.

Divine Sword also has the same heterochromia as Nadare and she's the one who spoke about self-destruction, not Nadare. That's mistake on my part.

Also, the reason why Elners is able to move and knows Quinn's structure is because she's controlled by Khvarenah.

>> No.25693966

>Whoever she is, she’s another character with heterochromia, having eyes of gold and silver (same color as Nadare) that embody dual nature of the universe.
Kinda disappointed that Nahid isn't the second sensory of Shinga.

>> No.25697719

If Pantheon was released as a game, Muzan would probably have his ATK buffed proportionally to either enemy stats and/or how low his HP is. So the stronger the opponent, or the closer to death he is, the greater the increase in his ATK. Saoshyant Mah would boost his evasion? Or maybe a chance at ignoring enemy defence/resistance to deal true damage?

>> No.25699038

Maybe even an HP can't go below 1 for x turns for Melek Tawus.

>> No.25701663

why not all lmao

>> No.25701859

How will all the Avesta nerds feel when they find out they've just been pawns in a massive keikaku which spanned a 7 thrones and a bagilion years when you account for snek's loops?

>> No.25703179

How would you?

>> No.25703348

I would feel disappointed that in all the Throne's existence and alternate timelines there is no Rusalka route.

>> No.25711326

>Avesta nerds

>> No.25711365

Masada recently said that the player would need to fight Muzan in the Pantheon. And he is so strong that the player literally has no chance against him. At all.

>> No.25715481

Just wait until the player discovers some cheese strategy or exploit assuming the quest doesn't get powercrept.

>> No.25719702

>Muzan 3t ft. Halloween Spinne

>> No.25720320

Is there fanart of her, Sacchin, and Ilya and Taiga in the a no-route club?

>> No.25731090

As expected

>> No.25731632

Have you read DI in English? How about trying your hand at reading it in Japanese? It will be great prep and you'll have a easier time understanding it since you're already familiar with it.

>> No.25731812

> Have you read DI in English?
Yes, back in my eop days.
> How about trying your hand at reading it in Japanese?
Sounds like a very good idea for the sake of preparations, but not sure i'm ready to reread whole thing.
On the other hand, i can do just one route, or even reread Interview...

>> No.25732175

just re-read marie's route or something
it'll be a different experience when compared to an at times questionable translation

>> No.25732331


>> No.25735470

>Magsarion’s killing intent literally tortures her without end and slowly makes her forget her own existence. For her, this oblivion is salvation and all of her pain will mix with Magsarion hatred. And she begs him to eat her. She knows his prayer is immutable ■ so she knows to become part of it is her purpose.

>> No.25735825

Khvarenah's REEEEEEEE will shatter the dimensional walls.

>> No.25740709

Why do you still have "light" in the title?

>> No.25743668

To include senshinkan and silverio I guess, well at least senshinkan

>> No.25750457


>> No.25755259


>> No.25760506

>he unconsciously established it ever since he was a baby – that the last one to fight him will be…him. So whenever he fights the enemy acknowledged by him, clones with polyphenic trait will appear and fight against his enemy and against himself, creating battle royale.
Masada you absolute madman

>> No.25760605

How does Ren become so powerful in Rea 2 without Mercury? I thought the reason for why he is special was because he has Mercury flowing in his veins.

>> No.25764229

Dude KKK reference

>> No.25765057

>In the case of Bhavan, he unconsciously established it ever since he was a baby – that the last one to fight him will be…him. So whenever he fights the enemy acknowledged by him, clones with polyphenic trait will appear and fight against his enemy and against himself, creating battle royale.
Bhalavan's Commandment is some bullshit.

>> No.25765419

He wasn't. He was getting his ass handed to him until Shirou popped out of Reinhard and took a chunk of his legion with him.

>> No.25769578
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His desire for his nichijou exceeds that of the chuunis.

>> No.25772406
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Also, I love Satanael's seiyuu here, really wish he didn't leave the industry. Seeing Vera lose her shit whenever he's on-screen is fun too.

>> No.25772633
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This will be your new Heaven.

