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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Previous thread: >>24754166

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first for boomers need to just die already

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naw op is a shit

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t. child unable to cope with the fact that most of his "new" stuff pales in comparison to its previous iterations

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what the fuck is wrong with you people, the past few threads haven't been numbered

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theydve gotten angry at me if id posted the based guide on the op

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FUCK thread numbers
literally nobody ever needs to use them for anything

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t. unable to cope with life in general

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i only come here like twice a year why is there a boomer/zoomer civil war? isn't this thread supposed to be about learning japanese?

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just some dumb comments about how everything new sucks because and only because its new

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are you sure that's the only reason or are you just imagining a boogeyman?

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archiving? are you being retarded on purpose?

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really cool strawman dude, have fun tearing it down i suppose

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and they're damn right :^)

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djt is just one post after another of people telling each other "you dont know japanese", "no, YOU don't know japanese"
why the fuck would you care for archiving that shit with thread numbers when you can just look up the exact words somebody else posted through google or through warosu's internal search function?

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japanese the manga way is the best grammar guide i've read. it made me understand very fast a lot of stuff specially the te form

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maybe people just hate vtuber shit because its gay buddy

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want to play game
the only good games are kana soup

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where are you at?

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3000, grinding my way to 10k before i start tho

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between 20k and 30k

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is there a similar chart for the kanji required for said words? how much of that is covered by jouyou?

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sometimes when i recognize a word by ear for the first time i see the kanji in my "mind's eye"
just saw 厄介 in my head

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play phantasy star 4

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ok now say this in japanese and maybe ill reply

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i think i know 5k words

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i said good games

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how do i know if a word is worth mining or not

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thats a good thing

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hello this is jamals mother hes grounded and is not allowed on the computer
he begged me to type this out so his friends wouldnt get worried about him
i dont know why he started freaking out when i used proper punctuation but he wouldnt stop throwing things until i wrote everything in lowercase
anyways thank you for talking with my son hes autistic and isnt really good with people so im glad hes socializing albeit online at least a little bit

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>mention boomers
>watch episode of anime
>come back to 17 (You)'s
you guys aren't very mentally stable are you?

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if you have to ask then it probably isn't

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did you notice the pitch drop

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most words are worth knowing

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no matter what this is 100 percent real in my eyes

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Current thread: #2473

Previous threads:
>>24754166 #2472
>>24733152 #2471
>>24712583 #2470

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if i was ever put in a self defense situation with you i would make sure you swallow your front teeth after i punched them out

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> if i was ever put in a self defense situation with you i would make sure you swallow your front teeth after i punched them out

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favorite anime or manga?

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hi mrs jamal's mom this is one of jamal's close internet friends
please give him a kiss from me and tell him to behave so he can come back soon, i miss him dearly

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he look like he from /int/

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i really like hxh cuz it gives me ideas of what i would do to you

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just cried at a profound scene in vinland saga. love is discrimination. omg so deep

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i kneel
please don't hurt me

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likewise but with [Fatalpulse (Asanagi)] Victim Girls 20 THE COLLAPSE OF CAGLIOSTRO (Granblue Fantasy) [Digital]

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you're doing god's work. but why? surely these threads are too shit for people with sense to stick around and help with 4chan culture and traditions?

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wait so was hxh guy and psychopath guy the same all along?

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thinking about reading the manga

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inb4. lmao what traditions xddd

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i hate doing anki

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lower new cards to 5

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one piece haters don't even understand that it's silly on purpose. Oda gave luffy the silliest power on purpose he has said so.

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delete it

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doesn't matter

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give me your best japanese rap / rock albums

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dragon ball z rock the dragon

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wow i went to the kitchen just know and it hit me.
>i have watched 900 episodes of one piece and didn't learn japanese. jamal is a fool

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900 episodes of one piece + probably 300 other episodes(naruto, fma, fmab, death note, berserk etc...) of other stuff with eng/my native language subs and i think i only learned like 30 words

this is the proof jamal's method doesn't work

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jamal is the proof jamal's method doesn't work

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>900 episodes of one piece + probably 300 other episodes(naruto, fma, fmab, death note
wow that's rough buddy i'm so sorry you put up with all that mediocrity.

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every time i watch a shounen jump adapted anime i wish i read the manga instead

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>doing japanese for 20 years
>still watches shit with eng subs
another flawless victory for jamal, he has conquered japanese

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pretty sure most people know subs don't help with listening

there are still a couple delusional people in this thread though

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what about code geass?

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have any of you guys tried using koohi.cafe? basically it automines all the vocab in a given book/anime and lets you pick the ones that are new to you and then you can review them. barely even tried it yet but seems like a good thing

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code geass is good

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ending is good most of the show sucks though

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nice that we enjoy something in common

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i wrote my own shitty version of that with mecab + python.
i put all the words that i had on anki on a text file and then did the rest with mecab and python hehe
i'm no programmer though

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seems dumb as fuck

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did you learn what nakama means

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oh, i forgot about bleach. i said 300 episodes but it was probably 500

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youre supposed to skim thru a shitty grammar book, read 10k pages of furiganad manga, and read 50+ eroge after the 10k hours of eng subbed anime

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oh bleach has 366 episodes wtf. i have watched a shitload of shounen episodes then. i'm underestimating myself

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imagine following bleach post mid hueco mundo

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tried bleach but its so fucking boring

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i feel so glad that the longest anime based off a shounen manga that ive watched is fmab instead of some shit like naruto or one piece

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sometimes we continue a series just for the familiar attachment we get to the characters after a while even when the show goes to shit

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its suppose to dissolve not bore through your organs

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lmfao >>/v/516985681

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i don't even remember ichigo's personality or his philosophy. he just kinda stared blankly a lot and fought evil guys cuz they messed with his friends

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it's been a while but that sounds about right

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for example the tv show lost became a shitshow but i couldn't stop watching it cuz i liked some of the characters and wanted to know what their fate in the show was and what the writers had in store for them

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hate it when people use this to refer to a person's 信念

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u watch bleach for the sword fights and getting to witness nigga's bankais

>> No.24765204

my guilty pleasure was laughing at the tons of asspull-reverse asspull fights in the thousand year blood war arc on /a/

>> No.24765205

why watch bleach when you can watch stuff thats got girls with huge tiddies like ikki tousen or koihime musou?

>> No.24765206

why does one watch bleach? u want to see the dude saving his nakamas and releasing his supreme waza when he is in a pinchi

>> No.24765212

Nobody answered me last time and I will ask again. Does reading with furigana improve my Japanese reading skills?

>> No.24765227

not gonna lie dudes got a slight chub every time ichigo went tensa zangetsu

>> No.24765230

the problem with bleach is that so much of the show centers on the fighting and the animation is just ass. i mean its expected from an early 2000s long running shounen but its just not interesting to look at .

>> No.24765232

it's for native speakers so i assume that it helps

>> No.24765237

reminds me of this

>> No.24765248

is pinchi the funniest word that japanese borrowed from english?

>> No.24765252

jamal recommends it so it's probably bad since everything he says is wrong

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furigana is a crutch and should be phased out within the first month. if you don't know a word either look it up or skip it.

>> No.24765260

ive read like 15 eroge, 15 lns, and 15 vols of manga so far, and i still cant understand raw anime

got some good anime recs fellas?

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I just read whatever i find on NHK News Easy every day I can. Lately, I find myself being able to read at a moderate speed. Before I would always stop and think if this is the correct hiragana or katakana. I don't know if i consider good progress.

>> No.24765284

>NHK News Easy
never gonna make it

>> No.24765289

yea no shit reading doesn't translate into listening skill at all. why won't you listen to matt?

>> No.24765290

Why is it a crutch?

>> No.24765295

i remember getting recced this opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHoRnqYtapE then looking that series and finding out it's got a bunch of ntr :(

>> No.24765303

>why won't you listen to matt?
because listening to jews speaking english doesnt help me with my japanese listening skills (or lack thereof)

>> No.24765304

Then what other recommendations you have in mind anon?

>> No.24765305

if you want to get better at listening start listening
if you want to get better at reading start reading
very simple

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djt's queen

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it isnt
read a hundred vols of furigana'd manga (better be good shit) and then jump onto reading other stuff
youll eventually get used to ignoring furigana the more you start to recognize words through kanji alone

>> No.24765337

stop posting this arbitrary garbage

>> No.24765338

anime isn't reading

>> No.24765342

it is if u put subs on haha

>> No.24765351

idk just look through the manga section on the itazuraneko library and click on where it says 振り仮名

>> No.24765369

subbed anime is neither listening nor reading

>> No.24765374

Yeah i've been able to pick up kanjis that i encounter on NHK News Easy. Any recommendations for furigana Manga? I rarely don't like reading, but I want to change that so I can get better.

>> No.24765381

well im pretty sure u are reading the subs haha u dumb or something??

>> No.24765382

why do people shit on nhk easy so much?

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素晴らしい. jamal finally is forever gone

>> No.24765410

it's passive listening at best. it's like doing math homework while simultaneously looking at the answers in the back of the book.

>> No.24765411

i shit on the news in general
i shit on the new york times, the guardian, etc.
for me news equals normalfags who attend protests wearing t-shirts with cringy political slogans
news sites never report good stuff, only stuff to shit on politicians and foreign governments

>> No.24765412

cause reddits will drown in complacency while reading that for months cause theyre scared of normal native material

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that wasn't me. i haven't been enraged enough to damage a nearby person or object ever since george set me straight on his livestream.

name a shounen which not only improves as it goes but transcends its targeted demographic like hxh. don't say one piece because i read several hundred chapters of that awhile ago and it's just typical cringe shounen shit where luffy punches evil oppressor bad man every island which makes his soon to be crew mate cry because wow luffy the goofy rubber punching boy is showing that you CAN chase your dreams as long as a goofy rubber boy sails to your island. everything in that cartoony world feels contrived. i see what you're doing oda and it bores me. i can't believe luffy and crew were fighting enel at the same chapter where meruem had just fought netero. it's not even a fair comparison. don't say fmab because king bradley is the only decent character in that boring ass series. am i forgetting anything popular that someone will unironically attempt to compare to the godly levels that only hxh has reached? oh yea aot. lmfao get back to me when there's a single likable character. people who weight the spectacle more than the narrative need not reply.

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>> No.24765432

he's back and he's still based lol hope u upload all ur txt files id read every one of them

>> No.24765437

v. good post

>> No.24765443

ok? i'm just trying to learn japanese here

>> No.24765447

another one bites the mofuckin dust

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>> No.24765456

cure dolly

>> No.24765461

good god

>> No.24765467

I honestly don't care about the news either. I just want something to read every now and then so my brain doesn't forget the Hiragana/Katakana i learned.

>> No.24765478

force yourself to struggle through an easy short vn or something

>> No.24765481

Jesus christ man. This thread and the LearnJapanese subrddit are the masters of gatekeeping huh.

>> No.24765485

wtf is this post, i cant even

>> No.24765489

post disregarded

>> No.24765490

dolly sensei

>> No.24765493

eren's character development?
did u even watch the show?

>> No.24765498

just ripped a fat fuckin fart

>> No.24765506

dolly hands down

>> No.24765509

>eren's character development?
eren isn't likable or interesting. maybe he'll change in season 4.
honorable stern commander man tells his men to charge? haven't seen that before. generic and boring.
generic smart guy.

>> No.24765513

non-meme answer: japanese the manga way

>> No.24765519


>> No.24765522

i've watched 900 of one piece but couldn't stand 30 of hxh, so fucking bland... generic shit

>> No.24765525

what if you skip the first 90 episodes of hxh to get to the so called good part

>> No.24765529

>generic smart guy
started of as a weak man with smarts but in the end was one of the most courageous of them all even with all his desires

>> No.24765530

Just finished episode 85, Im finally enjoying it now. Things in the show, for the first time ever are actually HAPPENING. The replies from my previous post were all saying "hurr durr it's a DECONSTRUCTION of shonen it's what would happen if shonen were a reality you just want braindead fights!" (Which I could list countless retarded scenarios in the first 4 arcs that prove this is absolutely false and how it's not any different than any other shonen the way it handles different conflicts. Besides the fact that it blueballs you in every climax of every arc except for greed Island. But the villain and plot of that arc was so lame I didn't even fucking care that I got a decent payoff at the end.)

But the overall narrative has progressed more in these last 10 episodes than it did in the last 3 arcs comebined. This arc has DRASTICALLY cut the retarded Nen exposition dialogue and replaced it with interesting character interactions. I swear once Nen was introduced and they spent 15 minutes per episode talking about how it works in every arc, I no longer cared and just wanted something to happen, which never did until now. It finally feels like the wheels of the overall narrative are moving for the first time since the hunter exam. I like how Ging is CONSTANTLY being brought up and we're slowly learning little things about him all the time now. I like the contrast of Killua and Gons mindsets. (Killua was basically Gons lapdog after the hunter exam ended and hardly ever questioned his decisions and just went along with whatever Gon did until now) I like that gon is so stupidly optimistic that kite is still alive despite the fact that he's dead, etc. This so far is the only truly good arc in this series so far. But I still don't know how this anime has been regarded as some subversive masterpiece by the shills on this board. Regardless, I'm decently enjoying myself watching this now, so I'll see it through till the end.

>> No.24765537


this is it. a true exit level anime.

>> No.24765538

Wtf is this reply, i cant even

>> No.24765549

man 電車男 was a good drama

>> No.24765571

really? lol, that's a shame

>> No.24765578

sounds like self-insert bait for lonely losers

>> No.24765581

*furiously writes something on a txt file*

>> No.24765587

don't even remember how that transition happens. goes to show how generic his arc is.

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as for erwin, i guess u skipped this part

>> No.24765600

>be scared lil pussy boi
>no longer scared lil pussy boi
wow armins arc was fantastic

>> No.24765603

has steve ever made any good videos?

>> No.24765612

soon my brother, soon...

>> No.24765613

he is still a scared lil pussy boi but with the determination to act

>> No.24765618

holy shit

>> No.24765622

this is why romance is like 1000x better than those tropes

>> No.24765626

no. it's not critiquing anything it's just declaring that nothing happens until chimera ant which is patently false and he's complaining that the exposition about nen is boring but appreciate nen exposition because i hate how powers and fights feel completely arbitrary in most other shounen. i never said anything about hxh being a deconstruction. he's right about gon's naive optimism and the contrast between his and killua's mindsets though.

>> No.24765629

fuck who would want to self insert as that guy tho
they did a good job at portraying him as 'a failure who needed to change'

>> No.24765631

wow what a fantastic "arc"

>> No.24765639

isnt ur nen ability just whatever u want or something arbitrary like that lol i cant remember its been a long time since i watched it

>> No.24765640

there's a limited range of possible personalities and actions a character can have. the point is armin isn't one dimensional

>> No.24765644

you are all so fucking stupid

>> No.24765646

ah it's one of those hxh threads i love those

>> No.24765657

what the fuck is in hxh that we haven't seen everywhere else? hxh is more generic than fairy tail. we don't even aot's character the overall story when it comes to the politics already shits upon hxh by itself

>> No.24765659

then it would be like 20 good episodes and then back to being boring again

>> No.24765660

well said

>> No.24765664

where do you retards come from

>> No.24765670

yea it's still ultimately arbitrary but it has to be in order to get the kinds of powers we see. it's still better defined than its peers

>> No.24765684

jojo's power system is undoubtedly better and a lot more interesting than nen

>> No.24765690

never watched it but fate zero probably did it better.

>> No.24765702

jojo stands are just a downgrade of nen. what'll determine which one you prefer is how the fights are written.

>> No.24765707

i don't enjoy hxh but no
nasu can't write for shit and even urobuchi couldn't do anything about it

>> No.24765708

the background of aot alone already shits on hxh. the world by itself is already way above anything that dumb show called hxh can offer

>> No.24765713

hxh is too inconsistent to be higher than 7.5/10

>> No.24765717

transcendental highs > consistently "good"

>> No.24765726

>jojo stands are just a downgrade of nen
>what'll determine which one you prefer is how the fights are written
and most(not all) jojo fights are better

>> No.24765733
File: 148 KB, 1110x277, 1594590797627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>transcendental highs
Please stop.

>> No.24765736

love almost all shows with power systems shits just cool simple as

>> No.24765742

its also too gay to be higher than 7.5/10

>> No.24765773

that hisoka retard alone already makes the show a 5/10
one of the cringiest characters i've even seen

>> No.24765790

hurr dude little boys my rubber nen xd

>> No.24765793

7.5/10 is a very good rating

>> No.24765810

for something like yuru yuri you could consider that an outstanding rating but for something as brilliant as hxh you can tell it's coming from a troll or some retard who likes childish shounen crap.

>> No.24765829

wonder why pretty much the only arc praised by hxhtards is the chimera ant arc
surely the whole thing would be quality, no?

>> No.24765837

you have a condition, i understand. you are autistic and monothematic about a show but let me tell you something dude hxh is generic and weak. it has nothing to offer. it is infantile and derivative

>> No.24765848

i swear 99% of the time the subhumans who use this term as a stand in for criticism have nothing to say whatsoever

>> No.24765853


>> No.24765854

the one thing i miss about living where i did during uni was that i could just scream whenever i felt enraged. now when im feeling mad i just have to endure it with no release.

>> No.24765891

come on guys anmari ijimenaide agete to hxh guy

>> No.24765896

other hxh arcs are mildly entertaining and infinitely more enjoyable than its shounen peers because of togashi's approach to characterization and plot progression (less flashback spam and contrived melodrama) but other hxh arcs don't necessarily compete with the best that the entire medium has to offer. that changes with the chimera ant arc.

i wish that were true. as much as i try to forget it i can't get it out of my head. every time i try to watch something like aot i'm so bored out of my mind and i can't help but think of hxh's best scenes. erwin's charge was so lame. like if i wanna watch something like that i'll just watch lotr.

>> No.24765903

robert what have u been doing since u quit japanese? is there more to ur life than hxh?

>> No.24765912

most likely /jp/ is full of pretty boys

>> No.24765937

based off the vocaroos yes

>> No.24765944
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How come I can read a sentence in Japanese and completely get the meaning in my brain but the second someone asks me what it means I have no idea how to turn it into English?
I hate this, my friends bully me about it all the time.

>> No.24765945

i'm ugly

>> No.24765953

go to /int/

>> No.24765970

is makimura ayaka faking it or is she just really sensitive or something

>> No.24765969

stop referring to your thoughts as "my brain"

>> No.24765985

they all fake it for the film bro

>> No.24765986

never heard of him

>> No.24765989

hxh is shallower than mitsuboshi colors
hxh is what i'd expect my a 15 year dude to come up when trying to write his own manga.
fairy tail feels original next to hxh
hxh is like when a dude writes a fanfiction but changes names and the background a little bit
hxh is that generic platform game that is suspiciously too similar to mario
hxh is that rpg created on rpgmaker by an unknown author

>> No.24766074

ty to the anon last thread who rec'd shield slut mmo anime it was a good watch

>> No.24766119

but my thoughts come from my brain. this post also is all my brain. the act of interpreting your post was also my brain. the brain is all i am

>> No.24766165

all completely backwards and wrong

>> No.24766183 [DELETED] 
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Fuck niggers and fuck nigger-lovers

>> No.24766222

Does it suck on purpose too?

