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acquiring japanese from eroge and stuff plus fun talks

pls read the guide b4 asking stupid questions:

archive of older threads: >>https://warosu.org/jp/?task=search2&search_subject=DJT

previous thread: >>24566545


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first for fuck jamutt

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Asking again because fuck it.
Does that make sense if I want to say "battle on the horizon"?

Because I'm chuuni and it sound cool!

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well you arent gonna be mining 100 words per ep for thousands of episodes of thats what u meant but u are gonna suck ass for a while

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>look up word occasionally when watching anime or reading
>aqcuire it
>anki drone adds 100 words
>slowly memorizes them over 300 days of droning
>doesn't actually recgonize it when watching anime/reading

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can i sit at the cool kids table or am i still too much of a noob

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sounds like u had a personal problem and ur projecting

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you might be right about that

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never gonna make it

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*nods approvingly*

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does anyone else watch this chick? she is kinda cute and kinda ugly at the same time

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stay safe

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>she is kinda cute and kinda ugly at the same time
thats how i feel about everyone, nobody is perfect you know

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pretty sure you're the only guy in here who watches these kind of youtubers

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nah i watch a lot of similar ones theyre kind of cumfy

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i often see blobs of text that are really kanji only
does grown up japanese just drop particles because "you can tell" or am i retarded

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seems like a normal being without all the in your face edits and loud reactions
thanks anon, i'm subbed now too

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im the busu専 guy and i think this girl isn't even a busu
maybe you would like sowanwan

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no good jp youtubers exist so no

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that was the first time i posted a youtube link

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but the words i recognize are the ones i droned on anki. how do explain that? even the ones that i deleted (i deleted thousands of cards cuz i got sick of them)

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this was actually a lot of fun really enjoyed it

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ok that dude who was compiling that google doc should add sections including commentary from fluenters so we can put these debates to rest

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quiz, would you mine a word like 根菜? feeling like this one is too unnecessary

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also i really dug the op and the intro for some reason, i watched it all 12 times lol

btw a live action version of this is apparently coming out, no idea how they're gonna do the humor i feel like it cant possibly work with actual japanese actors lol

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>they made a live action mob psycho
what the fuck

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like live action japanese is gonna be able to match the 2nd best shounen heh

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lmfao look at this stupid shit

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japanese people look so dumb lol

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Bitch you better say Hunter x Hunter is the best shounen.

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im sorry for all the posts but i cant stop laughing at how fucking godawful this is, they lifted lines directly from the anime and its sooooo bad

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Hunter X Hunter is the greatest literary work of the 20th and 21st century. It is flawless. The apex of modern litterature. Question is - will Hunter X Hunter be studied like the many works of previous philosophers like Kafka or Nietzsche? Will reading Hunter X Hunter be mandatory when studying to get a major in philosophy?Chimera Ant Arc was Universe-tier. It cured my porn addiction and took me off the path of sure self-destruction much like Grave of the Fireflies helped me stop smoking and being racist. The rest of the show was great but I fear the author blew his load with CA and will struggle to even reciprocate the same level of genius, thus the incredibly drawn out hiatus.Hunter X Hunter is not only the greatest manga of all time, but its fanbase upholds its flawless quality by always being mature when everyone else is chimping out around them. Moeshitters have lost their composure a long time ago, while we are still here carrying ourselves in a professional manner.The whole concept sounded intriguing, but I didn't believe it could be watchable at all. I mean, a fight that lasts an hour in real-time stretched to around twenty-five episodes sounds like painfully, unbearably, titanically slow pacing. But everyone seemed to rave about it, and I was just so curious, so eventually I caved in and begun my 148 episode Hunter x Hunter journey about two-months ago. In total, I watched more than one hundred twenty-minute episodes of anime just because I wanted to watch the second half of the Chimera Ant arc.

I just finished 135 yesterday, and I'm probably not the first person to ever say this, but this arc is fucking great. It's better than great. It's the best fucking thing ever.

The thing that most struck me is how the entire arc felt like one long work of literature, like a 19th century baroque novel or a Shakespearean tragedy. It's rife with symbolism, irony, themes, and felt appropriately mature and tonally rich. Some of the passages spoken by the narrator were so beautiful and memorable (e.g. the humans in the sky line), and the narration served to create the feeling that I was reading some intricate tapestry of prose. I loved how tragic and anticlimactic the death of Meruem was, because it was appropriately Homeric and richly meaningful in tandem with the themes presented by the arc; and it's because of this that I speak of him in the same way I do as Macbeth, or Oedipus, or John Milton's Lucifer. Some scenes, like the match-cut of the boots stomping on the insects between the Rose bomb used on human cities spoke to me on a visceral level.

I had a quick rudimentary thought during the closing episodes that you could probably interpret the Chimera Ant arc as an allegory for the history of Imperial Japan, from its industrialization and expansion in the nineteenth-century by copying the powerful West, to its nuclear demise and subsequent incorporation into the vast global economic hegemony of the post-war US.

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i have achieved peak sperg mode these past 3 days with these words

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yes, but only in the form of my world famous anime cards. such a thing which causes convulsions in miaers the world over. such a beautiful concept engorges the essence of my manhood.

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ugh gross...

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when he starts throwing these empty canisters

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you'd really need a big ass hollywood budget to not make mob psycho look goofy as fuck but it'd still be shit

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there really is no reason to adapt most shit into live action, the transition just doesn't work without the hyperstylization of the original medium

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The djt hxh era is over you gotta let it go

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the first japanese thing i ever watched was the live action death note cause my dad downloaded it and thought it was cool lol

>> No.24586199

but that came out so recently.

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its kinda crazy how few romance shows there are where the characters actually date during the episodes

>> No.24586206

post some of them

>> No.24586214

im talking about the ones from 2006

>> No.24586219

why do they even bother? the only things that made mob so good was the sakuga and the charm of the artstyle. you can't replicate that in live action. just make a new ip or something, retards

>> No.24586223

watching something like death note raw and feeling good
then going to shit like youjo senki and feeling like shit

>> No.24586225

that's because anime is hyperstylization and idealization

>> No.24586234

its because dating isnt entertaining

>> No.24586235

this but with digimon and anything else that isnt intended for kids

>> No.24586240

there were japanese ones made around '06

>> No.24586242

the rakugo anime is pretty funny

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idk it beats both will-they-wont-they and courtship in shows. its weird cause it's extremely common place in western media, theres probably some reason why it isnt in anime

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>ore monogatari
>school days
>yosuga no sora (kinda)
>i assume clannad after story, never seen it
> haruka no himitsu
> chuunibyou
> nisekoi (kinda)
that is all i can think of

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>it's extremely common place in western media
and there's a reason only western novels are actually good and not boring

>> No.24586272

>just read and watch more
If that worked, I'd have mastered the Japanese language years ago. Clearly there's something you're not telling me. I'm watching a jav right now and I barely understand anything

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i don't get romance shows anyway, they always focus on superficial shit like elaborate dates, big quarrels or affairs, where the good part of a relationship are the simple daily things like having a breakfast together, seeing her do her hair before work, poking her side when she's reading and the smell of her hair while falling asleep

>> No.24586279

you probably didnt watch or read enough

>> No.24586287

you're probably low iq

>> No.24586289

or the taste of the toilet water after she takes a fat dump

>> No.24586290

how many vns and books have you read

>> No.24586301

and that's why you're alone

>> No.24586302

I'm reading Genki but aside from that none, why?

>> No.24586308

i'm alone because i'm obese

>> No.24586315

got a big fuckin belly laugh out of this one fuck me

>> No.24586322

you've probably really read or watched extremely little in terms of content hours

it's like people who say "wtf i cant lose/gain weight" and you find out theyre estimating their calories off by like 1000 a day

>> No.24586325

can't learn language from textbooks only, you need to consume actual media as well
i don't know how it's in other countries but i was baffled that our english courses didn't require people to read at least a single book per year even in high school. no wonder half the class finished hs barely understanding english

>> No.24586334

whens the shirobako movie gonna come out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.24586335

Alright at least recommend me a good visual novel then

>> No.24586342

dating is usually viewed as the prize. if your main character gets the prize too early you either lose your audience or your show is no longer about romance (ie clannad). thats why shows like toradora wait until the end. the love triangle hijinks is a goldmine for content and it builds up a large payoff at the end that leaves most normies satisfied.

>> No.24586347

feels good to be a plotfag

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there is only one good visual novel and it is subahibi

>> No.24586353

jamal spoiled clannad for me so im prolly never gonna watch it plus i cant deal with the bug eyes

>> No.24586356

i don't care all i'm saying is good writing and directing makes the show good not that it has some surface level gimmick like "big robots" or "early dating" or something

>> No.24586358

lamune or mizuiro

>> No.24586361

I humbly disagree. The love triangle hijinks are not entertaining at all, and they are only used to milk the series

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>> No.24586365

amen to that brother

>> No.24586367

steins gate is relatively easy
leyline is okay but the beginning is a bit tough for beginners and it's quite boring to be honest

>> No.24586371

good its trash watch somethin else

>> No.24586373

subahibi in total sucks in my honest opinion

>> No.24586378

I think that how good you are in a language ultimately does not matter. I think your ability to derive enjoyment from and utilize your language is what matters. Please keep having fun, DJT.

>> No.24586383

i didn't go through wittgenstein before reading subahibi : the post

>> No.24586385

Isn't steins gate really difficult? It's about physics and shit.

>> No.24586395

your average consumer watches these shows to be entertained, not to live vicariously through them like some fat autistic virgin.

youre right but most shows dont have the talent or budget for that. anime is a business. im not saying its a good thing, im just saying theres a solid reason for it.

considering some of the most popular anime is literally nothing but love triangle hijinks id say youre in the minority. businesses appeal to the masses.

>> No.24586401

The majority has a shit opinion. For an example, see dragon ball super.

>> No.24586402

>Isn't steins gate really difficult? It's about physics and shit.
kurisu goes into exposition mode sometimes but it's really not too hard

>> No.24586403

well i'm not a virgin and don't see point to most romance shows. unless it's comedic it's mostly borderline retarded drama

>> No.24586408

implying basic knowledge of popculture cliche philosophy isnt enough to already know every point this game has
also the ero scenes take up way too much of the game

>> No.24586411

i can relate to this

>> No.24586413

great posts bros rly enjoyed them

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if you did not cry after zakuro got raped are you even human?

>> No.24586426

youre not wrong, im just saying they dont care what a niche minority thinks

then dont watch them?

>> No.24586437

you wouldn't be watching that garbage if that were the case

>> No.24586438

i don't, just speaking from experience when i tried few, what a dumb argument

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do you guys think matt got bangs because we insulted his hairline?

>> No.24586443

The more I learn kanji, the more I hate kanji

>> No.24586449

im not making an argument. someone was wondering why they are like this and im trying to explain it.

>> No.24586450

he looks like he's in his 30s in this picture and he is like 10 years younger than me

>> No.24586459

That's a big forehead

>> No.24586467

the discord is popping and there's a 15 year old who knows more nip than most of you ever will

>> No.24586468

holy shit lmao

>> No.24586476

don't think that's a real picture if i'm honest.

>> No.24586482

5 year old Japanese children know more Japanese than me. So what? You think I'm discouraged by that?

>> No.24586489

i didnt cry but i did get pretty angry ngl
really only liked the denpa parts though

>> No.24586492

he isn't japanese though

>> No.24586500

"I need the structure of textbooks"
The language itself is nothing but structure

"But I like textbook learning"
The real question is - Do you like interacting with the language?

"I like knowing how the language works"
Then you are a linguist, not a language learner

>> No.24586508

stfu garyben

>> No.24586515

fapped to that scene, seeing her in that state with the heavy breathing was quite hot

>> No.24586516

One of the biggest hurdles for immersion for beginners is the feeling that your progress does not depend on the amount of time you put into it.

Comparatively, a textbook or class curriculum lays everything out infront of you. So you progress at the speed of time you put into it.

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>> No.24586539

for me that was the H scene that i could not read. i just rapid clicked through it.

>> No.24586549

Do not fear not understanding something. Rather, you should force yourself to increase contact with things you don't understand.

There's no learning in only aiming for what you're currently capable of.

>> No.24586550

you should retry it, it's a really hot scene

>> No.24586557

These posts have to be made by EOP. Any ESL would know that you need to study grammar.

>> No.24586559

*flips through pages*

i just dunning-kruger myself into believing i understand it

>> No.24586564

Until you do immersion, you're not doing your own work.
You're just collecting other people's information.

>> No.24586572

Learning a language means learning a million little things, yet grammar/curriculum focuses on only the important basic parts.
But if you don't know all the details it'll quickly show.

Many learners of Japanese know all the Months of a year, yet say dates in the wrong order.

>> No.24586580

Yeah no shit. How do you think immersion works? You're copying what other people do. Except you have to try and come up with the rules yourself. You're re-inventing the wheel when you could read a textbook

>> No.24586582

Using a textbook can be part of a study plan, but it is the beer you allow yourself to have regularly to take the edge off, and not the exercise.

A support for the work itself, whose neccesity has far more to do with person to person needs than effectiveness.

>> No.24586585

or do both you lazy retard

>> No.24586593

"I use a textbook to learn"

No, you use a textbook as Xanax to allow yourself to start the real learning.

There is no language learning inside a textbook in the same way a qualification does not count as work experience.

>> No.24586595

Concession accepted. I should use a textbook then

>> No.24586603

Ultimately what gets people there is immersion, i.e. interaction with the language, whether they focus on it or not.

So as smug as it sounds, if you got good it's because you were doing immersion.

>> No.24586611

how am i supposed to read when i don't know all the kanji and vocab yet? am i expected to literally look up every single word or kanji i don't recognize?