>> No.25785257

Shut up retard.

>> No.25791809

Does Masada have daddy issues?

>> No.25800292

Bahlavan is a fucking huge autist.

>> No.25812696
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Fractured World:

Nadare's special ability, however, through what kind of logic it works isn't neither known nor understood. Just that this power's nature is that of creating "agitation" or, to say it with another word, "chaos".

It is capable of detaching things which are fused, as well as mixing together things which were originally separate, that is, to destroy the target's form as it should be and to change it into a different thing altogether. If this is used at large scale, Nadare is capable of forcibly modifying the arrangement of celestial bodies, if used at small scale, she's able to reconstruct individual life forms in a chimera-like fashion.

At first glance, the scale of the former and the later are truly worlds apart, however, for Nadare, neither of them present a great difference in terms of the effort she must exert. From this fact, Fractured World is not something accomplished by scrapping off mind and body, much like what Power of the Ego or Commandments require, but the mere execution of "the right/privilege of being able to perform that". So to speak, it is connected to her position/standpoint, and seems to be a type of Authority.

However, when taking into account that a Star Spirit's Authority only works inside their own body, Nadare's privilege, capable of affecting the entire universe, is certainly exceptional, and there's no choice but to call it an abnormal thing.

>> No.25812739
File: 733 KB, 800x800, キャラ紹介ページバフラヴァーン.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maurya Aeshma:​
The one true Commandment of Bahlavan. In exchange for the binding of "Continuing to fight without the dread of loneliness", he gets "Being able to create alter egos not one tiny bit different from oneself" as a boon.

Once he becomes alone, as the strongest existence in the universe, wouldn't he only find infinite boredom? If that's the case, isn't the "strongest" an extremely nihilistic concept, devoid of all meaning? To this issue, which is always following around those aiming for the top, Bahlavan produced a certain answer: "To continue fighting oneself, to continue exceeding oneself".

Because this is a Commandment established within his deep psyche/unconscious mind, Bahlavan himself has absolutely no self awareness about it. However, because he certainly possesses resolution, even at the present stage, if certain conditions are fullfilled, this Commadment will be invoked. And that is once Bahlavan meets the same kind of existence that he is.

In the situation in which he fights an enemy that he considers to be "close to oneself" in the physical and spiritual planes, his self-propagation will begin, precisely because the situation would have become a simulation of the state of affairs of there being no one but Bahlavan in the universe.

His multiple existences, appearing in this ocassion as a swarm, are all the real deal. Thinking, power, as well as growth speed, there's absolutely no difference in all of these aspects, and all of them, as genuine Bahlavan's, aim to be the strongest, and will start a battle royale, trying to swallow the enemies standing against them, in a display that can't be called anything but absurd. However, the Bahlavan's aren't capable of recognizing their alter egos, and because of that, they will seek only a 1 versus 1 confrontation, the reason for why will be presented below.

Because it is maximum excitement and exaltation which has given birth to this swarm, Bahlavan enters some kind of trance while this Commandment is active. Because there are absolutely no differences in between the alter egos and the main body, he can't understand the fact of having multiplied through sensible input. It is a system which Bahlavan, still in a half dreaming state, won't be able to truly become aware of until he has accomplished his universal extermination.

Ultimately, at the stage of dry run, what this Commandment means is something hard to understand. The "strongest", the "top", the nothingness he will arrive to at the end, how does one fight and achieve victory? He has already arrived at the answer for this questions, as mentioned above. Thus, with basis on instinctual understanding, battle royale is established, but currently, he's not able to understand this with his own intellect. According to the Bahlavan's own subjectivity, the number of attacks would increase for some reason, and they will receive mysterious, inexplicable damage. However, it is fun. Because Bahlavan is right now surely pushing forward through the path towards his dream, he'll think later. No, there's no need for things such as thinking. To harbour questions regarding one's path is but the hesitation of weaklings, therefore, that's irrelevant to me.

