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Well, Anon, first seven replies state "Rumors" win. It appears a bad end won't be incoming. However, we'll appease both parties...

"Well, I wanted to see if the rumors of h- err, vampires inhabiting a mansion were true." You reply, taking a seat uncertainly. You are being scruitinized quite closely by the elder sister, but already Flandre's attention seems to be wandering to the shiny objects around the room.

"Hmm." Is her only response as Sakuya arrives with tea. You're not sure if it's blood or actual tea as the elegant maid sets down the tea in front of all parties, then stands to the side, watching. Remilia takes a sip.

[ ] Drink tea

[ ] Politely ignore it

[ ] "Umm, is it blood?"

[ ] "What sort of tea is this?"

[ ] "Screw you, bitch."

[ ] Jump out the window, use curtains as a parachute

[ ] Leap across the desk, open the curtains, and escape while the vampires are distracted

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[x] Drink tea

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[x] Drink tea

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[x] Drink tea

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[x] Drink tea


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[ ] Drink tea

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[ ] Drink tea

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[x] "What sort of tea is this?"

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[x] "Screw you, bitch."

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[X] Drink tea

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Horray :D

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[ ] Drink tea

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[x] "What sort of tea is this?"

Natural curiosity.

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[x] Drink tea

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[X] Drink tea


I hope this ends in date-rape.

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[X] Drink tea

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[x] Drink tea

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[ ] Drink tea

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Archer would be proud.

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[x] Drink tea

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[x] "Umm, is it blood?"

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Real men drink tea.

[X] Drink tea

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[X] Drink tea

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hey guys i missed quite a few threads, what happened after you lgot out of cirno's grasp while flying over the human village after taking a huge dump

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[X] Drink tea
Probably the best thing to do for now.

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[X] Drink tea

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[ ] Drink tea

First drink, then ask.

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ask what kind then drink it if its anything but blood
damn it

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[x] Drink tea

Questioning our host's hospitality in this case can only lead to a BAD END.

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I hope it's not drugged... actually...

I hope it's drugged. So long as your conscious for the awesome that follows.

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[x] "Umm, is it blood?"

// lol, I choose that

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[x] Drink tea

And take it down like a man. No spitting it back out.

We let Keine drug us, so we should let them take their crack.

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[X] Drink tea

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[X] Drink tea

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[x] Drink tea

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i take it back

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You make me proud, Anonymous.

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Anon needs to get gangbanged moar!

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[X] Drink tea

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[x] Drink tea

i'll accept the hospitality. Oh, i hope there aren't sleeping drugs in there...

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We drink tea Archer-style.

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She is a vampire. The "awesome" that follows is actually probably comprised of severe blood loss, not what you were probably thinking.

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[x] "What sort of tea is this?"

>> No.251132

[X] Drink tea

What's wrong with blood, anon? Ever lick a papercut you got before? It's just metallic and punchy.

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I don't see why they would need to drug it. They can kill us in any way they want anyways.

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Stop drinking with your penises.

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Remilia and Sakuya rape us while we are drugged

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>>ask what kind then drink it if its anything but blood

You're doing it wrong.

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[ ] Drink tea

>> No.251144

[X] Drink tea

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Summary here:
Thread 14 is one page 3.
But does anyone have the threads? They are actually the most interesting for me. I only have thread 1-8

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Yes, and they can also feed on us any way they want. But they can't SEX us any way they want.

Drugs = Sex

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Remilia can't drink that much blood because she is anemic remember? It's probably just tea.

>> No.251154

where are the rape drugs Eirin gave us?

we need to use them NOW!

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I doubt it's blood.
>>Sakuya "prepares" food for Remilia and Flandre Scarlet. It's a mystery how this is done exactly, although she mentions in Phantasmagoria of Flower View that with so many flowers around, she can make as much tea and as many pastries as she wants.

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Blood or no blood, drink it like a man

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Well done.

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Open inventory.

Click on Date Rape drugs.

Distract Remilia.

Throw drugs in Tea.


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There's a difference between licking a papercut and drinking a cup of blood. This difference quite possibly includes AIDS.

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Also, because of her powers, she can get rare ingredients for her tea by simply accelerating plant growth.

We're probably drinking some really expensive tea right now.

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If it had AIDS, Remi would get it too. I'm sure they check the blood.