>> No.24766223

t dumb shounenfag with shit taste

>> No.24766316

dolly by far. it's not even close

>> No.24766335

keiichi sigsawa really likes irony huh

>> No.24766351

don't care what a boring writer of boring stories likes

>> No.24766356

i'm watching some movie scenes here and analyzing my listening skills as an ESL and it's interesting how i don't need to put any effort. i just understand even if i don't want to

>> No.24766360
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Hm. Only an hour and a half today. I'm getting lazy

>> No.24766374
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how do i acquire a wife like this?

>> No.24766380


>> No.24766385

nothing wrong with describing your instinctive reaction to things rather than a just-so story of why you reacted in that way. cringe post btw

>> No.24766415

kidnap her like kazakhs do

>> No.24766554

hxh has interspecies romance

>> No.24766740

i got temporarily kinda tired of studying japanese. today i just watched 5 episodes of digimon and 2 of maruko without subs
2bh i'm losing motivation but i have nothing else to do so i'm sticking with it by doing this

>> No.24766750

>2bh i'm losing motivation

>> No.24766755

i don't mind watching raws as long as i understand at least one word per sentence

>> No.24766768

cuz i put a monstrous amount of effort and still suck bad on the other hand i studied another language for 4 months and i could already read a book in it

>> No.24766829

Matto-sensei says do Heisig but Dolly-sensei says no. What do, /djt/?

>> No.24766837

people here talk shit about anki but sometimes anki is what makes me get back on track after i feel like shit and skip japanese for a day or two. i'm like "well i have nothing to do let me do some reps" then the feeling of wanting to learn comes back

>> No.24766840
File: 613 KB, 1242x2208, B49C7B92-21C7-4653-9587-7C2098A8D2DC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why did abraham Lincoln make an appearance in the nichijou ln lmao based

>> No.24766843

matt recommends a very specific trimmed down version of heisig keep that in mind

>> No.24766864

True, I guess I'll stick with recognition RTK then

>> No.24766874

let me explain the purpose of rtk: to learn how to write the kanji and have the skill of knowing a kanji just like when you look at the letter K and you know it's K. that's it, you do it if you have difficulty recognizing symbols like I did
for example
感 vs 惑 | 勤 vs 働 | 氷 vs 水 | and stuff like that
偉 vs 違

>> No.24766911

do you have difficulty telling apart kanji? do some heisig or whatever, despite the fact that if you aren't retarded context alone should help
otherwise? no

>> No.24766924

rtk might seem like too much work in the beginning. it's true u'll be sacrificing some time for it but in the long term it'll let you go crazy when it comes to vocab learning. you'll look at new words and the shape will be familiar to you letting you go balls deep with ankidroning

>> No.24766960

for example: i saw this word only yesterday: 覇王
but by seeing the characters i know it's "hegemony king"
the meaning is "supreme king"
i already know how to write both characters
that's my argument for RTK

>> No.24766961

reading lets you do the same btw

>> No.24766979

the fact that you had to rely on recalling english keywords says it all
also that doesn't always work, take for example 十重二十重
also could you read the word

>> No.24766987

well, not for me. i really had trouble recognizing shit

>> No.24766991


>> No.24766999

i don't try to read in the rtk way. I look at the shape of the character first then i search in my mind if i know the japanese reading if i don't i learn the sound and meaning. next time if I fell some trouble I evoke the RTK meaning in my mind.

>> No.24767028

i don't try to recall the rtk meaning. I always try to search for the jp pronunciation first but sometimes I dont know it and see the meaning and I go "ahhh of course, it's that character" like 脚力 i didn't even think of rtk but after i saw the meaning the meaning of 脚 came back in my mind so it makes it easier to remember the meaning

>> No.24767029

okay but you said you saw the word 覇王 and used the "character meanings" to figure out the meaning of the word itself and that doesn't always work like with the example i provided
what then

>> No.24767041

thanks for clarifying

>> No.24767042

no bro, i didn't use the rtk meaning to figure it out. I looked the word up and after i saw the meaning the rtk keyword of 覇 popped back in my mind. it's "hegemony" so I can't forget the meaning after that

>> No.24767055


>> No.24767062


>> No.24767075

i just learned 覇王 by watching berserk and reading the definition provided for it in the dictionary instead of relying on rtk keywords

>> No.24767101

>感 vs 惑 | 勤 vs 働
>偉 vs 違
literally never had problem with those

>> No.24767105

i didn't rely on rtk to learn the "word" i rely on rtk to store in my mind the shape of the word and next time if I stumble upon it and it looks unfamiliar I can go like
>"hmm i've seen this before let me use rtk here
>"hegemony" "king" *my brain recalls pronunciation due to understanding what the word refers to*

>> No.24767142

it's weird too because these aren't isolated in actual media
i don't see how you'd confuse either of them when you have stuff like 感覚 and 迷惑 all the while being surrounded by different words providing additional context

>> No.24767161

the fact they aren't isolated is actually worse. many times we don't pay 100% attention cuz we see the "outline" of the word then later we meet another word and this is where the similar character gets you. you will mix the characters with another character that you just had the outline of in your mind

>> No.24767178

u guys must have spent years learning and already want to flex. I only have 8 months in and I try to learn a fuckload of words at once. try to do this without RTK. try to learn 200 words in one day as a beginner without rtk.
don't brag about it when u've been at it for a 100 years.

>> No.24767201

>hmmm i've seen these kanji before
>*checks dictionary*
>"supreme king" my brain learns and/or recalls pronunciation or will do so the next time i encounter it

>> No.24767213

ok i said 8 months but it's more like 5 seriously. 8 is the amount of time i've been pretending to learn. I started two language at once and only got serious with japanese later

>> No.24767217

wtf then you need to count the apparent 5 months it took you to do RTK as part of the time you've spent learning "hegemony" and "king"

>> No.24767238
File: 654 KB, 1008x720, 1589802716626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I only have 8 months in and I try to learn a fuckload of words at once.
>learn 200 words in one day as a beginner

>> No.24767243

actually i started japanese and another language at the same time. while I did rtk I studied another language which I did reach a good level then I went balls deep into japanese after that

>> No.24767254

what was the other language bro

>> No.24767272
File: 127 KB, 267x400, lain_is_cute_datass_small.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>learn 200 words in one day as a beginner
and then to noone's surprise you quit a few months later
take it easy bro

>> No.24767296

i didn't fucken quit. i'm still here brah
i'm about to watch some raw anime and i studied 630 anki SENTENCE cards today

>> No.24767311

look boys, no one needs RTK. I just gave my 2 cents on why it can be helpful in my case I needed it cuz i had difficulty with them symbols

>> No.24767317

that was more of a prediction than anything
take it easy

>> No.24767325

if i were to quit i would have done it months ago. I'm in too deep already

>> No.24767327

i'm feeling in the mood to rewatch abenobashi
been quite a while

>> No.24767377

>i'm about to watch some raw anime
sure bud, we all are

>> No.24767406

im watching digimon. episode 05, see u in 20 minutes

>> No.24767412


>> No.24767606


>> No.24767756
File: 63 KB, 754x721, a523c90df954c60bb327dfac20b65022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is there an easy way to divide anki decks into parts?

>> No.24767952


made an excel template for mass-editing anki decks with japanese definitions that cleanly strips instances of the headword from the definition space so you can use flipped cards for production testing. the template also contains a tutorial on how to automatically generate definitions in japanese for a set of cards, and how to get the cards into excel for editing and back into anki. the tutorial was written with friends who cant into computer in mind but it should be pretty easy to skim through

>> No.24768283
File: 1.58 MB, 1279x720, FLOWERS_bMaBGq4Tf2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24768297
File: 264 KB, 841x425, 1556770010068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

daily reminder about this language

>> No.24768312

dekido bitch *punts misa in the face*

>> No.24768419

i can't respect people that don't complete all routes and people that are negative towards misa

>> No.24768490

can't respect braindeads who value the melodrama of the early arcs of one piece over the smart aversions/subversions of the early arcs of hxh

>> No.24768500
File: 22 KB, 385x500, suichuuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wotd: 水中花

>> No.24768508

read this as suichuuhana

>> No.24768527


>> No.24768640

Am I going to drive myself crazy if I start passive listening to ペッパピッグ all day

>> No.24768658

the posting about it makes me go crazy so yea i imagine so

>> No.24768741

I wish there was some good otakushit I could get into but I'm just not motivated. What's the most addictive otakushit?

>> No.24768750

whatever you like

>> No.24768751

think i've just found a kanji that has no JIS code lel

>> No.24769194

if the goal is to be constantly entertained, you'll be dissatisfied no matter what. just pick something you're drawn to that excites you at least some of the time, and then minimize distractions. i suggest picking something that costs money because you'll care about it more.

objectively the most addictive otakushit might be gacha games or something

>> No.24769270

>just discovered japanese asmr joi
fuck, i only understand half of this it's torture. is there someway i can b-line learning words commonly used in these?

>> No.24769527




>> No.24769629


>> No.24769683


>> No.24769703

rezu = yourpost

>> No.24769801

>literal scientologist shilling matt all day on reddit
Like pottery.

>> No.24769819

which thread? i'm gonna help him

>> No.24769872


>> No.24769985

How japanese differentiate between rat and mouse?

>> No.24770034
File: 3 KB, 149x170, rat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they don't even have a wikipedia article on it lol

>> No.24770062

which sucks because i feel my 6 inch length is enough but my 4.5 inch girth just isn't

>> No.24770072
File: 564 KB, 1000x1000, LOL (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24770333

Tried vtubers and am acquiring better than with anime

>> No.24770337

create a new deck. go to the browser. select what you want and whnt "change deck"

>> No.24770353
File: 1 KB, 331x33, anki_MoDYny7InX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

long one today had 63 new words

>> No.24770508


>> No.24770549



>> No.24770560

kinda bored of japanese stuff lately

>> No.24770591

man this reboot of digimon is the most soulless thing ever

>> No.24770634


>> No.24770639

quiz why haven't you watched vinland saga yet

>> No.24770659

2.2 hours of anki...DONE

>> No.24770684

should i? doesn't look that good and i'm beginning to grow a real dislike for modern cg in anime

>> No.24770686

smashed the sole of my foot against the corner of my nightstand as i was getting up to take a piss and it bled for a solid 15 minutes

>> No.24770733

I'm thinking of replaying chrono trigger in jp

I wonder if i'm ready

>> No.24770776

so.. where do i find this so called エロゲ that お前ら talk so much about

>> No.24770792

probably not. the cg is ugly and despite being made by the renowned wit studio the animation is cheap most of the time with lots of still frames. the mc is annoying (which is kind of the point but still) and it takes until late into the show before it starts to live up to its reputation. though askeladd is a great character.

>> No.24770858

damn your standards are high af lmao, i thought the animation was fine and it had some decent fight scenes. and yes askeladd is one of the most based characters in recent years.

>> No.24770904

let's just say vinland saga isn't making my 3x3 but it's the closest anime in years

>> No.24770984


>> No.24771003

lmfao what the fuck man

howd u even find this

>> No.24771064

is anohana sad in a good way or is it just cheap emotional manipulation like most "sad" anime

>> No.24771075




>> No.24771127

what textbook should i do after genki 1 and 2?

>> No.24771154

vocab cards suck

>> No.24771171

none, just start consuming shit

>> No.24771201

kinda a bad example cause the sentence is exactly how you'd think the word would be used if u just had it on a vocab card

>> No.24771249


Why do the nips make up stupid words for every trivial thing?

>> No.24771267

sounds like a you problem

>> No.24771268
File: 15 KB, 578x448, キャプ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

have you learned nothing from us..

>> No.24771273

it's like they don't know that you're allowed to reuse words and combine them to make new meanings

>> No.24771295

could be a me problem but it is a problem shared by many

>> No.24771328

>it is a problem shared by many

>> No.24771336

how many new words a day ? i do 30 and it takes me 50 minutes a day reviews included and a 95% retention
sometimes i wonder if i should just do 50+ a day so i can get to 25k+ words quick instead of dragging it

>> No.24771353

im 澗x better than (you)

>> No.24771396



>> No.24771406


face it, vocab cards are not suitable in a lot of cases

>> No.24771463

stop trying to change the argument
you said a lot of people had the problem, and i asked where
also i add sentences to my cards and always at least skim through them so that's not a problem

>> No.24771472




>> No.24771476
File: 117 KB, 800x960, bueno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24771487


>> No.24771491

working for me lol

>> No.24771504

i dont get it

>> No.24771530

lmao what is this about ( i could read the text ez btw )

>> No.24771565


>> No.24771588




>> No.24771605

imouto are u a virgin

>> No.24771622


>> No.24771673

when you see 召す, what do you say in your mind to consider that you got it right?

>> No.24771732

word and general "feeling", i also have a few cards for words like that since there's generally a core "meaning"
also still running away from my question

>> No.24771743

your question is pointless. the fuck do you want? for me to point to a direction and say "there"? you're being annoying for no reason with that shit

>> No.24771759

>another faggot who thinks using vocab cards for words like 掛ける poses a problem to anyone who isn't retarded

>> No.24771774

you said many people, surely you can prove that, no? you wouldn't...lie for your braindead "argument"...on the internet, would you?

>> No.24771780

strange, i use anki to build that feeling. it seems that you're adding stuff that you already now to anki

>> No.24771799

do i really need to prove something as common sense as that? how does one even prove that? do you want me to post a fucking research or something? do you honestly doubt many people have trouble with vocab cards or are you just being annoying to try to win an argument? why do you think the debate even exist in the first place?

>> No.24771802
File: 53 KB, 473x800, 1594600635621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dude a ton of people have tons of problems with vocab cards! not gonna give any examples though

>> No.24771811

examples? me, i'm someone

>> No.24771816

just make your dumb cards what suits you best lol
this is such a dumb argument

>> No.24771825

make anime cards

>> No.24771837

the use of sentence cards is a problem shared by a lot of people. i changed over to vocab cards after making about 2.9k and they feel better overall

>> No.24771858

we sure did need another meaningless card type argument that has no resolution and is ultimately nothing if you've been inputting

>> No.24771898

anyone proficient here done rtk? i did the first 400 or so a few months ago when i started but it seems like an autistic waste of time

>> No.24771906

yaaa tanoshikatta ZE

>> No.24771916
File: 11 KB, 225x225, m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this man did rtk

>> No.24771922

srsly who's vinnie?

>> No.24771925

tfw had to look up takeru

>> No.24771930

matto frequently flip flops on shit so i don't think i can take his advice seriously

>> No.24771937

are you reposting from the discord

>> No.24771941

anyone watch the new matt video? tldr pls?

>> No.24771949

i'm epic in japan plz listen to me

>> No.24772164

ok, i'll try an eroge and see what happens. strictly for learning purposes

>> No.24772409

>i'm done i'm gonna go watch some anime
i wonder what percentage of people that type this actually do it it's gotta be single digits

>> No.24772416

how much time does it take to learn all the kanji in rtk? this is considering all the reviews you gotta do.

>> No.24772495

u are 芸

>> No.24772511

too much time to bother with it, it's just a beginner trap for people too scared to forget and is ultimately useless

>> No.24772545

please jamal please say something anything you haven't made a post in over a day and i'm getting worried just say anything at all dude please you can't just leave like that

>> No.24772592

we know its you stop posting cringe

>> No.24772614

no i'm just one of jamal's worried minions

>> No.24772662

but i want to be le japanese expert, eventually i will have to learn how to write each kanji.

>> No.24772678

who even talks like that, dude.

>> No.24772686

k then do it eventually and in a fraction of the time when you can already read fluently, are you brain damaged

>> No.24772763

lmao he still hurting cause of quizmaster

>> No.24772785

one of jamal's worried minions, i just said that

>> No.24772945

this is so pathetic and sad to watch that i'm starting to get depressed, jamal

>> No.24772957
File: 43 KB, 593x796, 1594804794137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24773001

he got grounded for abusing his internet time privileges

>> No.24773034

epic good posting bro

>> No.24773048
File: 2.91 MB, 847x1200, be6de9e59e6e4c43cce6758c5733632601_072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24773051
File: 144 KB, 740x526, 158178198388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24773052

what, did his mom say he could only be online 20 hours per day and he was on 24 lol

>> No.24773061

you can call me whatever you want, i'm just worried about the guy

>> No.24773096

planks will never give you a fat six pack but it's still a great exercise for the core so yeah you should do them

>> No.24773106

hello here for my daily dab on djt:



>> No.24773152

if only you spent as much effort on your japanese as you do on your dabs you'd be fluent by now

>> No.24773167

i am merciful and only dab on djt once per day despite it being deserving of much more so that's not an issue thankfully

>> No.24773307

if he keeps his current rate i give him 6 months before he recommends genki and a few years of classes

reasons you cannot understand: vocab, grammar, context
how to improve: study and immerse
please buy access to my discord on patreon and a 50$ skype call

>> No.24773391

just watched one ep of violet evergarden without subs and i understood 65~70% of the dialogue

the peppa pig + maruko + digimon combo is paying off

>> No.24773474

I "cheated" a little bit by reading the synopsis of the episode beforehand which helps with recall in the middle of the dialogue

>> No.24773494

probably gonna finish my 推理小説 and 痕 today
after this I'll try sticking to just reading one thing at a time

>> No.24773542
File: 29 KB, 691x509, 1587054290926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24773549

i have that card on anki. now i can consider that i have seen it in the wild. thank you, anon-san

>> No.24773580

lmao love signing up for the free week on a coursera course and then downloading the entire shit so i dont have to pay a dime for it pretty freakin based

>> No.24773630

congrats on downloading a shitty course i guess
seems pretty cringe have fun getting no where

>> No.24773636

i think you'd like innocent grey vns

>> No.24773647

i read so slow that jp subs actually fuck me up
what happens is this:
I see: word1 word2 word3 word4 word5 word6
and mind does focus like this
->word1 word2 word3<- word4 word5 word6

then i think too much and don't understand anything
without subs i receive the whole thing and then make a decision of what it means as a whole. sometimes it takes like 1 second and then it clicks

>> No.24773648

cant rain on my parade bitch

>> No.24773670
File: 610 KB, 1280x720, 1586288055110.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24773671

is kara no shoujo a good start? i was thinking about checking it out

>> No.24773682

why don't you go pirate rosetta stone while you're at it

>> No.24773715

whats ur issue broski im out here learning stuff and what is it you are doing

>> No.24773717

i'd recommend cartagra first but you can start with kns

>> No.24773722

wow thats rly deep bro u should do youtube videos

>> No.24773744

I didn't intend it to be deep. i'm actually sharing a weakness that i have, u gaylord

>> No.24773764

never heard of that one but it looks pretty good ty
will definitely play it at some point

>> No.24773820
File: 566 KB, 500x499, 1579750382609.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24773829

I'm working my way through the Tango N5 deck (about 5 days in, 10 new cards a day), and I'm finding the task of remembering the pronunciation of words exceedingly difficult. For most cards (80%?), after seeing the definition once, it's not too hard to remember what it means, because I did RRTK. I think if I was grading the cards 'Good' just on meaning based on the Kanji, I would only need to 'Learn' them once. So far remembering the meaning is EASY.

