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Is this old news? F/UC in English.

inb4 MB is superior, F/UC blows, etc etc

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3D pig disgusting.

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you missed the thread we had on it already

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If they had it for PS3 instead of PSP i would have bought it. Now im just going to download it.

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>>the freedom and unrestrained fun of a Marvel vs Capcom-style game

That's what they said about Melty Blood at first.

They lied. There was no fun to be found in MB.

Also F/UC, blows, gameplay rivaling the Bleach and Mai Hime fighters, etc.

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>There was no fun to be found
Subjective much?

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>no fun
You best not be talking about the DS game.

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F/UC is a horrible, generic fightan with about 3 special moves per character. It's even more shallow than Meltan.

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Go back to sucking Eroge_Expert's cock.

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Honestly, even the dragon ball fighters are better than UC. At least you can fly in them, so they have their own niche instead of being completely generic.

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I'm detecting huge quanities of butthurt because people can't mash 2aaaaaa like they can in meltan, or QCF + Fierce for hadouken spam like in Ken Fighter 2/3/4

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I'm detecting butthurt because you can't properly defend your shitty game.

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Keep telling yourself that memorizing 3 minute long combos that use about 2 different moves over and over takes skill.

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If you expected phenomenal gameplay from unlimited codes, you're playing it for the wrong reason

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I enjoy playing Unlimited Codes because it panders to me as a Fate/stay night fan.

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Execution requirements for the game are a bitch. I'm not saying this makes the game good or bad, but you really should do a little research before you say something stupid.

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CRUCIS Fatal Fake is better.

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this guy gets it. Why else would this game and tiger colosseum exist

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Only reason for me is the voiced Luvia, because she's superior to all those whores that make up the rest of the female cast.

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I don't use hour long combos. Of course I don't play against tourneyfags either.

Ah, well that's a given, but so is street fighter 4's. Oh wait, not for hadoukens.

The real problem with execution is that a lot of chars need that tigerknee bullshit. I don't play any that need it so it's no sweat off my balls.

God forbid the game actually require you to practice and familiarize yourself with the inputs. Of course kids these days expect to run into arcade mode and win by slamming their heads onto the buttons.

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There ya go.

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such a classy and dignified lady

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The problem with F/UC is that servants are supposed to be much quicker than this in "reality". The game could have been much better if they thought of some new gameplay mechanics instead of just remodelling a generic fighter engine with Fate characters.

Also, they should have included a fatal fake-like tag mode with masters.

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She is the best. I see no reason for anyone to choose that slut in red over her.

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>kids these days expect to run into arcade mode and win by slamming their heads onto the buttons.
lol no
Inputs need to be simple.
A good game has you focusing on HOW you use a characters move set, not scratching your head over the obtuse bullshit the programmers put as an arbitrary obstruction between you and fun.

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F/UC in English?
Awesome. Guess I'll bust out the fighting sticks and the good ol' PS2 and-
>with the PSP, it's all in the palm of your hand.

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Very few combos in this game are truly a 'practice till it's muscle memory' routine.
The rest just need some familiarity with the character.
I figured out most of the combos myself over a few hours for the characters I decided to focus on.

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Quarter circle.
SRK motion
Back forward back
Half circle.

Now chain those plus buttons into combos. EGADS. How to use a chara's moveset? well ge wizz, I mean, Gil's gate stance couldn't possibly be used as a method of keep away with range for pulling the enemy's close via his duck C sweep with Herpe.

I'm sure the chains are just there for kicks too. I mean, who'd need to knock an enemy back or trip them up with a simple QCB chain swipe?

As I said. Massive butthurt in this thread

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I agree, but this game was made in Japan, where those bullshit are the norm.

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As most fighting games do.

If you have any familiarity with fighting games, you should be able to dive in and figure out shit quickly.

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I wasn't saying anything about this game in particular, just pointing out how dumb >>2506408's argument was.

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While I like the game visually, gameplay-wise it's a trainwreck.

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It has potential, but being it Fate Unlimited Combos, whoever gets the first string going will usually win.

If they incorporated some strict damage proration scheme here, it would have been better.

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This is exactly what I thought upon reading that. I've had three PSPs stolen and I don't think I'm going to bother getting a fourth.

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>I've had three PSPs stolen

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Well there is damage proration (quite a bit if you add in weak attacks into the combos) however there's a glitch with chars who use projectiles, where if you toss one out, it hits, and then you enter the super you want to use, it'll descale it.

This is why Kotomine is so absurdly overpowerful, and why Kubo, being the exploit loving faggot that he is, picks him

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I'm extremely, extremely unlucky. Also my brother is a crack addict and my parents keep letting him move back in with us when he loses his latest job.

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I would tear my brother's heart out and take a shit in his chest if he touched my vidya. And if I had a brother.

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Crucis is only better in that it has netplay, so until they get that fixed, FUC all the way.

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FUC is kinda fun to mess around in because of it's great presentation, but it's pretty broken etc. And the PSP version looks retarded as shit.

Turning shoryus into backwards forwards? turning qcfs into dashes?

what the FUCK?

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it's not a glitch

it's intended

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this game is in SBO

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By rabid niggers, probably.

That's how one of my PSPs got stolen.

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No buffering.

Fuck this game.

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what the hell, there is buffering. The fact that jump installing exists proves that there's buffering

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>It's not a bug, It's a feature.

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I had my Gameboy Color stolen by a nigger when I was a kid.

From that moment, I just further reaffirmed my racist beliefs.

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Tekken and many other bad games are in SBO too.

The quality of a game was never something that determined if it was competetion worthy. If there are enough people around to play it, then that's all that matters.

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I've never had a black person steal a single thing from me. I have, however, lost two xbox 360s, three PSPs, a DS, a gamecube, 2 PS2s, a PC, a laptop, $2000 worth of games, and been check frauded four times for a total of $1350 by drug addicted white people.

People with problems steal things, not people with different skin colors.

oh but whoever got stabbed and bled inside my car while hiding from the police may have been black, they were never caught after all

In any case, I may buy another PSP at some point, they are pretty awesome after they've been hacked a bit. And with a bit of coding knowledge, you can set it up to have a lot of useful applications as well.

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A nigger threatened to shoot me.

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As a child, some immigrants made me kneel down and say their country was the best with a fake gun pointed to the back of my head. Before I said anything the 'leader' got shot by my father.

I thought this would be the right time to tell you this cool story.

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mb is superior

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That makes me rage, the column drums are far too large and the fluting is wrong!

The column base should be slightly larger and hence the flutes would converge at a point at the top!

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Rider's sisters are actually Saber in disguise.

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I'd much rather have FTC than whatever this is going to be.

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