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Patchouli is anemic, not Remilia. Remilia is fully healthy.

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I will update this by the end of each day, I guess.

I kind of prefer to thread myself, actually, because Anon's response adds flavour. But it is useful for proofreading/scripting (if that ever happens)

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Anemia does not work that way. In fact, one would think that if she were anemic then she would need to drink MORE blood.

Reason she doesn't drink a lot of blood is because she can't. She always spills it on herself.

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The motherfucking tea

in a pretty teacup

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Patchouli isn't anemic. She has asthma.

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Patchouli is anemic, Remilia is just a light eater.

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Remi is a low drinker. she cannot drink enough to make you a uncutevamp

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Do they have the science to check blood for something like AIDS there? Odds are she's just immune to it.

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my fault I meant this "While she is naturally known to drink human blood, her light appetite means her victims almost never die from their wounds."

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Fine, I'll take my chances with AIDS. Better than pissing off Remi. Look at Magic Johnson. Fuck.

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Why would youkai be afflicted by a HUMAN blood disorder?

>> No.251196

[X] Why is Sakuya wearing a padded bra?

>> No.251198

Remember how long Gensokyo exists and when HIV originated. That virus probably never even came to Gensokyo. Unless Yukari brought someone who had it from the outside world.

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That's kind of my point.

>> No.251202

You don't get AIDS from drinking a HIV infected tea.

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[x] does that Maid use pads to lure humans in?

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Touhouwiki says:
Patchouli is both anemic and has asthma-

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What if we end up working in the mansion?

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Aids probably doesn't exist there.

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Why would there be AIDS there? It's not like Reimu and Marisa go around sharing needles and screwing everything that moves (at least not canonically).

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>> No.251220

What about Keine, Cirno, and Mokou?

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Until Reimu bursts in and kills us.

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And then Anonymous was a Hayate.

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Fuck yeah no need for condomes!

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NO AIDS in Gensokyo. Zun agreed, don't bother him about it.

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>Remilia's power to change fate could result in a human being turned into half-human-half-youkai.

Is it can be danmaku time now?

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>Their main diet is human's blood. Those who are sucked to death will neither die nor become a ghost; they will move around as a zombie for a while, then evaporate under sunlight.
>They went on a rampage when they first appeared in Gensokyo, lost against powerful youkai, and a settlement was reached as they finally made a contract (*2).
>The details of this contract are that the youkai will offer them humans from which to feed (*3); in return, the vampires will not attack humans living in Gensokyo.
>Of course, even now, the contract remains in effect.

Whether or not anyone in Gensokyo has AIDS is irrelevant, because vampires feed on humans from the outside world.

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Well... We'll have to work on them when we got the time.

>> No.251233

You don't have to be part youkai (or ghost) to engage in danmaku.

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I hope this project will be longer than five days. We're still on the character introduction part. Also Anonymous didn't meet his future manly self yet.

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That's it. TEA'S CLOSED.

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you get a fucking cool youkai half though

>> No.251245


>Those who are sucked to death will neither die nor become a ghost; they will move around as a zombie for a while, then evaporate under sunlight.
>neither die nor become a ghost; they will move around as a zombie for a while
>as a zombie

I guess we know what happened to Reimu now.

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I thought it was common knowledge by now.

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Since Reimu can dodge moonlight she will not die!

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F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

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_, ,_ ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 F5!F5!

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Tea is the winner. Also, anon, stop blowing our continues with bad choices. We almost had to use our last one because of the Hot Vampire thing.

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Uh, only the face/head is vulnerable to sunlight for the vampires?
Pic related (Spot the awesomely posed Remi)

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Delicious ⑨ ass.

>> No.251299

sunlight makes vampires weak after some time.
ultraviolet lamps make them angry.

>> No.251306

yes, but why she's wearing pad?

>> No.251311

oh ho

>> No.251329

It's a drawn bra!

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[X] Genuflect

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You drink the tea. It is well sugared. It does not taste like blood at all; it's probably just an expensive sort of regular tea. You can't help but breathe a small sigh of relief after the first sip. "So can I keep him?" Flandre asks impatiently, looking over at the older vampire. "Pleeeeaaase?"

Remilia glances over at you, for a response from your end.

[ ] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

[ ] Shake your head emphatically

[ ] Nod reluctantly

[ ] Jump out the window

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[X] Genuflect

>> No.251347

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251348

Archives, where are they?

>> No.251350

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

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not a pad! ;_;

>> No.251353

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251354

[ ] Nod reluctantly

>> No.251355

[x] Genuflect probably would be the best option in this instance

>> No.251356

[x] Shake your head emphatically

China awaits. I do not wist to be danmaku'd and locked up in the basement with Flandre.

>> No.251357

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251358

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251359

Amass a harem before invading Eientei.

>> No.251360

>[X] Jump out the window to the lake

>> No.251361

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251362

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so...

>> No.251364

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."
Looks like the only way for SDM route

>> No.251365

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251366

I-I don't know what to do!

>> No.251367

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."
Living at the SDM + maybe having a chance to get Sakuya = THIS IS DELICIOUS YES

>> No.251368

[ ] Shake your head emphatically

>> No.251369

[ ] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251370

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

I have a bad feeling about this though...

>> No.251372

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251374

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251376

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251377

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

though i'm not so sure about this

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Whre is my Doctor games route?

>> No.251379

I-I want Cirno, not this ;_;

>> No.251380

[x] Jump out the window

>> No.251383

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."
Cirno must be worried, though...

>> No.251384

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251385

[X] Jump out the window

>> No.251387

we need to get flan outside to china and cirno

then attack the moon people

plan cannot fail

>> No.251388

Answered by

>> No.251393

[x] Where can I find the bathroom?

>> No.251394

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251396

What kind of sick fucks put sugar in a man's tea?! Anonymous can not live with the shame anymore, there is only one path open to us:

[X] Jump out the window and break neck

>> No.251397

Anon will be exploded before this happens

>> No.251400

GM, Cirno had better break through a window and save us once we're alone

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[x] kill Mokou

>> No.251405

What happens on day 5 already? Armageddon?

>> No.251406

better than sugar and milk.

>> No.251407

Anon wakes up.

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Not yet, she's busy finding us a nice pair of wings.

>> No.251413

If Kaguya reads all of this?
how are we suposed to get her laid?

>> No.251415

ZUN arrives to cast us out of Gensokyo.

>> No.251418

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."
This should be good

>> No.251419

[X] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251422


zun is drunk right now

>> No.251423

The final battle with the Scarlet Devil Lake.

>> No.251426

If she read all this, she'd desperately seek for US.

>> No.251427

I predict the next steps:
Remilia let you go off with Flandre. You can suggest to her revisiting the library and play in there with a chance at Patchouli, who is astounded you didn't die yet. And then somehow you profit.

>> No.251428

With your harem behind her. An epic battle ensures between Cirno and Remilia, Keine and Patchouli, Mokou and Flandre.

As you attempt to flee to safety, Sakuya cuts you off. You think it's all over when China, having been fired from her job moments earlier, shields you and joins your harem.

On Day 5, you have a fivesome.

>> No.251432

Guys, why are the threads getting shittier?
Not the content, but the amount of content.
Look! 2 Options in 200 replies!

Soon it will be one option per thread
and that will suck

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>> No.251434

With your harem behind her. An epic battle ensues between Cirno and Remilia, Keine and Patchouli, Mokou and Flandre.

As you attempt to flee to safety, Sakuya cuts you off. You think it's all over when China, having been fired from her job moments earlier, shields you and joins your harem.

On Day 5, you have a fivesome.

>> No.251436

Story needs more mana transfers

>> No.251440

Anyone here interested what Ray Moo is doing?

>> No.251442

Damnit, guys. Gensokyo Man here to reply.
Moar comments instead of moar votes is actually good. Because I have to sift through votes.

>> No.251443

Hell no.

>> No.251449

Hadn't we decided on majority of first 7 votes win?

>> No.251450

People posting while Gensokyo Man checks which decision wins.

>> No.251452

naturally, the more people participate the more it's likely someone makes some kind of response.
How about we have our own discussion thread and the threads by GM are only reserved for voting, but I doubt it will work, too complicated to coordinate

>> No.251453


Why is Cirno in India?

>> No.251454

leave her out of this, at least for now
Reimu is busy with Marisa anyways

>> No.251461

Why not?

>> No.251463

We don't want to run into Reimu, we support the Moriya Shrine.

