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Things you've always wondered about. Slap it down here.

Why does Coca Cola from Japan taste and feel superior to the Coca Cola from the states? Note "feel," because their cans are all SMOOTH and shit, wow. It feels awesome to just rub those cans up.

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itt questions with no answers

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Why is Cinderella Cage~Kagome-Kagome so godawesome?

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Chances are it's because their cans are made with the superior metal known as steel and not inferior aluminum.


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If someone else has a question I'll try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

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I get the same feeling with Nutella. Italian Nutella tastes better than its overseas version.

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This board isn't what you think it is.

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excuse me good sir, but i think you made a spelling error. first you posted the wrong drink, then you typed in the wrong name. here you go.

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Yes it is. My question just happened to be.. hoho, NIPPON-RELATED. Doesn't necessarily mean I'm suggesting everyone to ask about the country of Japan.

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>>Chances are it's because their cans are made with the superior metal known as steel and not inferior aluminum.

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Czech Coca Cola tastes like shit.
Spanish Coca Cola tastes like shit. But different shit.

Due to production processes and what not. Some countries are more lax, so shittier products are allowed.

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>superior metal known as steel
Fuck you and your inferior strength-to-weight ratio metal

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Readily convertable into pussy in a can.

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Only thing I can think of for 'taste' is that sugar in Japan isn't taxed so ridiculously so they can actually use it in their softdrinks.

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At least steel doesn't give you Alzheimers.

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Pepsi tastes like shit.

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To Op:
Because they like Cocaine. Tasty shit.

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Monosodic Glutamate is illegal in US.

Coca Cola sells that black Syrup and Local Factories make the Soda.

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Because in the states you use some corn derivative instead of normal sugar to make it taste sweet. This is fairly well known and recorded among the type of people are obsessed about their sodas (ie, you can google for more information if you are care)

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I do not understand the usage of your smirk when Melon herself is a steel can.

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Well, at least it's not as ridiculously sweet as the pile of bullshit that is Pepsi and their associated brands.