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Yukari wants you to join her in the bath.


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As much as I'd love to see her naked, I don't trust her.

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I simply cannot trust her.

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I don't bathe.

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[x] jump into the lake.

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Yeah, why not, what do I really have that's worth holding on to?

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Go be old somewhere else, hag.

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No, she will gap shit into my ass

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No way man. I'm not getting my own penis gapped up my ass.

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You're not going to let me say no, are you? Why did I even let you close enough to ask?

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Only if Ran and/or Chen is there too.

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...Another hivemind?

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lookin kinda Teresa there Yukari

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Yukari and I are actually the same person, so I'd be taking a bath with myself.

>Yo dawg, we heard you liked causal loops so we put yourself with yourself so you can bathe while you bathe

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Please....I'm...I'm not a hag...

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Y. I'd take the risk.

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I know this trick. You're trying to make me feel bad so I'll get in with you, and then the next thing I know there's a large object lodged in my rectum.

It's working ;_;

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Worth the risk.

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I just want someone to help me wash my back.

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Well I guess I could use a bath...
And one just can not let such hospitality go to waste, that would be rude.

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Your colleagues are looking for you hag.

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What happened to Chen and Ran? Did they give you the finger and vanish when you brought this idea up?

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Only if I get to stick it up Chen

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Ok, ok fine. I'll do it. But I'm washing your back and then I'm out, ok?

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You guys...really do think I am some wrinkled old hag...don't you...

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WTF'S wrong with Chen in that picture

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ewww get those nasty milkbag fat deposits away from me

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I never said that. But I still don't trust you.

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sorry babe, if you're more than 8 we can't procreate

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Thanks. It'll be fun!

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sage for role playing.

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Ok, time to put on my robe and wizard hat.

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I-It's not like we were being serious, y-you know...

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Notice that no tripfag started this. Also, I am pointedly being out-of-character in this thread for just that reason

Lovely weather tonight, wouldn't you say? It's clear and cool.

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Gah you fucking faggot, it's always "ANON/TRIPFAG" with you.

Why can't we just love each other?

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Sure is ZOMG ANON PERSECUTING TRIPFAGS complex around here.

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>This is a roleplay thread so I won't bump it, too bad for you guys. Just telling you guys that.

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>old wrinkled hag

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Tripfags should be persecuted and run out of town with torches and pitchforks.

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Secure tripcodes are for fags.

Tripcodes are for jerks.

Moot agreed, don't bother him about it.

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I suggest public execution. With guillotines involved, obviously.

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Don't call them hags, they are mature women.

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After repeated insults of her being called an old, wrinkled, hag something happens you'd thought you would never, ever see.....Yukari begins to sob. Crying into her hands you hear her stuttering out, "I'm...n..not a hag..."

What now?

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[x] Love tenderly

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I say "Fascinating". And then I rest my face against my palm.

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If she were sobbing, I would hug her softly and tell her that she was a beautiful woman.

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quite the predictable one eh, Anonymous?

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Maximilien Robespierre, you are a fine young dandy, how about leading the 4chan Revolution?

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Aww hell, here comes ruby falls!

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lolitroll'd yu

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These threads suck. I mean, if you were clever, you could make it work. But you're not clever!

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I'd hug her and apologize.

And then find out it was an elaborate troll on her part to gap things into my ass

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And what if there was no clever ploy or underhandedness in her crying? What if it was genuine?

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It's the JUST AS PLANNED/DICTATOR OF GENSYOKO Yukari. Around here, you never relax.

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The only thing genuine with Yukari are her ulterior motives. You must always suspect. Anything less will have you killed.

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In my case if it were genuine? I'd just hug her more. Yukari is love, and she deserves our love.

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I'd have no way of knowing if it was genuine, so I'd always be on guard. Come on, it's Yukari.

If I was 100% sure it was genuine by some otherworldy power, see >>2490713

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as if trusting a youkai is a good idea


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You are the kind of people whom leave Yukari lonely. Always assuming she's scheming something when all she wants is a hug, nothing more.