However, for a majority of cards of words that I don't already know from other things

That is to say, I'm failing new cards 10 or more times as I'm trying to learn them because I can not remember how they're pronounced. It's just not sticking. Memorizing random sounds (specifically for the dozens or maybe hundreds of cards that are single words, not sentences) with no context, or mnemonics or anything is proving difficult.

So what should I do?

>> No.24773866

i went through the same thing. stick with it, the more words u learn the easier it gets

>> No.24773907

just acquired 天使 by ear

>> No.24773909

just read 二本 as にっぽん

>> No.24773944

wotd 食紅

>> No.24773977
File: 109 KB, 399x435, itadakimasu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24773980

is there something better than hearing a word clearly and figuring out what it means by ear alone? my dick gets hard every time it happens

>> No.24773984

WOW! thats rly epic!
hehe LOL!
haha ur so cool :3

>> No.24773987
File: 43 KB, 699x700, 0sftgilsuw131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why yes i do have put leech threshold to 3 and suspend card. how could you tell?

>> No.24774006
File: 86 KB, 426x365, 1581436564520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24774008

i could tell cause u already made this post and got no (you)s and now ur attention-starved ass is reposting it

>> No.24774016

bet u read it wrong lmao

>> No.24774037


>> No.24774122

helping you to learn better

>> No.24774140

what's your favourite kakuyomu/syosetu novel?
I wanna read something

>> No.24774145

im too shit to read books

>> No.24774177


>> No.24774196

oh shit, that's on syosetu, pretty cool

>> No.24774227

these two are probably my favourites but theyre short

>> No.24774299

I can't comprehend descriptions of physical events that I come across in books. I understand the grammar rules in a sentence but somehow it still doesn't make sense to me.
It's not a single book it's a problem I'm having everytime I start reading. I'm thinking of reading an English translation alongside the source material but I know this is gonna slow me down and limit the books/vns I can read. Any ideas?

>> No.24774308


>> No.24774310

can't believe i downloaded an eroge
i have lost all dignity

>> No.24774320

read easier shit? it's the only thing i can think of based on krashen's theory

>> No.24774351

why does mattokun have such shiny eyes

>> No.24774353

what kind of no shit sherlock useless "advice" is this video all ytubers suck except for curedolly-chan

>> No.24774372

>not watching thousands of hours of matto videos where the only thing he ends up telling you is 'immerse more'

>> No.24774382

you must hangout here alot and long if you noticed this

>> No.24774385

i used to have this problem
the solution is to read more
you'll come across parts that are easier and that you can comprehend which will eventually lead you to understand more difficult parts

>> No.24774386

you're right. I shouldn't have skipped reading yotsuba

>> No.24774390

you posted it like a day ago lol but yes i do

>> No.24774396

gotta get them patreon bucks by stretching out "get more input" into 30 minutes

>> No.24774437

this language is fucking retarded

>> No.24774452

doo, don't underestimate the power of i+1 (in the meaning that krashen intended) after I started watching maruko-chan and digimon my listening ability has been improving significantly in a matter of a week

>> No.24774460


>> No.24774488

really retarded

>> No.24774493

wtf japanese is unpossable

>> No.24774507


>> No.24774546
File: 1.32 MB, 2304x4096, IMG_20200715_163638639~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24774557

wtf brossssss????

>> No.24774586

>watching something you can understand is bad
>watch shit you can't understand instead
>even though you can't understand this easy show it is better if you watch an even harder show that is even higher than you current level
do you have any reasoning instead of just meme words that you type with a knee jerk reacton, you drone?

>> No.24774592

should i read this or the lns? are the ln releases of web novels usually very different from the source?

>> No.24774602
File: 487 KB, 800x800, water oni chill.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24774619
File: 228 KB, 1024x893, The Commie fears the samurai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24774655

depends on the series
i read all of the arifureta wn and whenever i compared it to the ln the differences were marginal, most of it is taken word for word from the wn
on the other hand i'm currently reading death march and while the rough structure of events is the same the ln is almost entirely rewritten from the wn and has a lot of content added and changes made

>> No.24774659

did i hurt the mad dekinai krashnigger's feelings

>> No.24774703

you have no arguments, you are pathetic
in anything we set out to learn we start with the basics. instruments, martial arts, whatever.. we build up from the basics
even language as well. when we are still learning the language our parents and people around us are constantly simplifying language, correcting and explaining stuff to us. we don't start by understand anything we hear. why would language learning later in life be any different.
I want to hear your argument as for why someone should skip a level x he doesn't yet understand and jump straight to x+5. it is not reasonable, it is not efficient. do you have any arguments or is it just shitposting?

>> No.24774780
File: 1.14 MB, 1049x788, read_this_tho.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its sad in the depressing kind of way which is why i dont feel like ever rewatching it.
rent free
the retard would start seething if you told him to read something like this when he was 1 month in. but for some reason the same logic cant be applied to sound, therefore you must digest whitenoise until it clicks. he's been btfo multiple times in the past couple of threads, so just ignore him and move on.

>> No.24774811

i'm going to try out sailor i imagine it'd be pretty easy

>> No.24774840
File: 543 KB, 640x606, 1580975343502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24774865

what's that from

>> No.24774869

anti sub guy quickly climbing to the top of the djt retard totem pole, now that jamutt is gone there isnt as much stiff competition

>> No.24774881

good morning class

remember to study hard today and have fun! and also support google with your money!

>> No.24774889

theres more than one

>> No.24774927

still laughing about that lol

>> No.24774931

brb using this in every sentence

>> No.24774945

crazy how the longer jamal is gone the worse the thread gets

>> No.24774962

well their combined iq is probably that of 1 normal person so we can count them as 1 entity
stfu jamal

>> No.24774968
File: 63 KB, 278x259, 1594447817377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wonder if there's a relationship between people who struggle with reading classical english text and people who struggle to acquire japanese?

>> No.24774992

that fucking reddit post is blowing my mind. reminder to stop watching anime and instead start creating an anki deck full of sexual phrases

>> No.24775034
File: 354 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20200711-145201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my friends are coming to pick me up very soon
might just ask them if i can read the last 20 pages of my bunkobon at some point today
feeling like khatz

>> No.24775040

enjoy getting covid and killing ur loved ones fag

>> No.24775061


>> No.24775127

just acquire them with jav and eroge

>> No.24775173
File: 130 KB, 512x512, 1582444752549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

@feel bro

>> No.24775179

not really.
it seems like people who are really good at japanese are usually the ones who arent that good at reading fiction or essays in their native language

>> No.24775185

what do i get for reading this

>> No.24775199

you get to brag on djt

>> No.24775202

wtf i read the same post and now i can read all my eroge without issue... is this the power ledditors have been hiding from us?

>> No.24775271

hey tobira guy
how well can you read the screenshot posted off the albatross vn (>>24774780)?

>> No.24775288
File: 329 KB, 1804x1012, 1540872132024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24775299

new piece of thread lore

>> No.24775373
File: 360 KB, 486x433, 1583318243907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course.

>> No.24775391

wtf i love tobira guy now

>> No.24775413

read this as matama

>> No.24775482

im so much cooler than all of you its almost insane

>> No.24775488

i guess it's time to read tobira

>> No.24775490

you should take a breath once in a while while reading.

>> No.24775509

you are supposed to read those sentences in one breath

>> No.24775515

shit bro tell me about this tobira so i can use it

>> No.24775535 [DELETED] 

is tobira guy ksesef7?

>> No.24775557

so tobira guy actually knows japanese? that's it im done with djt fuck this shit

>> No.24775575

thx more evidence that tobira will destroy mia, cure dolly, ajatt, japanese from zero, and the discordfaggots all at once.

>> No.24775579

Tell me about the memorization techniques that you use for vocabulary.
I hate looking at a word, and five minutes later I already forget about it.

>> No.24775607

Anime cards

>> No.24775638

he had plenty of time to look up words and practice before posting that so i wouldn't take it too seriously, though by djt standards i'm sure it's still top tier

>> No.24775646

nuke: "it take me about 50 minutes to an hour to make 10 cards in anki"

quality over quantity ftw

>> No.24775683

you read it

>> No.24775684

if by win you mean sucking ass at japanese after 10 years than yeah sure i guess lol

>> No.24775701


>> No.24775747
File: 8 KB, 245x256, 1594402116785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24775764

nuke doesnt get animecards

>> No.24775772

is this the final stage of inputbros?

>> No.24775806

nuke is on to something
ota cards ftw

>> No.24775819

wtf nuke is a gmi now

>> No.24775831

wtf is tobiraguy quiz?

>> No.24775832


>> No.24775847


>> No.24775869


>> No.24775875

i never got it up until npw

>> No.24775902

who else would be the most hated poster

>> No.24776011

loling remembering the first time tobira guy came onto the big stage when arguing with quiz if theyre in fact the same person

>> No.24776015

i can finally understand the names of japanese doujin artists
they are kinda lame

>> No.24776092
File: 61 KB, 736x776, quiz and tobira guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24776112


>> No.24776155

i'm taking it back
yea im not buying it that both are the same guy

>> No.24776175

where are you...

>> No.24776200

jamal is actually qm too

>> No.24776207

nobody cares that you're "gone" you worthless piece of garbage

>> No.24776220

why do you think i'm jamal dude
i just miss the banchou

>> No.24776234
File: 616 KB, 1000x750, 1562772141167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jamal just put the trip back on already djt is dying without u

>> No.24776253
File: 220 KB, 588x683, 1581781983879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24776257


>> No.24776260

I'm currently using Genki 1 (second edition) and I need help with the vocab. For the previous lessons, they would give you a good amount of vocab words that have its definition, the hiragana/katakana, and it's Romaji. However in Chapter 3, the Romaji is replaced with Kanji, and they end up using a lot which seems pretty complicated. In the back of the book, they give you Kanji you could learn each chapter, but they aren't the same as the ones they give you in the vocab lists. How do I learn the Kanji presented than in this list? Or should I ignore it for now? Thanks.

>> No.24776261

feelin lost

>> No.24776367

feeling gay

>> No.24776370

lol in 50 minutes I make 100 cards
not even trolling

>> No.24776379

i'm lost in your eyes anon

>> No.24776380

to my knowledge genki introduces kanji with furigana then slowly just gives you said kanji and expects you to memorize it. if you're early in on studying you could just follow along with bunpro's free summary of the said grammar sections you're on

>> No.24776396


>> No.24776400

this quizmaster joke went too far. i don't like when memes start leaking into real life

>> No.24776411
File: 17 KB, 753x381, K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just the time to post the enhanced? clipboard inserter page that I made for personal usage. Keeps extra newlines and spaces.

>> No.24776417

>japanese minor in college
>used to be writing full papers in kanji
>lived with a japanese major lesbian who translated yuri manga on the side
>spend weekends drinking and watching downtown gaki, 80's anime
>speak to each other in japanese all the time just so we could talk privately
>never use it because language is practically irrelevant outside of my hobbies
>at best can get away watching animu only occasionally checking subtitles
>everything is isekai garbage with a million made up words anyway to still have to look

i want to go back. time takes us all.

>> No.24776431


>> No.24776443


>> No.24776451

these guys here like to flex talking about kanji being simple and easy and then i'm watching a movie by japanese for japanese people and the main characters says that the guy wouldn't go that route guys he is bad at kanji
bad at kanji
and then I come here and people flexing? come on, nature blessed me with the talent of smelling bullshit from a mile away and let me tell you something. you fucks are bluffing

>> No.24776452

what do you mean

>> No.24776453


>> No.24776471

fuck i havent done anything in japanese in weeks

>> No.24776473

if ur not learning the wanikani deck i dont know what ur doing with ur life desu

>> No.24776474

you didnt know japanese so theres nothing to lament bro

>> No.24776479

why u reposted this from the /v/ thread

>> No.24776488

s/the guy/this guy/

>> No.24776495

bad at kanji by native standards, retard

>> No.24776501

it's all true you can come on the discord which has a kanji test
the average discord user is on native kanji reading level some even know double the amount natives know (the 大公 all know at least 4000)

>> No.24776502

in that case just put on some easy anime
preferably something in your backlog

>> No.24776506

i have already finished rtk1 a long time ago anon

>> No.24776511

reading steins;gate and something got me confused
whenever suzuha starts talking to okabe about future shit there are multiple instances of him having to search his mind to match the word to kanji
is this normal

>> No.24776528

quite possibly nothing fucking dumber in this world than isolated kanji study

at least WK teaches you 6k vocab to accompany the kanji

>> No.24776535

yeah nice i'll catch up on some stuff i had saved, thanks for the gentle encouragement

>> No.24776544

don't worry i had a rtk deck and a mining deck.

>> No.24776558

>nothing fucking dumber in this world than isolated kanji study
guess japan is the dumbest fucking country in the world because guess what
and it takes 10 years
and even worse they write them multiple times
over and over again

>> No.24776566


>> No.24776579

ah yes how could i forget, japanese people grow up learning only kanji and not anything else nope. i forgot they don't learn how to say hello until they master well over 6000 kanji

>> No.24776582

they know/learn meaningful words to kanji which serve them in practical contexts and not pointless heisig memes that do nothing to help you read japanese

>> No.24776594

this is terrible bait
nip kids know japanese
u dont

>> No.24776596

>japan is the dumbest fucking country
yeah thats pretty close to the truth

>> No.24776603

wait there's no way you aren't the same person who was talking about supporting google financially

it all makes sense now

>> No.24776611

someone one give me the kanji for rice field

>> No.24776618

that's what your posts sound like to me

>> No.24776621


>> No.24776627

>supporting google financially
wtf i thought this was just a strawman joke or something

>> No.24776635


>> No.24776656


>> No.24776662

>> No.24776679

>K: 8246
holy fuck
no someone said yesterday they don't mind buying youtube premium because they're supporting google

>> No.24776690

the whole kanji study question is moot because it simply comes down to:
is it fun for you or is it not

>> No.24776711

kanji is pretty much the one thing i dont care if people are having fun with (when they're new) - isolated kanji is not going to assist you down the road if you plan on speaking or actually going to japan. which is why people say do it in conjunction with vocab so you build up a good base to then finer tune yourself later on

>> No.24776933

stfu that's a question a lot of people ask and he gets specific with the why

>> No.24776979
File: 49 KB, 538x608, themoog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mouseover dictionaries
>reading from an ebook/html page
>using OCR
all crutches

>> No.24777007

why the fuck would i do that? as a matter of fact i was raging at him

>> No.24777013

listen to this its quite nice

>> No.24777036

>if you learn how to write kanji then that's bad. trust me you'll going to be better without having that knowledge. I don't have it so you shouldn't either. everyone has to be as incapable as me and lazy as me

>> No.24777068

who are you quoting brother

>> No.24777071

nice strawman lol

>> No.24777095

who are you quoting

>> No.24777122

classic nuke

>> No.24777135

i dont even know how you get this wrong

it's literally the same fucking as the radical

>> No.24777178


>> No.24777186

feck *illiterate

>> No.24777197


>> No.24777228

well that's tragic. where are you pulling this from?

>> No.24777246

idk man why bother learning to write if you can't understand the language yet. just seems like a smart and efficient idea to learn to do that after you can read.

>> No.24777264

my ass

>> No.24777278


>> No.24777287

quiz doesn't use voice changers anymore

>> No.24777297


>> No.24777302

wait there's people here who actually practice physically writing?

>> No.24777306


>> No.24777315


>> No.24777331


>> No.24777333

when people surpass the herd in a cool way then that's cool but when they do it in a gay way then that's bad

>> No.24777348

is the capital greentext strawman guy tobira guy?

>> No.24777368

weird to think my 6 incher would be big in japan

>> No.24777392

>wasting years of your life practicing stroke order
>never end up knowing how to read or listen to nip

>> No.24777406

but muh stroke order

>> No.24777460

jamal, i know u r here and each day that i progress i know that u were trolling with the eng sub thing. even though my listening is far from perfect, i'm already started to get annoyed with what i hear and what the sub says JUST AS I EXPECTED and told you before when i said that i can't listen to anything in english with subs in my own native language because shit starts to collide.
man, i knew u were nothing but a cheap troll. lost all respect for you

>> No.24777482

my god u people are so fucking retarded that it hurts
what the fuck is stopping you from doing BOTH at the same time? oh that's right, you have no discipline, you guys are a bunch of weak pussies. I do everything u guys create a strawman for
i watch raw anime
i did rtk and mining at the same time and i read
it can be done at the same time.

>> No.24777488


>> No.24777493


>> No.24777498

id bet 100 on it

>> No.24777511

yeah thats why im only interested in asian women
so probably gonna remain virgin forever too

>> No.24777529

probably speaks better than 90% of people here but christ almighty learn how to not be monotone

>> No.24777546

tfw also 18 months in and cant string a sentence together that isnt ass

>> No.24777553

what's weak about being efficient

>> No.24777590

sounds counterproductive to tie writing in japanese to recalling english stories

>> No.24777625


>> No.24777643

>u said some thing in your mind to remind something that is bad!!!! better to not know things like me!!!!
mnemonics have been used since the dawn of times. the idea is using it in the beginning until the brain doesn't need it anymore. you won't even remember the stories after 1 month and just know how to do things
guess what
japanese people also use mnemonics, i know what a shock oh no they made up a story in their heads how silly my god what a crazy thing to do!!! :oooo

>> No.24777667

>tie writing in japanese
>recalling english
you're even more braindead than i thought

>> No.24777682

no one here is even sure what ur shitposting about because its all incoherent foaming at the mouth babbling. can you come up with a better shitpost at least this is boring to watch

>> No.24777695

wait is rtk guy antisub guy lmfao

>> No.24777704

no more posting until we figure this out

>> No.24777721

not my problem you're brainless. all you people do is parrot some retarded fucking shit like "hurr durr my mnemonics" like it's hard
what the fuck how can someone think that making up some mnemonic is hard? it's like the simplest shit ever, you vizualise something for 2 seconds then forget it forever but keep the kanji in your mind. it's the dumbest fucking complaint i've ever heard. i wonder if you guys are serious because it's so dumb

>> No.24777726

>is x guy y guy
i want to beat the living shit out of these tards

>> No.24777741

fucking called out

>> No.24777750

im the antisub guy but even i dont get what this other guy is trying to meme. he seems retarded so i assume he's one of your folk. also turn off subs you ngmi brainlet
dude what the fuck are you on about

>> No.24777752

do you guys realize that there are pros out there that memorize absurd amount of information using mnemonics and it's like nothing to them? dudes that can memorize an entire deck of cards like it's nothing

>> No.24777760

if you're not watching a season of anime a day you're not gonna make desu

>> No.24777764

if you don't know what i'm talking about why did you insert yourself in the conversation, you retard

>> No.24777765

ive memorized my anki deck of 10k words so they can suck my dick with their puny little card deck

>> No.24777768

you ever step up to me and give me any reason to think you're going to initiate violence and i'll curbstomp you into a sewer in self defense

>> No.24777793


>> No.24777825

i mean ur the guy who just started spamming a bunch of greentexts outta nowhere with no context (>>24777036), so i assume ur shitposting. all i asked is to make it a bit more interesting is all

>> No.24777854

>giving the the worst interpretation of the event to make yourself feel better about sucking
congrats you know 田 i guess, so does nuke obviously.

