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Greeting, gentlemen.

Have you been taking your vitamin D supplements? I know you don't go outside in the sun often.
Have you been washing your hands? I don't want you spreading germs in your room.
I certainly hope you've been keeping clean and bathing.

We can't have you NEETs getting sick. You might have to go outside and go to the hospital. You might even end up with a massive hospital bill that you couldn't afford.

But you're in luck, good old Dr. Eirin is here and willing to help.

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If anything, we're not going to be the ones getting swine flu.

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Cool roleplaying Dr Eirin.

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I have a non-healing lesion on my left shin, never mended correctly after minor surgery. The site remands red, and the skin is rather weak. It bleeds after a good scrubbing.

I'm going to a doctor after the term ends. Want to give me some food for thought until then?

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Are you accepting sperm donations right now?

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whatever you old hag.

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What does fish oil do exactly?

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Swine flu is small time, my friend.

One thing all of you should consider, if you do a lot of online shopping that is, is the potential bacteria that could be transferred from the seller to the product, and then, when you open your figure or whatever, you contract whatever he had.

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>We can't have you NEETs getting sick.
Maybe you should spend more time with your own NEET

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Dr. Eirin is a fake doctor, just like Dr. Mario.

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Ok then, figure this out. Over the past few years I've been getting these red rashes that randomly pop up from me. They are like lines of a mosquito bite. After awhile, they disappear. It's been fucking annoying but I've grown used to it by now but what the hell is this?

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Could be lime disease.

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Does the redness look like it's caused by blood under the skin, or does it look like inflammation? Is it swollen? What kind of surgery? I'd need more information so I could know more about you; your diet, race, body type, and history could all be factors.

You might not be eating properly. Malnutrition often causes issues with healing.

Fish oil contains various fatty acids that help with healing and regular body processes. In my experience, it's not necessary, unless you have certain protein deficiencies that prevent your body from processing lipids properly or have a poor diet.

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I haven't pooped in three weeks. Help me.

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Answer this, then:

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Seems like you're allergic to something.

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I'd have to agree with >>2508741, it might be lyme disease. I assume you live in the United States? If so, where in the US?

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I'd still let her touch my genitals, though.

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Ok, I just googled images for lyme disease and this is not it. I live in the west coast of Canada.

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Dr. Yagokoro, I lie around and I suspect I've got depression. What should I do?

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Allergies rarely cause lines of inflammation like >>2508736 describes. Also, if it's been happening for a "few years" now, it may be caused by an underlying condition. Do these show up all over your body? Do you have extreme thirst. Have you been feeling fatigue?

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It looks very similar to a burn. Inflamed red skin, smooth, hairless, but not painful to the touch. The surgery was to remove another non-healing lesion, meaning the docs probably never caught the underlying cause and something's up.

Male Caucasian, English/Irish stock, 21 years of age, 280 pounds, 5 feet 11.5 inches in height, very little regular exercise, my diet is university dining hall fare and copious amounts of Raisin Bran.

No medical problems of relevance.

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Antidepressant medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, exercise and increased social interaction. Take your pick.

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doc evry time i look at pics of u i get a swelling in my penis.

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If you've had these symptoms persistently, for longer than 6 months, you may have depression. If it's on and off, you might just not be feeling good. Do you live in a place that rains a lot, or just with cloudy weather in general?

It would be easier to diagnose with a picture. Are the rashes itchy or sore?

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They started appearing when I dropped out and stayed home all day. They seem to appear around my arm, thighs, and my back. They just feel like mosquito bites so they itch like mad.

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Unfortunately I do not have a camera, and even if I did they aren't popping up now.

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I can't be too sure without a picture, but seeing as the lesion is not healing, and the fact that it looks like a burn (Again, I'd need a picture), it does sound like an autoimmune disease. Was the initial lesion caused by trauma, or did it just seem to develop with no rhyme or reason?

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Also, any respiratory symptoms, even mild ones? Phlegm, constant need to blow your nose, plugged sinuses (especially when you're lying down).

Do you own any pets?

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It might not be autoimmune, but rather an immunodeficiency.

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doc y wont u help me

the swellin is getting wrse. and ppl keep postin pics of u.

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Come to think of it, it started when all I did was go on the computer all night long and when I started to sleep through out the day.

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I've taken a quick picture, sorry about the resolution. The initial wound looked like some sort of insect or spider bite, a dermatologist told me he didn't have a clue what had caused it, so he recommended I have it cut out. I did, this is the result.

Thanks for the advice, by the way.

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Similar to this?

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Just saw this post. I'm generally very healthy, haven't been sick in years. I'm also a virgin and I've never had a blood transfusion, so... y'know.

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It almost looks like mild surgical scarring.