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>Anon participating in a roleplaying thread calling another roleplaying anon an idiot

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what is hank hill's connection here?

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>oh noes, any sort of context confuses me

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in b4 PROPANE.

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That was a really shitty comeback.

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Propane and propane accessories

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because it wasn't one

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You're right. Usually a comeback has to make sense for it to be considered one.

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Wash my back?


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Indeed, derailment failed though.

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She's wearing men's briefs.


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Y-You've been nothing but mean to Anoymous, he'll n-never trust you.

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Yukari then, after her bath, asks you to help her into bed and tuck her in.


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You know that hole thewy have in the front of those things? She wants you to fill her gap.

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Alice you're the only one for me.

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Heyell yeah boys, Ima get me some strange! WHOOO!

Now which side you want me on?

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I go about this normally with no intentions for it to go any further then leave.

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Yesyesyesyesyes oh dear god yes

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I heard Yukari can make gaps in the barrier between fantasy and reality. i.e., she can make fictional characters real.

Does this mean she can make herself and Touhou real?!

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It's like schrodinger's cat, or like taking a speed of light ride through a black hole.

I would rather Lovecraft's entities existed. I'm pretty sick of humanity, and this thread is pretty solid evidence of why. Let 'em wipe us out.

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But as you leave she grabs your hand gently and softly asks if you would spend the night with her....in her bed.

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That's nice, dear.

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there is no boundary between reality and illusion, either something is real or it's not, its boolean, boundaries only exist in planes that are contiguous or division in a continuous plane, 1D is an exception, it has no boundaries, 2D is represented by a line, 3D is a 3D line etc

when it comes to reality however, boundaries don't really exist, the so called boundaries we see are either non-physical (sky line, nation border) or physical

the physical boundary is a special case, the boundary do not exist for the sake of existence but it's rather a side effect of the physical law, the surface of water is caused by gravity, relative mass between water and the surrounding elements and the physical difference between the molecular structure of water and it's surroundings, a physical boundary can be defined as a plane where elements on one side is physically different than what's on the other side

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>But as you leave she grabs your hand gently and softly asks if you would spend the night with her.... so she can have dinner.


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I would politely turn her invitation down stating that I do not believe that I deserve to lay by an exquisite lady such as herself and tell her she would deserve better. I give her a wave, say goodnight and then leave.

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I don't know if I like the way she's hiding her crotch with the washrag like that.


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Not my brain Yukari!!! I have mental problems!!!

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After helping her bathe, helping her to bed and then tucking her in, she turns around and eats me?

I knew my niceness would get me screwed over one day.

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You forgot to cook dinner that's why, just ask Sakuya to rewind time.

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She never asked for dinner. I assumed Ran made it.

To hell with this, I'm dead now.

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I've always known Anon was a TUFF GUY, especially on the internet. But for some reason, I can't see him being ballsy enough to cut chunks of his own flesh off and stir-fry them for Yukari.

He'd exsanguinate himself part-ways in anyway.

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well see if Ran was around, she wouldn't need you to bath her, or tuck her in now would she

it's a elaborate trap to savour a delicacy

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Well it's glad to know that I smoke so I probably tasted like straight up shit. I hope Yukari enjoyed it thoroughly the bitch.

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I'm coming for ya, baby!!

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Yukari's sense of taste is different from normal humans'.

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You aren't going to let me have the last laugh are you?

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so what, where is it said that yukari eats humans?

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>Well it's glad to know that I smoke so I probably tasted like straight up shit

Mmm, smoked meat.

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You're about as sharp as a bowling ball, aren't you? Canonically, humans are the staple food for youkai. Babaa-chan is a youkai.

Of course, there are some of you who are hell-bent on portraying Gensokyo as a utopian, eternally happy place where youkai never eat humans and instead have tea and biscuits with them.
You will go to any lengths to defend this point, too - after all, there was this one chucklefuck trying to say that humans were probably just a delicacy that actually tasted abhorrent to youkai.