>> No.24777856

it was a reaction to another post. if you don't know what i'm talking about then fuck off or make an argument. stop wasting my time.

>> No.24777880

who doesn't know that? It's a fucking radical. you would expect someone who has a deck of 8k kanji to know what one of the 200 fucking radicals are

>> No.24777917

yeah and he does, like i said you're intentionally misinterpreting the situation because it makes you feel good.

maybe actually get good to feel good instead of twisting reality.

>> No.24777940
File: 131 KB, 992x1856, djt logic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is an ancient meme back from the /a/ days, can't believe it's still relevant

>> No.24777947

but he doesn't, he literally wrote the wrong thing

are you his publicist or something? why do you care so much?

>> No.24777983
File: 84 KB, 800x800, bruh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this poster is weird. can someone else step up to the plate
wait are you defending nuke after i made that rice field shitpost? i get it now lmao

>> No.24777989

if you watch that clip and the conclusion you come to is he doesn't know how to write 田 then you're just grasping at straws

congrats you finally found someone worse than you i guess, 10+ years and can't write 田, good job you are so much better

>> No.24777993

it assumes that you can't learn both at the same and the situation is actually the other way around the kanjilets are the ones always throwing their weight around and saying that people who have learned how to write are crippled

>> No.24778010

i think there's two main arguments:

1. it's useless
2. there's no reason to start off by learning to write when you can trivially do it after you're already fluent

>> No.24778012

the point is that someone studying 8k kanji and an obscene amount of vocab doesn't know what a fucking radical looks like


>> No.24778014
File: 46 KB, 562x182, huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't know what you're talking about

>> No.24778020
File: 227 KB, 587x571, 1593648187748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24778041

what do you mean he doesn't know what a radical looks like? he holds up a notebook full of kanji he wrote. he wrote the kanji 稲 which means rice plant because he was confused by the english keyword. or maybe you don't know that basic character yet? all it shows is how dumb of a method rtk is that it uses shitty english keywords to help you learn kanji

>> No.24778042


>> No.24778054
File: 32 KB, 700x525, 1575933582098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24778058

nuke was clearly confused because of, get this, the fucking english keyword
get bent rtkdrones

>> No.24778074

anyone who doesn't interpret the situation like this is just desperately trying to feel superior to someone because they just started or something

"oh hey i know 田, i can join in on this bully session"


>> No.24778098
File: 5 KB, 433x197, rtk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he should do what I do. I write a japanese word below the keyword

>> No.24778103

imagine getting this worked up over a shitpost. maybe go back to another website or something where they don't joke around


>> No.24778109

>still using english
don't you think you should prioritize learning the language before you learn a useless skill that's almost completely phased out at this point?

>> No.24778132
File: 107 KB, 440x660, 1550563995898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

busu gf wheb

>> No.24778133
File: 20 KB, 468x479, rtk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the keyword is just a trigger to remember the character, you brainlet

>> No.24778142

ほうむる oh what could that be, i need an english word to remind me lol

>> No.24778147


>> No.24778172

wow i want to fuck her

>> No.24778173

the fact i put the jp keyword means that i feel more comfortable recalling from the jp word than the english one, baka
english is not even my native language, you fool

>> No.24778187

>english is not even my native language, you fool
that's not my point, learn to draw inferences
also that just makes it even worse

>> No.24778199

wtf she has those clannad bug eyes irl

>> No.24778201

lol u guys are very gay

>> No.24778204

this place is such a waste of time and energy i'm glad i stopped coming here

>> No.24778205

we get it you still use j->e definitions, its not something to be embarrassed out, im just saying there are higher priorities like learning to read first

>> No.24778218

i did recognition rtk and only did the first 500 i am superior

>> No.24778220

>learning to read first
you say that as if i can't do both at the same time lol
it's kinda amusing to me

>> No.24778222

it makes use of already-established connections in your brain soo when you see the character, you'll be like, "that's right, flower+death+hell, i know this one!"
instead of "uhhhhhhh........yeah wtf is this lol"

>> No.24778231

my bad then, the reply chains looked similar and the first greentext came shortly after i posted the vid. to give u my 2 cents on the matter i'd just refer you to a book called decoding kanji by yaeko habein which goes really into a good method using radicals.

>> No.24778236

yeah and then

>> No.24778237

you should also learn classical chinese to fluency before you start on japanese just so you have a better foundation before you start

>> No.24778249

dood, i have already did like 10k sentence cards at this point and listened to 50 raw anime episodes

>> No.24778250

rtk statistically increases your retention and acquisition rate by 300%, lazy people wont admit it

>> No.24778257

oh no
you're actually using mnemonics
making stories with radicals
i didn't think it was that bad
if you're not at the point where writing it once or twice is good enough to remember it, you just need to get better at reading first

>> No.24778262

same mang

>> No.24778265

i don't know why my english is so shitty today

also i've read a bunch of manga chapters (youtsuba, dbz, bnha)

>> No.24778275

>dood, i have already did like 10k sentence cards at this point
damn that's a lot...
>listened to 50 raw anime episodes
that's like nothing wtf

>> No.24778287

>10k sentence cards
>50 raw anime episodes
your mind on rtgay ankidroning

>> No.24778288

wish i could make a giant brazen bull and put all of u inside

>> No.24778289

could be like that one reddit post that had 20k vocab cards but only knew 600 kanji because he was literally mining the entire dictionary sorted with morphman or something like that

>> No.24778290

true, that's nothing but i didn't count the jp subbed ones

>> No.24778297

rtk, kklc or kanjidamage?

>> No.24778300

more jp subbed of course. i started going raw recently I said 50 but i always underestimate myself, it's probably more

>> No.24778303

good, you shouldn't.

literally just download a vocab deck and stop being scared of characters

>> No.24778313

i'm learning both vocab and kanji at the same time.

>> No.24778323

yeah stop putting kanji on a pedestal

>> No.24778326

kanjidamageplus for sure

>> No.24778340

sounds gay just read lol

>> No.24778360

is this what happens when you don't keep it in mind to transition to jp dictionaries

>> No.24778365

nuke wouldn't have missed rice field if he had put
たんぼ below it

>> No.24778375

I remember that, probably motivated me to learn through immersion, I did spend some time learning to write kanji once I was intermediate level but I stopped because it was a lot of time for a skill I was unlikely to use much. Glad I didn't waste my time with RTK or similar crap

>> No.24778381
File: 473 KB, 1279x722, eSOUZbG[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he did and still got it wrong, time to rethink your cards buddy

>> No.24778386
File: 31 KB, 711x578, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hope u guys have learned something from me today

>> No.24778387

>jamutt leaves
>rtk immediately on the rise again

>> No.24778390

reached a 1100 blitz rating nice

>> No.24778391

that's cool to hear, i literally made that image like 7 years ago when the rtk retards kept spamming

>> No.24778399

i will get back to you guys when i finish rtk in 3 months k bye

>> No.24778411

meme still holds true even til today. us efficiencychads wont be held back by ngmis who want us to learn nihongo for another 5 years.

>> No.24778415

lol wtf did u ever make it? I guess not if ur still here

>> No.24778430

i actually only recently came back about a couple weeks ago, it's still pretty fun even when you're fluent

not sure how to measure fluency but i had 25k with 3500 kanji in 2015 before i deleted anki

>> No.24778442

that's too convoluted, no wonder he failed. u should keep shit simple

>> No.24778447

yeah like a vocab word and that's it or something

>> No.24778451

just read all of 坊っちゃん in one sitting. much better than 吾輩は猫である and i really liked the mc. will read kokoro next.

>> No.24778452

WK ultimate deck ver 2 boogaloo

Isolated Kanji is fucking stupid, use that deck but get rid of the card type that doesn't make you write the hirigana in

>> No.24778456

"a couple of weeks ago" you've been posting this for months lol

>> No.24778457

田 is easy but what about 鬱

>> No.24778465


>> No.24778475
File: 30 KB, 940x591, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nuke should have done it like me and he wouldn't get it wrong

>> No.24778484

i can't find it in the archive, but it might be a month or so i'm not sure, i posted a couple of old memes i had on an old hard drive when i came back if you remember that thread

>> No.24778488

So there's a bunch of recommend babies first JP VNs or Manga but what would be a good first JRPG? One that can be texthooked

>> No.24778498


>> No.24778505

pokemon is good

>> No.24778507

read 475 and be crippled

>> No.24778510
File: 228 KB, 2009x783, 303ed370dc922c78cd77f58cc29157aa6aa129e2111e987fe7be13ce49850cfe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pretty sure writing it 10 times on paper would work better than rtk

>> No.24778511

that isn't even the first time you posted one just too lazy to look for older ones. you've been posting here for months and every time you say "i haven't been here in years" it's fuckin sad

>> No.24778518

why does this piss me off so much

>> No.24778531

okay 2 months then c'mon i'm trying to look cool here stop exposing me

>> No.24778534

longer than that because i called you out the very next post at the time you have been here for like 6 months at least doing the same shit stfu

>> No.24778544

so u gonna tell us how u made it or ?

>> No.24778553

the way i remember it is like this
"かん between two trees crown + wolverine then spoon below it and the right part of 形

>> No.24778565

this looks like a fucking impossible mnemonic to remember jesus christ lmao. never looked into rtk before but man fuck that shit already

>> No.24778570

my method was pretty simple:

0. don't learn kanji individually
1. read and add vocab cards til fluent in reading
2. watch 1000 hours of idol variety shows to catch listening up to reading
3. delete anki deck after 3 years because i felt i was done with it
4. just read and listen to whatever now

>> No.24778578

rtk doesn't give you mnemonics to everything most of the book tells you to make up your own mnemonics

>> No.24778581

legend of heroes trails in the sky

>> No.24778584

this is one of the kanji i remembered best how to write because the story stuck with me. and it's been years since i did rtk and years since i wrote it.

still don't recommend rtk (at least as a beginner) because the effort isn't worth it

>> No.24778588

he didn't make it he was asking quizmaster for advice in here recently he just wants to look cool and he'll never post anything in japanese lol

>> No.24778591

>watch 1000 hours of idol variety shows to catch listening up to reading
are you me

>> No.24778599

How do I download a book from the library? When I click on it it just brings me to a page to read it on but I'd prefer to read it on my Kindle.

>> No.24778602

click on the file size

>> No.24778604

>uses j-subs
>stopped using anki 5 months ago, post from 2020
are you just searching the archive for "quit anki" or something?

>> No.24778637

doods, i've downloaded an eroge and i'm feeling bad about it

>> No.24778658

stop then

>> No.24778666

too late i'm installing it. i feel like i've sold my body for money

>> No.24778683

if we are being technical its never too late
but anyways what are you going to play btw

>> No.24778689

yeah because you're probably just lying about quitting "five years ago" since you already admitted you are just trying to seek cool online. why don't you reply to this in japanese if you want to prove me wrong

>> No.24778713

why is quizmaster pretending to be tobira guy

>> No.24778715

katawa shoujo

>> No.24778741

nigga what
>i've sold my body for money
u paid for it or something?
whats even the point
now i see why you feel bad

>> No.24778751
File: 43 KB, 469x506, AU9Y9X4[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not sure what you want me to say, here's a screenshot of the picture you linked earlier, modified shows the correct time i made it originally, the created date is when i transferred it off my old hard drive and posted it here. why are you so upset? lol

>> No.24778772

just write some stuff in japanese instead of being defensive in english haha

>> No.24778776

katawa shoujo is honorary eroge at best

>> No.24778786

is it more commonly yokuasa or yokuchou?

>> No.24778818

im upset cause you're constantly making me cringe by trying to brag in this thread about how good you are when it's pretty clear you suck ass

>> No.24778819

nope, it's in nihongo

>> No.24778836

>whats even the point
recommend me something then

>> No.24778843

ye translated into nippongo

>> No.24778849


>> No.24778853

ks was translated you dumb fuck

>> No.24778854
File: 2.82 MB, 350x584, 1583857192089.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so what is it that makes people say japanese take so long to learn?
learning kanji readings? anki can reliably and consistently teach you vocab. even a legitimate retard could find success with anki?
grammar? i doubt it. japanese grammar is extremely straightforward.
writing? nobody here gives actually gives a shit about reading me included.
so what is it? does the difficult ultimately just come down to listening ability? are people just complaining about not being able to perfectly understand all the word's nuances beyond the literal definition? what is it?

>> No.24778861

whats that other word with the same meaning as 昨日の夜

>> No.24778862

all i did was post an image that exposes how dumb rtk is, are you butthurt you wasted your time on it? lol

>> No.24778866

silence troll

>> No.24778871

paradise lost

>> No.24778887

i just want to know bro. what is the confounding variable?

>> No.24778890

chou, just remember it easily with this memonic:
one day kiki and jojo went to the bar, jojo says hey i love butterflies (chous), kiki answers omg me too, let's go catch some tomorrow morning, jojo says you mean YOKUCHOU!! kiki is amazed at jojo's epic nippongo skills and consents to have sex with him

>> No.24778893

i didn't even see the rtk shit i just saw you say you "only started coming here a few weeks" like you do every couple of months and cringed because you like to brag with your old anki pics but if you really wanted to show you've made it you'd just post something in your fluent japanese instead of stats for a program you don't even use anymore lol

>> No.24778903

sakuya or yuube

>> No.24778921

>confounding variable?
yep it's genetic and iq guy who likes to post shitty baits when he's not "wrestling people into submission"

>> No.24778924

>dude im totally fluent and shit but i've still come here multiple times while pretending the last time i was here was 5 years ago because i want validation despite nobody ever giving me any cause i havent produced a single sentence of japanese in any of the times ive come to gloat lmao

fuck off retard

>> No.24778928

idk why i forgot yuube

>> No.24778929

what takes the most time is acquiring japanese well enough to understand dialogue in the sort of shit ciaran likes

>> No.24778942

exactly. if he was good at japanese he could just write something but all he's got are anki stats and it's clear why he never writes anything in japanese when asked to

>> No.24778973

not him

>> No.24778976

i think you're confusing me with someone else bro.

yeah but what's stopping someone from loading up on anki, skimming a grammar guide, and referencing the dojg to get fluency in two years or so?

>> No.24778991

this is what you get when the children itt decide to make everyone "x guy" and act as if we're not on an anonymous imageboard

>> No.24779006

it's clearly impossible to learn japanese when even people who quit anki 5 years ago when they had 25k cards are reluctant to post in japanese because they know they can't do it well

>> No.24779008

people are so fucking bad at guessing who's who. ciaran would get called out 10 times a thread and 90% of the time it wouldn't be him

>> No.24779019

sure but outputting japanese is a whole different game than understanding it.

>> No.24779024

stfu ciaran

>> No.24779025

Japanese is so hard. It's much harder than Indonesian, which I tried to learn at school once, but I stopped because of a lack of motivation.
I bet if I used a good anki deck and got my old grammar book, I could learn Indonesian in a few months now. I was a lazy asshole back then.

>> No.24779027

think it was more like 99%

>> No.24779038

I can't even speak English properly. I know all the words, I know all the rules, but when I open my mouth, it comes out awkwardly

>> No.24779040

i hope you're not attributing every "i just dropped in to tell you guys how much you suck" post to me

do you think all the people who say "you guys suck i'm gonna go study now" are also the same person?

what's your discord name, i want to talk to you in voice.

>> No.24779052

>yeah but what's stopping someone from loading up on anki, skimming a grammar guide, and referencing the dojg to get fluency in two years or so?
the fact that u most likely wont get enough input in those two years to become fluent.

>> No.24779060

you're digging an even deeper hole here, dude, come on

>> No.24779076

>i hope you're not attributing every "i just dropped in to tell you guys how much you suck" post to me
how do you know about those dude? thought you said you only just started coming here?

>> No.24779079

the biggest problem with learning languages as an adult is that a learner will still keep on having internal monologues in their native language and will usually revert back to their strongest language to express something that they dont know how to say correctly in the language theyre learning
couple that with the fact that many people here learn japanese words as stand-ins for english words, hence why posters often use a few japanese words in sentences that are otherwise in english.
the absence of a reason to learn and use a language by itself is why nobody here has ever or will ever become fluent in japanese

>> No.24779097

thats the easiest language in the world

>> No.24779101

i don't use discord but i don't see why you want to talk to me in voice lol you can post a vocaroo if you want to show off or you can just reply if you have something to say

>> No.24779107

how do i find the motivation to learn german french and spanish? i could do all 3 in a year but i cba

>> No.24779108

but what irreplaceable thing is the input giving you that's so hard? i can't imagine that grammar is that hard to get a hang of for anyone of normal intelligence and vocab is straight forward. all i can possibly think of is listening; writing; and outputting, but if those are the the confounding skills, those seem like non issues for people who just want to read visuals novels and the like.

>> No.24779116

Classic case of projection

>> No.24779129

>tree radical
>can radical
>psychopath radical
Meaning Mnemonic
>A tree can be a tree, but it can also be a psychopath. The tree goes from being a regular tree to being a psychopath. Such mood swings are so rough. Especially when the tree slips to gloom.
Reading Mnemonic
>Then the tree switches from gloom to being super excited (these moodswings!). The super excited tree starts doing dubstep. Uts (うつ) uts uts uts uts .

>> No.24779132

dont do it
german people, filthy south americans (like me), and francophones learn nip and english because media in their native languages suck.

>> No.24779138
File: 38 KB, 284x398, download (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you have to find motivation your not going to make it in those languages
that being said this show ftw

>> No.24779141

i didnt follow the earlier posts u presumably made but u can get pretty good at reading in 2 years yea. i think you're underestimating the effort/time it takes to internalize grammar and how the language works generally though regardless

>> No.24779142

start a youtube channel and make people pay for you to do it

>> No.24779144

a feel for the language? are you braindead?