>> No.251464

destroying someone's life by being a bitch

>> No.251466

Compared to what we can get, Reimu is pretty boring.
We've seen aliens and vampires so why would we go to some shrine maiden?

>> No.251468

She needs to be here to save us.

Unless she's looking for an Indian magic lamp to summon an Indian genie to save us instead. Which would be awesome.

>> No.251470

I've actually thought about a Sanae route writeup before going to sleep yesterday

>> No.251474

She'll be back in time, I'm sure.

>> No.251480

Is there a website anyone is posting these on. I missed the last 3 ;_;

>> No.251481

Are you joking? A genie wouldn't be able to help us. After all, they can't make people fall in love with you.

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The lake is sader

>> No.251484


>> No.251489

oops, just read the thread over, found it. thanks anon

>> No.251490

Summary of 1-13
14 and 15 still available in the back pages

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Remilia looks satisfied with your response, although Flandre seems to be utterly intent on her sister's reply instead, utterly ignoring you. "Go ahead, Flandre. Do not break our guest, please." She gives a wave of dismissal, and Sakuya urges you both out post-haste. Although Remilia seems rather amused by you, the maid seems less than pleased, taking it as a bit of an insult that you even got in.

"I'ma go sleep now. You don't go anywhere, okay?" Flandre lets you go, skipping backwards to the basement door. "You promise you won't go anywhere?"

[ ] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after

[ ] "Yeah, go to bed." Head for the door after; Meiling and Cirno are probably worried. Or at least China

[ ] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

[ ] Nod silently; head for the library after

[ ] Run for the door

>> No.251494

[x] "Umm, I don't mind for a day or so..."

>> No.251496


[X] Genuflect

>> No.251497

[x] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after

>> No.251499

[ ] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

Here we go, Gentlemen.

>> No.251500

[x] "Yeah, go to bed." Head for the door after; Meiling and Cirno are probably worried. Or at least China

>> No.251501

[X] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251502

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251503

I-I want to return to Cirno, but I also don't want to die ;_;

What do I choose?

>> No.251505

[XXXX] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251506

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

must ask about padding

>> No.251507

[ ] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251508

[X] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after

>> No.251509

[ ] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after

>> No.251511

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

PLOT TWIST. Also, we have to befriend her. Also, I foresee autosage.

>> No.251512

Sakuya will murder us.

>> No.251515

[x] Nod silently; head for the library after

// Sakuya is made for TSUNDERE GOOD END, but this will have to wait first

>> No.251516

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

She shall teach us how to throw daggers and za warudo and also delicious padding

>> No.251518

[ ] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after

>> No.251519

Turn us into food, and tell Flan that we tried to escape.

>> No.251520

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251521

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251522
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[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251524

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251525

[X] "Yeah, go to bed." Head for the door after; Meiling and Cirno are probably worried. Or at least China

>> No.251528

After loads of seemingly bad choices we finally get something that propably doesn't lead to our death!
[X] "Yeah, go to bed." Head for the door after; Meiling and Cirno are probably worried. Or at least China
China is propably worried, and we can talk to Sakuya later.

>> No.251530

Anon's a polite man. He'll apologize for all the ruckus done, compliment her tea -> friendship.

>> No.251531

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

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Anon is gonna die today.

>> No.251533

It's too late, Anon. The rest of us are intent on killing us.

>> No.251534

[x] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after
Go go Spellcards-For-Dummies

>> No.251536

If Sakuya route fails, let's go back to China

>> No.251537

We shall die with smiles on our face

>> No.251538

[X] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya


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>> No.251540



>> No.251541

After loads of seemingly bad choices we finally get something that propably doesn't lead to our death!
[X] "Yeah, go to bed." Head for the door after; Meiling and Cirno are probably worried. Or at least China
We should go tell China that we're okay.

>> No.251542

[x] Nod silently; head for the library after

>> No.251543
File: 36 KB, 430x440, 1205953660235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess you all want to get stabbed by the maid

>> No.251544
File: 219 KB, 500x600, 1205953678764.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Must befriend Sakuya

>> No.251547

[X] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after

>> No.251551

[X] "Yes, Flandre." Head for the library after

>> No.251552

Stabbed? Death? C'mon, she's not a psycho. And, true, we should apologize. Then we'll go back to China and Cirno.

