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I like to imagine there's some sort of Stock Exchange sort of thing were the touhou character's popularity is measured.
CHN +25 and increasing. This is an ongoing trend, noticeable in the last few months. Analysts are going bonkers to get a piece of the action, with TEI investors not looking too bad either.

I prefer a CAL (That's Canon Alice) and PAT heavy portfolio.

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WTF? Ran just turned into dust?

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[x]so moe that I died

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I fapped to this. Is that bad?

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If Ran was my mother, things would be different around here

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... that's sad. Poor anon.

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well wouldn't she be like ninetails mom?

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Doesn't work that way. You have to put all the characters on one of those post number charts, and when you hit reply hope that you get a decent mother. Most results will have you dead from neglect or eaten by mum within a day.

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How about a download link instead.

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I agree

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Back in the early years Ran was flat as a board, now she's a boobinite.

Why no mention of PADDO? Or is it just that Yukari kept borrowing them?

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Well, for one, you'd be a fox.

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That's the miracle of breast feeding!

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If Ran was my mom things would be different around here.

Ran wouldn't constantly come home drunk with a different guy each night and then cry wondering why he never calls in the morning.

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Us flat-chested-Ran fans chose to ignore the swelling completely. The sole fact that anyone would think she'd be better off with two tumours on her chest is too horrendous to think of.

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Did I go back in time again? Third time this week.

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Why is Tewi such a slut?

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No touhou should have breasts. Except Meiling.

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And Komachi.

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Sounds like you have an... interesting life.

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And Yuyuko.

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And Kanako.

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And Eirin.

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And Yukari.

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and my axe

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So /jp/ ? What is the 'fruit' of your choice?

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And Tenshi

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Those are Yuuka tits.

Also, Letty.

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And Sakuya....Oh wait.

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Yuyuko makes for a good tittymonster, I says.

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Pic and text related.

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So moe I'm gonna die.