>> No.24586613

pass. honestly when they show up in the alley my heart dropped. then i could not stand the scene, and finally when she was counting the money then later screaming 私人間 i could not help but cry. and it wasn't just that is was everything leading up to that, and zakuro as a character. genuinely think you are a sociopath.

i think you would enjoy the first episode of mahou shoujo site.

>> No.24586618

I really would slap the shit out of that ugly ass gary ben guy

>> No.24586619

nah just read something easy and look up something once every few minutes or if you see the same thing multiple times

>> No.24586621


>> No.24586630

people itt always posting spoilers for shit without the tags it's very crude behavior

>> No.24586633

short answer yes
long answer yes but no

>> No.24586636

is this dude for real? i saw him in the discord but i thought he was joking, wtf...

>> No.24586644

imagining literally feeding my cock to mary

>> No.24586645

is it just some ajatt prodigy or what

>> No.24586648

was just thinking about how powerful the sunk cost fallacy is when i was starting. i had invested maybe 50 hours at most into anki and shit before i started reading and that was enough to con myself through the suffering by way of sunk cost lol

>> No.24586655

this is a subahibi thread, you should have read it bro. hurry up and watch it before you get more spoilers.

>> No.24586657

he mentioned discovering ajatt and mia like a year ago

>> No.24586664

i have absolutely no intention of reading it so i dont care i just think it's loutish behavior

>> No.24586666

At age 10, they call you a prodigy. At age 15 they call you a genius. At age 20, they call you ordinary.

>> No.24586667

i could prolly yeet jamal like 3 meters if i wanted to

>> No.24586670

kid's already read what probably 90% of the thread can't even attempt to lol

>> No.24586677

why don't you wanna read it.

>> No.24586678

just goes to show that when you're a little kid it's easy as fuck to learn a language

>> No.24586687


>> No.24586690

people kept posting spoilers so i already know what happens

>> No.24586693

i guess youre right but still, respect to him

>> No.24586698

what does mary look like when he's cumming

>> No.24586704

that guy probably started when he was 10 or something

>> No.24586706

post his vndb bro

>> No.24586711

give me a summary and i will tell you how off you are, also caring about spoilers is definitely double digit iq territory.

>> No.24586722

>hours sweating

>> No.24586726

reading isn't an accomplishment though can he speak

>> No.24586730

i was just joking to make you reconsider your behavior. i actually dont want to read it cause it looks like shit and pretentious people always waffle on about it so it's probably garbage for midwits who think they're smart

>> No.24586744

if he's really 15 though, he passed the stupid hard quiz, how is that not an accomplishment ?

>> No.24586746

how do you know he's 15 did he post a pic of his ID lol

>> No.24586749

is this your cope?

>> No.24586753

so did he actually prove he knows anything besides random kanji readings cause this dont interest me

>> No.24586760

i plan to start outputting in 10 months and am honest with myself about what i can and can't do and i don't just i can read this or that as proof i know japanese when i know i can't output

>> No.24586761

good thing for you is i am a very down to earth guy and liked it. i do not personally care for "depth", i just enjoy what i enjoy.

>> No.24586763

his status says he's reading fate rn, so i guess he's enjoying his vinnies

>> No.24586766

cope lmao

>> No.24586770 [DELETED] 
File: 798 KB, 1024x768, ev014c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24586772

oh yes another eceleb to gossip about just what we needed after the last thread

>> No.24586774

gonna start watching some stuff raw from tomorrow

>> No.24586776

not a cope since i would shit on him in the gay kanji quiz lol

>> No.24586781

i mean you can read whatever you want with a dictionary that's why it's more important to be able to output as evidence of knowing anything

>> No.24586783

>he's enjoying his vinnies
he is 15 he should be enjoying his cunnies while it is still legal.

>> No.24586784

how is being able to read shit not proof that you know the language
sounds like cope to me

>> No.24586786


>> No.24586799

but if he can get those dumb kanji readings without a dictionary then he's probably doing fairly well...

>> No.24586805

Wow he's 15 and knows Japanese huh. He must spend all day immersing himself in Japanese.
When I was his age, I went out with my friends, played sports, flirted with girls, and had the occasional one night stand. Now I'm trying to casually learn some Japanese for an upcoming trip to Japan with my wife. But good for you kid.

>> No.24586806

what's the best comedy anime with jp subs available

>> No.24586809


>> No.24586810

lmaoo cope

>> No.24586812

>you can read whatever you want with a dictionary
but he's doing it without one?
this is sad

>> No.24586817

if you use anki you can learn a lot of shit without knowing anything at all unfortunately like the french scrabblemaster

>> No.24586818


>> No.24586821

kaguya-sama and it's not even close

>> No.24586823

oh well me too and i understand classical japanese perfectly.

>> No.24586827

thats true but i read his chat today and he deleted his old cards, he doesnt even have any mature cards yet

>> No.24586832

but he understands what he's reading?
love how this kind of shit has never been brought uo as an argument before lol, you're mad pissed that a kid knows more nip than you

>> No.24586837

>but he understands what he's reading?
not that i really care but how do you know? are you inside his brain?

>> No.24586847

i wish i could go back to 8th grade when i decided to go to a different school, and choose to keep going to the same school. i would have done so much better, since i am much better with people now than then.

>> No.24586850

as far as i'm concerned people who don't output are on my level so i just gotta yawn when another person who can't output claims to know japanese

>> No.24586851

>this kind of shit has never been brought uo as an argument before lol
you're obviously new this was a massive thing back when quizmaster was big shit around here havent you ever seen the pic of him shopped over the scrabble guy?

>> No.24586856

bro his status says so...

>> No.24586858

he discusses what he's read with others and there doesn't seem to be a contradiction in their understanding of the story?
what the fuck is this braindead jealousy laden argument

>> No.24586868

i checked and the only funny anime (milky holmes, ebichu, mitsudomoe) don't have subs so it's time you go raw

>> No.24586870

This is literally the worst general on all of 4chan

>> No.24586871


>> No.24586873

this is what happens when you turn on jamal the discord trannies come out of the woodwork

>> No.24586874

i just said i dont care i just think its funny you're so certain. he might be reading fsn in english for all you know. theres a version that lets you switch between japanese and english with 1 button press

>> No.24586883

you haven't been to the ff12 general or the now dead gw2 general i take it

>> No.24586887

back when i was 15 years old i had no friends but also didnt know japanese and had just started watching eng subbed anime

>> No.24586894

i watch raw, but asobi asobase is the funniest anime none close.

mediocre as fuck

also anyone going to say "haha te funny goofy face lmao" that just means you lack the ability to understand the nuances of asobi asobase's comedy

>> No.24586899

he's posting screenshots though?
god this is so pathetic, you're literally just throwing out whatever you can out of denial

>> No.24586902
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boipussy is better than "cunnies"

>> No.24586906

if he actually showed evidence of knowing japanese i might be coping but this is just weak

>> No.24586908

>he's posting screenshots though?
>theres a version that lets you switch between japanese and english with 1 button press
how does that go against what i said?

>> No.24586917

sad to see a grown man jealous of a teen like this

>> No.24586932

bro he passed their gay quiz, i'd like to see you do the same

the amount of cope in this thread

>> No.24586934

>reading japanese isn't evidence of knowing japanese
how do you explain him having read shit without eng tls then? he's moving to muramasa after fate
god this is low

>> No.24586944

looks like you wanna cling to the next thread celeb which is just gay

>> No.24586947

>reading japanese isn't evidence of knowing japanese
everyone in this thread does that

>> No.24586958

>reading japanese

>> No.24586962

given he is cute and will end up being a good looking adult of a respectable height, then yes i am jealous. i only started at 19 and now about to be 22.

not even slightly jealous. actually much rather be me than you.

>> No.24586964

our boy japanesegaryben reads japanese and understands it

>> No.24586965

post his vndb bro

>> No.24586966

>everyone in this thread does that
with low level moeshit maybe
christ you're grasping at straws, this is pathetic

>> No.24586972

imagine learning japanese because youre a 30 year old boomer planning on making a 2 week trip there (prob not even to any small villages with no english speakers) instead of because youve been into translated anime and manga since you were a teenager and wanna get a bit further into otaku media

>> No.24586975

you said if you read japanese it's evidence you know japanese

>> No.24586976


>> No.24586981

>a kid knows more nip than me? better hypothesize scenario after scenario to deny this

>> No.24586985

30 years old worried about if a teenager knows japanese... very strange

>> No.24586987

pretty sure he only discovered vns somewhat recently from what he said, could prolly ask for his vndb tho

>> No.24586989

yes i cope
got any problem with that?

>> No.24586990

jamal reads japanese but ya'll haters were claiming he doesnt know it earlier... bit fishy...

>> No.24587001

jamal doesn't know japanese ...

>> No.24587008

he reads bro...

>> No.24587010

jamal reads eng subs

>> No.24587018

would you spend 6 months learning arabic for a 1 week visit to egypt or a year learning russian for a 10 day visit to russia?

>> No.24587026


>> No.24587032

he reads eng subs and a ton of the vns he talks about have eng tls, the others are pretty much baby tier lending credence to the whole high beginner at best argument and i recall him being unable to say anything substantial about some vns when asked about them so

>> No.24587033

steve spent 4 months-ish learning romanian for a 3 day visit to romania

>> No.24587037

>a ton of the vns he talks about have eng tls
like fsn?

>> No.24587042

me reading

>> No.24587044

subahibi, utawarerumono, kanon, air, etc.

>> No.24587045

actually more like
> steve learned romanian because he is a career polyglot and went to romania because he learned romanian

>> No.24587046

lol keep sucking off your boy while crying about a kid knowing japanese, ain't my problem

>> No.24587051

no, nor would i want to visit those countries

>> No.24587059

pretty sure he does everything in english and ciaran is just a nice enough guy to vouch for him, when really he prolly doesnt know anything except how to google pretty quick

>> No.24587064

im just pointing out you're hypocrisy on this issue that you believe 1 person but not another

>> No.24587071

me readin

>> No.24587075

jamal was scared of taking the entrance N5 quiz LMFAO

>> No.24587078

love seeing jamal haters mind broken and resorting to just plain shitposting lまお

>> No.24587085

i'm not the guy who was eviscerating jamal earlier though, and even if, i find it convenient that he can't give answers to shit on the spot and leaves for hours before giving a response if ever all the time

>> No.24587086

>he wouldnt visit the great pyramids or the red square
[email protected] tourist only going to shitty "safe" tourist hotspots

>> No.24587087

at this point id be amazed if he could pass n5

>> No.24587089

i'm not a tourist hence not giving a fuck about visiting shitholes

>> No.24587092


>> No.24587093

jamal living in discordtard heads rent mf free

>> No.24587096

another 10k hours of english subs is sure to do it

meanwhile this 15 year old continues to enjoy his vinnies, living the life of nihongo gains

>> No.24587098

hes decoding and not internalizing and 'feeling'

>> No.24587108
File: 15 KB, 500x273, imgb2a9dc87zik0zj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well i am better than him despite starting a decade after him, and i am big dumb dumb, so you can do it.

>> No.24587110

always thought reading with your hand was low iq

>> No.24587113

>goes to a country
>visits places
>doesnt live or work there, just does touristOOMER stuff
>isnt even an anthropologist or a historian
>claims hes not a tourist

>> No.24587123

i've never visited a country
wow now i'm mad. imagine being this much of a fag talking sheepazoid.

>> No.24587147

anyone have a working di hook?

>> No.24587181 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 300x168, 7908234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i accidentally disabled my extension that gets rid of youtube comments and read a single comment.
day literally ruined.

>> No.24587191

your posts are worse than youtube comments tobira guy

>> No.24587196

850 cards this month

>> No.24587200

and then you come here and read even worse comments nice

>> No.24587210
File: 13 KB, 580x129, ugg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you do not understand

>> No.24587214

i dont get it

>> No.24587220

that comment causes me physical pain

>> No.24587221

i feel ill

>> No.24587228

yea thats pretty bad man thanks for posting it

>> No.24587230

cant wait to see what jamal thinks of our new e-celeb

>> No.24587231

theres not much there just a quick glance and move on now youve dwelled on it and immersed in it till its basically you now

>> No.24587233

The thing that triggers me the most about Japanese culture is the idea that I should go out of my way to show a higher level of respect to someone who is older than me, even if it's by one year. Is that real or just an anime thing? It just feels so bizarre to me to,hypothetically, be a Junior in High School and talking to a Senior with such reverence among other such examples.

>> No.24587244

well a 24 would not show reverence to a 25 year old , but highschool is different.

>> No.24587249
File: 36 KB, 600x885, 1496682609873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>studying japanese off and on for a few years
>earlier this year buckle down and learn about 1000 kanji
>could write them and knew their meaning
>lost my motivation
>stopped studying
>can barely remember anything

Every fucking time.

>> No.24587250

btw he's currently on discord, if you guys join qm's chat, you can verify him for yourself

>> No.24587259

watching samurai flamenco. gonna drop it after the first episode is done. very cringe.

>> No.24587279


>> No.24587280

they might not be able to pass the n5 quiz

>> No.24587282

thats almost exactly what you dont want to do, in every possible way, congratulations

>> No.24587301

imagine having a quiz that can be learned in a few days at best be the obstacle blocking you from meeting the prodigy, sad

>> No.24587306


>> No.24587314

dont care

>> No.24587319

dont care

>> No.24587348


>> No.24587356

so what if i cant pass the discord quiz? doesnt mean that little punk knows anything.

>> No.24587364

he clearly knows more than you, nice cope

>> No.24587365

know a similar feel

>> No.24587369

oof anon, what out that's clearly a cope post

>> No.24587371 [DELETED] 
File: 61 KB, 500x532, Dnat1vlsbI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24587380

im sure nuke could pass the quiz. doesnt mean he knows japanese.

>> No.24587382

can we get matto to interview this guy?

>> No.24587383

there's going to be a second season?

>> No.24587384

what was the anime with titties in it that came out this season?