In the past, Bahlavan's activated swarm reached the point where he could multiply his limbs to those of two or three people, however, in his fight against Magsarion, he's been able to create 4 full bodies of himself in complete form. That is, just from getting excited, there's absolutely no numerical limit to these alter egos, from a theoretical standpoint.

>> No.25814953
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>Because Bahlavan is right now surely pushing forward through the path towards his dream, he'll think later. No, there's no need for things such as thinking.

>> No.25817087

>currently, he's not able to understand this with his own intellect.

>> No.25822390

Don’t need to be smart when you can punch away your problems.

>> No.25827219

Funny how Rusalka loved Ren before the main girls were ever born.

>> No.25835587

Ren is not Lotus.

>> No.25836773

To be fair Rusalka sees Ren as Lotus a few times in the game so yeah.

>> No.25837262
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Rusalka could definitely /ss/ a young Ren in her adult form.

>> No.25846086

Did he fuck Yukari at the end?

>> No.25846209
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>he doesn't know

>> No.25846512

That and more.

>> No.25850561
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>domestic bliss

>> No.25862184

>What Beatrice wanted to do with Kai

>> No.25870440

Is that a tit

>> No.25871862


>> No.25879969

And married her.

>> No.25895758

cute retard

>> No.25898820

wait so Muzan's current sword didn't break after going through so much bullshit with Bahlavan?

>> No.25901767

Garyoku. Same reason why Melek Tawus didn't break because he's forcing it to not break. Saoshyant Aushedar is probably also boosting his garyoku even further.

>> No.25903447

Would Muzan die if his sword broke since he would be letting it go?

>> No.25908972

His sword would never break as long as he’s angry enough to fuel his garyoku.

>> No.25918886

KKK translation

>> No.25922448


>> No.25929062

I kinda get Ren, I wish I could stop time and live my boring life the same way forever.

>> No.25930005

Your gay best friend's going to knock down your door one of these days to destroy your nichijou.

>> No.25935043

Hasn't happened yet

>> No.25944300

Do you need a gay best friend?

>> No.25947858


>> No.25950404

Are you the gay best friend?

>> No.25951859


>> No.25968690


>> No.25970293

Are you the gay?

>> No.25975247

Next chapter delayed to Sunday.

>> No.25975256


>> No.26002476


>> No.26012532

When you think about it, wasn't Kasumi's base guillotine far better than Ren's ?
Kasumi's :
>multiple blades
>distance or melee
Ren's :
>one blade
>attached to his arm
>clearly visible
>very limited melee range

>> No.26015572

Ren has the same thing. It's their Assiah..

>> No.26017503

Ren also can do that, but it's hard to control and doesn't harm the L.D.O

>> No.26028908

Locusts gone Gurren Lagan this chapter

>> No.26033294

It was kinda obvious seeing that they combined spin+moving forward.

>> No.26043986

It's not strong enough to hurt anyone worth hurting. I don't think he's even using Marie for those attacks.