>> No.24779147

You need an actual reason to learn a language, such as having a girlfriend from there, wanting to move there, consuming media in that language, etc.

>> No.24779157

is it wrong i create mnemonic for all my vocab?

>> No.24779162

i want to insert my penis into women of said regions

>> No.24779164

>vocab is straight forward
tell that to 素直に前に言っておく guy

>> No.24779171

why would that be a bad thing? it only becomes a problem if you have to struggle to remember the mnemonic AND the actual meaning

>> No.24779179

yeah but what does a "feel for the language" actually mean. i can understand why outputting would be difficult where you're starting with nothing, but reading can't be that hard.

>> No.24779188

the "why can't you learn japanese just by memorizing shit in anki" guy is an obvious troll nobody who has actually tried to learn japanese can be confused about why it takes a long time

>> No.24779193

this post is double trash
why double
>german girls

>> No.24779197

French media aren't that bad. They're probably the third best in the world, after Anglos and Japan.
They make a lot of good art movies (that people only watch for the nudity) and cartoons.

>> No.24779216

how good are franco belgian comics

>> No.24779222

The N5 exam is actually annoying because everything is written in hiragana.

>> No.24779223

you mean the posts that happen multiple times a thread?

>> No.24779227

burgers are 1/4 german 1/4 irish 1/4 mexican 1/8 black 1/16 cherokee 1/32 finnish etc.

>> No.24779242

isn't asterix belgian? or is that tintin? anyway asterix is really good i used to have all the books as a kid

>> No.24779252

i've been consuming for 2.5 months and it's seems extremely straight forward.
>see a word i don't know
>mine it
>see a grammar piece i don't know
>study it
if i know all the words in grammar i'm always able to track it, as it's being spoken (with subs of course). regardless of the anime difficulty, this rule stays consistent. maybe anime is too easy.

>> No.24779260

go make an account

we can do it on a public discord so everyone in this thread can listen in

this is your perfect chance to destroy, c'mon it will be fun

>> No.24779265

didn't you say 4 months last thread?

>> No.24779279

i don't see the point lol im not trying to prove anything except the fuck you're unwilling to post anything in japanese which as we can see ive already achieved haha

>> No.24779280

you dont know english

>> No.24779285

try reading vns if youre not gay

>> No.24779294

yabadabadooooooooooooooooooooo bitch

>> No.24779296

you're probably confusing me for someone else

>> No.24779301

I don't know English, I have acquired English

>> No.24779305

Just make a post in Japanese, dude.

>> No.24779323

It smells like bitch in here

>> No.24779330


>> No.24779333


>> No.24779339

how hard is it to write 3-4 sentences in japanese haha apparently very

>> No.24779342


>> No.24779346


>> No.24779351

he's definitely fluent in english that's for sure

>> No.24779352
File: 911 KB, 336x252, 1561816624065.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24779367

10k hours of telenovelas with eng subs

>> No.24779371

hope the soda i got earlier is cold now

>> No.24779373

That kid looks like my younger brother

>> No.24779381

how does this place get worse AFTER jamutt fucks off

>> No.24779411

i run this shit now. i drove out jamal with my posting alone and now djt belongs to ME and me alone... get used to it kid. this shit is under my control

>> No.24779417

this happens every time

>> No.24779430

this is definitely you cause you were posting the exact same shit except you said 4 months that time

>> No.24779451

it's pretty clear that all the worst posters hate jamal and avoid the thread when he's here he's like a scarecrow for uppercase retards

>> No.24779455

sometimes he leaves and the posting is pretty much exactly the same. it's just a coincidence you retard. also jamal created this culture in the first place so it's ultimately still his fault and it's good he's gone. unfortunately he'll be back

>> No.24779478

Guys, go on Google images and search for 約束
It will show people being strapped to beds. Why is that? Doesn't 約束 just mean promise?

>> No.24779479

yeah jamal's right again

>> No.24779487
File: 145 KB, 480x700, 1594727060255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jamal...where are you.....?

>> No.24779491

miss jamal

>> No.24779498

>what is chinese

>> No.24779503

mixed up the kunyomi and onyomi yet again. feel like pure shit, just wanna die

>> No.24779509

thanks this post made me lol irl

>> No.24779511

yeah i dont even really bother reading posts when jamal aint around

>> No.24779516

if you dont have your google search limited to only japanese and english results you're definitely fucked

>> No.24779536
File: 58 KB, 689x483, 2020-07-15-164521_689x483_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>54 consecutive days of anki
>avg 382 cards a day
>11800 cards in total

CORE 2000 IS 完成!!!!
What next? I'm fucking pumped

>> No.24779546
File: 12 KB, 235x236, 1594170707845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24779550
File: 389 KB, 400x225, 1573280695486.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24779551

delete the deck and acquire japanese instead

>> No.24779564

Hey that makes sense, thanks. Interesting how different the meanings are in Chinese sometimes

>> No.24779578
File: 20 KB, 348x261, QnbcZbcySo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lets be real right now if the ji 結 in this text and in the pic looks different (left radical)
that means you have chink font

>> No.24779592

it doesn't necessarily mean that. some handwritten style fonts use the 3 slash style

>> No.24779613

you learned 115 words a day? what?

>> No.24779622

honestly ddude? of course they're just going to shitpost and you might be too, rtk is only useful if you don't use retarded memeonics which is pretty gay (i mean, i want to read a kanji and know what it means i dont want to think about hurr durr the radical looks like a giraffes penis) but use it to break down the kanji into simpler kanji. this way you won't see it as scribbles and it'll be easier to memorize. you don't need to write them down but do it if it's helpful. just don't waste too much time doing rtk and do a vocab deck on the side

>> No.24779641

If you study 16 hours a day, you could easily go through the core 2k in a few days.

>> No.24779668

i could get through 2000 words in a week or so nowadays with some suffering but if i had to do it when i started not having any readings or other words in the bank as reference it would suck some donkey dick

>> No.24779681

wonder when we'll see next "guys i took a break for a months and now i have thousands of reviews should i just restart my core deck?" post

>> No.24779685

and proceed to have 90% of that disappear in a week but it's ok since you hit big number

>> No.24779686

watching anime

>> No.24779699

im doing 250 cards a day to get through the 10k deck before i need to do rlshit again

>> No.24779711

source: my ass

>> No.24779714

You only need to learn the words once, then read/watch stuff. When you read/watch stuff, you will naturally encounter those words again and it will help you memorize them. If there's a word you forget, it probably wasn't that important

>> No.24779718

you're getting slept on here dude might have to take your title >>24778451

>> No.24779724

Ok, time to cave your face in instead of telling you that I want to cave your face in.

>> No.24779726


>> No.24779773

what exactly doesn't make sense about seeing the book

>> No.24779823


>> No.24779850

Just like we say "I saw the video" when the right word would be 'watched'

>> No.24779856

Due to Corona, they're limiting the jlpt exam applicants in December to 250 in my country. I probably can't take the N4 exam.
By the time of the June exam of 2021, I should be N1 though easily.

>> No.24779894

>By the time of the June exam of 2021, I should be N1 though easily.
maybe if they study 16 hours a day and retain everything
redditors are retarded

>> No.24779904

everything about this post is stupid

>> No.24779935

lol reddit fell for this even though real japanese never write like that

Hi, I'm Japanese and I'll try my best to help you guys with learning our language!

Ask me any questions about Japanese and I'll try to answer them as much as possible!

(update: Thank you all, sincerely for the questions!!! I'm frankly fluttered by the numbers of the questions you guys ask me! I feel a sense of self-worth like I haven't felt in years.

I'm so sorry to tell you guys this but it's around 2 AM in Japan and I have schools tomorrow so I'll be off for today. I'll try answering as much questions as possible tomorrow. Hopefully you all will understand and forgive me for the delay.

Again, I sincerely apologize for the inconveniences and frustrations you all may feel by this decision of mine. See you all tomorrow!! Also please keep the questions coming!!!)
you can
study individual N4 N3 N2 and N1 decks
if you can do 6k words in a year then maybe you have a chance

>> No.24779937


>> No.24779972

it's sad to think that the numbers might be comparable despite them having probably 100x or 1000x more users

>> No.24779974

post some of ur bangers

>> No.24779989

bangers u say?

>> No.24780016

Like the saying goes, aim for the moon, and even if you don't make it, you'll be lost in space or something..

>> No.24780100

tl;dr faggot

>> No.24780110


posting this again for my friends here.


>> No.24780121

I kinda get where you are coming from...

... but I love practicing. Like, the grinding away at a task for hours and hours is super satisfying to me. Like, I'll do piano drills, language practice, and workout at the gym until I can't think or move and then do it again the next day. I think it's probably because I don't really care about the end goal; the practice is the fun part of the endeavor.

Actually, the thing that is drudgery for me is the rest periods where I have to allow myself to recuperate. I have to plan very carefully so that I don't overtrain and set myself back or hurt myself by overdoing it and losing something in a different area.

>> No.24780153 [DELETED] 
File: 1.71 MB, 1080x3528, gkycobpv7va51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24780159

僕の事忘れて (ぼくのことわすれて)

>> No.24780176

So I’ve been studying Japanese for about 3 days and have memorized Hiragana and Katakana as well as all the N5 Kanji and learned verb conjugation, particle usage, and sentence structure. But I’d like to see a checklist of skills (as well as practice) for the N5 test.

>> No.24780183

phoneposting redditfaggots out in full force

>> No.24780195

Every hobby has a part that sucks. Like going to the gym - it sucks when you can't use a piece of equipment because it's already in use.

>> No.24780203

that guy was very not based

>> No.24780215

Where can I download jp subs for airing anime?

>> No.24780239

People who act like engineers and coding or IT jobs are the only jobs that exist and pay decent come off as major incels. It just seems super common on Reddit. I was STEM but it’s super cringey to have a superiority complex because of it.

>> No.24780255

Are you ok?

>> No.24780263

watch it raw

>> No.24780270

STEM is for poorfags. Rich people study business or medicine.

>> No.24780287

by not watching airing anime

>> No.24780316

medicine is poorfag cope
no one rich would study something that takes you 10 years to start earning money plus having to work day and night

>> No.24780328

>The raw taste is a little bit strong for me, there's no other way?
but would you take me raw in your cute tight ass so I can dump my fat load and have your intestine absorb the nutrients in my semen?

>> No.24780378

cringey uppercaser incel

>> No.24780399


>> No.24780404

There's no other way to learn to listen, no, sorry.

>> No.24780414

imagine getting braces at 52 lol

>> No.24780429

now this is content i can enjoy, fuck benjou boy

>> No.24780432

that's it, if it's not on there you're fucked

>> No.24780435

finally i can learn what the を particle does, i love george trombley!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.24780442

unless said rich person is pressured by family to continue the family business / profession

>> No.24780475

just watchraw anime even if you dont understand anything, if you do it for enough time you'll learn japanese i swear

>> No.24780478

Lowercasers at it again

>> No.24780488

i only care about reading ;)

>> No.24780515

subnigs think you can only acquire from anime lol

>> No.24780520

i watch jap subbed anime but i only read them when i don't understand what they say ;)
cope rawfags

>> No.24780533

precisely ;)

>> No.24780547

lol just realized that the MIA editor addon is stolen too.

>> No.24780552

i can only imagine its nuke posting all the prosub propaganda

>> No.24780553

quiz says jp subs improve your listening

>> No.24780567

someone made the same accusation here before but said he checked the source code for both and that the mia addon seems coded from the ground up.

>> No.24780570

>a sperg said this

>> No.24780580

I can't imagine your average VN uses too many "obscure" kanji.

>> No.24780581

after 3 years of watching yeah. sure is effective lol

>> No.24780584


>> No.24780591

does it turn you on? ゴムつけるよ?

>> No.24780592

better than you for sure

>> No.24780606

we own this shit fuck off uppercasebitch

>> No.24780616

you sure
read this祠

>> No.24780620

he is full of shit.

>> No.24780622

And asking retarded questions on /djt/ in English does?

>> No.24780624


>> No.24780631

quiz is garbage kid

>> No.24780649

yall nerd tô havensex

>> No.24780650

better than you for sure

>> No.24780664

not in his lifetime will he will be better than me, or matt or even nukemarine

>> No.24780674

the defense force for ecelebs like matt and quiz is p embarassing

>> No.24780687

he reads shit regularly, attempts to speak and read out passages and does so openly, and makes posts in japanese albeit with errors which is more than you've ever done
so yeah, he's probably better than you having done this for 3 years

>> No.24780694

it's important to bring up names with proven methods to counter people who declare x and y to be bad without evidence. quiz and matt used jp subs, and though you'll deny it, all evidence points to them being better than you at japanese. so no one should take you seriously.

>> No.24780706

田 lol owned bitch

>> No.24780710


>> No.24780712

did the p*dos get banned from the discord yet

>> No.24780713

i hope qm pays u for this

>> No.24780719

I really hope you are being paid to defend pseudo-ecelebs on a 4chan general lol

>> No.24780722

thinking of joining the discord to beg quiz to come here and destroy anti subbers

>> No.24780724

all true

>> No.24780729

annnd matto is superior to him and has already btfo'd him. you got anything else to say bootlicker?
the difference being that matt doesnt currently use subs. why do you attempt to equate them when matt is far beyond quiz's level? are you really this insecure about how you learn nihongo?

>> No.24780736

can you refute a single point i made despite proclaiming your supposed superiority? no?
get bent

>> No.24780740

he got reduced to tears by matt twice, btfo by yoga in his youtube chat and reads easy japanese
rly impressive resume

>> No.24780768

how do i become quiz disciple?

>> No.24780770

simp drama cds which are all easy yes

>> No.24780773

>he got reduced to tears by matt twice
>btfo by yoga in his youtube chat
funny how that was the other way around
>reads easy japanese
also love how you guys have to deflect to ither guys because you know deep down you're inferior to him lol

>> No.24780774

who gives a shit about how well a pseudoeceleb knows jap though
i just feel cringe seeing how much you know aboit a literap who

>> No.24780776

dont make it

spend your days praising him in discord

>> No.24780777

join the discord and pass the n1 minimum to show that you're serious about learning the language. then he will give you pointers and a djt quiz posting guide

>> No.24780797

you said you were better than him
you haven't refuted a single point and had to deflect to other people who are better than him despite him being at it for half the time

>> No.24780799

>and pass the n5 minimum
sorry typo

>> No.24780800

learn 田, bully nuke, then realize studying all this shit but not using it in real life is pointless and diminishing returns is a real thing

>> No.24780804

my bad
theres a difference between the act of listening to raw material and whether he comprehended it. which is he now able to do? and do you have proof of it?

>> No.24780806

i've been seeing this a lot lately people who have literally not made it gatekeeping who can make it. what gives?

>> No.24780811

this is actually cringe dude lmao

>> No.24780819

who can make it : me
who can't make it : you

>> No.24780822

shut da fuck up you smug unaccomplished fuck

>> No.24780825


>> No.24780827

the problem with asking for proof of quiz's listening ability is that you don't have proof of your own listening ability. quiz has more proof of overall competency than you. so you lose that one. might not wanna bring that up again lol

>> No.24780829

i am better than him and there is nothing you can do it chump

>> No.24780832

another win for me

>> No.24780846

this is bullshit. i can't believe ciaran is sitting idly by and letting these anons trash quiz's reputation. sure quiz might be a piece of shit that you despise but you were rivals who at one point respected one another and spent many hours together on discord.

>> No.24780872

>fwuent in engwish

>> No.24780889

notice how anyone who dares criticize mary has not even once used themselves as an example and had to play the matt/ciaran/whoever card
fucking pathetic

>> No.24780915

wait a second is this fucking moe lol

>> No.24780929

i doubt it

>> No.24780956

it might be
moe does sentence cards i think

>> No.24780986

anime without subs is the only way you acquire sorry i dont make the rules

>> No.24780991

CARD TYPE(related to eceleb) CARD TYPE(related to eceleb) CARD TYPE(related to eceleb) CARD TYPE(related to eceleb) ECELEB ECELEB ECELEB ECELEB pausing pausing pausing subs subs subs ECELEB

>> No.24781005

>ah i see. so you admit you have no actual proof of him having any level of listening competency despite having years invested in learning.
yea but this is in the context of a discussion in which you're declaring a method (using jp subs sometimes and listening raw at other times) wrong/inefficient without evidence. i'm going to point to someone who demonstrates some level of japanese ability (quiz, matt) even if they don't demonstrate ability in a narrower category over an anon who hasn't demonstrated anything. a mathematician doesn't necessarily know how to program but i'd sooner trust a mathematician on a programming related matter over a random.

>> No.24781025

he's going to plug his fingers in hus ears and "act" retarded, you're wasting your time

>> No.24781049

>a mathematician doesn't necessarily know how to program but i'd sooner trust a mathematician on a programming related matter over a random.
and in fact this isn't even the most charitable analogy because they're still different fields. there is a more direct relationship between reading and listening ability in a language.

>> No.24781092
File: 61 KB, 782x408, VJ6chxGBe2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fushigi na power

>> No.24781098

>i'm going to point to someone who demonstrates some level of japanese ability
and i completely agree with you, but i only add the extra criteria of someone who already made the successful transition and not someone who hasn't. thats the difference between me and the other anon. because as far we see, listening ability is different enough from reading ability where using subs is needed for everyone to start with. making the transition away from them though, is another story.

>> No.24781112

howard's delusional but entertaining

>> No.24781239

i really want to know what part of our society is being powered by ntr

>> No.24781253

the jav industry

>> No.24781289

Hi all,

I was wondering if there are any foreigners here who landed their job in Japan from overseas, that's not in the teaching or IT field.

To share my current situation, I'm a US citizen who got married to my Japanese wife (who's in Japan right now) this February and was hoping to move to Japan by the end of this year (still waiting for COE though). I have an accounting degree from an accredited university, JLPT N2, and an active CPA license. As for work experience, 4 years of corporate accounting in a regional bank, and 1 year (also currently employed) of corporate accounting in US branch of one of the Japanese Megabanks (daily operating carried out in English). Seems like it is impossible for me to be transferred from the US branch to the HQ...

Seeing that a lot of people are receiving their COE now (congrats btw, those who did!), I am feeling very nervous as I haven't had any luck with the job hunt... I have been applying through LinkedIn, companys' website, Daijob website, etc.but haven't heard back from a single company. I'll probably reach out to a recruiter once I receive my COE, but is there anyone here who have successfully landed a job in Japan that is not teaching or IT engineering?

Thanks all and stay safe!

>> No.24781318

yeah he is a nutjob but some of the stuff that he says about otaku culture being about masculinity and nationalism and stuff is very true.

>> No.24781328

why would anybody want to actually live and work in japan?