>> No.24587393

imagine learning a bunch of kanji readings just so you can have a conversation with a russian-german 21-year old doomer weeb who has r*ddit-tier taste in anime and isnt good at anything in life other than making flashcards

at least hes a based lolicon and hates brown people

>> No.24587397

the hard quiz? yeah man, im sure he could

>> No.24587398

4 days my dude

>> No.24587406

the entry quiz is only N5

>> No.24587442

just passed the n1 quiz on the server, what does that mean?

>> No.24587446

it means that you're still not as good as him, try haard

>> No.24587452

who are we talking about currently? i don't get it

>> No.24587457

native japanese people have been unable to beat that quiz before. is everyone who has better than a native?

>> No.24587459

based 15 year old in qms server that is better at nip than 99% of the thread

>> No.24587461

Final test. Say "Tongue punch my fart box" de nihongo

>> No.24587462

99% of japanese people*

>> No.24587468

but some 15 year old could? nice, cope harder bro

>> No.24587476

im just saying the quiz doesn't have much relation to how good you are at japanese since the majority of natives would struggle to pass it

>> No.24587478

cant wait for jamal to wake up and put this retard in his place

>> No.24587487

yeah fair enough but considering he is 15 and could pass that at all he's clearly on the path of big nip gains

>> No.24587557

he finally caught corona, and as an aged black male the chances dont look good

>> No.24587558

starting to feel like everyone is faking it and can't actually understand/speak this language

>> No.24587564

just had to drop 2 anime in a row one the first episode ぼくほんまついてへんな

>> No.24587569

lmao he's probably still in shock cause the assblasting from the last thread

>> No.24587577

this is a young man's game, bro

>> No.24587584

do like 3 days of real ajatt, like nothing but japanese, with out cheating, for 3 days. like watch 30 episodes a day type of grinding, you'll come out with a different opinion

>> No.24587620

whenever i see the word native i think of native americans

>> No.24587622

dont care

>> No.24587640

thanks for supporting me

>> No.24587645

what kind of posts do you care about? ill try to make a good one next time

>> No.24587647


>> No.24587652
File: 29 KB, 741x568, 1556295809076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what seems to be the general consensus on 1t or n+1/i+1 sentences? the djt guide mentions to add unknown words into an anki deck where as matt says to only add it if there's a single unknown word? why couldn't i just read and just add isolated or even sentences cards with more than one unknown thing? it seems like waiting to find sentances with just one unknown think would take forever to build your sentance decks up.

>> No.24587661

*add unknown words into a deck using yomichan

>> No.24587682


>> No.24587686

say fuck it and make any card you want at any time.. thats what i do, i see something cool and i go i want to know that and i add it however i think will be the best, with sentences or whatever if i only wabt to know one thing i put the one thing, if i just like the sound i just put the sound. each card has a personality and thus grows in your brain better

>> No.24587701

wow wtf just heard someone say とこしえ for 永久
gonna add this pronunciation to anki

>> No.24587714
File: 25 KB, 450x327, 1593920850965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when i see "native japanese speakers" i imagine people wearing straw skirts wielding huge spears except with chinky eyes saying random nip words like desu, kawaii, and touzen da

>> No.24587715

there's also とわ and とこしなえ

>> No.24587722

so it's okay to just add sentances to a deck if there is more than one word? currently the way i'm doing it is that i'm reading through japanese text and when i come across words that are unknown, i add them to my anki deck using yomichan and any unknown grammer is looked up but not memorised. currently they're just isolated cards but i feel like maybe i'm doing something wrong, everyone seems to have an opinion and i'm just trying to find an efficient way without getting analysis paralysis so i'm more or less just following the djt guide

>> No.24587724

yeah it's fine dude

>> No.24587727

lol at the guy who has literally no abstraction abilities

>> No.24587732

but are they also in use nowadays?

>> No.24587734

とわ is actually a lot more common than とこしえ. とこしなえ is one ive only seen once

>> No.24587735

ah i see, thanks i really appreciate it. some people seem to have really strong opinions about +1 sentence cards so i was a bit unsure.

>> No.24587743

angato for the insights anon
gonna keep an open ear for this word

>> No.24587747

you're probably more likely to hear it in song lyrics and stuff like that since its poetic

>> No.24587758

we need an mia interview immediately, matto-dono please

>> No.24587760

i mean i used to mine complete sentences i didnt know and it worked fine, i+1 might be a bit better but its not a game changer, it really doesnt matter too much in the end its more important to not give up and be consistent than anything

>> No.24587767

with whom?

>> No.24587771

read the thread, we've got a 15 year old "prodigy" now

>> No.24587779
File: 9 KB, 121x649, 無題.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm throwing in the towel bros... this language is impossible

>> No.24587780

mostly see 岡 in names of antagonists in vinnies

>> No.24587785

matto-sama onegaishimasu

>> No.24587791
File: 369 KB, 640x360, 1592930855175 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So which cheap ereader is best for reading Japanese and sentence mining? I know some of the older kindles have problems with multiple dictionaries and some are harder to export sentences with than others

>> No.24587793

岡っ引き are the good guys though

>> No.24587796

What do you do when you get a mental block and can't get anki words of the session in your head?
Having this kind of problem,started recently and never used anki or any kind of flashcard.

>> No.24587797

i read that in agf voice

>> No.24587803
File: 234 KB, 660x523, djt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

play rpg maker games

>> No.24587804

let's get both

>> No.24587807

yeah my worry is that trying to find +1 sentences in content that's also compelling might be difficult after a 2k deck or would go at a snails pace. i assume it's better to mine the whole sentence and put it into the anki card for a word you don't know rather than creating your own sentences for the word you found in the wild regardless of how complex the sentence is right?

>> No.24587812

ok but why play sad games like in your pic

>> No.24587817

yeah exactly, don't stress about it too much

>> No.24587818

theyre interesting

>> No.24587821

i only play happy shit cuz im a happy guy haha

>> No.24587827

i dno, i had 75% today but i will probably get close to 90% again tomorrow for no reason lol

>> No.24587831

they're fun

>> No.24587833

Brothas, I've just noticed I've spent a year reading h-manga and mining vocabulary off them, but I've still got no idea how to buy stuff or order food in restaurants properly, and I don't wanna end up like the tabetakunai poster.
First, if I wanna say "I'd like to have this [insert item name], please", would it be right to say "ご迷惑で無ければ、此のXをご注文したいということです。", or should I use something shorter and more informal like "X,一つ下さい。"?
Second, to ask for the price for stuff should I say "此のXはどれくらいの価値が有りますか?" or is there a better set expression to use?

>> No.24587839

really hope this is a reddit repost

>> No.24587841

fuck the text reminds me of jamal
let us never bully him again

>> No.24587845

mizu wo mottekure
shinai to bukkorosu wa yo, aan

>> No.24587847

the right thing to do is to use the longest and most indirect sentence in busy restaurants and shops full of other customers

>> No.24587850

assuming this isnt a reddit repost please just watch some youtube videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbZa8-1ePao
and dont embarrass yourself

>> No.24587859


>> No.24587861

Read more ni site kudasai

>> No.24587862

based discord

>> No.24587868

just say what you want you dont even have to say kudasai or anything unless its real upscale or something

>> No.24587877

There's unfortunately not a lot of restaurant scenes in rape-themed h-manga I've recenty been reading

>> No.24587878

yeah you dont have to say please in english either but i hope your mom taught you better than that

>> No.24587882

pls don't post my wife without my permission next time

>> No.24587889

shes not your wife you've never even spoken to her get a grip

>> No.24587890

>tabetakunai poster
cant believe i missed that lまお

>> No.24587900

i don't get it

>> No.24587911

don't care it's mediocre

>> No.24587919

no idea if this is oomori or oosakari

>> No.24587926
File: 329 KB, 660x696, hikisakareta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24587930 [DELETED] 
File: 183 KB, 1082x869, top 10 anime on anilist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this accurate?

>> No.24587931

he said tabetakunai when offered food instead of something normal like けっこうです、いいです

>> No.24587936

how tf would it be さかり do you know what either of those words mean

>> No.24587940

first one

>> No.24587941


>> No.24587942

i don't have the necessary discipline but it'd be cool to try getting input all day every day for a few days and see if i can notice progress.

>> No.24587944

hxh should be #1 but apart from that yeah

>> No.24587945

your name was better thhan a silent voice

>> No.24587947

just remembered the guy who was thought of as disrespectful for using this word at a conbini

>> No.24587956


>> No.24587957

only good things on that are steins gate and owarimonogatari

>> No.24587959

i just memorize readings not meanings

>> No.24587960

pretty sure he posted some shit like the two people working behind the counter started laughing at him which definitely didnt happen cause they dont do that in japan

>> No.24587973

>yeah my worry is that trying to find +1 sentences in content that's also compelling might be difficult after a 2k deck or would go at a snails pace.
the number of +1 sentences after even learning like 500 words is huge. i don't understand why you think this.

>> No.24587984


>> No.24587987

koe no katachi was a sucky adaption all around, really just an awkward film that should have been a show. your name is a smooth watch made specifically for the big screen that you can see multiple times and show your kids some day

>> No.24587994

your name is a shittier story though. definitely never worth watching with anyone

>> No.24587996

no good reason

>> No.24587999

both were good

>> No.24588003

my dad got laughed at in japan at a restaurant for wearing a 大日本帝国海軍 tshirt

dunno if its anywhere near similar in terms of level to saying 結構

>> No.24588004

stfu moe

>> No.24588013

>大日本帝国海軍 tshirt
yeah thats like wearing an ss t shirt in germany

>> No.24588016

yeah sorry im not a plotfag

>> No.24588020

yea you're just a regular fag

>> No.24588026

how low does your iq have to be for the plot not to be the defining factor of quality in a work

>> No.24588029

theres nothing wrong with saying けっこうです if you dont want something in a conbini (like when they ask you if you want a bag or your food heated w/e) so the guy was just making up a dumb story but i really doubt you'd ever get laughed at in a konbini cause the people in there are dead behind the counter

>> No.24588039

it would have to be very low for you to think it is, at best you are like a 90 IQ star wars fan

>> No.24588045 [SPOILER] 
File: 281 KB, 660x523, 1593923525593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yknow i really thought that was just a bit

>> No.24588046

i think fun can be created by a mix of things not belonging to the category of plot
it's important but not an exclusive deal

>> No.24588049

star wars is an example of a basic and boring story that someone who doesn't value story much would enjoy.

>> No.24588057

i will never understand stuff like しどろもどろ

>> No.24588063

i dunno if everyone is dead at a konbini, every time i visit japan i have at least a few konbini interactions about me being a foreigner, usually if its an older japanese person working there and not like a young indian lookin dude. i could picture someone being goofed at.

>> No.24588065

im not trying to find the meaning of life in a story lol? i like nice art, bad ass scenarios, i mean one of my favorite mangas is one punch and its devoid of plot

>> No.24588070

is korea worth visiting as a weeb? or not at all?

>> No.24588076

star wars fans are really invested into the story and the events that occur so they are peak plotfags

>> No.24588078

korea is like poland: a shitty and poor neighbor to two great countries that at some point used to belong to one and at another to the other one

>> No.24588088


>> No.24588102

you can't find the meaning of life in a story retard. and opm does have a plot.

right but they enjoy a bad story.

>> No.24588106

>you can't find the meaning of life in a story retard

>> No.24588122

your idea of a good story is sadly just some variant of star wars except its more convoluted or some shit. sad but true. any moment of enlightenment someone would have watching anime will likely come from something unrelated to the story

>> No.24588124

the plot: monster attacks, gets punched
technically youre right but thats as close to no plot as you can get except for just having people stand around

>> No.24588129

what anime even have good stories?

>> No.24588135

koe no katachi

>> No.24588137

your favorite anime :)

>> No.24588141

havent seen that one. dont watch movies cause my dopamine doesnt last more than 15-20 mins.

>> No.24588151


>> No.24588162

its p good after all

>> No.24588175

>your idea of a good story is sadly just some variant of star wars except its more convoluted or some shit
there are stories simpler and more nuanced than star wars, which are influenced by starwars, and are better than star wars.
>any moment of enlightenment someone would have watching anime
you're a retard if you feel enlightened by any anime or any story. they are stories. if those stories involve carefully researched facts and data then you might be enlightened but you'd have been better off reading a paper or article. but i'm not aware of any that do. don't care what some professional writer's opinion on almost anything empirical is.

however the plot is the most entertaining aspect of the vast majority of anime. if you disagree you're a moe faggot retard

>> No.24588178

should i rewatch hxh and mine the whole thing bros

>> No.24588183
File: 264 KB, 660x523, literally me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24588189
File: 528 KB, 720x540, epx5hZk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24588192


>> No.24588196


the recent hxh posters are not me. though i'm glad to see that others can appreciate this masterpiece.

>> No.24588197

you're just soulless and seething that you cant achieve enlightenemnt from anime. didnt read btw

>> No.24588204

that ones a bit too all over the place at the end to be a really tightly crafted story like hxh

>> No.24588206

>mine the whole thing
or just rewatch it more might be funner not cut up into pieces

>> No.24588222

fiction is real. fiction affects reality. please don't say such foolish things.

>> No.24588229

母娘丼おっぱい特盛母乳汁だくで is my favorite anime 10/10

>> No.24588232

howard please...

>> No.24588234 [DELETED] 

watched the wire. commonly referred to as one of the greatest tv shows of all time. didn't feel enlightened. why? it's just the opinions of a bunch of dumb(smart)ass story tellers. how on earth could i be enlightened by that? i'd sooner ask a criminologist's or statistician's views on the same topic. and let's just say a lot of them wouldn't agree with the wire's portrayal of what causes racism, gang activity, corruption, brutality, etc.

i'd sooner watch mob psycho season 2 than the wire. it's more fun.

