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So how was Sakuracon 2009 ?

I went abroard at the time so I don't know what were going on, someone care to recollect the whole thing for me?

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Like all the years, but with more retards and /b/ memes (not kidding).

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Girugamesh guy was invited but didn't show up, but didn't attend because he was grounded for epically failing his schoolwork.

Touhou panel was also fail, but benefited from a 11 year old Reimu cosplayer with her Marisa mother.

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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But I showed you a video.

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I don't know what's more rageworthy, ugly bitches speaking English dressed in Touhou or the fact that there were those apes taking photos of them.

Also,was Girugamesh guy there ?

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I heard many were cosplaying Touhou characters...

I hope that wasn't true

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No, They say he wasn't there

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Finally got around to watching this. I was expecting some enterprise quality presentation with laser pointers and technical speak, but instead got this. Pretty disappointing.

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Shame. And here I thought there'd be some awesome thing going on when I wasn't here.

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