>> No.24781331
File: 148 KB, 480x480, 1580077058395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

both qualities being very based

>> No.24781333

picturing an n2 trying to accounting work in japanese lmao

>> No.24781344

it's literally impossible for a third worlder to get a job in japan lol
you can be fluent in japanese but ok every japanese is fluent in japanese
you are not american so people won't suck your dick off
and your diploma is not worth shit
i'll die in latin america

>> No.24781353

Just accept that you'll get a teaching job and keep looking for work when you're in the company or do something different

But yeah, not gonna get in without doing that

>> No.24781355
File: 2.65 MB, 2076x1492, 1594519618338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>otaku culture being about masculinity and nationalism and stuff

>> No.24781364

What is your favorite manga /DJT/?
This one is my favorite


Good for beginners too! All you need to know is some Kana

>> No.24781377

gayhou cosplay vids are the fucking best

>> No.24781381

tfw shit on america frequently online but have us citizenship through one of my parents so i can take advantage of any benefits at the same time


>> No.24781383

why are you using gaijinpot for TEFL/ALT jobs? literally just apply on the main big companies website unless you're trying to get into a specific field

>> No.24781388

otaku 'culture' primarily concerned with sexual pandering to solitary losers is actually nationalist and BAAASED lol

>> No.24781407

its my home country and i shit on it

>> No.24781410

999th post, we can do it!

>> No.24781411

i'll look into that, thanks

>> No.24781433

just thinking about it logically if u arent a native speaker it seems likely you will get a really shit teaching job where they work you like a fuckin dog for shit pay since u are missing basically the only qualification they look for generally

>> No.24781448

there's a bunch of companies that have different difficulties to get in - JET, etc. they all pay shit but you should be really using them as a way to keep moving up to a better job. this (or at least these companeis) shouldn't be a long-term thing since they rely solely on churn.
all the pay is the same even if you're fluent vs essentially fluent with an accent

although if you aren't fluent it might be hard to get a spot, some spots in super remote areas are desperate

>> No.24781457

well yea it's not like there's much to be proud of since it's just the 3rd world immigration toilet

>> No.24781478

>all the pay is the same even if you're fluent vs essentially fluent with an accent
are you talking about within the same company? i meant u might have to work for a shitty eikaiwa for example since the big companies might not hire u as a non native. ive never done the work so idk though

btw @ south america guy when i looked at jet they accept people from multiple countries but the number of spots is tiny as fuck compared to the us, not even worth applying lol

>> No.24781490

imagine going to literally live every single day in japan and having a boring, depressing teacher assistant job because you enjoyed watching anime like ghost in the shell and haruhi back when you were a teenager despite being aware that theres no female robots or espers, time travellers, and aliens in irl japan.

>> No.24781495

no all first year pay is within ~15,000 yen of each other and even the second year is slightly similar. companies usually have the pay listed on there.
whats the alternative? live in bumfuck idaho never practicing your japanese?

>> No.24781502

an easy boring job like being a human tape recorder is better than a boring job where u have to do tedious work like at an office

>> No.24781513

plenty of international people do ALT like french, etc. as long as you can speak clearly you're fine dude

>> No.24781516

as opposed to some boring bumfuck life at home? might at least experience something different

>> No.24781518

yeah but i'm a 3rd worlder, i'm sure they don't like those

>> No.24781520

>@ south america guy
im not even interested in going to japan.
i already went there once on a trip and didnt find any lolis to grope on the subway.

>> No.24781534

Just goes to show chinese is the superior language
束 is actually making sense of its own meaning there, meanwhile nips are fucking retarded

>> No.24781535

south american anon might wanna reconsider his options if he wants to work in japan. maybe work for a company that does jp -> spanish translations in his country. if your reasons for learning nihongo is just to enjoy content, theres no reason or need to do anything.

oh nvm

>> No.24781538

> no female robots
false its japan

>> No.24781541

if poo in loos on youtube can vlog about being a teacher you can do it too my friend

>> No.24781549

boring bumfuck life with no friends is exactly same shitty feel regardless of whether youre in japan, mexico, india, germany, etc.

>> No.24781550

probably gonna do the alt thing in 2-3 years if my japanese is passable by then.

>> No.24781560

yeah but those other countries dont have seasons

>> No.24781582

scenery and shit is what gets me

>> No.24781584

guess so. i could try applying for JET, the only real requisites are being N1 and having a college degree, not even speaking english is necessary.
is it possible to stay there after JET or im required to go back to my country? i assume itd be easy to land a job as an english teacher if i were physically there

>> No.24781592

some people move to japan because they prefer to culture there more than here in america, and to do other kinds of jobs.

but i agree with you, being an english teacher is probably the worst reason to move over there for unless ur really into that kind of thing. which if true you probably shouldn't be browsing a place like here at all. most english teachers are temp contractor jobs too. with the added instability especially with the whole corona shit its a fucked situation to be in

>> No.24781609

theres lots of places with nice scenery, like spain, argentina, new zealand, mexico, turkey, and taiwan.
i know we're on /jp/, but you really shouldnt eliminate other countries off your list of options just because theres not an entire board here on 4chan dedicated to each one of them

>> No.24781614

what?? dude where the fuck are you getting your info from, people go to japan with literally 0 knowledge of japanese. i would suggest watching some youtube videos on this

but no if you arent given a new contract you basically have until the end of your visa to find a new gig or you gotta go

>> No.24781625

>comparing the scenery of fucking mexico to japan
is this really the hill you're going to die on?

>> No.24781627

>theres lots of places with nice scenery, like spain, argentina, new zealand, mexico, turkey, and taiwan.
and? i happened to take interest in japan
i'm not the guy who's planning to move

>> No.24781643
File: 33 KB, 640x480, 1594856883674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you should try at least googling stuff before criticizing it

>> No.24781646

I check this thread to see if it's any good and the entire thing is just no name ecelebs and whining about Japan.

>> No.24781653

honestly not even goign to bother with someone cherrypicking fucking locations in mexico and acting like it's the norm for how the average city in the country looks for someone wanting to move there. fantastic work retard いきそうだ

>> No.24781654

dunno bros i'll happily live in japan with a minimum wage job if that's possible, working in a factory or some shit while saving to buy doujinshi/ln and going to idol concerts.

>> No.24781655

>Implying anyone would move to Japan because of /jp/

>> No.24781670
File: 78 KB, 1000x1000, 1562192045975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

personally im just fine with readin, watchin, and fappin. i got no plans to move or visit japan. only learning nihongo to get the bare minimum to comprehend most content.

looks like colorado except in colorado you dont die of a heat stroke after 20 minutes of being outside + it looks like that everywhere but better

shut da fUCK UP

>> No.24781681

fucking burgers i swear
i bet he thinks mexico is 90% desert too

>> No.24781682

Make me.

>> No.24781685


>> No.24781689

argentina is 60% barren and turkey is politically unstable and not a place you want to travel to currently

>> No.24781690

nah but it is a shit hole.

>> No.24781696

japanese cities are just rows of ugly office and apartment buildings, not much better than the average city in brazil

>> No.24781700

are you going to convince people mexico is as nice of a place to move to as japan? lol???

>> No.24781709





>> No.24781710 [DELETED] 
File: 364 KB, 1452x1032, desert_time.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

google says its more tho

>> No.24781712

so uh, what's the easiest way to make anime cards? It seems like it would be super tedious

>> No.24781720

>desertification = desert
what are you doing trying to learn japanese, go back to learning english

>> No.24781728

no i am not the original guy who was responding to your posts
this is what i am responding to
nothing more nothing less

>> No.24781735

the way quiz does at as explained on that site

>> No.24781762

it's actually really easy and fast

>> No.24781765

shit some people on the japanese inspired imageboard on the otaku culture board in a general centered around acquiring japanese are interested in... going to japan?
blowing my mind here bro

>> No.24781780

going to japan ≠ living in japan

>> No.24781782

japan is only for japanese people

>> No.24781786

oh huh, never saw the guide there. Thanks

>> No.24781791

>iterally just apply on the main big companies website
Examples please?

>> No.24781797

bet the natives were saying that when we rolled in ;)

>> No.24781800
File: 168 KB, 364x349, a9109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

id go to japan just to fuck bitches and thats about it. that cool with u my bro? u ok with it? did i hurt ur feelings?

>> No.24781802

i meant to start the application through the website like JET, etc. where they list out requirements etc.

>> No.24781808


>> No.24781815

the JET stuff here is not for teaching english rather providing assistance to the local community of the people from my country that live there and help teaching them my language/japanese this is why they require N1. i'm not the guy you replied to btw

>> No.24781818


>> No.24781823

cool i guess

>> No.24781828
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, 1594361859581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sweet! thanks bro

>> No.24781830

jet is basically useless if u arent from an english speaking country tbqh

>> No.24781841

alsofor that guy this site here made a list of some dispatch companies that hire english teachers

>> No.24781846

can you imagine how much of a shithole a country would have to be in order to be the birthplace of moe culture?

>> No.24781848

yeah here in my country they send like 50 people/year through JET to fucking gifu and toyama lol

>> No.24781853
File: 19 KB, 220x325, 1594858351035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24781856

brainlet here the only thing i can read that actually feels like reading is yotsuba. even hanahira i'd say every 3rd sentence feels less like reading naturally and more like i have to decode it into english to understand. will it get easier if i keep reading yotsuba volumes (only read 2 so far) or do i have to get used to different material for it to click

>> No.24781864

try reading more h manga

>> No.24781875

it's not gonna click for another 1000 hours buddy hate to break it to you. you will improve though so dont fret but it will also take a few months before u can tell up from down more or less. the only criteria u should use for what to read is whats the most likely to keep you from rage quitting lol

if you are able to stick to something cause it's easier or cause its engaging is up to you, later on the latter will be the only important thing but not at the start

>> No.24781881

should i watch dr stone? i watched the first episode when it aired and dropped it cause the mcs stupid hair pissed me off

>> No.24781889

it's garbage like everything else watch vinland saga

>> No.24781892

theres a reason why shounenshit is called shounen"shit"
most of it aint good

>> No.24781895

just keep going, you're at the perfect sweet spot of where you wanna be. typically you want to stay in that level of readability until it all makes sense before moving up. but you gmi if you stay consistent and do material you are interested in as you get better.

also everything this anon said is good >>24781875

>> No.24781897

Why is it that some of the japanese comments I read on some places online they use "wai"as their pronoun of choice?

>> No.24781908


>> No.24781915

wtf rozen maiden sounds exactly like gosick

>> No.24781918
File: 42 KB, 599x512, 1594859094598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because theyre little girls

>> No.24781925

ur crippled

>> No.24781926

whats gosick about?

>> No.24781930

sounds like some pretty fuckin compelling content to me, i tried reading through musumama (a vn though) but whether i understood lines was based almost 1:1 on whether it was narration or dialogue. if you have any easy recs (childrens h manga lmao) then let me hear it bro

>> No.24781933

this is deep

>> No.24781939

girl that looks like a doll becomes friends with another student that she treats like a manservant and they solve mysteries together. it's not good though. i stuck it out cause multiple people said it had a good ending but it was nothing special.

>> No.24781941

thanks i guess with that in mind i'll try to finish up yotsuba for the fun and free nihongo gains, maybe in a few weeks ill be a few inches closer to making it

>> No.24781949

for me? it's JacobSwaggedUp

>> No.24781950

arent those all mp4 english hardsubs if so gay

>> No.24781956


>> No.24781957

loli h-manga is usually pretty simple in terms of dialogue.

>> No.24781964

for me its commiesubs

>> No.24781977

idk i dont actually watch mr swagged ups stuff i just find the name hilarious

>> No.24781981

you know that actually kinda makes sense, for the same reason reading yotsuba is easy. does that mean yuri loli manga (no one has a big vocabulary) is the supreme reading material for beginners?

>> No.24781990

is english news hard for you esls? anime hasnt been hard for a while audiobooks arent too bad but the news is hard af maybe its because i rarely watch it

>> No.24781991





>> No.24782009

i cant masturbate to h-manga unless its got girls getting dongs thrusted inside of them so ive never yuri loli stuff
then again, most h-manga is pretty low in terms of structural complexity even if it may occasionally use words that beginners wouldnt be familiar with

>> No.24782018

>Checks JET section on eligibility

>As part of the general criteria, applicants must:

>(2) Be both mentally and physically healthy.

Well that might be closed off because of my fucking adhd and past depression.

>> No.24782020

there's a reason moe gave yuru yuri a 10

>> No.24782026

just dont say anything about it lol what are they gonna do

>> No.24782036

>i cant masturbate to h-manga unless its got [...] dongs
sounds like a you problem

>> No.24782041

cuz he's a faggot

>> No.24782043

autismbros forever excluded from becoming fighter planes

>> No.24782050

lmfao just read the jet subreddit the number of fucking insane loonies with every mental issue under the sun that get accepted is crazy

>> No.24782053

everyone has some meme disorder like adhd or whatever
they probably only care if you're schizophrenic or severely autistic or something

>> No.24782055


>> No.24782057

Will they even be accepting JET applications this year with the virus?

>> No.24782064
File: 635 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

beginning jamal summoning ritual...

>> No.24782067

my right arm is always colder than my left for whatever reason

>> No.24782079

left arm is closer to your heart thats why

>> No.24782083

I've seen the meme cases of adhd, but mine is definitely the real thing, I have pretty much every symptom, including lots that usually go away in adults.

Decent point maybe I can try to sort myself out before next year.

>> No.24782090
File: 77 KB, 480x640, image_57chbtb8mg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ritual complete

>> No.24782103

ok guys so how am i supposed to get extensive reading practice from h materials? i mean im assuming the idea is to jerk off while doing it (potentially making me associate studying with sexual pleasure for skyrocketing nihongo gains) but do you just keep reading awkwardly after you finish? or do you just stop after 20 minutes or some shit. i guess you could just wait out the refractory period for built in pomodoro technique, but daily? is this what the path of the coomer demands from its followers?

>> No.24782105

only if u live in the land of the free lmao get fucked shart boy

>> No.24782108


>> No.24782109

you can get a shitty meme degree from some online degree mill in something like theology if you want to and i dont think theyd have a reason to refuse to accept you

>> No.24782111





>> No.24782117

i have inattentive adhd and it's really fucking bad and neither adderall nor modafinil helped. i can't barely hold a thought together for more than 3 seconds. i feel like it's getting worse the older i get

>> No.24782118

back when i started i just read h-manga for the dialogue and plot for about an hour looking up every single word by drawing it on my tablet for about an hour regardless of how early on i finished masturbating

>> No.24782120

why would they hire him over anyone else with like a rich weeaboo with a STEM degree though

>> No.24782131
File: 19 KB, 313x313, 1578861274387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24782136

i heard higher education in a lot of european countries is more gated behind test scores or otherwise harder to get into but that it's free once you do, whereas in the US there's a lot of universities with low entry academic requirements but you have to pay

>> No.24782139

happens to me on weed

>> No.24782140


>> No.24782145




>> No.24782146

>on weed

>> No.24782147

summoning jamal...

>> No.24782156

in weed?

>> No.24782178

generally true but the only ones worth going to are the ones with the stringent requirements unless you just want to get a degree normie style. even then id just study online at a uk school since it'd take 3 years instead of 4 + the most curriculums are focused on the subject area you are going there for

>> No.24782182

i went to uni in the netherlands and they didnt give a shit about my grades and there was no admission test for any program other than psychology lol

>> No.24782189
File: 34 KB, 680x383, 1586219460236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24782200

being a good mangaka has got to be tough. you're asking for someone who not only writes well but draws well. that's two whole separate skills that for many people take a lifetime to hone.

>> No.24782219

loads of successful mangakas that arent good at either

>> No.24782221
File: 115 KB, 890x670, slap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24782222
File: 273 KB, 485x850, 59205116_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24782248
File: 1.94 MB, 482x375, 1490125869016.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24782249

you better explain this bud >>24764571

>> No.24782255


>> No.24782259

you retards are making me cringe stfu

>> No.24782264


>> No.24782284

imagine worshiping a tripfag. what happened to this place.

>> No.24782286
File: 417 KB, 680x336, 1584290857733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haters absolutely blown the fuck out

>> No.24782287
File: 125 KB, 949x660, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


now summoning quizmaster...

>> No.24782304
File: 158 KB, 734x928, low.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24782309

I'm on Meds for it called Straterra it really helps but the side effects are shit, I'm constantly tired and if I accidentally miss even one day I get a full blown migraine.

>> No.24782315


>> No.24782330

I'm in college now but I never completed secondary school, here in ireland you can apply once you turn 23 and as long as you show interest in the area, like complete some lower level courses they usually let you in.

>> No.24782331

wtf why are the posts above ja_m_ail filtered

>> No.24782338
File: 46 KB, 545x630, 1593853337243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24782340

welcome back
you were on hater-kun's mind the entire time he accused every second post of being one of yours

>> No.24782348

dude j*m-l's back

>> No.24782354



>> No.24782376
File: 138 KB, 540x304, 1585129168672-0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I'm done here. This is the response a tripfag, this tripfag specifically, gets on announcing his return? Fuck you.

>> No.24782381

lol @ tobira guy

>> No.24782394

how many times are u gonna be done lol

>> No.24782424

jamal resurrected and already rekt tobira guy within 2.6 seconds holy shit

>> No.24782425
File: 378 KB, 1920x1080, 1583659301457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get fucked

>> No.24782426
File: 622 KB, 1000x1107, 1593374061320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

crawl back to your discord and never come back.

>> No.24782427

the discord is filled with way more relevant discussion than djt though

>> No.24782477


bamal spam script

>> No.24782512


>> No.24782552


>script kiddy

>> No.24782555

gonna rewatch that shitty advent children movie to mine it

>> No.24782559

what if we all just used trips

>> No.24782573

no thanks

>> No.24782576

so discord?

>> No.24782600

i put a trip on as a joke in 2015 in this thread and got instantly banned

things have changed quite a bit

>> No.24782607

what if we could also send each other private messages and upvote our favorite comments

>> No.24782617

what if we just went to discord instead of using an imageboard with captcha and cooldown as a chatroom
much more practical

>> No.24782630

ok i got my trip on who is next?

>> No.24782682

what's a good intermediate anime?

>> No.24782704

Boku no pico.

>> No.24782710

why don't you try it and find out

>> No.24782720

thanks i'll check it out

you could argue the same for english subs

>> No.24782731

i already told him that this is the case for me, he doesnt care if he's wrong or right no point in responding to him

>> No.24782735

like 20% maybe.

>> No.24782738

*95% reading comprehension
fixed that for you :)

>> No.24782753

it's really pathetic how certain people here feel the need to make a persona for themselves by incessantly shitposting about the same nonsense. do you really need attention that bad? bizarre.