>> No.24588235

Im going to watch hxh through subs2srs like brittvsjapan did

>> No.24588236

i remember watchign this when it first came out what a classic

>> No.24588245

good catch, i didnt read their post so i didnt catch that what an idiotic statement

>> No.24588246

looks terrible

>> No.24588248

holy fucking based

>> No.24588250
File: 43 KB, 768x420, story-circle-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

every story is just pic related

>> No.24588257

yeah generally the western audience will call literally anything pseudointellectual "the bestest thing evar" but listening to their opinions is one of the silliest things you could do

>> No.24588261

not sure what you mean by cut into pieces, am i getting memed?

>> No.24588278 [DELETED] 

the wire is definitely better than any anime ever made except for hxh but not because you'll "learn anything" from it, it's just more entertaining. like the sopranos and many other shows.

>> No.24588283

except one punch man he literally just punches things and acts melancholy

>> No.24588285

never going to watch anything mentioned in this post

>> No.24588289


>> No.24588295

whats your point
something stupid im sure

>> No.24588301

is this ciaran baiting or what

>> No.24588304

watched the first season and it was garbo t bh

>> No.24588308

would love to see moe watch hxh just for shits and giggles

>> No.24588313

you will never truly understand hxh because you dont know japanese

>> No.24588316

going to watch kny instead

>> No.24588318

no thats robert i dont think ciaran would say that about hxh.....

>> No.24588323
File: 2 KB, 290x40, today.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24588325

its self explanatory?

>> No.24588327

i didn't post that and that's why i'm asking and that's why i framed it as baiting because i know ciaran doesn't agree with that

>> No.24588330

i dno it could be michael

>> No.24588333

we wont know how good hxh actually is until moe rates it

>> No.24588336

i dont understand imbecile thought processes so youll need to explain it. is it that all stories are of equal quality or are derivative because they fit under these extremely broad categories? if not then what

>> No.24588340

What happened to this thread? Never seen anything like this on 4chan where people just refer to others in the thread by their actual names

>> No.24588342

didn't he drop it already? there's no way he'd make it past the first 5 episodes

>> No.24588343

>actual names
howard's the only one whose name is probably real lol

>> No.24588344

robert d freecss

>> No.24588347

oh yeah wtf im stupid, but i mean that could be anyone i dunno why specifically you think of ciaran

>> No.24588351

you forgot matt

>> No.24588355

>i dont understand imbecile thought processes

>> No.24588356

dude ciaran is his actual name

>> No.24588361

wtf no way jose

>> No.24588363

He's not a regular here

>> No.24588367

i go by anon add me to the list

>> No.24588381

i long for anime that don't exist

>> No.24588398

americans are into reality shows didn't you know?

>> No.24588412

what you want is rpg maker games

>> No.24588427

what does it mean when i have to はなひる after eating a ringo?

>> No.24588514

is quiz majoring in something programming-related now?

>> No.24588574

finna based

>> No.24588617

it really fucks me up that people dont realize fma is better than fmab

>> No.24588634

i hear fmab wraps up everything with a nice little bow but that fma is more interesting

is that true

>> No.24588691

things i like about both, if i had to pick id go fmab tho because its more elaborate, way closer to the manga and way more episodes, but the original was a nice remix of the story too

>> No.24588704

yea basically, fma is really stripped down and leaves more mystery for sure

>> No.24588888


>> No.24589138

pretty sure you are reading chinese

>> No.24589287

gonna watch vinland saga with english subs

>> No.24589346

its not a hard one with japanese subs

>> No.24589354

yea but i suck so i just wanna enjoy a show for the first time in a long time

>> No.24589434
File: 9 KB, 257x196, download (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

beginner here, how come sometimes i see sentences that don't fall into the subject object verb order when i read native material. i'll give an example that i read:
rather than
how come the first one doesn't follow the svo order? i'm probably just misunderstanding something but i've seen it happen often enough to ask about it. i don't know why the first part is going last when i'm used to it being at the start of the sentence

>> No.24589436 [DELETED] 

she’s funny

>> No.24589446


>> No.24589491 [DELETED] 

Starting to think this thread is a conspiracy to make me unhappy with my life

>> No.24589612

sov isnt a rule its just common
that example is just two parts
adding clarification after the fact
its like "did you like it? the book"

>> No.24589645

yep... if i try to "read" kanji i get fucked in the ass when i'm not familiar with the word. it seems the best way in the beginning is memorize the sound and scan over the word then try to evoke the memory of the sound.

>> No.24589668


>> No.24589675

i mean the word as whole

>> No.24589679

best way is anki for first 10k

>> No.24589690

i'm talking about anki, bro. just went through a brutal brutal brutal session today. my ass is bleeding, my neck is broken. i'm hurting
1000 cards

>> No.24589726

i'll cheer u up

>> No.24589764 [DELETED] 

imma fap now

>> No.24589775

i was gonna too but now i feel weird about it now youve announced youre gonna do it...

>> No.24589788

yea i'm gonna jack off to hitomi tanaka. ugly face but i don't really care since i love huge tits

>> No.24589802

yeah life is about compromises

>> No.24589856


>> No.24589861

ah i see, for some reason i thought it was a rule. thanks i appreciate it

>> No.24589862

you could use the mia vacation addon right about now

>> No.24589869

in my vacation there will be no wa no ga no no

>> No.24589998

acquire this dick

>> No.24590011

my mind is refusing to memorize 束縛

>> No.24590041


>> No.24590149

make cards for 拘束 and 呪縛 and itll be easy

>> No.24590165

i'll watch 1 hour of unsubbed anime as a punishment for my anki grinding

>> No.24590277

Atrocious show. My god it was so bad. The top review on MAL sums it up pretty well, the review by user HellLyter.

>> No.24590311


Can anyone find the book that this work supposedly translates?

>> No.24590313

i should have dropped as soon as the naruto running started but i gave it a couple more episodes than that

>> No.24590343

What does それはさ... mean?

>> No.24590350

i tried watching a couple episodes of it and i stopped because I couldn't tell the black people apart from each other. it made the plot impossible to follow.

>> No.24590361 [DELETED] 
File: 1.62 MB, 940x1396, 1593778335292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lolis! and yogurt!

>> No.24590405


>> No.24590418

So in Japanese sentences they alternate between Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji to separate words right? Are there some words you are always supposed to use the Kanji for or do you just always write words as they flow in the sentence and choose whichever writing works in that specific moment?

>> No.24590423

feel it out

>> No.24590435

stupid thing to worry about just read more

>> No.24590443

how do rtktards read 十重二十重

>> No.24590450

they're written the same way almost all the time

>> No.24590454

cross heavy 2 cross heavy

>> No.24590457


>> No.24590483

I’ve been told to “go back to my own country” by Japanese people too many times in TikTok comments for saying things like, “There’s no reason to wrap every cookie in the box in plastic” and “It’s wrong to say these racist things about a black man”. I think I’m done interacting online. I’d just prefer blissful ignorance.

>> No.24590496

haha get fucked

>> No.24590542

>Extremely homogeneous society has online racists
Woah.... Then again that is hardly different than the people saying
>Don't like x thing in America? Them leave!
People just get too prideful in shit like that and take any criticism by a foreigner (and sometimes a even by natives) on their country as criticism of themselves

>> No.24590544

fucking tiktok are you kidding me how old are you also they're right

>> No.24590560

honestly you fags have no business trying to change other countries

>> No.24590572

That is a false equivalence though, critiquing something is not the same as trying to force change

>> No.24590573 [DELETED] 

yall took my bait lol

>> No.24590584

Sorry bud. but you have been baited by my counterbait

>> No.24590586

yeah if only you faggots would leave it at that

>> No.24590589

that was me pretending to be the other guy

>> No.24590597


>> No.24590605

i feel like even "progressive" americans have this desire for imperialism and just mask it as striving for equality or whatever

>> No.24590621

responded to my own bait post and you thought someone was getting baited also the other posts are me to and your post as well

>> No.24590643

yeah that was me

>> No.24590650

You are the only other poster here, every other post is me with a different IP

>> No.24590651

i think i'm just retarded

>> No.24590654


>> No.24590658

lets play a game its called pretend all the posts in the thread except yours are written by the same person

>> No.24590665

>Can't understand shit in everday conversations despite being able to understand most written n3 material
>Start core 2k
>Start recognising core 2k words in conversation

Who'd have thought that knowing the words people use most in everyday conversation would help me understand them

>> No.24590672


>> No.24590688

nice try tobira guy

>> No.24590696

i just want everyone in the world to share my objectively correct morals is that so wrong

>> No.24590698

please visit animecards.site to learn how to stop being so bad

>> No.24590715

somehow i'm getting worse

>> No.24590721

thinking about getting a windows tablet like this so i can read books on chrome and use yomichan on them lol

>> No.24590724

>American crap smack at the top of the page

Oh, ummm, sorry anonykun

>> No.24590725

yeah and i cant sleep during the right times, and if i dont go to sleep i waste another day be ause im gonna pass out while watching anime

>> No.24590735

what does this mean

>> No.24590756

it means I'm reading it thank you

>> No.24590760

thinking about doing the same so i can read eroge in my yard

>> No.24590762


>> No.24590795

What is it with ni hon jeans and 寝顔 being daiji

>> No.24590802

i NEED anime godfather updates!!

>> No.24590860

Hate that that “guy” turned tobira into a meme because its a good damn book

>> No.24590872

genki is better

>> No.24590900

to waste your time on before acquiring, sure

>> No.24590914

it's completely useless
once you're at the level where you would be using it you should be spending your time on native media instead

>> No.24590918

is it compelling

>> No.24590981

I studied Genki 1 and 2. I memorized 2,200 常用 kanji characters and hundreds of japanese words in Anki. After learning Genki, I wasn’t able to consume native materials. I had been studying Tobira for a while. Tobira was doable because I already had some vocabulary.

I didn’t know what to learn next after Tobira. Thus, I started searching for a comprehensive learning plan.

Genki 1 and 2 cover JLPT N5 and N4.
Tobira seems to cover N4 and N3.
Nihongo So-Matome seems to be good for reviews
New Kanzen Master looks good for learning advanced japanese

I constructed a few learning paths.

Genki 1 & 2 -> Tobira -> New Kanzen Master N2 and N1
Genki 1 & 2 -> Tobira -> Nihongo So-matome N3, N2, and N1
Genki 1 & 2 -> Nihongo So-matome N3, N2, and N1
Genki 1 & 2 -> Tobira -> Nihongo So-Matome N3 -> New Kanzen Master N2 and N1
Genki 1 & 2 -> Nihongo So-Matome N3 -> New Kanzen Master N2 and N1

Which one do you recommend?

>> No.24590994

i feel like i'd probably benefit from spending a few hours going through a more ''advanced'' textbook in the sense that i could understand some stuff thats fuzzy and speed up my ability to acquire it once i see it again in context. but im too lazy to bother and everything i understand now i acquired just through input so its probably pointless.

>> No.24591026

give up
this language is impossible

>> No.24591027

i do think it's honestly a good idea to go through stuff like the dojg and whatnot as a reference but the textbookfaggotry sounds retarded

>> No.24591034

so you're reposting 2018 wanikani posts now?

of course nobody in the thread is just telling him to read and watch stuff instead lol

>> No.24591057
File: 328 KB, 769x1000, 1572318376917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


it's sad to see the extent of corrosive influence that exposure to american culture can have on an innocent japanese teenage boy

>> No.24591099
File: 463 KB, 650x480, sdfksdjhkshgksjdsdg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24591118

>first 10 seconds
>they're all spics or some form of mutt
must be california

>> No.24591142



>> No.24591148

dont wanna see shit like that

>> No.24591345

Just finished the first of the Genki books, feeling pretty proud of myself! :D

Granted, I’ll have to go back and review it regularly to stay fresh, but still!!!

Anyway, I’m thinking of starting the Heisig method now, and completing the first of those books before moving on to Genki II. What do you guys think?

>> No.24591361

Stop trying to bring me down with you bro you always posting that im really gonna have to beat your ass

>> No.24591403

do kklc if you want to do isolated kanji study. even if you don't want to memorize the added vocab, the order of the kanji is much better as it only teaches you kanji that you either know all the radicals that make it up or it teaches you another on to build off of.

>> No.24591476

its a reddit repost idiot

>> No.24591563

and? i'm too busy eating Cheetoes and cola while trying to contain the torrent of diarrhea that will soon be released from me like a fire hydrant. clearly this is a far more pressing matter

>> No.24591647

wotd 合わせ鏡

>> No.24591747

Is the Japanese translation of Katawa shoujo any good?

>> No.24591915

not sure

>> No.24592405


>> No.24592554

i'll just watch eng subbed and pretend it's a method to feel like i'm not giving up.
i'm tired, bros.

>> No.24592702

this language is going to drive me insane

>> No.24592723

i swear you will get out of that feeling at some point
felt like a long fever dream for me

>> No.24593051

Why do you guys never post dekinai chan xD come on, post some dekinai chan

>> No.24593200

im probably autistic

>> No.24593242

I can't look people in the eye properly I've thought this for years

>> No.24593289

i can do that, but i feel like i think about autistic stuff

>> No.24593456 [DELETED] 

coronavirus is a hoax and has no symptoms dont know why anyone cares anymore probably just so they can blame trump

>> No.24593509

yeah same here

>> No.24593642

bad anki day today, took 2.5 hours to rep my cards had to put 0 new cards today

>> No.24593687

... maybe
just maybe
you add too many cards

>> No.24593692
File: 80 KB, 468x836, 432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24593693

sounds like youve been havin bad anki days for a while if youre up to 2.5 hours you should prob do more about it than just stopping new cards

>> No.24593713

Is eroge really the way, anons? I feel a little more motivated but I'm not sure if all these different kanji for sex movement is doing me good

>> No.24593764

just read/listen to the hscenes, dont bother adding that shit to anki lmao

>> No.24593787

yes you bitch ass uppercaser, it really is the way, but you also need to supplement it with other shit you enjoy

>> No.24593907

kinda admire people who can drone this long but they are stupid at the end of the day

>> No.24594115

so many words can be either heiban or nakadaka cuz even japanese people cant tell the difference pitch accent is bullshit

>> No.24594270

lol at least say heiban or odaka otherwise its obvious that you dont get it

>> No.24594319

felt pitch yesterday

>> No.24594376


>> No.24594830


>> No.24594844

read the word インプリンティング for the first time yesterday in kizuato and then today it came up while watching urusei yatsura

>> No.24594872

you only need to know heiban and atamadaka anyways everything else can be 誤魔化す'd

>> No.24594895


>> No.24594918

i dont get it but what i said is true theres fuckin tons of words that can be heiban or nakadaka and im talkin about nouns

>> No.24595048

How the fuck are you supposed to remember the difference between 以外 and 意外

>> No.24595089

wtf is your problem

>> No.24595091

different pitch and meaning

>> No.24595300

Same kana, second kanji is the same, completely different meaning.
I always get these two mixed up.

