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Anonymous, you wake up in Gensokyo.

Except it's not that simple. You get to choose who you can be, but you can't be an existing character. Which do you become?

Female Human
Male Human
Female Youkai (There are no male Youkai)
(something else?)

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I thought these threads died.

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>(There are no male Youkai)
Rinnosuke, Youmo's grandfather, that turtle fucker who doesn't exist anymore

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male human/fairy

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>>(There are no male Youkai)
ITT we are uninformed

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>who doesn't exist anymore


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Closed third-eye satori

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I'd be a bear.

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Male Half-Youkai.

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I think you mean "a bear youkai loli (with hat)".

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I'd be a youkai and go on cheery little misadventures.

Then get my ass kicked by Raymoo for doing nothing in particular.

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No, Anonymous, you can't be a bear.

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That's odd. I'm actually surprised ZUN hasn't added a bear Youkai to the series yet.

I mean, we have cats, a wolf, fox, mouse, various birds...

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A dragon, easily the STRONGEST

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Magician. What's the point of being a touhou if you have limits?

Tanuki first.

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You will be a carp loli midboss.

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Bear-tiger Youkai

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A faceless male human.

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i want to be a gourd of infinite sake

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mushroom youkai

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I wish to be the hat.

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There already is a Tanuki.

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A trout, swimming in the lake surrounding the scarlet devil mansion.

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Lovecraftian youkai.

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ZUN hasn't made a nopperabou (faceless ghost) loli yet.

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>(There are no male Youkai)


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Pointless, Gensokyo is such a happy utopia that even Cthulhu would be tamed by it.

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Reverse trap youkai.

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Salp loli, motherfuckers. Transparent dress, transparent skin, other lolis living inside me and feeding on my guts. What is not to like?

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But I want a loli Hastur.

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Nopperabou are such silly folklore monsters.

In all of the stories about them, all they ever do is stand there with no face doing nothing, which is apparently supposed to scare people. They never actually harm anyone. So silly.

Also, plenty of faceless humans exist in Gensokyo.

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We already have one of those.

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More like arrange it so that you seem to be the last person on Earth with a face. You don't see their faces (or lack thereof) until you're right in front of their...well, faces. Fuck you, English.

It's like fapping to loli and then noticing the loli had no face all along.

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That is somewhat scarier, I suppose. I think I'd grow accustomed to it eventually though.

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Male youkai.

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Magician. then I get to hang out with Alice and play with dolls, magic, and what not.

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All asian monsters are stupid like that. Like those ones that stretch their necks out. Asians are just scared of anything that's not another carbon copy asian.

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I shall be Cthulhu, Boundary Youkai of Rl'yeh.

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Those are the ones you can be all along and never notice until your head decides it doesn't need your body anymore and just flies off. That could be creepy.

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Cirno is already Cthulhu, sleeping under the lake.

This reminds me of how you can just fly over borders. I wonder if it's possible to fly over the gensyoko border.

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Isn't there already a Cthulhu-tan? I remember seeing a design for her a long time ago on /c/.

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if you're in gensokyo and are not a loli with a silly hat, even weaklings like rumia or a random nameless fairy could kick your ass.