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/jp/, i just wanted to say

thanks for the lulz

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Goodnight, Sweet Prince. ;___;

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what no dude i didnt kill myself, im rly high and i like to surf /jp/, i appreciate the humor, as i am a weeaboo who smoked too many pot

which of the touhou girls is closest to a stoner?

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Does the card say that for 10,000 JPY (around 100e) you, too, can "tap" Reimu?

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Pettan pettan tsurupettan
Pettan pettan tsurupettan
Pettan pettan munepettan
Pettan pettan mochipettan

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Reimu accepts all currencies.

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wrong order nigger

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Yukari. She's all like, sleeps until 3 pm and stuff, then wakes up and sort of just is somewhere else, and then she's all "lol this sounds awesome", and she'd totally be awesome because she could all reach through this hole and get chinese delivery from Chinese.

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Yuyuko and Yukari.