>> No.24595460

As a relative beginner it really is a struggle to find material that I can decently understand that is not mind numbingly dull.

>> No.24595504


>> No.24595535

trying to learn this language is...
soul crushing

>> No.24595580

most languages are ez mode tbqh

>> No.24595762

peppa pig is always the best choice

>> No.24595808

Trying to learn Japanese from reading girls twitter timelines is not as productive as I had thought.

Did you know that ネイルする means getting your nails done?

>> No.24595809

read manga thats made for middleschoolers

>> No.24595841

>>doesn't actually recgonize it when watching anime/reading
this is a really weird phenomenon that i noticed while using anki

what causes it? people who advocate vocab cards (over sentence cards, which i've yet to try) do so because apparently they give you the ability to recognise words without relying on any context, but that's clearly not true.

i had the same experience when i tried dedicated kanji study too. i could reliably recognise or write certain kanji during my reviews but then when i encountered them in the wild, not only could i not remember the kanji's meaning or whatever, i couldn't remember ever even having seen it.

>> No.24595899
File: 73 KB, 568x384, 0qp2trvrfn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can somebody explain this contradiction of matt to me?

he says you shouldnt look up words too often because you burn out...
on the other hand he stresses the monolingual transition more than anything.

but monolingual dicts literally pull you often so far out of the true content that you loose flow.

>> No.24595910

i can recognize words ive done in anki just fine in context most of the time

>> No.24595914

sounds like a you problem

>> No.24595925

>he stresses the monolingual transition more than anything.
he doesn't

>> No.24595974

thats a problem you shouldnt be using anki to fix
you arent misreading it
youre never gonna actually be confused about what something says from forgetting which is which
and if you read more and itll become really obvious by association with other words that use 以 and 意

>> No.24596006

a balance of both is the most efficient.

>> No.24596007

anki is cancer to language learning just like achievements is to gaming

>> No.24596047

why do i get the feeling u dont know japanese

>> No.24596066

>i cant learn a language without anki
>i wont play a game without achievements

>> No.24596143

Whenever you learn a new word, look for a sentence used in anime, Manga, vn, YouTube, whatever, where that word is used.
This way, you may only be able to learn 20 words a day, but you will remember them better

>> No.24596168

True, it's only a problem in anki. It's just sad that I've been learning for 2 years and still get simple shit like this wrong.

>> No.24596177

wouldnt have had that problem if u had used anime cards

>> No.24596213

peppa pig has that annoying sound

try まるこちゃん

>> No.24596272

chii's sweet home, but it isnt very dialogue-dense so you can't mine much.

>> No.24596285

dude, anki is powerful as fuck. try using it to learn another european language and you'll get scared of how powerful it is. mad gainz in a short amount of time.

>> No.24596313

then what happens when u have a spreadsheet w. a exp bar lol

>> No.24596356

sometimes i just want to own the shit out of a weak ez language like spanish to assert my iq and gain back the confidence that this fucking impossible language has stolen from me

>> No.24596460

roughly on average how many 10-20 hour eroge/nukige until I don't need a dictionary?

>> No.24596503

those are like malfags

>> No.24596558


>> No.24596596
File: 55 KB, 712x949, 61999800_774716969596648_7204922245947326464_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did anybody actually ever manage to get kireicake into kindle digestible file format?

i would really love this.

>> No.24596667

Anki only helps you with the vocabulary. You still need to apply inflections, learn the genders, learn the correct word order, use prepositions correctly, learn the pronunciation, which could include voice training for specific sounds that are unique to the language, etc.
Before you know it, you sunk 2 months into this "ez language" that you could have spent learning more Japanese

>> No.24596668

dno kireicake is shit anyway

>> No.24596686

why? alot of definitions that are nowhere else found are explained there.

it saved me hours

>> No.24596736

if i remember right its the one thats going to cripple you
forgot the name of the other one too since ive deleted both of them now

>> No.24596780
File: 37 KB, 712x765, 62154614_774716956263316_5019799123767853056_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anki cripples
pausing cripples
morphman cripples
subs2srs clipples

now dictionaries cripple me...

seriously... guys...

>> No.24596804

i mean yeah just watch eng subbed anime

>> No.24596814

don't forget
lack of anki use cripples
not pausing cripples too

>> No.24596833

The easiest language to learn is the language you really want to learn, because you will never struggle with motivation issues and you will never struggle to find more material to consume.

Let's take Spanish. I don't want to learn that shit and I'd have to force myself to learn it. I don't want to watch Mexican shit either.
So to me, Japanese is easier to learn than Spanish.

>> No.24596871

As a child I actually learned English from Japanese video games that were translated into English and had my native language's subtitles.

If publishers weren't shit, I could have learned Japanese instead

>> No.24596895

what's up with kitsunekko bros?

>> No.24596898

kireicake is full of errors so you wont know whats right or wrong without googling
treating anki like your main language learning game does cripple, its a supplement
nuke is living proof pausing cripples
morphman is pointless unless you dont want to consume the language for some reason
all the sub2srs fags end up reading anime slides in anki which is just lol

>> No.24596921


>> No.24596930

patreon only now

>> No.24596945
File: 911 KB, 336x252, 1561816624065.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24596960

happens from time to time. will be probably back in a few hours or days. longest timespan was about a week.

>> No.24597026

nuke is living proof that being nuke cripples

>> No.24597062

if you haven't archived everything you have interest in e.g downloading everything off kitsunekko i feel sorry for you

>> No.24597081

how to know this

>> No.24597098

So which jlpt level are you?

>> No.24597102

everything on the internet is eventually either going to be taken down or belong to google facebook or amazon
gotta grab your shit while the goings good

>> No.24597110

would if i could but im out of storage from archiving more important things (eroge and anime)

>> No.24597114


>> No.24597156


>> No.24597157

Just read more

>> No.24597160


>> No.24597219


>> No.24597240

I believe this is more to do with either trying to read too quickly and not actually examining the word properly which you must do as a learner. It could also have to do with the fact that core decks are often ordered in such a way that you will be reviewing words containing characters you’ve never seen anywhere else but on that card. This means your memory in regards to that character is weak and you many not recognize it in the wild. You may instead see the character you are familiar with and confuse the other character with another one, thinking it’s a different word. This is the fault of the core deck ordering, although this can also happen when mining. I avoid this problem by making sure when I add a word in anki with a new character I really make sure I remember it by adding a few other words with that character.
Best option here is anime with JP subtitles and heavy pausing, treating it like you’re reading a manga with animations and music. The visual context and shorter sentences in anime will make it easy enough for you to work your way through although long technical character monologues and such will still be hard.

>> No.24597241

jesus christ rukako's voice is pure sex
why doesn't this have h scenes

>> No.24597274

cuz then ud have to rename it steins;gay

>> No.24597508


>> No.24597519

heres ur daily input stream


this dude still really out here

>> No.24597586

i reckon grug is the best name fag
he larped as an ethiopian and 1 shot every quiz lvl as a joke and quiz coped so hard he thought it was ciaran (maybe he misses him???)

>> No.24597611

u can tell the 2 most important ppl to quizler are queeran and jamal

>> No.24597642

sokubaku is really ez tho

>> No.24597666

have u memorized 呪縛

>> No.24597678

dont care about namefags

*speed-dabs 23 times in a row*

>> No.24597680

sounds based

>> No.24597688

imagining ur retard ass dabbing so hard u break ur own nose lmao

>> No.24597716

jamal is an official supporter of my vocab learning method, kia, the kanji immersion approach?!

>> No.24597727
File: 102 KB, 601x430, 1541869691446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24597728

? i just saw 束縛 and thought of the other word that i learned from playin video games haha

>> No.24597739

those are kia principles in action brother

>> No.24597749

well ur gonna owe me some back royalties then if u want to call it ur vocab learning method

>> No.24597759

the first word i thought of from that post was 緊縛 but 呪縛 was #2

>> No.24597765

it was the reverse for me cuz im a true yungman gamer at heart 1st and a pervert 2nd

>> No.24597779 [DELETED] 

should i masturbate before going to the store, at the store or after

>> No.24597790 [DELETED] 

i remember the days when i could go to the store

now i have to get everything delivered and spray it down with bleach in my driveway while wearing my hazmat suit

>> No.24597798

fragile ossan is fragile

>> No.24597806 [DELETED] 

hmu im gonna hook u up with some supplements

>> No.24597832 [DELETED] 

get grampa his vitamin d for bone health

>> No.24597840

basic principle of kia is its easier to learn a new word if it is composed of kanji from words you already know
this should be take advantage of more in the early game for easy gains

>> No.24597858

>holy shit why would they even make this fucked up language w t f
me at least 10 times a day

>> No.24597869

ah so i didnt do what u thought i was doing

i just understood the 縛 part of 束縛 intuitively as far as like meaning or w.e and so from there i thought of 呪縛 without even thinking abt kanji

i wasnt even 100% sure the 縛 would be there but i was like yah it should be

>> No.24597880

wotd: 賽の河原

>> No.24597881 [DELETED] 

yeah vitamin d is good, but we gonna get you on some zinc and hydroxychloroquine

>> No.24597889 [DELETED] 

i get enough zinc and i aint takin nothin w. a name that long its clearly some shady conspiracy bull shit

>> No.24597899

zinc with plaquenil

>> No.24597913

i dont need no nyquil

>> No.24597926 [DELETED] 

well my neighbor has been trying to get it on purpose as some sort of suicide or something and he cant seem to get it no matter what.. he intentionally touches his face and doesnt wear masks or wash his hands or anything so its a weird virus for sure

>> No.24597927

fine ill just give you zinc with ramune

>> No.24597933

now were talkin

>> No.24597952

that’s interesting
so when 呪縛 popped into your head was it manifested as a concept, or the sound of the word being pronounced or something

>> No.24597954 [DELETED] 

has he been tested? he might just have not gotten sick but still got it and became a epic super spreader w.o even knowing

i heard a story about some meat head dipshit who didnt take it seriously and got it and gave it to his dad and it killed him and then the next weekend he was out at some beach gathering lol fuck humanity

>> No.24597974

yah the sound of baku as the 2nd part i understood as like the concept connected to saying it or whatever

>> No.24597981

sounds like me

>> No.24598013

yea i take zink every other day to oginau the amount i lose every day by fapping

>> No.24598017 [DELETED] 

he doesnt want to get tested because they shove a 6 inch q-tip into your brain but hes been completely a-symptomatic.. i told him its not just a suicidal behavior it homicidal bc he could spread it to vulnerable ppl, but people are pretty dumb

>> No.24598064

you love to see all the "this language is impossible" comments by upset shitters lol

>> No.24598132 [DELETED] 

honestly if youre gonna die from flu it was your time to go anyway granpa

>> No.24598150

this, nature just doing it's thing

>> No.24598153

if you haven't ever thought that then you're probably a noob and don't realize it

>> No.24598158
File: 1.29 MB, 1038x541, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

will u ever be this bassed (plz get the joke) when ur 51 years old

>> No.24598171


>> No.24598173

dno bro feel like im gonna die before i hit 40 maybe even 30

>> No.24598175

take your meds psychopath

>> No.24598187

this might actually be true for >>24598064

>> No.24598202

sorry dont use meds
ive already accepted that death is part of everyones life

>> No.24598232

anime discussion belongs on >>>/a/

nothing in your post pertains to learning japanese

>> No.24598239

sayin this language is fuckin impossible is just a simple observation theres no emotion behind it

>> No.24598244

neither does anything in ur post so guess what u are literally as bad as that guy in 5% of the amount of words

get owned biotch !! lmao

>> No.24598245 [DELETED] 

being apathetic is about as unenlightened as you can get, death is miserable but youre probably still too young to realize that

>> No.24598249

look at all the coping shitters that come out of the woodwork lol

>> No.24598255

thats called efficiency

>> No.24598258

yea especially the post >>24598132

>> No.24598259

he keeps posting walls of text about hxh in every thread

>> No.24598266 [DELETED] 

is death actually miserable tho

to say that is to still be living

>> No.24598271

what kind of shitter are u

>> No.24598282

doesnt your brain release shit load of dopamine or something when you die

>> No.24598283

realist leaning toward optimistic shitter

>> No.24598284

i dont read them but i respect them

>> No.24598291

i mean for everybody involved, i've lost my son, my wife, my brother, my father, etc. and its pretty fucking terrible for the people left behind

>> No.24598300

don't think there's much in there to release

>> No.24598311

lmao i think you mean the Euthanasia Coaster

>> No.24598317

when i think of all the trash anime that will come out after i die that ill never get to watch i get a little choked up

>> No.24598327

just stay on nofap for a week before your death

>> No.24598332

fuck just learned another suffix (ぐむ)

>> No.24598341

imagine what anime will be like in 20 years it'll be awful

>> No.24598342 [DELETED] 

yah cuz in order to keep the game of life going making the living really not wanna die or see others die is really important but maybe its not so bad in the end

i mean we didnt exist until we came to be so were we dead then ? if all life is connected then i would say yes we were in the same state before this life that we will be after this life

anyway condolences uve definitely had ur struggles but theres other ppl who have never even had ppl they cared about in the 1st place to know the joy of existing together with them and the sadness and pain of having to go on without them

are they better or worse off ?

