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Yukari is such an pimp.

She's also an old hag

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>an pimp

Back to /b/, please.

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>>an pimp

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>>old hag
Yeah, she reminds me of a grandmother.

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more like a slut

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best artist

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You expected her to keep her thighs together for 1,200 years? Ha ha ha, oh wow.

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I certainly wouldn't mind raping Yukari when she loses her powers.

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Wait, did I say rape? I meant to say giver her a hug and tell her everything would be alright, it was only temporary, and she'll have them back soon.

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Very much so.

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Oh, but she loves rape-play. Why worry about her power?

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Yukari is a virgin.

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Ha ha!


I'll believe it when ZUN says it! Otherwise, that's a good joke indeed!

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Rape is wrong, and degrading to women all over.

Rape play on the other hand is perfectly healthy, and I want to lick the fake tears of of her cheeks.

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Yukari can also just gap herself(or you)out of danger if she feels things are getting hairy.

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I hate Yukari but I would fuck her so hard. I want her to claw at my back and bite my ear. When we are done I want her to look at me with a look of utter contempt and ask "Same time next week?"

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Yukari is immature, and that's awesome.

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You more or less described the crone's modus operandi...

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I sometimes fantasize about Yukari gapping my dick onto the palm of her hand and fellating me form across the room.

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I'm sure it's been a while since you've seen this

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She can't be a hag because she's 17 years old

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The crone's well over 1,000 years...

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She tells that to all the guys their first time.

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Skinniest arms.

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Don't mind me, I'm just manipulating the border of realism.

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Daily life at the Yakumo household

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Nice hat.

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Ripe for the picking.

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Nothing wrong with old hags.

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Crones have more years of experience than blushing maidens who wouldn't know a penis from a potato, or a cunt from a cockerel.

Even an experienced human could only hope to last a few minutes with Yukari.

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On the plus/negative side, she won't stop until she is satisfied.

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Yukari needs more love.

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She kills off those who can't last out, and then she dines on them.

After all, there's more where that came from.

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Yukari TRUEFACTS: Yukari doesn't much care for Kanako, Tenshi, and to lesser extent, Yuka.

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Yukari is like a refined wine, aged to perfection...and the same goes for Kanako.

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In comparison, Yuka is like the bratty kid who wants to be a big girl. Only she's got lasers.

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In legends, supernatural creatures often take the form of a beautiful young maiden in order to seduce young men and eat them.

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Yukari is an elegant, gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful refined mature lady.

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Not even the dead are safe from Yukari. After all, she is the crawling chaos.

Kanako, though... I have a hard time forming an opinion on Kanako since she looks bloody identical to my own mother. Yay.

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Even the hair?

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yes but well she thinks differently to humans, that I assume is the same when it comes to partnering up

entirely plausible

how do youkai breed?

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Even the hair.

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Agreed on this point.

...Your mother has blue hair and wears a gigantic coil of rope on her back?

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A lot of the time it's more likely than you think.


Depends on the species.

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My my...

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I'd say I'm sorry, but Kanako is a lovely lady.

So I don't know either.

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>how do youkai breed?

Want to find out young man?

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Yukari is old, not numb between her legs.

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"A death erection or terminal erection[1] is a post-mortem erection, technically a priapism, observed in the corpses of human males who have been executed, particularly by hanging.[2]

The phenomenon has been attributed to pressure on the cerebellum created by the noose.[3] Spinal cord injuries are known to be associated with priapism.[4] Injuries to the cerebellum or spinal cord are often associated with priapism in living patients.[2]
Death by hanging, whether an execution or a suicide, has been observed to affect the genitals of both men and women."

I just posted this for no reason at all. Mm-hm. Yep.

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I'm sure she could show you something you've certaintly never seen before.

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Hm. I rather assumed it was Yuugi's area of expertise, strangling, cracking spines and breaking bottles over the guys' heads to get them "cooperative". It seemed a bit too direct an approach for Yukari.
I guess there are exceptions.

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Like a vagina.

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In Yukari's case, it's what will happen to her partner after he climaxes way before she does. It ensures that SHE gets to finish, too.

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Considering the highly suggestive shape of them gaps, I kind of expected this.

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how do you know there are sexual organs between those legs?

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There's no reason and no evidence as to why the opposite of this would be true.

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Even if there was a bottomless abyss filled with countless staring eyes, Anon would still hit it and have no regrets.

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H-hey guys...

A-am I pretty too?

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There's no reason and no evidence as to why what you said would be true.

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Of course you are.

Lovely trickster in a killing stone and everything.

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Certainly. Yukari wouldn't have picked you up otherwise.

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But of course.

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Well, aside from the fact that she's female in form and that she has the all the appearances of a healthy human being with ovaries, various doujins and pictures portray her with functioning sexual organs.

She's not an androgynous lump, and she seems fairly comfortable in her sexuality, so the crone must have a cunt. Or at least that's what the signs point to.

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I had a funny black and white picture once of yukari opening a gap to an unknown place. When she reaches in Ran freaks out, because the gap apparently leads to her pussy. Then Chen reaches in with both arms and starts waving them around, Ran extra freaks out.

Anyone got that? I can't find it and I've dug through my usual folders.

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Hey, age is just a number. Especially in Gensokyo.

I'd be more afraid of exactly where Yukari's vagina would lead, myself.

>> No.2508007


Indeed, such fearsome and awe-inspiring creatures you'll find in the gloomy, deathly quiet depths of her womb, such as babby

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A gap that leads to your ass. She is immature enough to do shit like that.

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Where ever she wants it to.

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Its so dumb but I can't stop laughing

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Her cunt is the ultimate gap. In appearance, it looks just like a regular gap, except it's cunt sized and leads to another woman's cunt. Yukari can direct her gap cunt to any woman's cunt, therefore, you can theoretically fuck any touhou you want. Since you never actually fuck yukari, she's difficult to please. Failure to please her is not recommended.

I imagine the experience would be quite traumatizing for the girl on the receiving end of all this.

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Thank god, I thought it was only me.

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Believe me, it is.

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Perhaps. She may be able to shut the gap within herself whenever she wishes, but that's not something I'd want to find out about, myself.

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Yukari's just a tease. She'll kill you if you try anything.

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That doesn't fit Yukari's personality. Remilia, perhaps, but not Yukari.

She seems more of the type to kill one after they've climaxed.

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Of course. Even more so without your hat.

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if it were possible for my penis to cum blood

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Let's just say there are places man was not meant to go.

Whether Yukari would bring him there anyway?
You bet.

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wilbur wheatley

>> No.2508485


Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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credibility out the window

also I see you've been on /v/

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Since sex with Yukari would be something ultimate, I'm not sure I'd complain too much.

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Think, "Jesus".

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