>> No.24782762

>do you honestly believe he suddenly wouldn't understand anything at all once he turned the subs off
ESL here
i can understand everything with subs on, now turning them off, really depends on the accent and how clear the audio is. for example, some TV shows are impossible to watch without subs. listening for me took much more time to develop than writing

>> No.24782767

bro thanks to you im famous. thanks for all those free (you)s the past couple of threads its been epic

>> No.24782769

cuz i already know japanese i can't go back and forget it and try it out you know
also not an argument i rest my case

>you could argue the same for english subs
you could but it depends on the person i think english subs can only work their magic if you actually pay attention to the spoken japanese and not just read the text
i mean some of these mal nerds have watched multiple thousands of eps english subbed and are still eops

>> No.24782771

is there any other show as easy yet enjoyable as cardcaptor sakura?

>> No.24782775

i genuinely have some mental illness that compels me to post about the same thing out of anger but i try to keep it in check. the fact that you become recognizable is unfortunate and something i'd rather avoid.

>> No.24782776

i dont give (you)s to attention seekers as a rule generally unless its a funny post

>> No.24782786

also im talking about english
you guys are subestimating how difficult listening is
you really need to practice with no subs if you want to get good at it.

>> No.24782787
File: 353 KB, 1438x680, 1581781983850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24782790

wish there was a serpentza type figure for japan. that nobita guy kinda does something vaguely similar but it's not quite it.

>> No.24782799


>> No.24782803

even if it was only 10% it would invalidate the argument

>> No.24782814

notice how the antisub gang always has to strawman people saying jp subs help listening into not needing to do raw listening to get good at it lol

>> No.24782815

wish i could filter people who post 3dpd pics

>> No.24782822

i dont really use subs but think there fine

>> No.24782827

yeah though i think in this case the esl was just unable to understand the argument

>> No.24782856

i alternate between using jp subs (if available) and eng subs (when not available) because i cant understand spoken japanese for the most part
id really wanna be able to watch anime raw some day though

>> No.24782868

English subs on english video is how I learned english listening, explain to me how the same method wouldn't work for japanese

>> No.24782874

the fact that subfags response is always some dumb shit like "you probably just can't read kanji" shows how new they are

the "i wish everything was kanji it's so easy" phase is like a first year thing

then you begin to wonder why you can't understand an episode of anime when you know all these words

you desperately try to cling to the kanji in the subs as a coping mechanism with the reality you're still at the beginning of the journey

>> No.24782912
File: 24 KB, 572x360, 1575262025130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24782918

i really like aimers music

>> No.24782967

you already lost the argument bro stop posting

>> No.24782975

what english videos did you initially watch and how long did it take you to reach your current level? and are there any english materials that you currently still can't understand?

those are the questions this discussion is primarily about. the point is to not get bedridden with subs, wasting thousands of hours that could've been better spent practicing listening. to eventually move beyond subs to basic listening comprehension. so far the only known individual who accomplished this is matto + anyone who is actually good (and not quiz who hasn't done this yet).

>> No.24782992

no thats not what the discussion is about, its about the stupid retard claiming jp subs dont help listening at all

>> No.24782993

oh no all those 2000+ hour jp sub dependents there's an epidemic i tell you!

>> No.24783000

>what is hyperbole
the argument is they are by far less efficient for listening

>> No.24783008

if that were the argument nobody would be arguing against you you dishonest prick

>> No.24783013

imagine learning nihongo for 3 years to only not comprehend any speech then coming to /djt/ to convince others to take as long as you because everyone should be as bad as you

>> No.24783017

ok thats enough strawmans for one day good night

>> No.24783027

wait did you just admit defeat? you agree, there is no argument? was it really that easy?

>> No.24783057

anti jsub guy i beat you last thread or earlier this thread i forget which but the topic is done. it's over. my djt winning streak continues

>> No.24783060

you need to do raw listening to reach a high level of listening. this is obvious. jp subbed anime also helps with listening but doing just that wont get you to a high level. this is also obvious. but you wouldnt be able to satisfy your need for attention if you just took a reasonable position on this so you have to make it a false dichotomy and be dishonest all the time. it's really sad and pathetic and to top it off you most likely dont even know japanese.

>> No.24783081

been enjoying falling asleep to guts theme on loop

>> No.24783092

just take the L and bring it back to quiz already this is getting embarrassing to watch lmao

>> No.24783108

let me help you out:

in fact, you're even employing hyperbole in your posts yourself:
>nobody would be arguing against you
>dishonest all the time

surely you don't mean these statements literally, right?

imagine if someone said "you're not going to learn japanese through rosetta stone" would you have interpreted that literally too? i think you're the one being dishonest here

>> No.24783109
File: 98 KB, 640x830, 1592096558514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24783116

next thread #2474

>>24764209 (OP)
Current thread: #2473

Previous threads:
>>24754166 #2472
>>24733152 #2471
>>24712583 #2470

>> No.24783129

i would like to thank you all so very much for presenting me dolly-sensei

>> No.24783175

All sorts of videos: movies, conferences, internet shitposts, anything that interests me to some degree
You can do both things, watch the video without subs first, gauge your own comprehension of it, maybe take some notes too, and then do it with subs to fill in the blanks
>the point is to not get bedridden with subs
Yes I agree
>wasting thousands of hours that could've been better spent practicing listening
There are many ways to learn. Anything that makes you understand a new word or rule of grammar is measurable progress. There's a sweet spot of course, if you make things too easy for yourself, you won't make much progress because you won't learn anything new, and if you tackle something too difficult, it's going to take you way too long to go through it between looking up all the concepts you are unaware of, and at that point all you're doing is reading a dictionary and a grammar book.
A lot of you seem to be afraid of going too slowly and treat it as some sort of race. Honestly I don't know what your objectives are in regard of this language, but if we're talking about efficiency, maybe you should also gauge how much time is being wasted on trying to be efficient and telling other people how to be efficient. I'm learning for learning's sake, because I find languages inherently fun to study, and in the same manner I have no rush to get anywhere in particular. All I care is that I make some progress every day, and I measure said it against myself from one day ago, one month ago or whatever, and nobody else. I don't come here very often either, but I found out about anki, the grammar guides and so on from here a while ago, so that makes it a good resource to me. If we're talking efficience, 30 minutes spent here are 30 minutes that could've been spent studying.

>> No.24783242

uh oh you said the word so anything else in your post is invalid

>> No.24783254

just give up honestly

>> No.24783271

it's like saying kanji look like scribbles so i'll just use romaji for a bit until i get good

>> No.24783287

do an hour (or more if u can) of digimon 1999 raw per day in addition to ur subbed stuff. its very easy and light on story so it doesnt matter if u miss a bunch of stuff.

>> No.24783309

i can't believe that a 95 percent reading comprehension is considered good. fuck this

>> No.24783335

why do some people claim 萌芽 cinema is good?

>> No.24783351

gonna imbue my cards with fushigi na power
from now on i will record me saying the words and sentences and use those instead

>> No.24783363

I don't even understand what you're even trying to say here, I mean by frogposts you mean pepe? But I don't see any in the post I quoted or anywhere in this thread. Anyway, I tried to give a serious answer but I should've expected as much seeing the attitude of the posters in this thread.

>> No.24783368
File: 922 KB, 829x947, 1585439658817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


DJTは 衰退しました

>> No.24783374

except you don't learn kanji but opening a book and scanning your eyes over the text, not understanding a thing. no, instead you grind anki and cheat by looking things up. i don't understand how that cheating is any better than cheating by using native subs. japanese subs help you understand the audio and help you parse the sounds and separate the vocab from the grammar

>> No.24783417

does anyone here understand the light novels?

>> No.24783442

>japanese subs help you understand the audio and help you parse the sounds and separate the vocab from the grammar

this is literally the exact opposite of what it does actually

it gives you the words and grammar, and you can understand them very easily, sure, but you're not getting that from the audio, you're getting that from the subs. it's not helping you to be able to actually hear the dialogue, just understand it.

look up studies on effective methods of studying, they all come back with active recall. subs go completely against this.

>> No.24783461

>, and you can understand them very easily, sure, but you're not getting that from the audio, you're getting that from the subs.
considering that i'm far better at listening with subs than i am with reading manga of a similar and easy level i'd imagine it's both

>> No.24783496

pretty much what made me start learning japanese

in a few years i totally will

>> No.24783503

reminder to only listen to matt because no one else especially from this thread except ciaran made it

>> No.24783525

no he doesn't

>> No.24783557

he's changed his mind on stuff but idk where you get the "every few months" from. or the flipflopping because flipflopping to me implies a switch from and back to a position in a short period of time which i've also not seen evidence of.

>> No.24783572

how should i know

>> No.24783579
File: 27 KB, 720x776, Cursed_earworm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.24783589

because he has no friends and isnt entertained enough by japanese media to avoid this place

>> No.24783620
File: 86 KB, 1069x596, blank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24783658
File: 182 KB, 1693x700, adorable lovecraftian horror.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is your brain on light novels

>> No.24783697

matt has a beard and makes videos with special fx so ill believe him

>> No.24783706
File: 1.72 MB, 849x1200, 2a1a79bf0dfe79ef091e1d56b913b937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.24783770

ciaran probably does that sort of stuff (praising matt, jamal, and other learners whove been at it for a while) for the sake of seeming more humble
otherwise he might come off as arrogant

>> No.24783778

ciaran bragged about having a big fat dick for a manlet so i'm not sure about that.

>> No.24783782

that's usually what the best do

>> No.24783793

thats more like him contributing to a cartoonish stereotype

>> No.24783809

let's be reasonable here. we can't take statements from ciaran about his beliefs as evidence of him believing the opposite. we need to take him at his word unless given good reasons not to. when he says matt is probably better, i believe him. ciaran is a proven communist and racist but he's not trying to manipulate us.

>> No.24783825

so do you believe him when he says jamal is better than him
fuck off fgt

>> No.24783828

lets not mix up political beliefs with japanese ability here

>> No.24783849

don't know when ciaran's political beliefs became relevant to the conversation but you retards will look for any excuse to pull this shit

>> No.24783872

it was to demonstrate that you can recognize his severe character flaws without completely dehumanizing him as a complete liar. drop it or you're a hypocrite. you'd better drop it. right now.

>> No.24783882

uh huh, sure thing

>> No.24783885

i hate the word "immerse"

>> No.24783951
File: 12 KB, 527x375, main.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.24783955

funnily enough one of the richest people ive ever met was my japanese friend who was a trainee doctor whose family was doctors back since meiji and owned one of the biggest hospitals in japan. they were def worth hundreds of millions

>> No.24783964
File: 43 KB, 530x805, 1591121741340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm done, i just can't do it
moving on to greener pastures
i'll probably never touch a language again

>> No.24783966

what the fuck do i do once i've realized that evil rules the world? how do i cope knowing this?

>> No.24783975

can you link some of your other posts so i know where to be happy or not

>> No.24783983

you get over it and use it to your advantage as much as possible because you can't change a thing

>> No.24784050
File: 210 KB, 660x523, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you, yes you, should play an rpg maker game

>> No.24784062

Who are you talking to Anon? Are you ok? Having a seizure?

>> No.24784064

gonna rewatch kazemakase tsukikage ran and darkstalkers

>> No.24784099

I already played melty quest and it's terrible.

>> No.24784100

the fuck does も after から mean

>> No.24784107

you should play some other ones that you might like more than i recommend ドグマの箱庭 and everything after it (only if ur ok with "scary, violent, edgy, adn depressing" material)

>> No.24784126

But I'm a coomer. That's why I'm doing
And looking for my coomer bait ln in raw epub format.

>> No.24784140
File: 100 KB, 300x293, 1588265167325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

brother in coom

>> No.24784164

Does something like voiced pdfs exist for android?

>> No.24784180

Typhon. Android app that reads epub files with voice to text. Don't think it works on PDF though.

>> No.24784223

i really love you quiz

>> No.24784225

get the fuck off your cell phone and get back in your room punk.

>> No.24784252

wotd: 猋

>> No.24784257

i'm sorry, did you think this thread was about learning japanese? think again

>> No.24784258



>> No.24784273

im not quiz wtf nice reading comprehension boys

>> No.24784289


>> No.24784321

>150 words
>50% comprehension
nani the fuck

>> No.24784322

never said you were quiz. you were posting from a new ip so i figured you were now on mobile

>> No.24784349

the sentence is 2 posts above

>> No.24784357

okay well in that case it means "even" as in "even after dying" next time be more clear!

>> No.24784358

i really like this phonetic pair

>> No.24784374

well im in my room i always check djt on my phone when i wake up because im too lazy to get out of bed immediately

>> No.24784407

summoning mary...

>> No.24784419


>> No.24784420

stream your practice so I don't have to watch nukemarine

>> No.24784446

thread is so much better without jamal

>> No.24784500

what's up

>> No.24784510



>> No.24784516

been waiting to be unbanned so i could type lol to this

>> No.24784529


>> No.24784558

just cried again rewatching the last episode of vinland saga

>> No.24784587


>> No.24784586


>> No.24784595

Hiragana and katakana seem to have all the same sounds. Is katakana just to let you know the word is foreign?

It seems you could adapt a word just as easily with either hiragana or katakana so I do understand the purpose.

I'm just learning the alphabet right now

>> No.24784604

Hello. I started learning Japanese around 6 months ago but i still don’t really know anything. This whole time, I have learned from watching YouTube, reading, and writing. However, I see many YouTube videos say that you must start speaking with people as soon as possible when learning a language. Is this true? Should I actually try speaking with someone now? Even though I know hardly anything..? I feel like the conversation won’t last longer than a minute. If I don’t have the money to afford classes, what do I do? Can someone please give me advice xP Thanks

>> No.24784610

best part of the show is this music

>> No.24784701 [DELETED] 

Sōseki's original title, 吾輩は猫である uses very high-register phrasing more appropriate to a nobleman, conveying a grandiloquence and self-importance intended to sound ironic, since the speaker, an anthropomorphised domestic cat, is a house cat, not feral.

wow i didn't know asians could into irony

>> No.24784825


>> No.24784850

how many immersion points do i get for watching a fat fuck yell at his phone? https://www.twitch.tv/dmf_kyouchan

>> No.24784877
File: 2 KB, 321x124, anki_LEbp2ZQsKS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the neverending struggle continues

>> No.24784897

he speaks like an aime characetrr

>> No.24784949

katakana is like using italics or bold text, but for loanwords. and as a mental distinction for nips to add emphasis to certain words. its used often because it makes it easy to make those loanwords pop out from hiragana, and because nihongo has a lot of loanwords due to its rapid industrialization post ww2, its on everything you read. hope that explains it

>> No.24784952

tkyosam is way better than this guy https://clips.twitch.tv/ImportantProductiveMooseArgieB8

>> No.24784966

that was a reddit post but it's nice to see you trying to be helpful regardless.

>> No.24784999

thats just michael practicing for when he starts his language learning channel probably, he doesnt mind

>> No.24785051

accidentally just briefly read 勝手に as しょうてに ama

>> No.24785064

dood, we are foreigners. we are allowed to do anything we like with the language and people will find it amusing

>> No.24785085
File: 3 KB, 135x246, 1591732813303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

should i tell them?

>> No.24785106


yes..... tell me more baby

>> No.24785120

this post made me realize how much im not attracted to women bitch looks like an alien

>> No.24785156

incredible. simply incredible. don't see how other shounen can even compete

>> No.24785206

so is cure dolly really a tranny

>> No.24785242

the tranny stigma for me comes from how obnoxious and/or disgusting almost all of them are and not for the fact that they are trannies, so if one came along that actually has so many interesting things to say and good info about a topic then it'd be hard for me to care
that said in this case i don't fucking know and i don't think it really matters

>> No.24785258

don't really care about the reviews just don't enjoy consistently finding 50 new words in a day considering i already know 30k+ but that's what i get for reading meiji era novels

>> No.24785259

well the thing is that the voice is just annoying, i cant tell whether its on purpose orl if it belongs to male or female.

>> No.24785327
File: 47 KB, 1280x724, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24785338

voice modification could is very plausible, and i'm not sure about text to voice generation but last i checked its modulation and enunciation is not as nuanced as what you see in dolly's vids
so supposing voice modification, it doesn't have to be about sexual identity, for one i could see myself trying to make a cute 2d female persona because it's more likely to attract viewers especially for something as learning japanese, and more viewers are a good thing, on the other hand she could really be a girl who just wants to keep her identity as concealed as possible, and let's be fair, when you're female on the internet being able to fully separate your online identity with your real one is a very useful thing. also this is super anecdotal, but i think i've seen maybe one male language teacher in my life, i can't really gauge if dolly is one but at least she seems to have a knack for teaching at least

>> No.24785376




>> No.24785493
File: 72 KB, 299x1194, 150 most frequently used words on japanese wikipedia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

particles alone get you to 30% comprehension

>> No.24785510

i sometimes don't get the hiniku even at 3.5 years

>> No.24785569

wtf why?

>> No.24785618

nani do you mean it makes sense

>> No.24785663
File: 30 KB, 350x491, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't believe that ask a lad died before the main character could kill him

>> No.24785678

.nsp when

>> No.24785690

try making conversations in your head, see where you stumble, look it up.

>> No.24785692

rewatching naruto and wanted to shoot myself so i stopped rewatching naruto

>> No.24785863

never watched naruto

>> No.24785957

delete this spoilers aren't cool and it's a rare example of a pretty good story in anime

>> No.24785968

this word always fucks me up. i imagine adult-like but it actually means quiet or obedient

>> No.24785985

>error: you cannot delete a post this old
sorry, i tried but it is too late

>> No.24785992

now i'm literally shaking with rage and i don't know where to channel it

>> No.24786048




>> No.24786065

guys i'm having glimpses of fluency. i'm rewatching one piece and i'm hearing complete sentences

>> No.24786077

>i'm rewatching one piece

>> No.24786113

think japanese adult

>> No.24786225
File: 95 KB, 742x348, 1587323223796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch this

>> No.24786409


>> No.24786429

me except its naruto and im already fluent

>> No.24786431
File: 46 KB, 2064x132, 20932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24786451

wtf, the booze is destroying my brain. i see a (you) but i don't even remember writing that post

>> No.24786462

never had any issues with this cause i realise what acting like an adult entails

>> No.24786473
File: 21 KB, 427x547, fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24786569

being an adult entails acting like a slave without any freedom?

>> No.24786736

booze is strange
u r feeling good, everything feels right and good then out of nowhere a heavy drunkeness falls upon you without any mercy

>> No.24786740


i finally made it on nuke's stream.

