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If you could choose one touhou to spend the rest of your life with, she'd satisfy your every need, cook you top-tier food and be the perfect waifu in exchange for that if you lose your temper even once during your lifetime with her she'll give you the most painful death there is to experience.

Note that losing your temper means getting pissed off at something trivial and it can happen everywhere when shes around and not around.

Who would it be /jp/?

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So we can get pissed off, but not at something trivial?


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No further explanation

Back the fuck off, Miles.

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The only waifu who could come close to doing that is Satori, and even then she can't read your heart if you're far away.

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you cant get pissed off at anything.

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This is pretty much the only answer.
All the rest are either lazy or insane without the abject loyalty.

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What if I'm really pissed off but I don't show it on the outside?

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"trivial" is subjective

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Perfect and elegant maid.

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Komachi Onozuka, because I'll be able to see her after she kills me.

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I can't remember last time I got angry, but I think trying to avoid getting angry would only make it more likely.

Well... I'm going for Satori too.

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Remilia. I still get Sakuya to cook and clean for me, as well as a library, and a mansion to live in. It'd be perfect.

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>if you lose your temper even once during your lifetime with her she'll give you the most painful death there is to experience.

Wtf, that makes the whole point of choosing pointless so it really doesn't matter who the hell you choose.

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Fuck that, literately. I don't want some mindless ever-obedient moeblob waifu. Soon as I meet her I'm calling her a bitch and what is she gonna do kill me ten and their, please I know how to fight back and she has the body of a little girl. But yeah their will be a stuggle long into the night... and it will end in the most awesome hatesex ever.

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>the most awesome hatesex ever.
Only if she decides to rape you before killing you.

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Youkai are stronger than humans. Your ass is going to get kicked.

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I choose Tenshi because only she wants to be punished.

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Plus, she's actually human and lives in the human world.

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I'm one too

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Marisa and Sakuya would like to have a word with you.

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I meant they are physically stronger.

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Remilia. And I would enjoy the painful death.

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