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You are now aware of this, manually.

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What? Why would I want to be bullied worse than I did in British schools?

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You will never throw yourself under a train after failing your exams either.

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Thank fucking god.

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Oh god thanks for that.

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I applied for an exchange student program to a japanese school once, my Japanese teacher even supported me.

But I got rejected from the program ;_;

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Well, that's good.

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"You will never
Enter the 2D world."

You are now aware of this, manually.

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( ≖‿≖)

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Image macro was made by an /a/ and/or /v/ faggot who thinks Japan is like real life anime.

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Are you really jealous of this?

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that only happens in VNs

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I wish I had gone to school with Pygmalion !rNk8s6TM.Q. We could have held hands during breaks.

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Thank. God.

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I wish to be in school like Bible Black or Marimite.

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It's obviously over-exaggerated but it's a lot better of a portrayal of Japanese school life than most anime.

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I'm jealous of doing that to a school girl with classmates, yes.

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More like this.

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you are now aware that high school was a bunch of melodramatic bullshit. fuck like i would ever want to do that again

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The university is where it's at. Make your own schedule and learn what you want to learn.

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Because all Japanese school life is like Clannad right?

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I did, but it was for half a day. I distinctly remember the entire classroom of lolis chasing me up and down the corridor to get my signature. Bizarre. The swimming pool was olympic sized, too. And an awesome walk-through outdoor shower. Cleaning up was kinda fun, too.

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how much is the tuition fee anyway? what are the requirements to enter a post-graduate course/university?

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whew, dodged a bullet there

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Isn't the Japanese school system REALLY harsh?
I had enough problems with the American school system, and it wasn't even that harsh.

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blah, japanese school life sucks
you gotta wear uniforms, you gotta put your shoes in a locker and wear different shoes, and then get them back after school.
japanese people are boring and too pussy to even SAY anything to you
kinda hard to disinguish people when EVERYONE has black hair and are almost the same height and is the same uniform.

yeah, i like my nonconformist american high schools thank you very much.

inb4 confusing anime with real life japan

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Depends on the university:

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but the uniforms are hot

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I need to create an Ouendan and a uniforms category, its all mixed up in my y_shirt category

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If this isn't a troll, I'd really like to know why OP thinks Japanese school life is any better than any other school life.

In b4 because of anime lol

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I doubt it's a troll, but I doubt he was serious either.

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>as a little girl
Goddammit, you got me. ;_;

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Oh, is this thread about uniforms now?

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Can't have a "Japanese School Life" without uniforms

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Now, why the hell would any of us shut-ins want to attend the one school system which would be most intolerant of us? Are you stupid?

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Where is Japen?

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I really like this uniform. Too bad it probably looks tacky in 3D.

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I already experience the best of japanese school life by playing visual novels every day.
I even get to have a cute little sister who got a crush on me! shit is awesome.

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>Japanese School Life

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I like the cool and spicy uniform too.

Well, I'll return the thread back to you now. Enjoy.

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correct sir. i am neither.

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>The university is where it's at.
Freshman detected.

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Close, but no cigar. I'm curious though. Are freshman optimistic or something? I don't quite understand your logic.

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Well, if school life was like Clannad, then yes I am somewhat sad.
RL Japanese school life? Fuck no.

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post on /a/ for better reactions.

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Thank god I blew up Japen, then. Really got in the way of the whole trip to Japan.

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assuming you are the protagonist. but /jp/ would be the badly drawn side character in the background that gets only 4 seconds of screentime

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Pygma-chan is so cute when she image dumps.

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Well, who envies japan?

In terms of values and stuff that country has like barely modernised from middleages with extremely oppressive all around mentality.

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It took an awful long for someone to spot the horrible typo.

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I'm going to guess (hope) that it's part of the joke.

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aye hev xped nipp schuul laif

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Which is why it's awesome.

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thank god uf

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I don't think I'd want to.

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Japanese school life is terrible, 6 days a week? No thanks.

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If VNs tell me anything, it's mostly cramming and bullying.

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I think Saturdays are optional now. Of course by optional I mean 75% of kids are forced to go by parents anyway for the half day.

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17-year old exchange student from Izumo Higashi-Hayashigichou reporting in, bitches. I'm here until February.

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I remember reading a story about a group of school girls who bullied another school girl relentlessly, locked her inside a hotel room and tormented her and taped it, then had her raped.

Sounds great, I love raping bitches.

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Damn that's hot. The tape must be on the internet somewhere, right?

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what year are you going to repeat when you return to wherever you came from

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Nice resolution you fucking homo. Maybe you should pick something that fits into a 22" screen next time?!

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I've seen cellphone video before of some girls bullying the shit out of this one girl, it was hot as hell. I fapped to it But they were Chinese and there was no rape. Not even nudity, just a brief shot of her bra as one of the girls tried to tugged at her shirt but then stopped.

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Underaged ban.

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I already graduated high school, why would I want to go back?

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This thread is eternal. What the fuck

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From what I've seen in anime inb4 confusing real life and anime it seem like Japanese schools try to make school more fun. Plus I'm white so I'd be exotic to them. But 6 day school weeks, having to stay after school to clean, and some nosy ass probably snobby class rep being in my business all the time fuck that. None of that was mandatory in my school and I hated school.

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>thread lasts 14 hours
>is eternal

So what are those Rika threads, then?
Entire Universes contained in shards?
Yes I know what kakera are that is the reference I am making you do not need to point it out

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>In terms of values and stuff that country has like barely modernised from middleages

And how exactly is this a bad thing?

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well i did it.. sorta. maybe i still can later. but yeah.. not completly. :(

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odd, I would have expected a Persona reference by now.

You're disappointing me, folks.

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No thread has ever lasted or probably will last as long as the one Youmu thread.

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