>> No.24786754

>the one on jp used to be better
he's not wrong

>> No.24786956

so u learn japanese to do the same stuff u were doing before but in japanese and then realise youre still a jobless neet and then get depressed again right

>> No.24786972

alternatively you could learn japanese and then stop being a neet or find some other epic way of making money crazy thought i know

>> No.24787010

who are you to judge what I will and won’t do? i came to the exact same realization you did a few months back and started working on non-trivial programming projects to build a portfolio. you could also just be a translator which comes with japanese but i didnt look too much into that since it’ll all be mtls most likely in a decade though

>> No.24787023

good for you then for not just returning to neetdom like some people seem to. but i dont see how the need to point out translation has no future is relevant to that

>> No.24787032

it was supposed to be a subtle warning for anyone considering translating eroge for a living. i would’ve put it in a separate paragraph but then i probably would’ve got shouted at by some tard for reddit spacing

>> No.24787038


>> No.24787043

yeah very “subtle” warning lmao. yeah you can concede that most eroge translators will have been replaced by mtls in a decades time but saying translation in general will be made redundant is delusional

>> No.24787064

sure, some people will still be hired to proofread more important things for a while but you only need to look at a calculator to see where it’s headed overall

>> No.24787073

human languages are not mathematical equations.

>> No.24787087

that wasnt the point, the point was that people didnt trust calculators so they relied on humans but as they improved they eventually replaced people. i’m saying the same thing will happen to translators

>> No.24787116

japanese changed my life

>> No.24787132

is this a dialect or just some hyper slang

>> No.24787152

sounds about right

>> No.24787160

if it doesnt show up in google assume the latter

>> No.24787167

i WISH i could go neet

>> No.24787171

right was just a bit confused since he spoke pretty formally for the most part and likes to make things needlessly wordy

>> No.24787196

hello wagie! still saying that 20 years later huh?

>> No.24787247

the increase in population and machines taking peoples jobs will lead to mass unemployment and you will be first on the list to be thrown out, as a man who has never worked in his life. neetbux are getting worse, monthly meetings are becoming mandatory... tick tock!

>> No.24787264

that’s great and all but where are you getting this information?

>> No.24787274

just look at the uk dude

>> No.24787293

just work from home

>> No.24787304

you honestly think a similar system wont be coming to you in a few years? get a grip

>> No.24787323

damn it sure does feel good to live completely subservient to someone's whims then get kicked out on your ass after you're used up and left to die
i work because i have to pay bills but quit making it look like it's desirable for everyone

>> No.24787333 [DELETED] 

i have a house and a large unused trust fund. as long as neetbux don't suddenly disappear altogether i'll be fine

>> No.24787352

>a large unused trust fund
it's not FAIR AHHH

>> No.24787375

just retire at 40 bro

>> No.24787377

what should i add to my mining deck

>> No.24787457

back in my day there was no health and safety, minimum wage, or 8 hour workday. be grateful, goyim

>> No.24787488

most people like you wouldve done a very long time ago if it were like back in the good old days. you were fortunate enough to be born in one of the better times to be alive

>> No.24787510

no i wish i was born in the good old days so i could have lived a simple life with a loli wife

>> No.24787580

enjoy living in the fields before some noble notices your wife is beautiful enough to be used as his cumdumpster concubine lol

>> No.24787693

worked for nuke. he spends all day sucking at japanese while getting paid for it now.

>> No.24787714

i meant around 1880 america when i said the good old days i cant relate to you euros fags having kings

>> No.24788111

>just move to the mountains and live off the land
wonder if there's a reasonable plan for doing this

>> No.24788115


is popotan known for anything other then the 2 ancient gifs from the opening of the girls dancing

also didnt know 免許皆伝

>> No.24788445

me too
i used to be a college student who used to read translated lns and manga. now im a neet who reads raw versions of the same sort of stuff

>> No.24788483


>> No.24788558


>> No.24788584

>watch a raw episode
>think i understand a good deal
>watch it subbed
>see just how many words i missed
convinced people here who aren't ciaran /matt level are just subconsciously filtering shit without realizing it

>> No.24788593


>> No.24788622


>> No.24788743

idk, sorry. probably its art and character designs by akio watanabe

>> No.24788864

lmfao @ nuke unabashedly ctrl+fing himself on stream
also lmao @ nuke making up some bullshit reasons as to why he doesnt play vinnies
wotd (for nuke): 食わず嫌い

>> No.24788935





>> No.24788939

sorry if this is a stupid question, haven't been into the japanese studying for too long
How do you guys deal with kanji while browsing sites and stuff? Maybe it's because I haven't changed my glasses in a while but the more busy kanji with a bunch of radicals looks unreadable to me and I feel like I have to keep getting closer to the screen to even try to make out what's in them
Do you guys make japanese bigger somehow or zoom the whole website in browser or something?

>> No.24789039

>akio watanabe
thats guys made character designs for a bunch of anime and vns
pretty impressive to see hes still getting hired to work on stuff

>> No.24789061

acquired that from bocchi

>> No.24789098
File: 68 KB, 844x164, jap wikipedia at 60 percent zoom-in.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

idk you just gotta get used to it

>> No.24789175

Change your default font to something bigger or just ctrl + mouse scroll

>> No.24789287


huh i shoulda realized he did that shit

damn hes been in the game longer than i thought

>> No.24789340

wondering if buying a windows tablet to read manga would be the least annoying way to do it since i could run kanjitomo on it. i really despise looking shit up by hand its so tedious and takes me out of reading shit.

>> No.24789398

Not funny, you nigger.

>> No.24789408

>windows tablet

>> No.24789423

whats wrong with it? you can dual run android on most of them

>> No.24789464

americans used to be ruled by a king prior to 1776

>> No.24789682

hello here for my daily dab on djt,



>> No.24789702

bet none of you can post any anime ops from the last 20 years that had a good guitar solo

>> No.24789904

what's n&ke's real name? it's gotta be johnny or harold or william mcsomething

>> No.24789993

media controlling the masses

>> No.24790082

this has to be the most comfy song/music video combo ever

>> No.24790171


>> No.24790319

in need of denpage and utsuge please

>> No.24790337

wish ghosts of tsushima wasnt only on the gaystation 4

>> No.24790381

the only utsuge i've considered "real utsuge" is swan song
read ジサツのための101の方法, さよならを教えて and planning to try 素晴らしき日々 next

>> No.24790467
File: 54 KB, 640x786, windows 98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is it really worth it listening to matt? his videos are way too long and he seems like an asshole

>> No.24790506
File: 213 KB, 800x600, 1456283691168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just finished the first chapter of Subarashiki Hibi. I'm not really sure what to think. Most of it was yuri SOL, which I don't have a problem with, but for a game that's hailed as one of the greatest and also deepest eroge of all time it left me with a bad impression. And then there are the random literary references and philosophical tangents. To me they were quite strange, out of place, and a chore to read. Just doesn't seem like there's context for anything. Also, what makes it strange in particular is half of the cast so far are cardboard cutouts (they are actual Kagami and Tsukasa clones, from Lucky Star). The finale of the first chapter was also nonsensical to me. I wonder if it would've made more sense if I read Night on the Galactic Railroad. Then again there's a whole fucking list of recommended reading for Subahibi.
I'm on the 2nd chapter now, and while it's actually kind of funny, I hope it gets better.

>> No.24790735

whats ur job

>> No.24790742
File: 49 KB, 360x380, ni hao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We're not even competing in the same competition, let alone weight group. You have fun with your sandcastles bro, all the kids are really impressed. I'm so proud of you. Keep it up winner

>> No.24790745

lol i was getting drunk yesterday too (and now)
same shit happened as you described
I was posting here all happy then boom i got too drunk and went to sleep
i'm an alcoholic
after you finish your booze a heavy depression falls upon you as well

>> No.24790785
File: 32 KB, 938x356, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how good are tatoeba sentences that are linked to jisho (just the japanese sentence not english translations)?
i have a bunch of single vocab words that i want to create sentence cards, and if the grammar sucks (i cant really tell yet) i would rather just keep them as single vocab instead of wrong grammar

>> No.24790794

yeah but i get paid to do that
rather not say but im not american

>> No.24790802
File: 25 KB, 585x164, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

guys, i'm a real alcoholic wtf
i didn't remember my own post

>> No.24790806

>rather not say
why? just give a broad field or description though i dont see why you would just say your job unless its some classified shit

>> No.24790809

great posting tobira guy

>> No.24790815

jamal is actually a midget twink. keep up with the lore

>> No.24790834

You weren't around during his bulimic eating disorder phase. Protip: It didn't help him lose weight. Maybe you should try keeping up ;^)

>> No.24790849

then he was lying about his weight like a month ago

>> No.24790857
File: 45 KB, 265x384, 1585356488409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make a few shitposts and sleep last night
>wake up
>check djt
>this thread is still alive and on page 9
lmao yall need to chill

>> No.24790869


>> No.24790874

dude wtf why do you have all this pent up bitterness directed at jamal

>> No.24790888

were we just supposed to stop posting cause some random retard left the thread?

>> No.24790909

did i anger u so much that u couldnt sleep lol

>> No.24790917
File: 153 KB, 494x492, 1585769284519.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because he's a pathetic and easy target? He's just always asking for it, don't you think?

>> No.24790926

time zones are a thing dumbfuck lol time for u to back to elementary school

>> No.24790927

did he do something to you? there qre other "targets" itt

>> No.24790937

its tobira guy just let him be

>> No.24790941

tobira guy...

>> No.24790949


>> No.24790952

fuck you janny

>> No.24790955

tobir guy proved himself more than jamal ever will with >>24775373

>> No.24790956
File: 68 KB, 522x545, 1584040827277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24791031

yeah tobira guys a faggot again

>> No.24791062
File: 45 KB, 462x604, Madoka&#039;s message.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I typed stuff, but realized pearl before swine and all that. Jamal lost his edge a long time ago, DJT is trash, and even when bored out of my mind, this place is somehow even worst for it. Good to know

>> No.24791067

why even ask. you know he can't

>> No.24791089

very simple, everything you write sounds like something a faggy sissy boy would write on his Twitter wall
is that the mood of the text? not a tiny bit, you can't actually write proper written Japanese

>> No.24791099

imagined quizzy growing out his hair like reinhard

>> No.24791130

Losing weight is far harder than Japanese. All this learning won't help make me more palatable to other people. Probably gonna end it soon.

>> No.24791134
File: 469 KB, 960x2079, helloexport1594912352869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if u get cancer u deserve it

god created cancer

>> No.24791135
File: 24 KB, 190x288, edgy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>know your fucking place trash

>> No.24791136

did he fuck your mom or something

>> No.24791204

wow hellotalks fucking gay

>> No.24791274

he is, he also made the op post

>> No.24791311

read 200 pages into こころ today. will finish it tomorrow. pretty good so far.

>> No.24791318

that's why you add the sentence, picture and audio in anime cards???
you only start speeding through reviews without reading the entire card after you've acquired the word???

>> No.24791330

ur a fking faggot bro

>> No.24791354

why are you such an annoying attention seeker lol

>> No.24791361

dude, i've tried anime cards. THEY SUCK
they suck so much that i almost stopped using anki
i got so disgusted that i fucking deleted 2000 "anime cards" and my mining deck with 4k cards all at once

>> No.24791398

bro dont call him bro, bro bc he is not a bro

>> No.24791426

this but unironically

>> No.24791436

ur fking retarded bro

dont even know the meaning of the words u spout

>> No.24791442

yea cause posting your wrist cutting pics and baiting on hellotalk isn't attention seeking

>> No.24791443

losing weight is easy. just bike a lot since its easy compared to running and burns a good amount of calories. also look into food with a good volume/satiation to calorie ratio like potatoes and chicken breast. you need to know how to cook to make it good though.

t. lost 40kg

>> No.24791449

Pilot Precise V5

>> No.24791457

retarded as fk bro

>> No.24791505

as expected

>> No.24791546

i could read out a french wikipedia article but it wouldn't prove i know french so i dunno why people think monotone vocaroos mean anything

>> No.24791590

if he spoke off the cuff it might be but just reading something doesn't prove much as my example shows

>> No.24791591


>> No.24791612

watch 10k hours of eng subbed anime, work on a boat, become early bitcoin adopter, and do some skating on the side

>> No.24791623

why didnt you respond to his argument instead of just repeating that they suck but with more words haha

>> No.24791678

feel like i should be getting some マンコ right now

>> No.24791682

do people even realize that if they had free healthcare they would have to pay more taxes lol
and then people that never need it like me would have to pay for other peoples shit genetics and lack of self care

>> No.24791684

oh, of course. I can do this all day
vocab cards strip words of all context
words in japanese tend to not map 1:1 to our languages so anything you think about it in a context deprived environment is going to be fake. only someone who already knows the word has that right
sentence cards give you the usage. there is no mistake u either understand or you don't.
the sentences on the back of """anime cards"""" might as well not even be there

sentence cards give you a lot of benefits: you get the "feeling" for the word and the word, the word tend to be followed by certain words
so even better

>> No.24791704
File: 151 KB, 1098x584, x2X6vsah0s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>context deprived
the sentences?
the audio?
also pic related

>> No.24791721

>the sentences on the back of """anime cards"""" might as well not even be there
nice job ignoring the key part once again haha you are quite the idiot

>you only start speeding through reviews without reading the entire card after you've acquired the word???

>> No.24791724

the us govt already spends more per capita on health care than any other country for worse outcomes what a shithole it is

>> No.24791739

>vocab cards strip words of all context
you're deliberately being obtuse on purpose and it's fucking pathetic

>> No.24791757

you had your chance with obama, if he didn't do it no oter president ever will

>> No.24791854

anime cards"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
are only good if you are already intermediate

>> No.24791859

since when did u think anki is "fine"
u've changed

>> No.24791863
File: 188 KB, 1021x689, 1581781983859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah jamals right about this one

>> No.24791891
File: 66 KB, 908x553, JLDoZjCDge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i thought your argument was about context supposedly not mattering with animecards
never mind the fact that pretty much everyone recommends beginners start with a core deck and animecards are essentially those
guess you have no argument as expected

>> No.24791908

shout out to all the イケボ

>> No.24791915

i've written a python script (with the help of mecab) to pull from subs all the words i've not ankidroned yet.
i then look them all up and make sentence cards from them

what do you think of that?

>> No.24791934

already made my perfect argument. if you want to suffer then go ahead
look pal, i've went through it, i've tried anime cards
they suck
you must be qm himself

>> No.24791950

doing any amount of automation/programming/not-consuming-media will decrease your chances of making it to 0.00001%

>> No.24791989

but i consume media, raw
i pull from the subs make SENTENCE cards then watch the episode right after
i try to hear the words i just mined

>> No.24792004

>vn frequency 34013
yeah. doesn't seem to get used that often

>> No.24792019

just goes to show how useless frequency lists are

>> No.24792053

>you won't absorb the sentence if you are a beginner.
doesn't this mean sentence cards are useless too then

>> No.24792058

You guys are dumb. It's always "oh reading visual novels made for 12 year olds is the best way to learn Japanese".
Have you tried, you know, talking to Japanese people? That's objectively the best way to practice a language

>> No.24792093

>vocab cards are imperfect
even though quite literally everyone recommends them for beginners in the form of a core deck despite your argument of them only being useful for intermediates? okay, love how you're flipflopping by the way
>you won't absorb the sentence if you are a beginner.
then sentence cards are just as useless, congratulations
>many words have thousand of meanings that only sentence cards can capture
most words with multiple meanings like 掛ける have a "core" meaning that can be acquired with more input
>if you slip up and then let cards accumulate you'll get FUCKED in the ass. vocab cards will punish you
that's your fault for being a fucking slob and not any fault of the cards themselves
>it's ok to relisten to something and "re-learn" when it's 20 cards
>try to to do that when it's 600 reviews
see above
get fucked kid

>> No.24792104


>> No.24792110

he's saying sentence cards are better because you can have multiple sentence cards for one word for multiple definitions, which is fucking dumb because the front of sentence cards signaling which definition to use basically means you're already getting the answer.

oh it's certainly worth knowing, but there's 34012 words that are worth knowing more. if you're reading a specific series that has it a lot frequency lists are doing nothing to stop you from mining it anyway.

>> No.24792130

>but there's 34012 words that are worth knowing more.
this is your brain on vinnies

>> No.24792140

whats the 69th and 420th most important word to know

>> No.24792153

no because it's not even a 34k frequency word in reality it's just that frequency list is based on wareyas scripts of which there's only like a 90 vns, a pitiful amount.

>> No.24792168

stop being such a いじめっ子

>> No.24792192

learn to read english and draw inferences

>> No.24792193

if theres really 34k words more common than hokora thats pretty fucked cause i've already seen multiple times

>> No.24792219

i wasn't aware whenever we saw a word in the native material it was in the exact same word for word sentence every time. i will admit though, sentence cards would be good if you could procedurally generate a new sentence every time anki showed you the word.

frequency lists are best used for reference. don't be scared to override one if a word seems familiar. it's just more information, but it's not omnipotent.

>> No.24792246

you're not making any sense, anime cards have the same sentence a sentence card would have, just on the back. if you're worried about not being able to acquire the word without seeing the sentence multiple times you can just not skip the sentence during your reviews or skip it once you're comfortable with it.
>try to to do that when it's 600 reviews
this makes no sense to me either, you have to listen to the entire sentence with sentence cards every single time not just when you fail the card.

very weird post

>> No.24792251

this is how i make my cards:

i get a sentence

then I make cards for what i don't understand first by searching for example sentences

then I add the sentence

I then conquer the sentence

>> No.24792269

he doesn't actually have an argument and is just flailing about

>> No.24792270

not an argument

>> No.24792291

the sentence pins down the meaning, you fucking baboon
imagine making a card for "over" for example
or "just"
just law?
just arrived?
that's how retarded vocab cards are

>> No.24792306

these kinds of things are usually considered grammar points though like だけ or ばかり and vocab card users don't make cards for those

>> No.24792338

it's almost like there's a sentence on the back alongside audio for the express purpose of providing context
>imagine making a card for "over" for example
>or "just"
>just law?
>just arrived?
japanese!=english, and most of the types of examples you provide are grammar points pretty much nobody makes cards out of
getting tired of owning you

>> No.24792341

now that he got btfo on anime cards he's moved his goalposts to just talking about regular vocab cards lol

>> No.24792371

yea jamal gets btfoed here on the regular

>> No.24792387

one sentence means that only one meaning will get expressed, you fucking brainless monkey
japanese is actually worse than english in that regard. i know because english is my second language

>> No.24792402

when you do anime cards you basically lying to yourself.

>> No.24792405

>dude anime cards will take sooo long you'll hate anki and japanese cause of them
>dude make multiple sentence cards for the same word
this is your brain on sentence cards lmfao

>> No.24792414

>most words with multiple meanings like 掛ける have a "core" meaning that can be acquired with more input
yawning here

>> No.24792415


>> No.24792437

look, you fucking ape
if you can capture the overall meaning 掛ける then you don't need the card in the first place. you're just adding unnecessary cards for whatever reason
you're misusing anki

>> No.24792449

this post was made by a non-white

>> No.