>> No.251553

Think about it.
Sakuya route ---> China route.
It's only logical.

>> No.251554

[ ] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251556
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>> No.251558

gensokyo man i beg of you, make this into a real VN

>> No.251560

[X] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

Delicious knife-tan

>> No.251562

well, ok but don't mention the FUCKING PADS

>> No.251566

Although I chose "head to the library" I think meeting Sakuya is not that bad, she might just act like this infront of Remilia (even canon supports this), she might sympathise with you being a human being as well

>> No.251570

[x] "Night, Flandre." Go to find Sakuya

>> No.251571
File: 98 KB, 578x866, 1205953928559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sakuya route is save. no heads will fall.

>> No.251576


>> No.251579

You'd better get Sakuya to let Cirno it, Anonymous!

>> No.251580

...translation plx

>> No.251583

guys just don't grab her breasts or ass unless you KNOW she wants it or she will fucking time stop so fast that you'll be missing those hands the next second

>> No.251590

What exactly is a human?

>> No.251593

That would totally clash with her personality. She is very cold to humans in canon. Even the Yama mentioned it.

>> No.251597

Sakuya wouldn't stab her mistress's guest.

>> No.251600

so she is cold to herself?

>> No.251602

but in the human village she acts very normal, polite according to PMiSS, I just think it's not that bad

>> No.251606


i agree, she's human ,but a faithful servant of the vampire sisters

>> No.251609

Gensokyo man, everybody in Gensokyo has a ability or manipulation of something, what is Anonymous' in this?

>> No.251619


>> No.251622


he can hide his power level, and knows many anime songs by heart, hmmm he's also expert in fapping techniques

>> No.251623
File: 331 KB, 800x650, 003857_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sakuya is ok as long as we don't make her lose it

>> No.251625


...Well played

>> No.251629

I personally think Anon should slowly "absorbs" powers through osmosis according to who he interacts with the most.

>> No.251630


>> No.251631

those aren't abilities those are feats

>> No.251632

maybe his mouth, I don't think anon should have some kind of hax power
btw, auto-sage blah blah

>> No.251633

i want my keine ;__;

>> No.251638

He knows no fear, that is why he is the most fearless in all of Gensokyo.

>> No.251639

so is there a download link to this vocal version of flandre's theme? http://youtube.com/watch?v=GwuE2kdTghk

>> No.251641
File: 17 KB, 170x208, DICKS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.251644

He knows most of what's to know in the Touhouverse.

>> No.251645
File: 144 KB, 600x832, 62a994816ce53fe61271d751f2fe0e76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Night!" Flandre replies cheerfully. "If you're not here when I wake up, though... I will be very, -very- unhappy." Her face doesn't even change from a cheerful smile as she decends into the basement. You shake your head, and think of what to do for now; You decide to seek out the maid... But where do you look?

[ ] Kitchen

[ ] Library

[ ] Remilia's Study

[ ] Guest bedrooms

[ ] Elsewhere on the grounds

>> No.251652

[x] Kitchen

>> No.251653

[x] Kitchen

>> No.251654

[X] Kitchen

>> No.251655

[X] Guest bedrooms

>> No.251657

[X] Guest bedrooms
I guess.

>> No.251658

[x] Kitchen

>> No.251661

[ ] Kitchen

>> No.251662

[ ] Elsewhere on the grounds

We WILL find Cirno >:|

>> No.251664

[x] Kitchen

>> No.251666


[x] Kitchen

>> No.251667

good maids are in the Kitchen soo..

[X] Kitchen

>> No.251675

[x] Kitchen

>> No.251677


get back to the

[x] Kitchen


>> No.251679

[X] Kitchen

>> No.251683


>> No.251685
File: 18.00 MB, 1264x716, onewrongmove.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[X] Kitchen

and impress with scrambled eggs

>> No.251690

[x] Elsewhere on the grounds


>> No.251697

you are a genius

>> No.251698


hey! You found anon's ability

>> No.251708

>The fictional city in the video game Half Life 2 is called City 17, and the route Gordon Freeman must escape out of it is called Highway 17, also the name of the chapter in which said events occur.

>> No.251721


Speaking of, aren't we still feeling sick?

>> No.251730

[X] Guest bedrooms
Sakuya and a bed, what could go wrong?

>> No.251772


>> No.251873


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