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Are there any more H-doujins about Hikikomoris?

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Source this shit

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can I have some sauce with that?

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Otanatsu (Kigetsu Aruchyu)

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Watching TV all the times makes you stupid

Not really an H-doujin but close I guess.

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This isn't so good, it's just run of the mill H.
The girl is galge player for only a page or so, and then resumes her usual slut taking it rough role.

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"Doesn't know how to swim" moe.

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So... just like /jp/ would be?

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Holy shit, this bitch is awesome.

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i dont even understand how shutins can live, why dont their parents just stop feeding them. jesus christ i tried being hikki for a month living in Akiba and i was bored most of the time.

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A lot of parents would be reluctant to starve their children, shutins can be extreme enough they'll refuse to leave even if you stop feeding them.

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>i tried being hikki for a month living in Akiba and i was bored most of the time.

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Staying in your hotel room for a month doesn't make you a hikki, bro.

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>why dont their parents just stop feeding them
Most parents are quite attached to their children, you probably wouldn't know that though with all the beatings they gave you.

Mind don't even mind me being a shutin.

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I wish I was so lucky. Mine keep telling me that I should try to get a job and save money in case they die!

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I'm one of those who wouldn't leave the premises even if I had to get food for survival, as strange as that might sound.

Nothing outside interests me enough to the point of leaving. It's really a pity for the parents, but the apathy for the world isn't something that can be "cured".

Mine have tried to cut the so called "links of attachment", games / internet / food / electricity, before though.

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Mine once tried to cut my Internet when I was in elementary school because I was as close to a hikki as you can get while still attending. That did not end well for anyone involved.

Well, at least no one died. Somehow.

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They took my internet so I started reading books.
They took my books so I started writing.
They took my paper so I used the walls.

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Yasuoka is confused.

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