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Drop it /jp/

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you have no balls

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Drop it /jp/ drop the fucking knife. I don't want to have to but a bullet in your pretty little face /jp/

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But I don't have anything hot.

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okay okay, fine, I'll share the drawing a drawfag on /a/ gave me, put the gun down.

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>but a bullet

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sasuga /a/ drawfriends, never change.

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Rally Vincent called, she wants her gun back.

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drop THIS

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I was gonna post it in the smokehu thread butI had to prevent the madman OP from killing someone

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I have Accelerator’s ability.
Go ahead and fire you green slut. That bullet will fly right back to whom it came from.

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you have the ability to spam /a/ so hard it takes the entire site down?

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[deflects bullet with sword]
[dashes forward]
[slices barrel off]
[throws sword in air]
[grabs the remainder of the gun and throws it]
[puts leg behind her leg and grabs her shoulder to do a judo chop]
[catches her right before she hits the ground]
[the sword lands and embeds in the ground]
[raise her up and kiss her]
The end.

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alpha as fuck

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Assuming what you said is correct, why exactly would I ever let you be free from this place? Nothing pissed me off. Nobody gets on my nerve, and practically everyone who got stuck in this sinkhole is here to stay. Somehow removing it would mean you all go free like ex-convicts being let back into the world on good behavior after decades of prison. You’ll never survive trying to become normal again so you’ll seek to create another chan and start the cycle all over again so your can be once again comfortable in your corner of the basement of the internet.

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Got hit for looking at those tits.

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yeah that happened in I think 2011 or so. its part of why the captcha thing came back and never left. that entire board was completely impossible to browse. it took the site down for a bit because the script he was running could post hundreds of times a minute.

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drop bass

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Try me, I dare you

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*graces to the right*
*get hit by a bullet*
*try to death bomb*
*get to eintei in time but dies surrounded by bunnies*

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Cute Thinkpad

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That gun looks so smooth holy hecc (weird tee)

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Alright, alright, there's no need to be hasty. My pants are off.

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But I'm not bored yet

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Is that a .40 cal?

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uhuuu ~~

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It looks like a toy.

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it's even got the orange tip, 100% a toy

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Nice bed, anon.

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The gun she’s holding in >>24727060 is a CZ75, initially looking at it I thought it was a Browning Hi-Power

No, it looks to be .50AE, the way to tell what a Desert Eagle is chambered in is to look at the cartridge rim; if rimmed, it’s .44 or .357, if not rimmed then it’s .50AE.


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