>> No.26053276


>> No.26056522

>ever being relevant

>> No.26066710

- this chapter starts with flashback where Locusts encountered Nadare for the first time
- while there are many mysteries surrounding Nadare's Houkai, the biggest question is the source of this power. Here we learn that Nadare is pathetically weak: her Garyoku is no different from regular Daeva and her swordsmanship is mediocre. Considering she's said to be source of Dragvant her position and power are disproportionate. Yet, every time Locusts cross swords with her they can't shake of this feeling of discomfort, as if the world collapsed.
- Locusts don't care that much, in fact, they're happy they can fight against someone that even Bahlavan couldn't beat
- Nadare genuinely praises these two and calls herself "sham"
- despite her shitty combat skills, Nadare keeps parrying both Tarvid and Zarchiede. This's not the result of her martial arts, but something related to her position. All attacks are parried by her, as if 1 in 10000 chance was repeated. She's ashamed of this, but also harbors sense of superiority. Strong despite being weak, inferior despite being strong. Every time they exchange attacks or words they're trapped in premonition that common sense collapsed.
- Nadare says that unless someone can understand what "everyone" means no one can surpass her. Also, it seems that it's her fault that Gudouers are inhibited.
- her Houkai has no concept of range and even if someone is hundreds of millions of light years away they cannot escape (her range truly seems to be universal). It's a power that everyone who has become Nadare in the past possessed
- and she proceeds to fuse them. Once again we have mention that Houkai is some kind of authority, not Commandment which mainly focus on self-reinforcement, not changing others. Unlike star spirits who rule star, Nadare's Houkai extends to the entire universe. She has no talent, yet she has privilege of Gods.
- Nadare has some kind of role in the world (apparently to prevent everything from becoming stale) as a "Minna no Maou (Everyone's Archdemon)". It's her wish that their lives will not fall into farce and will become true twill pattern that will remain over time.
- fused Tarvid and Zarchiede were by expelled by her from Angra Mainyu through forced teleporation, repeating it as if they were pinballs in space
- their fusion doesn't inhibits them, but in fact made them stronger. By competing with each other they created impossible technique that's fusion of their two Commandments - a spiral that goes straight. It might be because of them, but also Nadare's Houkai collapsing that framework. It's a technique similiar to drill, but it's unavoidable and indefensible. Even if someone will escape to past or future it will still reach them by ignoring causality. They're now comparable to Bahlavan.
- yet Samrukh and Feldows were still able to intercept them. It's thanks to that white world again and now we have more details about it. It's a miracle, power once given to hero and his friends. Prayer of everyone which has been collected over a long period of time. Sirius described them as Kenzoku (now we can be sure of Divine Sword) and knows true nature of this power. The problem is Sirius doesn't even try to honor them and it seems he's even trying to crush them. Truth about that is still unknown.
- naturally, Quinn is the source of this phenomenon. By encountering Khvarenah she has begun to return to her state before she was remodelled by him.
- that change was triggered by her fight against Frederica on Zahhak. In addition, Frederica's lineage is closely related to Quinn's previous life.
- as a result of this ever-increasing power of miracles Samrukh and Feldows are constantly raising in power and it's equal to some kind of countdown.
- Nadare is observing everything from Angra Mainyu. She doesn't have clairvoyance, but she can imitate it only when she uses Houkai or when Tentsui occurs. It's more like intuition than stict seeing. It's a fairly limited and modest power, but in fact it's one Nadare is most proud of because it's not related to Authority or Commandment - power not given by world, but cultivated through her own efforts. This "6th sense" is acquired, not related to existing laws and not a product of Garyoku. Nadare called it "immutable", concept that doesn't fit into doctrine of the world.
- Nadare then speaks some vague words. Something about unforgettable memories of disgrace and flow of shame. In a world where everything changes she wants to remember "everyone" Those who change, those with the same brilliance - she wants to keep everyone in her heart. She wants to be the "last Nadare". Battle of Deva and Asura that "previous Nadare" (also, described as "he") forced was even more fierce so she cannot stop now. Nadare doesn't want something to repeat, but she can't resist desire to "return", it's a contradiction.
- also, she senses someone wants to join the war, she didn't plan to add that person, but is fine with it

>> No.26066726

- we have more details about Samrukh's Melek Taus - if Magsarion's version is a gluttonous big sister, then her is picky younger brother. That's because memories, unlike emotions are limited and there's always certain amount one can feed them to the armor.
- however, her armor suddenly stops activity and is exposed to Locusts attack. It's most likely related to her memories about Magsarion.
- before she's killed, she's saved by...Acchan! She appears in her loli form and we learn that she became star spirit of Druj Nasu after all

>> No.26084185

holy shit I just realized something
In Hindu myth, Deva are better guys, Asura are bad guys
In Zoroastrianism, Ashavan are better guys, Dregvant are bad guys
now the Devas are evil Dregvant, the Asura became Ashavan
that's so cool Masada wtf

>> No.26086201

Control your ESL damn it.

>> No.26090421
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Been thinking about how Ren is supposed to be some sort of commentary on the typical "battle shonen protagonist". I love how self-aware Dies Irae is.
Perhaps that's why I love Ending 2, it's him finally becoming his own protagonist instead of being just a puppet of Mercury. I could feel the catharsis hit deep

>> No.26090854

Why do people keep shitting on Ren for being reasonably autistic?