>> No.24598344

its a long ride

>> No.24598357

bet all anime will look as good as ubw and kny in 10 years

>> No.24598364

? you've been skipping my threadly streamables wtf?

>> No.24598367

worse off because humans are social creatures

>> No.24598372

i definitely wont be watching them so who cares

>> No.24598388

sorry, but i read exclusively cause listening is too hard for me

>> No.24598401

potentially but consider this: harmony only truly exists when there is only 1 human

there is no more right and wrong there is no need for things like hatred

if theres only 1 human then humanity is truly perfect and as close to god as they could ever hope to be

>> No.24598404 [DELETED] 

true.. pretty much what i conclude from all of the loss.. it doesnt matter what you do it all balances back out in the end, since its all borrowed and its just a moment. i like to think something will matter somewhere down the line though and maybe being a bit nicer we can tip the scales

>> No.24598407

that would be really cool

>> No.24598415

maybe, but i feel like most lonely people hate themselves

>> No.24598418

well it ain't gonna get much easier if you don't do it

>> No.24598476 [DELETED] 

in trying to be objective as i can as a subjective human i can really only conclude that everything we ever think or feel is just simply a cope for our cursed awareness and consciousness in the first place

what matters or doesnt is only relative to the human mind but literally to nothing else around us

its also why i believe somewhere along the way humans were cut off from the rest of the flow of life so to speak on this planet

theres a reason animals and such can sense natural disaster before it hits and we cant

theres a reason why theres growing evidence that jungles and stuff are just giant flourishing ecosystems where all the plant life somehow communicates and is connected to each other

theres a reason why we as humans destroy instead of live in harmony with our surroundings that facilitate our very existence

we are the disease

>> No.24598498

sounds like projection

>> No.24598511

yeah it definitely is from my part

>> No.24598524

ciaran accidentally posted his full name here along with the university he attended once

i won't give any more info than that because i don't want to dox him or help anyone else do so, but ciaran is legit his real name

>> No.24598541

what vn did you play

>> No.24598552


u already know

>> No.24598576

oh wait i remember that post but i don't remember that being ciaran

>> No.24598590
File: 527 KB, 500x594, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24598597

id dox him for a laugh since it'd be very easy with the info i already have but he doesnt seem to care so it wouldnt be worth it

>> No.24598599

sounds like the boring message that every studio ghibli film has

>> No.24598602

i probably wouldnt have used my real name on discord if i thought you'd all be talking about me in here all the time but thats just the way it goes

>> No.24598614

nausicaa isnt boring

>> No.24598618

made a 1000000 sentence bank


>> No.24598630

if u had a more common name like mike or steve it prolly woulda worked out better

>> No.24598637

im not on facebook or any other social media so id honestly be surprised if you could find out much about me just from my full name + uni

>> No.24598638


>> No.24598644

how many words and kanjis do you need to know to read vns with relative ease?

>> No.24598648

dont tempt 4chan dude arent u like about 30 u should have been around long enough to know..

>> No.24598657

probably like 20k words and however many kanji are in those words

>> No.24598660

find out by reading more

>> No.24598669

i'd surprise you trust me

>> No.24598671

words ? idk

kanjis ? 0


>> No.24598678

gonna order some cheese pizza for ciaran

>> No.24598690

was thinking about catfishing people on tinder and shit since there is dual revenue potential through sugar daddies and also doxing the retards and blackmailing those that are married. fuck i wish i didnt have any morals life would be so ez.

>> No.24598692

the site is hosted on a potato

until it comes back up you can use:
(not sure how up to date this is kept so it might be missing newer additions to the kitsunekko site, but it has a lot of netflix subs which kitsunekko lacks)

>> No.24598696

jamal what do you think of the 15 year old?

>> No.24598705

gonna order 500 pound sterling worth of monkey shit for ciaran

>> No.24598708

yeah having morals sucks

>> No.24598712

it's not gay if it's cute

>> No.24598714

if he's actually 15 that fact collapses jamutts house of cards about needing 10 years to get decent haha

>> No.24598719


>> No.24598733

maybe he turned on the english subs at the young age of 5
(or maybe jamal is just full of crap ??)

>> No.24598738

why not take up an honest profession like this guy


hes playing the fmab op rn lmao

>> No.24598740 [DELETED] 

>theres a reason animals and such can sense natural disaster before it hits and we cant
yea thats always freaked me out too, or chimpanzees can memorize like 13 numbers on a screen in just 1 second, a human struggles to do even 4. animals are actually incredibly smart but in specific ways, they think we gave all of that up for the ability to be able to communicate better. ive thought about that a lot. maybe meditation can give you access to that animal super brain again, by shutting down the communication part for a while. i think in the end we'll probably just make a black hole and suck up our solar system up or an ai, or a super virus, so many ways this could all go bad so its just a matter of time and we're probably the luckiest generation to ever live so enjoy this shit as much as you can

>> No.24598753

read closer to the beginning of the thread, apparently there's a 15 year old that made some good nip gains

>> No.24598758

>wake up
>kitsunekko is kill
Well time to go back to bed

>> No.24598766

oh well i never said u need 10 years but remember i just lived my happy go lucky days not really concerned with learning japanese but nonetheless absorbing

>> No.24598795

fair enough it does sound like you had a good time

>> No.24598810


>> No.24598839 [DELETED] 

that chimpanzee study didnt really find that tho

> Ayumu received extensive practice on the task; the humans to whom he was compared received none. At least one subsequent study shows that humans can match Ayumu’s performance. In spite of this basic methodological error, the claim of superior spatial working memory in chimpanzees has been widely and uncritically repeated in the popular and scientific media. Propagation of this incorrect idea distracts from more fruitful explorations of chimpanzee memory and undermines ongoing research into human and primate evolution.

>> No.24598846

i still have a good time

even if now i walk towards the future with my back to it while facing the past and watchig it get smaller and smaller. ...

>> No.24598872

lmao velka ip banned me lool

>> No.24598892 [DELETED] 

heres my emotional experience reading this post

>yea thats always freaked me out too, or chimpanzees can memorize like 13 numbers on a screen in just 1 second, a human struggles to do even 4.
oh cool i didnt know that but ill take ur word for it im a trusting guy after all

>animals are actually incredibly smart but in specific ways, they think we gave all of that up for the ability to be able to communicate better. ive thought about that a lot.
nice this is good stuff thx for sharing i like hearing ppls thoughts like these

>maybe meditation can--
i feel the disgust well up and unfortunately have concluded u are dead to me

>> No.24598897

jamal, even though I agree with the rest of the people here that your method is pretty crap and you probably arent as good as you say you are, but i have to respect the fact that you had plenty of fun while doing it and are much less of a doomer than 90% of the thread, good stuff jamal.

do you think the kid is for real though? im pretty interested myself

>> No.24598903

interesting, but like i said i think we can still tap into that animal brain with lots of work so that doesnt necessarily change my opinion, ill check that out more though

>> No.24598916

why are you guys talking about some discord guy who isnt even posting here

>> No.24598920

>you probably arent as good as you say you are
how good do i ever say i am im pretty sure i link this every fuckin time someone asks how good i am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oet27pu0KR8#t=122

anyway i didnt scroll up to find the link or w.e so i cant tell u if i think the kids for real can u link it again

>> No.24598928

to be clear i 100% agree that humans have specialized in a way that has reduced a lot of cognitive function to favor language. just that study in particular is a weird one that's kind of sketchy (though it is remarkable that chimpanzees can do it as well as they do in the first place)

>> No.24598929

whats the best stuff to start off with for listening practice with no subtitles?

>> No.24598953

then you add eng subs

>> No.24598956

peppa pig

>> No.24598970

if he isn't posting here that's probably proof enough he's making gains

they start talking about him around here

>> No.24598976

had a rezu dream. the girls were licking each others tits and one of the girls asked me in japanese if this was ok for my gf who wasnt there
think it was precognitive dream, and im gonna have 3some with some hot bitches in future

>> No.24598986

cgdct is a good starting point because women VAs tend to speak much clearer and its rare for a cgdct show to have many voiced male characters

>> No.24598997

so its just some underage on the tranny discord with no actual content to judge ? yah whatever nothin to talk about then

>> No.24599007

even male voice actors in sol or kids' anime speak very clearly

>> No.24599026

>there is no more right and wrong
yeah there is, insofar as right and wrong exist in the first place cuz you can do wrong to yourself

>> No.24599028

i mean he achieved the top role there for passing their hard quiz and he chimes in on vns sometimes. will you join and btfo him?

>> No.24599041

im not looking for ppl to btfo constantly but if u want my opinion on if someones for real give me content like them speaking and reading and ill tell u

>> No.24599048

mildly amused by the two russian comments there in contrast to the rest of the comments

>> No.24599052


>> No.24599075

nice if something appears ill ask for your opinion

>> No.24599076

manko sounds like a sub-saharan african king's name

>> No.24599077

wow hes based

>> No.24599100


>> No.24599103 [DELETED] 

weird you have such a respect for nature at the same time no respect for meditation which makes you more in tune with it. imo its the bombardment of society on our minds that makes us so bad at syncing with nature and reality. we get lost in the past and future instead of in the moment, we get caught up in drama, we get infected with what is essentially mind viruses all of the time. a moment of retreat from all of that is very healthy

>> No.24599117

that's actually a good dream considering it was in japanese

>> No.24599142

yeah gotta take that immersion to the next lvl

>> No.24599150

ciaran seems more like a spicy sausage pizza man

>> No.24599169 [DELETED] 

>no respect for meditation which makes you more in tune with it
sorry dude our opinions on this matter do not line up

>imo its the bombardment of society on our minds that makes us so bad at syncing with nature and reality
maybe but i think weve lost some sort of instinct along the way that we cant really get back without more evolution or devolution depending on ur perspective

>we get lost in the past and future instead of in the moment, we get caught up in drama, we get infected with what is essentially mind viruses all of the time. a moment of retreat from all of that is very healthy
um u dont have to sit cross legged in the middle of ur living room or w.e and breathe deep to live in the moment and be in the flow of livin on ur 本能s its just called find something to do that facilitates flow with no time to be mentally idle

because in fact i would say being mentally idle is what allows all the noise u speak about to creep in in the first place

>> No.24599184

yah id send that dude 10 hawaiian pizzas

>> No.24599195

this is a good post

>> No.24599196

i thought 少女終末旅行 would be a chill relaxing show with easy japanese but it honestly stresses me out a lot

>> No.24599210 [DELETED] 

>because in fact i would say being mentally idle is what allows all the noise u speak about to creep in in the first place
this is what (mindfulness) meditation tries to combat

>> No.24599240
File: 14 KB, 300x168, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can imagine ciaran eatin one of these havin some fancy fizzy lemonade while watchin raw jidai geki stuff on his 50" tv

>> No.24599261

why do that when u can actually do something as simple as play a competitive video game


step into my marketplace of ideas

>> No.24599278

wasnt ciaran vegan or was that someone else

>> No.24599283

>why do that when u can actually do something as simple as play a competitive video game
so would you argue that something gripping like a competitive video game also makes you more mindful?

>> No.24599285

>chorizo and black pudding pizza
thats gotta be some good shit

>> No.24599304

theres no way ciarans a vegan
judging from his personality im sure he loves roast beef, mutton, kebabs, curry, jamon, and all sorts of other meaty delicacies

>> No.24599310

cum isn't vegan

>> No.24599316 [DELETED] 

i wouldnt argue i would dictate that yes playing against ur human opponent u become honed in on their every movement and learn their tendencies and timings and u are very focused on beating them based on ur ability to execute based on ur fraction of a second reactions to what they do or what u think they are about to do

aint got no time to worry abotu social media or greater society at large when ur engaged in battle my dude

>> No.24599317

nah youre right i am a vegan lol

i do miss a good pizza though the vegan ones just dont cut it

>> No.24599324

Why? The setting of everything being dead and gone seems about as comfy as it gets.

>> No.24599326

jamal, based post

>> No.24599333


>> No.24599352

watching some great scenes from my favorite anime of all time

>> No.24599353

you are not solid snake, you are not raiden
you're a dude holding a controller on the other side of the screen

>> No.24599355

well you dont have to sit any certain way honestly but sitting certain ways is part of the placebo aspect of it, the mind is very susceptible to the power of suggestion. somehow weird efforts like that increase the impact. in some countries if somebody curses you and you believe in it enough you'll actually die. people have had witch doctors give them strokes just with suggestion. there is a ton of other trippy effects the power of suggestion has and its another aspect of our humanism. we are the most adaptable species on the planet and we evolve and devolve every day. you dont have to call it meditation, its a very loaded and misunderstood concept, but mindfulness is a muscle and working it will change you more than anything else will. instead of letting everything in your life just merely happen by accident

>> No.24599371

i cringed

>> No.24599373 [DELETED] 

and as the dude on the other side of the screen i will savagely destroy u with patience and well timed execution *drags thumb across neck*


if u wanna learn how to post like me take notes

i saw a episode of like the newer cobra anime or some shit where every1 was climbing a snowy mountain but as soon as they stopped believing the mountain was there it disappeared and they just fell into the abyss lol thats what ur post reminds me of

>> No.24599380

want to decapitate med tranny

>> No.24599399

want to kiss meisou girls beautiful slender neck while i slightly choke her

>> No.24599421


>> No.24599422

well regardless i like fleshing out this stuff so thanks for the chat, too bad i couldnt sway you at all

>> No.24599453

human cum is usually harvested ethically

>> No.24599463

good post

>> No.24599486 [DELETED] 

were in 2 different places and as the human i am im very hardheaded and stubborn when it comes to things i feel very strongly about because i have my own manifestations of proof and i rarely care if they are good enough for someone else

the only way i can be swayed is when someone communicates to me in a way that i can verify myself by my own thoughts and mental processes

>> No.24599493
File: 148 KB, 896x130, based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24599505

that's why you were so delusional you couldn't take yesterday's l

>> No.24599509

yeah anime will never be this good again

>> No.24599523

meisou girl what are your thoughts on lolis

>> No.24599525

oh there were so many Ls yesterday i think he's still carrying some with him

>> No.24599528

do u really wanna go there again im happy to write another 500 replies about how i absolutely put all u knuckleheads flat on ur backs and stood 1 foot on yalls chest whilst beating my own once again

>> No.24599561
File: 1.29 MB, 1024x547, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24599575


>> No.24599576
File: 107 KB, 1026x516, HUNT-881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24599604


>> No.24599606

if i saw ppl bein pervs at the library id kick em all in the ass

>> No.24599656


>> No.24599675

goku was a bad husband and father

i have no idea how this shit would fly in 2020 ppl would throw a fuckin fit

and dont even get me started on mr poopoo


>> No.24599691

how do we turn back time

>> No.24599700
File: 250 KB, 704x1583, 1335357432827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?

