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The Imperium attacks Gensokyo.
Who will win?

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No matter which side loses, /tg/ wins.

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The Imperium, hands down.

They have the advantage in...well, everything. They're used to battling the horrors of the Universal Void themselves, even Yukari would be a joke to the Adeptus Astartes.

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Imperium is massive and powerful.

Gensokyo is small and infinitely powerful. At least, the Dragons and Shinki are.

Are the Dragons in any mood to fight?

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There is also Suika. Can they put up with her brute strength?

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The Imperium. But it would be a pyrrhic victory since they'd have to Exterminatus the whole galaxy before (maybe) getting rid of Suika.

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But is she strong enough to battle an entire legion of Titans?

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Growing girls need a lot of iron. And they squirm around really neat and tickle in the belly.

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Don't get ahead of yourself. He said Gensokyo, and Shinki solely dwells in the realm of Makai.

The Dragons reside in the Dragon's Palace, which is in the Heavens. They only come out when the world is on the brink of annihilation. They can be ignored for the actual battle, only coming in to Deus Ex Machina at the end.

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She can h4x their density, no?

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Now is Youmou and soft and cool too! <3

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Depends if the Imperium wants an emperor who's frozen in a giant ice cube or not. Good luck keeping the Astronomicon running until he thaws out.

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The Imperium has so many goddamn people that they could use Imperial Guard as danmaku.

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I we interpret the Gensokyo powers at maximum haxness then Gensokyo wins. If we assume they are more reasonable then Imperium wins.

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I smiled.

So, from what I get, the general consensus is towards
Next question:
Orks attack Gensokyo.
Who will win?

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orks are basically big frogs, that's bad news for them when they meet Cirno

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Everyone does as massive amounts of raping and pillaging occur.

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silly /jp/sies don't realize that gensokyo is actually a planet within the warp created by slaanesh in his need for goth loli fashion in excess.

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Well, the guy/girl/thing made a planet made entirely of cocaine, so wouldn't surprise me...

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even slaanesh thinks armpits are kind of a weird fetish

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>even Yukari would be a joke to the Adeptus Astartes.


Yukari is a demon somewhere around the level of an alpha plus psyker. Even if you could get an entire chapter of marines to go hunt her, they'd fail. Then they'd order Exterminatus, and STILL fail, because she slipped into the warp.

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So how about Necrons or Eldar against Gensokyo? Can a Farseer match up against Yukari and win? MIND BULLETS

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Necrons, if serious, would wipe out everything. They would purge Gensokyo of the living and suck the very life out of it. The Necrons have yet to even fight seriously.

Also, Suika is the Orks.

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