>> No.26091039

Because he is not as charismatic as Reinhard or Mercurius, some deeming him "boring". There are many people that don't seem to realize that Ren explores the idea of the "typical shonen protagonist" that throws himself into a battle between superhumans without a care for the world being as ridiculous as fucked up as it sounds.
After all, no normal person would do that, that's what his scene during Marie's route means, it's him realizing that his entire existence is nothing more than being the "protagonist" of some over the top opera, that his entire personality is created by Mercurius to fulfill that certain role and fight against the LDO.
It's a commentary on how ridiculous some premises of "battle shounen" after all no normal person would throw himself into a battle royale like that.

>> No.26125820

No shit

>> No.26129018


>> No.26129438


>> No.26154912

Ren is cool in my book.

>> No.26156203

Awaken- My Muzanmuki

>> No.26158884

>Been thinking about how Ren is supposed to be some sort of commentary on the typical "battle shonen protagonist". I love how self-aware Dies Irae is
>Ren explores the idea of the "typical shonen protagonist" that throws himself into a battle between superhumans without a care for the world being as ridiculous as fucked up as it sounds.

holy shit being this delusional

>> No.26159210

What about this is delusional? It's pretty obvious that Dies Irae is a love letter to battle shonen/chuuni in general.
It's mean to be a "battle opera" using the common tropes and exploring them.

>> No.26178761 [DELETED] 


>> No.26180276


>> No.26181035

Never mind, this is a typical EOP retard.

>> No.26186615

It's our (formerly) bi-monthly visitor from /tmg/, treat him well, since he can't get any discussion in his own thread.

>> No.26187898


>> No.26201075

Ignore people who thought Dies Irae's plot was anything but standard. Yes, Ren is your standard shounen protagonist with all the qualities and flaws such as courage, victory, imposing his will on others, the desire to return to a normal life, and friendship. People are in denial as much as Ren is to the obvious. Dies Irae said it multiple times, the plot is the height of cliche, but the actors are exquisite.

>> No.26282255

dont fucking die on me

>> No.26301906

ded thread

>> No.26320251

Anniversary huh... Has it really been that long bros?

>> No.26322641

So what'd the anniversary post say?

>> No.26333403


>> No.26342098
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>> No.26342112

Ordering Quinn to be my wife

>> No.26368365

Masada says that he suffered the death of the company where he worked for 10 years. And then he remembers and says that Senshinkan is his best work. Which is the pure truth.

>> No.26368431

He also says that at the moment there is a "combat part of the plot" in the Avesta, but soon we will cross this mountain.

>> No.26391813

did Light die because of investment on Pantheon?

>> No.26417027


>> No.26435385


>> No.26451033

Naw, he died because Ryuk wrote his name down.

>> No.26475505

More like because the companies that they paid to develop the base game keep closing, so they lost money and got nothing in return.

>> No.26528553

Fucking live.

>> No.26534638
File: 95 KB, 768x432, main_a4ed7b96-e23a-4c56-b7b9-347e205a1aa9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still no Nadere illustration
Maybe for physical vol 2?

>> No.26544721

Draw it yourself.

>> No.26547068

Are you retarded?

>> No.26566235
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Before the thread dies can someone please remind me what those animal representations behind the characters are called? I remember some anon told me they have a fancy name but I forgot it.

>> No.26566387

Isn't it a cherubim or something?

>> No.26566424

A cherubim is a kind of angelic being from the old testament. It's described as wielding a fiery sword I believe. I'd remember if that was the term anon gave me.

>> No.26566785


>> No.26566954

Thanks! I was sure it was a Western term that describes something from real life mythology but I guess it's just a Shinza Banshou thing.

>> No.26575390

>In theBook of Ezekieland at least someChristian icons, the cherub is depicted as having two pairs of wings, and four faces: that of alion(representative of allwild animals), anox(domestic animals), ahuman(humanity), and aneagle(birds).

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