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wich touhou would you get durnk with?

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drunk Youmu could be fun to be around

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From the top of my head: Mokou so I can get a warm fuzzy feeling both inside and outside. And Tenshi because I want to grope her while she's intoxicated.I bet grabbing her butt would be the easiest thing in the world with some few drinks.

Also i wouldn't drink with any of the onis because I don't want to destroy my liver.

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None, I don't drink.

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she'd just trick you into paying for all her drinks before taking advantage of your intoxication to con you even more, anon

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It's probably the most plain answer, but at the end of the day for me it's gotta be Reimu.

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And I got to hang out with a qt
I honestly don't see anything bad about that anon.

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Any of the main girls would be a good time.
Reimu would be great to just let loose with and shit-talk everything and everyone with.
Marisa would be brash and loud when trashed. Not always to my taste, but would be great in groups.
Sakuya would be great for just a long mellow conversation over wine or something.
Sanae would be fun to watch as she'd probably overestimate herself. I bet she's super clingy.
Youmu would probably be the same but despite trying to temper herself she's still tiny so her constitution can't handle it. She'd probably just fall asleep.

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if that's a price you're willing to pay then go for it

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That just sounds like a normal bar hostess to me.

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Who is the brewmaster of Gensokyo?

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I don't drink.

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None, because I was told by my doctor that I would have months to live if I started drinking again.

As a sidenote, as much as people joke about it, I think ZUN has his drinking under check based on how well he has aged.

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reimu is unironically pretty heavy into alcohol brewing, but I doubt that includes beer
the human village should really corner that market

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don't drink, it's for idiots
ouch, my fucking head

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Not aya that’s for sure

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with any 2hu really, better question is which one would be most intresting drinking partner, eiki would be quite something or atleast intresting for example.

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I'd go on a double date with Merry and Renko, dating Merry myself. The four of us would get drunk and then part ways late into the night, then Merry and I would have fun at one of our apartments!

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But they are kids! Cant drink alcohol!

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They are hundreds of years old and only are child-sized.

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Fairies drink sake out of each other's loli navels.

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I want too.

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Booze with Raiko!

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But why?

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No drink

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I want this drunk birb to tease me

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The Aki sisters. Both of them.

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i need no one to get drunk