>> No.24599716
File: 79 KB, 420x432, jamal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can u stop djt is my happy place

>> No.24599721

can u give me a yt link to that timestamp so i can tell u all of them r wrong

>> No.24599730


>> No.24599732

first give me the raw jimaku

>> No.24599933
File: 68 KB, 500x741, GWhMoYtmEW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24599992

never going to understand this stupid language

>> No.24600005

its making me confront the fact that nothing is permanent and we're spoiled by the fact that in industrialized society we view resources as basically infinite.

>> No.24600014

nobody really does

>> No.24600072

the faster you delete anki the faster you will learn japanese

>> No.24600101

wont delete my anki deck until i hit 50k words

>> No.24600105

the 15 minutes i spend per day on anki is definitely the deciding factor

>> No.24600124


it's out

matt dunking on mary et al

>> No.24600131


its up bros

>> No.24600142

matt cultists are such fucking weirdos

>> No.24600148

omg matto-sama1!11

>> No.24600158


cant believe i clicked this piece of shit this idiot thinks reading is easier cuz u can spend all the time smashing ur head into what something means in a language ur not fluent in lol

>> No.24600203

fuck off

>> No.24600212

how so?
stfu twerp

>> No.24600214

smart man, im doing the same or i might just use the retirement addon or something

>> No.24600225

yea you spent a lot of time trying to figure out what せっかく覚えた日本語 meant but you just couldn't do it so i guess you're right

>> No.24600231

>reading is easier than listening because lookups guys

>> No.24600243

filtering youtube videos thanks to mattofags now
the few gems aren't worth the garbage

>> No.24600258

reading isnt easier!!! ignore the twice daily posts about someone being unable to watch anime without japanese subtitles.

>> No.24600266

ty based mattochads dropping knowledge bombs on these plebs

>> No.24600272

it was proven last thread that matt is better at japanese than you so i'm going to be taking his advice on this one, sorry

>> No.24600277

its infinitely easier

>> No.24600303


>> No.24600306

listening is easy since i got me some english subs

>> No.24600312

mary made it in 3 years whereas matt took a decade so i'll listen to him

>> No.24600324

made it right into the dumpster

>> No.24600335

he > u

>> No.24600354

reading is easier because the kanji tell you what the word means.

>> No.24600365

>doesn't actually recgonize it when watching anime/reading
it's extremely rare for me to hover over a word and find out i've already mined it. especially if it's a matured word. perhaps you are just stupid?

>> No.24600366

don't care about anime, only manga and syosetu
it's reading all the way for me

>> No.24600392

mary's still making excuses for why he sucks dick compared to matt tho lol

>> No.24600397

yep you are a super genius drone haha

>> No.24600421

your understanding will be pretty limited if you don't listen to the language. there's a lot of metalinguistic information that you only get from hearing it so you won't be able to replicate dialogue accurately just from reading

>> No.24600425

does anybody know what's the deal with the ともあろう is it just saying that someone is trying to be a samurai general?

>> No.24600443

just google ともあろう方 and click on one of the many sites explaining what it means

>> No.24600457

it's a spaced repetition system that provides no context outside of simply existing within anki. you don't need to be a genius. simply don't be retarded. also what's up with
>anki drone adds 100 words
>slowly memorizes them over 300 days of droning
is one word learned every three days the maximum your brain can handle?

>> No.24600465

you can tell how good matt is by the fact that even ciaran is jealous of him

>> No.24600475

i want to do 50 new words just to see what its like but i also dont want to add more reviews for the next couple of days どうしよう

>> No.24600480

from what ive seen the only dude truly worthy of being jealous of is george cuz hes the only 1 that demonstrates he knows japanese in a variety of contexts despite his weaknesses w. the written language

>> No.24600481

i wonder how long the janny banned jamal for this time lol

>> No.24600486

i get a free pass cuz im thread vip

>> No.24600490

oh nvm

>> No.24600502

oh interesting. i hadn't seen it before so i hadn't considered that the entire block would function as a singular grammatical use.

>> No.24600503

huh? im not jealous of anyone im pretty content with my existence im sure matt is much better than me at japanese but so are millions of japanese people who im also not jealous of

>> No.24600507

lol did matt admit to needing english subtitles for american movies? is he deaf?

>> No.24600508 [DELETED] 

got banned for asking question related to jp

>> No.24600521

good honestly anyone that posts itt should be banned

>> No.24600528

so why do you always try to make out that he can't read things he claims to be able to just cuz you can't read them yourself?

>> No.24600530

are you trying to be disingenuous or are you really unable to understand what he said

>> No.24600547 [DELETED] 

i got banned for recommending meditation when its extremely helpful for acquisition

>> No.24600548

link the post

>> No.24600550 [DELETED] 

yeah ill just update that i didnt masturbate before going to the store

>> No.24600552

what? i think you're confusing me with someone else lol

>> No.24600561

i also watch english language films with subtitles because the audio mixing usually sucks and the actors often mumble their lines so i can't tell what the fuck anyone is saying

>> No.24600567

good, this is an intermediate thread

>> No.24600577

how many words do you mine a day

>> No.24600579 [DELETED] 

Sam Harris is pretty hot https://youtu.be/YX6Q1wecMP4

>> No.24600584

i just dont know why its so hard to understand that matto makes garbage content and has no credentials in anything and doesnt even specifically try to help ppl with japanese

if u want general language learning tips why wouldnt u actually listen to somebody thats been around


otherwise if its specifically for japanese i suggest watching someone that deals specifically in japanese such as that nihongonomori bitch lol

>> No.24600591

if you used your brain retard you would be able to figure out it meant 100 cards a day

>> No.24600598

had a dream i accidentally sent loli pics to my contacts list

>> No.24600617

this guy ends up paying a tutor to talk to him like a baby for hours a week and then from the comments it seems like he still has very poor arabic

>> No.24600623

i just dont know why its so hard to understand that jamal makes garbage posts and has no credentials in anything and doesnt even specifically try to help ppl with japanese

>> No.24600634

instead im sending this post to the fbi and its not a dream

if thats true then thats cuz hes not getting enough input and he knows that its not the same as actually going out to the sand dunes and conversing with locals to secure ur daily living

>> No.24600642

well at least he didnt get btfo by matt like qm did

>> No.24600656

now this is simple im in the daily japanese thread not posting garbage content on youtube expecting ppl to subscribe to me and give me money to continue making garbage content

im just posting in a already ongoing discussion in a tiny corner of the internet no one goes to

>> No.24600659

matt didn't even have to lift a finger to btfo jamal

jamal just btfo'd himself

>> No.24600667

wtf no dont, yurusite kure

>> No.24600673

Everyone here is following the MIA method whether you like to admit it or not

>> No.24600674

how cuz u say so or

>> No.24600689

>instant reply
see ur still stinging from the loss lmfao

>> No.24600693

"mass immersion approach method" doesnt make sense wouldnt it just be "everyone here is following the MIA"

matt gets very particular about how you use the brand(tm)

>> No.24600708


RIP animecards lol

>> No.24600709


>> No.24600729

is there any more tests like this and jcat?

>> No.24600734

did this guy really study JP for a decade?

>> No.24600748

when did matt btfo qm

>> No.24600762
File: 35 KB, 523x223, firefox_mSNdMewMZg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice program

>> No.24600773

more like im still high on the adrenaline from destroying u lil fucks AGAIN with 1 arm tied behind my back

>> No.24600774

mined this yesterday

>> No.24600791

jamal was mindbroken
the FEAR of even attempting to engage matto gave him pause

>> No.24600797


>> No.24600798

never because qm got good more quickly than matt did due to his use of anime cards
matts just jealous that he didnt have +21k cards 3 years in

>> No.24600800

not really

it's been almost a decade since he started but he doesn't do anything much in or with japanese anymore

back in 2017 he made a 3 hour long video talking about his experience and basically said that he was sick of japanese and didn't care about it anymore

>> No.24600806

bring him here then

>> No.24600819

cant believe i used to think of jamal as my nihongo hero...

>> No.24600829

why should someone like matt who's time is worth money come here to talk to you?

he offered you a free 1-on-1 but you pussied out, not his problem

>> No.24600830

you are small fry to him, why should he come to you
he offered after all
it's understandable, i too would be hesitant especially after trashing the guy

>> No.24600836

why does qm still mix up simple things like 先に vs 前に?

>> No.24600842

i was offered something i didnt ask for

u dont get to dictate what i do or when i do it

>> No.24600847

tell matto to smd

>> No.24600850

ok pussy

>> No.24600854

if matt did come here and start posting at jamal, jamal would just do his usual evasive tactics where he tries to say as little as possible in concrete terms to seem like he knows what he's talking about

>> No.24600857
File: 46 KB, 729x191, 1538340575963.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the same reason this happened
lol pussy

>> No.24600858

[email protected] idea that matt can offer advice on the secrets of becoming autistic and kuuki wo yomenai-ing by benjou anime-ing pokemon during lunchtime

>> No.24600870

yattay me-seroo lmao

>> No.24600877

jamal is probably clenching his asshole right now
the pure terror of being challenged by matto so suddenly got to him

>> No.24600886

somebody post the KOUGOH streamable again

>> No.24600892


>> No.24600898

ichibun tsuyoi gayjin ni nuddy-tie

>> No.24600914


>> No.24600920

it's ok, you can talk all the shit you want here in your safe space jamal
we all know you'd get bodied in seconds if you even DARED to converse with matto
explains your current state

>> No.24600925

from what i can tell i wasnt challenged by anyone just quizler who has nothin else goin on in his life tried to instigate some kind of contact without either of the 2 parties input lol

the pure definition of a little dick sucka lol hes so mad that he doesnt know japanese that all hes got left is to try to take me down with him and sorry adolf but in the end ur the 1 whos gonna bite into the poison pill all on ur own

>> No.24600941

true it does say a lot about quiz that he didn't offer to debate jamal on voice by himself but instead tried to get his superiors to fight it out

>> No.24600949

quiz actually offered many times to do a reading challenge with jamal but jamal pussied out of all of them


>> No.24600953

dude, what's there to get
he arranged a meeting and you pussied out because of cowardice
your safe space is still safe, man, this just makes you look worse
mary has repeatedly challenged quiz to a read off but jamal pussies out every time

>> No.24600958

think about it misery loves company and after his beloved ciaran-aniki broke up with him quizlers just lost and boundless the only mentor he ever thought he had completely shattered his fragile little heart that had only become able to know love and adoration for another man for the first time

>> No.24600967

quizlers fucking gay id rather pressure clean my driveway

>> No.24600969

"readoff" is the gayest shit ive ever heard so can't blame jamal for not wanting to participate

>> No.24600970

matt still sucks at japanese & knows it but pretends hes good by ordering his mia slaves to post anonymously on djt defending him against people who are even worse than him

>> No.24600973

hey, enough with the homophobic language, you're going to hurt ciaran's feelings

>> No.24600977

queeran has a thick enough skin as hes tasted some of the sweets and sours in life that he wouldnt give 2 shits what anyone here posts much like me

>> No.24600980

the excuses just make you look worse man
you won't talk to quiz or matto or anyone with verified skill or that matter and everyone knows why

>> No.24600990

look worse to who

ppl who dont know japanese and are gay annoying little shits to boot ? big loss really this sux im sorry u wont acknowledge me as ur lord and savior im going to lose sleep over this

>> No.24600992

love sam, nobody breaks an abstract concept down better than that thnx

>> No.24600995

wonder if he found the taste of all those チンポs sweet or sour

>> No.24601002

depends on if there was whipped cream on them first

>> No.24601003

pretty faggot move from quiz desu senpai
why the fuck is he trying to set up dates with people

>> No.24601005

>>ppl who dont know japanese and are gay annoying little shits to boot ?
so now your real feelings towards djt come out

do you just come here to feel better about yourself then huh

don't know what other reason you would have to post all day in a place with people you look down on like this

>> No.24601008

another really weird copepost loaded with excuses, but w/e
i ain't the one who's supposedly been acquiring for 2 decades but refuses to engage with people having done so for a fraction of the time lmao

>> No.24601009

jamal sucks pissler sucks matt sucks
every single non-nip pretending to learn nip sucks
niggas really just comparin flies

>> No.24601011

i figured anon wasn't making such a stupid straw man argument. although i guess every way to interpret his word's would be stupid.