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C'mon, we can dream, can't we? T_T

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>>2491069 Of course, there are some of you who are hell-bent on portraying Gensokyo as a utopian, eternally happy place where youkai never eat humans and instead have tea and biscuits with them.
Like ZUN.

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Does alice eat humans? She's a youkai, but she was previously a human. That'd border on cannibalism.

I think the possibility of being eaten makes Gensokyo more wondrous. Humans befriending such dangerous creatures, moreso. But I think the youkai that eat humans are mostly based on animals.

It's not clear what Yukari is. If she "ate" humans at all, it'd probably be in a less animalistic way, consuming their soul or something god-like.

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Yukari says she has humans in her larder. Just because she has tea with Raymoo doesn't mean hat she doesn't treat other humans as food.

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Youkai is a general term for a supernatural being, this can be anything from man-eating grotesque monsters, to humans who gain magical powers, to dangerous children of demi-gods, beings born from meta-physical desires and pets of powerful aspects. There are both good and evil, harmful and harmless, intelligent and stupid, just as people are varied, so are youkai.

Although they are dangerous to people, they aren't the worst since they are almost right at the bottom of the power heirarchy.

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Also, in gensokyo, all humans know that they reincarnate, so it's not as big a deal. I mean, you still lose everything you are, your memories of your past life etc.

The big time youkai who eat humans are probably relatively kind and gentle with their prey, gently explaining that sorry, we have to eat you. You're delicious, this won't hurt, etc...

Then you get to go hang out with Yuyuko for a few years until you're reincarnated.

>> No.2491185

>Then you get to go hang out with Yuyuko for a few years until you're reincarnated.
But yes, that depend on your doings in the world. It's up to Sikieiki to decide you go to hell or just standby at Hakugyokuro. Cause we know, Anonymous doesn't deserve a place in heaven

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Whens the last time any of you bathed?
Go get in the shower. I promise it'll feel nice.

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I bathe twice a day. That's the awesome thing about someone live in the equator. they have reasons to take a bath

>> No.2491242

I think Alice places more interest in beating up humans
rather than eating them.

>> No.2491246


Torturing them to death, also.


Do you usually apologize to a steak on your plate before consuming it?

>> No.2491247

but if you live in the equator why would you want to?

>> No.2491254

It's hot and sticky there.

>> No.2491273

If Yukari bumped off Reimu, she might have to do something resembling work.

>> No.2491301

yep. my parents are fucking crazy conspiracy end-of-the-world types, and we keep animals that we eat. i've had to kill chickens before... I always try to keep them calm while I'm preparing, petting them and stuff, and I make the cut quick and clean.

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I'm already there arn't I?

I'm already in the bath because she'd put me there without my prior permission.

Anyway, I pray to god she lets me get my swimsuit trunks on. Don't want her seein my massive boner. That'd be embarrassing.

>> No.2491331

You are a good person.

>> No.2491338


>Don't want her seein my massive boner. That'd be embarrassing.

She's well over centuries old, there's surely nothing you've got that she hasn't seen at least four times before.

Unless you are an alien, of course.

>> No.2491340


I don't like telling anyone this, but I AM from beyond the stars.

I just came from the "Fat" stars.

>> No.2491360

She spends most of the time asleep, though, so it's questionable.

>> No.2491364


She sleeps, she's not blind.

>> No.2491367

or IS she?

>> No.2491374


hurr hurr hurr

>> No.2491404

arc you got some stupid on ya

>> No.2491413


Yes, that's the direct result of talking to Anons. Let me just wipe that off...

>> No.2491442

stupid doesn't wipe off.

you have to boil it out.

>> No.2491775

Yes. Because I can't beat the game to see her outside the bath.

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>The big time youkai who eat humans are probably relatively kind and gentle with their prey, gently explaining that sorry, we have to eat you. You're delicious, this won't hurt, etc...

I'm sure Yuka says this all the time.