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It hurts

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i have this thing growing on my penis. im a virgin. and it won't come off. it may have been yeast but the doctor says it's probably smegma. what are your thoughts on this?

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FFFF, the plastic surgeon who did the procedure told me there wouldn't be any scarring. I'm going to have to see him for sure if that's what it is.

Anything I can do in the meantime to motivate it to heal?

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Wash your junk with lye soap and a good bath sponge.

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Oh jesus son of a fucking bitch.

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Alright, one (hopefully) last question. Any fluid discharge coming from the rashes? If there is, do they have either a sulfury smell or a strong ammonia smell?

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and try putting some Icy Hot on there too. can't hurt to try.

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And Bengay!

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Nope, they feel like long mosquito bites. I never smelt them before but I'm pretty sure they are odorless.

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Vitamin E.

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It won't come off as in it's really stuck on there, it won't come off as in it hurts to much if you try to take it off, or it won't come off as if it's actually fused to the skin?

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actually, both. at the same time, even.

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Hm. Well, I'm already on a multivitamin, don't want to overdose given V-E's fat-soluble nature.

Food for thought, Eirin. Thanks.

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Fuck, the kind fräulein doktor refuses to address my foreskin issue.

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If you're >>2508836, then I need more info than just "something growing on my penis".

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Pretty sure you aren't getting enough sunlight. A friend of mine had a similar problem like this I think.

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I had an accident when I was younger that was almost fatal. I made it through and mostly recovered but since the accident, I've been seeing scribbles on everything. Could it be brain damage? I haven't noticed any other symptoms.

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No, I'm >>2508753.

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Did anything happen to your eyes?

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The good doctor will need more information as to the nature of the injury.

Do the scribbles look anything like standard floaters?

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I think I know your problem. But I'll need some more information first.

Try and kill a servant. Report back, and we'll Discuss.

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Now that you mention it, >>2508824 did mention he eats a lot of raisin bran. On a normal diet, lack of sunlight shouldn't cause a major concern, as the body can get Vitamin D from food. However, since he might be getting more fiber than usual, he might simply be shitting nutrients from food before they could be processed by the body. Coupled with lack of sunlight, he might have a Vitamin D deficiency. But you did say you take multivitamins. What brand of multivitamin?

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Ah, I loved seeing those things when I was little. I would chase them around with my eyes when there's nothing to do. I especially love the spinning cluster of dots.

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Centrum complete, standard formulation. (No Corowise or anything of that sort.)

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Me and the sun don't get along. My eyes are incredibly photosensitive, have been since I was a kid, so I avoid it whenever I can. I'm pale as a sheet.

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Oh shit, I think I just caused some massive confusion.

Is me. So the other anon was saying I wasn't getting enough sunlight. Fucking mis quote

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Can't be a vitamin D deficiency, then...

And now I'm starting to lose track of patients. I need to get some paper.

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For clarity's sake, I'm the leg guy without any sort of depression.

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I recently got into an accident which almost killed me. However, due to some cutting edge surgery, I miraculously survived.

But now, my problem is, everything looks like meat. I'm afraid to tell my therap
oh jesus christ the keyboard just spewed pus on my face please help dr eirin

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You know, to make this thing a little easier, why not change your name to something like Patient #1 or something. Just being namefag temporarily won't affect much and it'll make it easier on him since you're actually concern about your health.

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Well, you've just fucked me up. No worries, I'll write everything down and get it all sorted out.

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Everything looks like meat? Do you mean everything looks textured like meat? Do you mean you're craving meat and everything looks like food to you? Does it feel like you're hallucinating, much like the cartoon cliche where someone trapped on a deserted island looks at his cohort and he wavers and look like a steak?

If it's the third one, it might be psychological.

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everything in the world is textured like flesh and guts even the people
Please tell me what to do I might throw up if I have to touch this keyboard one more time

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I think it's a reference to Saya no Uta.

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I take it you've never played Saya, doc. He's describing a condition from it.

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This thread has surprised me. Didn't think anyone on /jp/ was quite this well-read.

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Ah, thank you. I was wondering if I was dealing with a disturbed mind...

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Dr. Mario is a real doctor. He received an honorary degree from Kyodai.

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Might want to pawn that sort off onto me, anyway. Psychology graduate student reporting in.

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I am >>2508923
Going to bed, if you ever appear again I might have a picture available. Goodnight!

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Oh god, everyone is a doctor except for me.

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/jp/ - Scholarly discourse, clinician's symposium/general.

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I've gotten most of the notes written down. I'll report back in a couple of days. Hopefully I'll have more answers by then.

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Much obliged, doc.

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I don't see why you shouldn't have it done. As long as the procedure is done properly, it should be quick and relatively painless. As knowing that it'll look better to you is a definite plus.