>> No.24601013

Not as gay as jamals balls in your mouth

>> No.24601015

ppl who dont know japanese are fine but ppl who get aggro at the big dogs on top of it deserve nothing and i will run u in circles until u give up and quit

>> No.24601019

stfu qm

>> No.24601022

nobody here knows japanese so lets not pretend anybody holds the high ground here

>> No.24601025

*puts on kamina glasses*

i know nihongo

>> No.24601032

lol that probably is him which is funny considering how hateful he was about djt all the time

>> No.24601036

who r u running circles around lole? you got absolutely owned yesterday what with all the ground you conceded and your adamant refusal to meet with someone you've called out who knows his shit
smells like defeat to me

>> No.24601040

you need to put them in their place with a show of ability then you can have your own little cult like matto

>> No.24601043
File: 7 KB, 275x183, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sure you do

>> No.24601051

yah cuz i really want a cult of ppl like these >>24601036

>> No.24601063

>wtf matt actually considered talking to me?! i'll be ruined!

>> No.24601064

what eroge is everyone reading?

>> No.24601066

yeah jamals right again

>> No.24601074
File: 103 KB, 877x319, 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is she right? is tae kim a hack?

>> No.24601075 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 197x256, down syndrome dog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24601077


>> No.24601078

idk but maybe i should make a dollman smear vid series

>> No.24601080

huh, i just had a dream that my childhood friend made a music video about a little girl with fluffy hair in a sleeveless dress who was on the moon, and these 2 lolicon dudes just kept talking about how sexy she is, so my friend ran away
when i tried to follow her, i got stuck in a bathroom and i was scared the lolicons were hiding there, so i opened a cupboard but it accidentally flipped an anti-gravity switch, and air vents on the floor flung me to the ceiling so i couldn't get to the door and i was suffocating to death before i woke up

>> No.24601083

musu mama 3

>> No.24601087

>a little girl with fluffy hair in a sleeveless dress who was on the moon

>> No.24601103

reminder to never take jamal seriously
hes the retard kid who thinks hes a genius because he knows a few special fax bout somethin

>> No.24601118


>> No.24601137
File: 10 KB, 207x244, peropero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24601145


>> No.24601150


>> No.24601210


>> No.24601249


>> No.24601261

wish i could fix my dopamine bros

>> No.24601272
File: 715 KB, 1280x720, ai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how good do I have to be to be able to understand all of the jokes in the monogatari series?

>> No.24601312

you don't need to know any japanese at all if you watch it with english subs like jamal

>> No.24601322

愛m gay

>> No.24601331

what if I want to read the raw LN?

>> No.24601344

well also like jamal u just dont read them except for a couple of the good 1s like haruchika and full metal panic

>> No.24601347

guess you'll have to learn japanese then

go watch some of matto-sensei's videos to learn how

>> No.24601362

dude, I asked how good would I need to be, not if I needed to know japanese to understand japanese
but thanks, I'll check it out

>> No.24601373

whats even the use case for this

>> No.24601374

my 妹 actually knows all kana now
im proud

>> No.24601383

mutt challenged jamutt? whats the rundown

>> No.24601386

u know "today ill remind them"


shes better than u and proves everything i ever said is true and works

heres a chair for u to take a seat in \_

>> No.24601415

funny you have to refer to someone else to prove your "method"

>> No.24601423

i spent the last 4 years referring to myself but no1 believe me ;'(

>> No.24601470

Such as?

>> No.24601473

never doubted "jamal method" since i already know 3 languages thx to it

>> No.24601475

because you don't know japanese ;')

>> No.24601485

anyone else get banned, i got a 3 day ban what horseshit

>> No.24601489

english not being one of them it would seem

>> No.24601497

nah i know it

found the absolute esl (its u)

>> No.24601499

ye lol

>> No.24601524

what kind of soulless nerd skips the op and ed

>> No.24601527

if you think there's anything wrong with the english in that post you've exposed yourself

>> No.24601537

i dont think there was any wrong english anywhere thats why i was calling u out

>> No.24601538

me all the time since around 2011

>> No.24601548

sure thing kiddo

>> No.24601550

im watching a op rn wondering where the days went


why cant anime still be good

>> No.24601558

i'll expose myself *whips out 3 incher*

>> No.24601575

this is better

>> No.24601580

not bad for a flaccid dick my nigger

>> No.24601593

that's 3 inches hard

>> No.24601600

one flush man is dogshit my dude sorry

>> No.24601605

still pissed of that stupid cunt mc didnt fuck that bitch i posted yesterday

>> No.24601607

aint watchin all that gimme the timestamp

>> No.24601614

watch the whole thing so u can see the depth to her proficiency

>> No.24601623

me unless it's good

>> No.24601633

wrong not only is OPM fucking EPIC but that op is catchy and WAY BETTER than the op of that gay show you posted

>> No.24601638

nah guess i just won't watch then

>> No.24601639


>> No.24601654

waste of my time, never could stand nip music

>> No.24601655

jam project still rules but lets face it after rica matsumoto left and they let that br sub苦r in shit just wasnt ever the same

>> No.24601670

>waste of my time
he says as he shitposts on djt

>> No.24601679

started watching the first episode of rezero and felt like my sense of time had warped but it's actually 50mins long wtf why do they do this to me my dopamine has a 20min limit

>> No.24601692

djt is a nihongo black hole
get out while you can still become jouzu

>> No.24601700

i'm posting in between input though

>> No.24601771

stfu bitch before i drop an acme anvil on your face

>> No.24601788

nothing in japanese media will ever top rezu jav

>> No.24601909

shoutouts to the boys with porn addiction

>> No.24601917

yea this is place is the anti nihongo. dno y i still come here when i kno how far it sets me back. like yoga said he grew up in south america till he was 9 and then came to america and by the age of 13 had completely forgot all of his spanish. this place is cancer on your japanese

>> No.24601938

ive only learned new things from being in djt as far as japanese goes personally but just some words and shit

i guess its cuz when u already know japanese its easy to assimilate new words just on the fly

>> No.24601973

if you're a weak and stupid faggot

>> No.24602078

oh no no no how will jamal ever recover from this boys

>> No.24602079

anyone have that vn chart guide?

>> No.24602089

which one? the bad one or the worse one?

>> No.24602093

from what

>> No.24602103

any and all i guess

>> No.24602114 [DELETED] 
File: 3.00 MB, 3600x1920, 1572745400892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's the only vn chart you should need

>> No.24602130

my vn chart was truly the only 1 with any soul

>> No.24602143

dno i just came into the thread tb h im just assuming jamal got btfo again

>> No.24602145

uhh, that's not allowed sweetheart

>> No.24602147

the thumbnail makes it look like it's a chart that repeats 3 titles over and over again in a random order

>> No.24602152

we should put it in the irc topic

>> No.24602155


>> No.24602173
File: 337 KB, 938x1008, 1585627703351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24602179

it's also full of bland garbage in which nothing happens

>> No.24602185

wew mods are on a spree today, looking up (dead) lights up half the thread

>> No.24602186


>> No.24602198

yeaaa im thinking BASED

>> No.24602200

moddo kun onegai

>> No.24602213

that's 1 L for each repition you know janaika?

>> No.24602221

wonder why the janny deleted my post, i anime no longer jp? lol

>> No.24602241

fuck jannies, go back to sucking tranny cock you fucking loser

>> No.24602244

it's off topic and your meta post is also

>> No.24602246

much like ure life !!! 0wn3d

>> No.24602252

because your post had nothing to do with learning japanese

if you just wanna talk about anime, that goes on >>>/a/

>> No.24602260


>> No.24602277

learning japanese isnt the topic of this thread, if you read the OP it says the thread is for acquiring japanese and other fun talks

>> No.24602285

honestly if you want to uphold that standard you might as well delete 90% of the thread(s)

>> No.24602293

seems kinda dumb but im sure you knew that when you made this post haha

>> No.24602322
File: 357 KB, 2069x969, hentai chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if u wanna play a real visual game 1 of these should do

>> No.24602341

>because your post had nothing to do with learning japanese
if you want to be that anal about it the past 2-3 years worth of threads shouldn't exist

>> No.24602378

kiminozo was prolly a lot more interesting in 2002 as opposed to 2020

>> No.24602385

i think it's largely a problem with the whole concept of generals in the first place (and a good argument for why they should be banned), but once someone becomes a djt regular, they stop seeing this as a thread about learning japanese and instead start to see it as just a chatroom to hang out in and talk about whatever they want with their 'friends'

then when the janny rightly deletes their posts for having nothing to do with the thread topic, they're struck with indignant rage over the idea that someone has intruded on 'their' little community by enforcing the site rules

we have a discord for chatroom bullshit, if you wanna go talk about anime with fellow djt'ers then go do it there where it belongs

>> No.24602391
File: 265 KB, 955x532, fDEi5ZjIvZwqDn8vjzbstD42n7p730Idta6CkyfAZgLlP8mTWV2zJxmz4Z6UTB4orGewc9ltZxmGJBqz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also dont remind me of kiminozo in 2020 got fucken dangit

>> No.24602396

ok so what should people be talking about?

>> No.24602404

fuck discord
fuck you
fuck off

>> No.24602405

let's get this thread back on track


>> No.24602413

yeh but i like this format more and i prefer anonymous discussion

>> No.24602422

lets get this thread back on track


>> No.24602434

god i hope i can do it like this guy some day


>> No.24602447

stop bullying nuke
isn't never learning any japanese bad enough

>> No.24602448

>japanese and learning it
ok and that entails what exactly

>> No.24602463

>japanese and learning it
what is there to say on that besides read more

>> No.24602469

you already know

anyway, i'm off to go do some japanese, have fun chatting among yourselves in english here while i'm gone

>> No.24602481

comparing anki deck size
which textbook is best to use for not learning
recommended eroge to start with
sharing rtk mnemonics

>> No.24602485

i mean he clearly said u gotta post some lines and then point at them and make the mazui face and go jamal sama plz spoonfeed me how 2 理解する this せっかくpostした日本語

>> No.24602535

imagine being an online hall monitor lmfao

>> No.24602545

hes like the annoying girl from every anime w. the arm band lmao

>> No.24602555

wait we're supposed to learn japanese??

>> No.24602557

really depends on the topic and the kind of posters to be honest
you have scum like jamal itt so it's bound to be shit, but stuff like 07th general has been pretty ok for a long while until as of late and even then it ain't that bad

>> No.24602568 [DELETED] 

I want to suicide so bad

>> No.24602578

whats there even to talk about in a rk07 thread

lol ovenmitts and 全然駄目だぜ !!

fucken pass

>> No.24602581

do it fgt
(insert thing regarding japanese here)

>> No.24602593

really have no clue what these people that want us to "talk about japanese and learning japanese"want in actuality. the /int/ thread is complete asscheeks and its that i guess.

>> No.24602600

it's a lot better than the garbage you spew out here and has been that way for years

>> No.24602605

then maybe u should go back there

>> No.24602613


>> No.24602615

i dont like morbito guys posts but i dont support censoring him wtf

>> No.24602616

so guys
tobira or genki haha

>> No.24602628

this is an EXTREMELY difficult question for them

>> No.24602631

these ppl disgust me he even hears it spoken and repeats it wrong AGAIN

>> No.24602641

my posts are excellent

>> No.24602658

have somethng cool to say about an anime first then get back to me on that little guy

>> No.24602664

i legitimately never see them answer it. the only one this guy gave was that we can take lines from anime and talk about them lol

>> No.24602667

if u wanna talk about アニメ just post it in #dailyjapanesethread on rizon and ill be happy to read it and respond to it

>> No.24602669

genki all the way
never read tobira and never will

>> No.24602671

everything i say is cool by virtue of me being the one that says it

>> No.24602680

why would anyone spend MORE time around you

>> No.24602699

only reason im not joining the discord is because i don't really know japanese and im afraid of getting laughed at

>> No.24602708

if u join the irc no 1 will laugh at u and welcome u w. open arms

>> No.24602715


>> No.24602716

just do the n5 quiz and lurk forever like i did

>> No.24602722

ive never been laughed at but i joined before you needed to pass a quiz in a channel all by yourself to get in lol

>> No.24602723

this only is valid until i inform u that ur not only uncool but also a mega fuckin gaywad and then tis all over for u

>> No.24602726

join irc man i'm playing through policenauts lol i probably know less japanese than u though

>> No.24602737

dude looks like a literal irl wojack his names boomer and hes married to that black girl that knows japanese

u cant make this shit up

>> No.24602773

If i don't do anki for like a week because i have to travel.
What happens to the schedule?Will I have to review everything at once?

>> No.24602779

does he realize hes wasting time

hes spending like 3 hours on just textbooks a day wtf

>> No.24602785
File: 561 KB, 581x522, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look at him

i dont think he even realizes what it is to even realize

>> No.24602790

>i have to travel
thats no excuse. anki has an phone app that syncs with your pc anki

>> No.24602807

Oh, nice, didn't knew.
Out of curiosity, what happens to the schedule?

>> No.24602808

>mine word
>mine other word with the same kanji so as to get a vague understanding
a...am i doing it right?

>> No.24602832
File: 40 KB, 1194x215, Annotation 2020-07-05 163956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesnt look like youtube the comments are going to help him much

>> No.24602842

saa nee

>> No.24602854

yah hes a confirmed 60iq gimp

kemushichan prolly dresses up in her dominatrix outfit and whips this poor sucker nightly while calling him a retard lmao

>> No.24602859

just watched the first episode of 灰羽連盟. very weird anime.

>> No.24602868

*stomps all over his 金玉*

"i bet u like that u big stupid retard"

>> No.24602890

no jp subs for that one

>> No.24602894

not a good choice if you’re a plotfag

>> No.24602903
File: 101 KB, 1000x667, _MG_5140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yea look at this pic it's like she's looking after her son who's a mental invalid

>> No.24602908

u cant make this shit up jesus christ lmao

>> No.24602921

the dialogue seems simple so far you shouldn't be put off by such things